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Little House on the Prairie was a beloved family drama that aired on NBC from 1974 to 1983. The show was based on the autobiographical books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder and followed the adventures and challenges of the Ingalls family as they struggled to make a new life on the frontier. The series focused on the values of family, community, and hard work, and it struck a chord with viewers who appreciated its wholesome and uplifting content.

Michael Landon played Charles Ingalls, the family patriarch, who worked tirelessly to provide for his family and instill good values in his children. Melissa Gilbert played Laura Ingalls, the spunky and curious daughter who often found herself in trouble but always learned valuable lessons along the way. Karen Grassle played Caroline Ingalls, Charles' wife and a devoted mother who had a deep love for her family. Melissa Sue Anderson played Mary Ingalls, the oldest daughter who faced challenges as a blind person in a time when there were very few resources available to help her.

Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush played Carrie Ingalls, the youngest member of the family who was often the source of much joy and laughter. Matthew Labyorteaux played Albert Ingalls, a young boy who was taken in by the Ingalls family and who became an important part of their lives. Richard Bull played Nels Oleson, a local merchant who often clashed with Charles but who had a good heart underneath his gruff exterior. Katherine MacGregor played Harriet Oleson, Nels' wife and the town gossip, who added humor and drama to the show. Alison Arngrim played Nellie Oleson, the spoiled and manipulative daughter of the Oleson family, who often made life difficult for the Ingalls.

Jonathan Gilbert played Willie Oleson, Nellie's younger brother who often emulated his sister's behavior. Kevin Hagen played Dr. Hiram Baker, the town physician who was always ready to help his patients. Dabbs Greer played Reverend Robert Alden, the town minister who provided spiritual guidance to the community. Victor French played Isaiah Edwards, a rough and tumble outdoorsman who became Charles' best friend and mentor. Merlin Olsen played Jonathan Garvey, a farmer who moved to Walnut Grove with his wife and children and who became a close friend of the Ingalls family. Dean Butler played Almanzo Wilder, a young man who fell in love with Laura and who became her husband. Linwood Boomer played Adam Kendall, Mary's husband who was a teacher and later a newspaper editor. Mia Bendixsen played Hester Sue Terhune, a kind and caring widow who became a good friend to many of the town residents.

The show was known for its heartwarming stories, memorable characters, and stunning scenery. The Ingalls family faced many challenges, including harsh winters, disease, financial difficulties, and personal losses. But they always managed to come together and support each other through even the toughest times. The town of Walnut Grove was also filled with colorful characters, from the Olesons to the Garveys to the other families who lived and worked there.

Little House on the Prairie was one of the most popular family dramas of all time, and it remains a beloved classic today. Its messages of love, faith, and perseverance continue to resonate with audiences of all ages. Whether you grew up watching the show or are discovering it for the first time, there is something special about the world of Little House on the Prairie that will always capture the heart.

Watch Little House on the Prairie Online today to experience the timeless appeal of this beloved family drama. With its unforgettable characters and inspiring stories, it is a show that will always hold a special place in the hearts of viewers around the world.

Little House on the Prairie is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (207 episodes). The series first aired on September 11, 1974.

