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  • 1971
  • 47 Seasons
  • 8.6  (566)

Masterpiece is a British television show that has been broadcasting on PBS since 1971. It is a show that has a focus on drama programming that has been produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and other production companies in the United Kingdom. The show originally aired under the name Masterpiece Theatre, and it has consistently offered viewers high-quality television adaptations of great works of literature, biographies, historical dramas, mysteries, and period productions.

Masterpiece has become a beloved fixture of public television in the United States, with many viewers eagerly anticipating each new season. The show made its debut in 1971 with a production of The First Churchills, starring John Neville and Susan Hampshire. This historical drama explored the lives of John Churchill, the First Duke of Marlborough, and his wife Sarah Churchill, who was a friend and confidante of Queen Anne.

Since the early days of Masterpiece, the show has been a platform for showcasing high-quality British programming that might not otherwise be available to American audiences. Alongside works of fiction, the show has featured many biography and documentary productions that explore the lives of famous figures from British history, such as Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II.

One of the hallmarks of Masterpiece is the attention to detail found in its productions. Whether it's a lavish period piece like Downton Abbey or a gritty crime drama like Unforgotten, each episode of Masterpiece is sure to be beautifully shot and expertly acted. This attention to quality extends beyond the screen, as well; the show has been responsible for introducing American audiences to some of the most talented actors working in British television today.

In its early years, Masterpiece was primarily a showcase of classic literature masterpieces like Charles Dickens' Great Expectations, Thomas Hardy's The Return of the Native and Emily Bronte'wuthering Heights - all providing the opportunity to see classic novels performed with the best actors and directors of various times. For instance, Gillian Lynne's Great Expectations from 1974, which featured the likes of Michael York and Sarah Miles, was a critical and commercial success, and helped to establish Masterpiece as a prestigious platform for quality television drama.

In the 1980s, the show continued to bring classic works of literature to the screen, but it also expanded its offerings to include some contemporary works, such as The Jewel in the Crown, a sweeping historical drama based on the novels of Paul Scott which was set in India during British colonial rule. It was such a success in the United States that it prompted a surge of interest in Indian history and culture among American audiences.

Throughout the 1990s, Masterpiece continued to evolve, with the show exploring new genres and tackling more complex stories. Programs like Prime Suspect, a groundbreaking police procedural starring Helen Mirren, and Poldark, a lavish period piece set in 18th-century Cornwall, helped to cement Masterpiece's position as one of the foremost showcases for quality British drama on American television.

As the show entered the new millennium, it continued to push boundaries, with productions like Downton Abbey and Sherlock becoming huge international successes. Downton Abbey, in particular, became a cultural phenomenon in the United States, with the show's depiction of the lives of an aristocratic family and their servants in early 20th-century England capturing the imaginations of millions of Americans.

Today, Masterpiece remains a vital part of the public television landscape, with the show continuing to bring the best of British drama, literature and biography to American viewers. Whether it's exploring the intricacies of Middlemarch or presenting the early life of Queen Victoria, there's no denying the influence that Masterpiece has had on television in the United States. Its programming remains a beacon of high-quality drama in the highly competitive television landscape, and its legacy will surely endure for generations to come.

Overall, the show Masterpiece is a true gem of public television that has provided American audiences with many memorable productions over the years. From classic works of literature to gripping crime dramas, this series has consistently delivered some of the best that British television has to offer, and it continues to set the standard for quality drama programming. Any viewer looking for a captivating, well-crafted television experience is sure to find it on Masterpiece.

Masterpiece is a series that is currently running and has 47 seasons (1443 episodes). The series first aired on January 10, 1971.

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To Walk Invisible: The Brontë Sisters
8. To Walk Invisible: The Brontë Sisters
March 26, 2017
The untold story if the three Bronte sisters.
Victoria: Young England
7. Victoria: Young England
March 5, 2017
Victoria is about to give birth. The country and the crown are under a lot of pressure.
Victoria: The Engine of Change
6. Victoria: The Engine of Change
February 19, 2017
Victoria finds out she is pregnant. She and Albert start on a road to a lot of change for the country and their relationship.
Victoria: The Queen’s Husband
5. Victoria: The Queen’s Husband
February 12, 2017
Prince Albert struggles to find his place among the royal household.
Victoria: An Ordinary Woman
4. Victoria: An Ordinary Woman
February 5, 2017
Victoria and Albert consider matrimony; whether the queen will pledge to obey her foreign prince.
Victoria, Season 1: The Clockwork Prince (Episode 3)
3. Victoria, Season 1: The Clockwork Prince (Episode 3)
January 29, 2017
Albert ignores the Queen's request and is met with royal disdain when he makes a visit; Miss Skerrett's past becomes more mysterious.
Victoria, Season 1: Brocket Hall (Episode 2)
2. Victoria, Season 1: Brocket Hall (Episode 2)
January 22, 2017
Victoria faces the question of marriage amongst rioting in the country.
Victoria, Season 1: Doll 123 (Episode 1)
1. Victoria, Season 1: Doll 123 (Episode 1)
January 15, 2017
Upon the death of her uncle King William IV in 1837, 18-year-old Princess Victoria is made queen.
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  • Premiere Date
    January 10, 1971
  • IMDB Rating
    8.6  (566)