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  • 2007
  • 1 Season
  • 6.2  (264)

Elmo's World was a children's television show aired on PBS from 1997 to 2010. The show was centered around the character Elmo, a curious and adventurous red monster. Elmo's World was created as a spin-off of the popular Sesame Street series and was aimed at younger audiences. The show was hosted by Kevin Clash, who voiced and operated the Elmo puppet, and featured several celebrity guests throughout its run.

The format of each episode was simple and playful, with Elmo exploring different themes such as pets, music, and birthdays. The show was divided into segments, including a recurring 'Elmo's Question' segment where Elmo would ask a child-related question and then discuss it with his guests. Each episode also featured a variety of sketches, songs, and animations designed to educate and entertain young viewers.

The show's supporting cast included several veteran performers, including Michael Jeter and Bill Irwin. Jeter played the role of Mr. Noodle, a silent character who would help Elmo demonstrate different concepts through physical comedy. Irwin played the role of Mr. Noodle's brother, who would also interact with Elmo and his guests.

Elmo's World was known for its bright and colorful visuals, whimsical music, and upbeat energy. The show was also praised for its ability to teach important lessons in a fun and engaging way. Many parents and educators appreciated Elmo's World for its ability to promote early childhood learning and development.

Despite its popularity, Elmo's World did receive some criticism and controversy over the years. In 2012, Clash resigned from his role as the voice of Elmo following allegations of sexual misconduct. The controversy led to a hiatus in the production of Elmo's World, and the show was eventually replaced with a new Sesame Street spin-off, The Furchester Hotel.

Overall, Elmo's World was a beloved children's television show that captured the hearts of young viewers around the world. Its colorful and cheerful atmosphere, along with its educational focus, made it a favorite among parents and educators alike. While the show is no longer on the air, it remains a beloved part of Sesame Street's legacy and continues to be available for online viewing.

Watch Elmo's World Online today and relive the magic of this beloved children's show. With its joyful energy and educational focus, it's no surprise that Elmo's World remains a favorite among young viewers and their families.

Elmo's World is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on August 12, 2007.

Elmo's World
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Fast and Slow
12. Fast and Slow
November 6, 2006
Elmo and friends learn about things that move fast and slow.
Building Things
11. Building Things
September 6, 2006
Elmo and friends learn what it means to build something and what sorts of tools and materials are needed to make it happen!
10. Friends
August 14, 2006
Elmo and friends learn all about...friends! How friends are people you care about, respect, have fun with, and much more!
9. Dinosaurs
May 10, 2004
Elmo and friends learn that dinosaurs lived on Earth a long time ago, and they find out what scientists discovered about how they once lived.
Up and Down
8. Up and Down
April 26, 2004
Elmo and friends learn about things that help us move ourselves up and down!
7. Mouths
August 14, 2007
Elmo and friends learn that mouths are used to eat, speak, whistle, talk, sing, and more!
6. Skin
September 8, 2005
Elmo and friends learn that all people and animals have skin
5. Jumping
June 2, 2005
Elmo and friends learn that jumping is not only great exercise but it's fun, too!
4. Babies
January 6, 2000
Elmo and friends learn that all living things start out as babies, and they all need a lot of love, care, and attention.
3. School
September 5, 2005
Elmo and friends learn that school is a place where you learn to make new friends, work together, and respect others.
2. Feet
April 12, 2004
Elmo and friends learn that feet help you move, jump, run, dance, and more!
1. Beach
August 12, 2007
Elmo and friends learn all about the beach; where beaches are located, what sand is made of, what creatures live there, and more!
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Elmo's World is available for streaming on the PBS website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Elmo's World on demand at Amazon, Google Play and Apple TV.
  • Premiere Date
    August 12, 2007
  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (264)