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Hello and Goodbye
22. Hello and Goodbye
March 21, 1983
After an old friend passes away, Laura and Almonzo are surprised to learn that she willed them her home. Not wanting the large house to go to waste, Laura decides to turn it into a boarding house and soon discovers that a world famous author would like to rent a room. Meanwhile, Mr. Edwards is thrown for a loop when Matthew's father arrives in Walnut Grove, looking to be apart of his son's life.
May I Have This Dance?
21. May I Have This Dance?
March 14, 1983
As he gets ready to graduate, Willie surprises his parents by telling them that he has no intention of going to college. Instead, he wants to stay in Walnut Grove, run the restaurant, and marry his sweetheart Rachel Brown.
For The Love of Blanche
20. For The Love of Blanche
March 7, 1983
Mr. Edwards and the residents of Walnut Grove make friends with an orangutan. But the friendship and the fun-loving primate's life may be short-lived when Nancy and Mrs. Olesen cause trouble.
The Last Summer
19. The Last Summer
February 21, 1983
Jason Carter starts working for an old lady. Jason becomes great friends of the lady. However, Jason's mom believes the lady is being too nice. Jason is forbidden to work for the old lady until Sarah finds out that the lady will soon die.
A Child With No Name
18. A Child With No Name
February 14, 1983
After Laura and Almonzo's son dies, a grieving Laura blames Doc Baker, causing the rest of the town to turn their backs on him. However, when Rose comes down with small pox, Laura reluctantly lets the doctor treat the baby.
Home Again (2)
17. Home Again (2)
February 7, 1983
When Albert continually breaks the law, Charles takes him out of the big city and back to Walnut Grove. Albert doesn't change in Walnut Grove because he is addicted to morphine. Charles finally forces Albert to stop using morphine. He stays with Albert while he goes through withdrawal. Thanks to Charles, Albert is no longer addicted to morphine. We find out at the end of the show that Albert will become Dr. Albert Ingalls.
Home Again (1)
16. Home Again (1)
February 7, 1983
When Albert continually breaks the law, Charles takes him out of the big city and back to Walnut Grove. Albert doesn't change in Walnut Grove because he is addicted to morphine. Charles finally forces Albert to stop using morphine. He stays with Albert while he goes through withdrawal. Thanks to Charles, Albert is no longer addicted to morphine. We find out at the end of the show that Albert will become Dr. Albert Ingalls.
Once Upon a Time
15. Once Upon a Time
January 24, 1983
Laura writes a book for a book writing contest. Her book is chosen. She travels to Minneapolis to work out a deal with the publisher. However, when the publisher wants her to change some parts in her book, she withdraws from the contest and goes back home.
The Older Brothers
14. The Older Brothers
January 17, 1983
The Older Brothers is a gang that used to have a notorious reputation. First they hold up Mr. Edwards but end up losing the money. Then they try to get ransom money for Mr. Edwards but that doesn't go very well.
Sins of the Fathers
13. Sins of the Fathers
January 10, 1983
When Mrs. Carter's mother dies, Sarah Carter's father comes to town. He tries to get the Carters to come with home back to New York. He wants the Carters to have a better life. The Carters tell him that home sweet home is in Walnut Grove. After a while, Sarah's father begins to understand while the Carters feel this way.
Marvin's Garden
12. Marvin's Garden
January 3, 1983
Jenny looses a necklace in a pond and almost drowns trying to get it. After the incident, she has partial brain damage and has to retrain herself to talk and walk. Jenny's friend, a retired doctor, helps Jenny to force herself to get better. Thanks to him, Jenny makes a complete recovery.
Alden's Dilemma
11. Alden's Dilemma
December 6, 1982
When a new minister comes to town, Mr. Edwards believes that he is out to get Reverend Alden's job and to turn the heads of the married women in town, especially those of Laura and Sara. Meanwhile, John and Almonzo run into some bad luck while going to a Grange meeting in San Francisco.
10. Love
November 29, 1982
When a former student from Walnut Grove's Blind School returns to town, she and Mr. Edwards soon hit it off. After learning that Jane will be undergoing a surgery to restore her sight, Mr. Edwards starts to worry that she won't want to be with him after she discovers the difference in their ages.
The Empire Builders
9. The Empire Builders
November 22, 1982
The people of Walnut Grove are at first excited when the railroad wants to build through the town. This excitement doesn't last long. The railroad tells several people that they must leave their houses. The people make a stand at the Carter's place. This delay in building convinces the railroad to find a different route.
The Return of Nellie
8. The Return of Nellie
November 15, 1982
Nellie comes back to Walnut Grove, making Nancy run away.
The Wild Boy (2)
7. The Wild Boy (2)
November 8, 1982
Mr. Edwards is hiding the boy, but is ordered by a judge to put him in a mental hospital.
The Wild Boy (1)
6. The Wild Boy (1)
November 1, 1982
The people of Walnut Grove try to rescue a boy who cannot speak when they see him apart of a carnival show.
Little Lou
5. Little Lou
October 25, 1982
Mrs. Oleson tries to keep Lou Bates, a little person who has recently lost his wife in childbirth, from getting a job.
4. Rage
October 18, 1982
Mr. Stark tries to kill his wife and daughter after going bankrupt. He somehow gets in the Wilder house, and mistakes Laura and Jenny for his wife and daughter.
Welcome To Olesonville
3. Welcome To Olesonville
October 11, 1982
After Harriet finds a Walnut Grove bearer bond while cleaning Lars Hanson's home, she demands that if the town doesn't change its ways to suit her family; then they will have to pay her over $14,000. However, Harriet gets a surprise when one of the town founders comes into Walnut Grove during the town's first mayoral election with the intent of having his bond being paid off before hers.
Times are Changing (2)
2. Times are Changing (2)
October 4, 1982
Royal, Almanzo's brother, wants his brother and Laura to take care of his daughter, Jenny, because he is dying. Jenny tries to kill herself, upset by her father's death.
Times are Changing (1)
1. Times are Changing (1)
September 27, 1982
The Ingalls sell their home and leave Walnut Grove, and Laura quits teaching to stay home with Rose.
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