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This drama series centers around a rural family living in Virginia in the 1930s and 40s. Airing on CBS in the 1970s and early 80s, the series became an emblem of an idealized version of 20th-century American life as it followed a family of impossibly wholesome children and parents. The series was preceded by a theatrical film and followed by a series of made-for-TV movies.

The Waltons is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (220 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 1972.

Where do I stream The Waltons online? The Waltons is available for streaming on Warner Bros., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Waltons on demand at Philo, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Warner Bros.
9 Seasons, 220 Episodes
September 14, 1972
Cast: Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite, Michael Learned, Ellen Corby, Will Geer
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The Waltons Full Episode Guide

  • When John Boy goes to New York to find out the status of his book, he runs into bad luck and an old friend. When his publisher gives him some money to get back to home, John Boy begins to have a new look about the way he was living his life. Meanwhile, the Baldwin sisters begin planning a party to gather their old friends from finishing school.

  • When Mary Ellen learns that a dying mountain man has allowed a nearby man to marry his 14 year-old granddaughter, she decides to take the girl home to keep her safe, only to have the neighbor kidnap Elizabeth. Upon finding rescuing her from Job, Elizabeth helps him from receive a light sentence. Meanwhile, as this is occurring, the Baldwin sisters are excited when a favorite cousin comes to visit.

  • When Stanley proposes to Rose, she happily accepts. But when she begins suffering from heartburn, she goes to the doctor and finds out that she has a heart condition that requires medication, Rose soon calls off their engagement. Heartbroken, Stanley leaves the mountain, but eventually comes back and with the help of Ike, he is able to persuade Rose to ultimately get married to him. Meanwhile, Cindy begins to work in nearby Charlottesville, only to realize how much she misses being around to see her daughter grow up.

  • Looking to keep Zuleika Dunbar away from her boyfriend Stanley, Rose begins to take desperate steps to keep him happy. Meanwhile, John Boy is given the opportunity to teach television courses at Boatwright University, only if the board of directors agrees to the new program.

  • As Erin talks with a friend of hers on a phone, her family soon learns that Laurie’s husband has become abusive since returning from the war. It is only after Kenny barricades himself inside his house that he realizes he needs help to overcome what he saw while serving in the Military, and agrees to go to a VA hospital to seek the help he needs. Meanwhile, thanks to some help from Ike, Jim Bob goes into the army surplus business.

  • When Elizabeth beings to feel neglected at home, she decides to go to Arizona to visit with her parents. However, when the rest of the family finds out her plans, Jason is able to convince her to stay home until Olivia is feeling better. Meanwhile, as Corabeth goes back home to visit a dying relative, her younger sister comes to Walton's Mountain, where she and Ike begin to hit it off.

  • When Tom, the new minister arrives on the mountain, he calls the residents to arms to fix up the run-down church. Meanwhile, when Jason mentions Toni is Jewish one night, a big argument erupts inside the Walton home when the couple discusses getting married. However, thanks to Ben, the family becoming divided about Jason and Toni's relationship, resulting in the couple breaking up. Things soon get patched up, thanks to the help of the new minister and Toni soon accepts Jason's marriage proposal.

  • After an old beau of Rose comes to Walton's Mountain unexpectedly, his friends soon learn that he spent time in a mental institution. When his sister finds out where he is, Stanley and his friends are able to convince her to stay in the area, where he finds a job at a local newspaper. Meanwhile, a country music singer recently hired at the Dew Drop Inn begins hitting on Toni, much to the displeasure of Jason.

  • After being discharged from the Air Core, Jim Bob and his friend Jody come back to Walton's Mountain and start rebelling against the life they lived while in the Army. However, after Jody got in an accident, the boys realize that the lives they were living were dangerous and ultimately open up a garage to fix the vehicles of their neighbors. Meanwhile, the Baldwin sisters get an unwelcome visit from a Government employee, telling them to dismantle their recipe machine.

  • Upon her father's death, Cindy learns she was adopted as a child. Wanting her daughter to know her biological grandmother, she and Ben soon begin searching for her mother. Eventually, Cindy and Ben are successful in finding her mother, and are happy when she tells them she would like to keep in touch with her daughter and family. Meanwhile, Drew stays with the Walton's while his parents are gone for a few weeks.

  • As Mary Ellen is in Florida, she and Curt realize things are no longer the same between each other. While she is gone, Jonesy decides to stay on Walton's Mountain and is ultimately given Erin's job at J.D.'s plant. However, upon realizing Erin is doing Jonesy's work for him, she gets hired back and Jonesy is ultimately hired as a professor at Boatwright University.

  • Coming home to visit the family from the Army base, Jim Bob gets a ride from Jonesy, a man passing through the mountain. After having an accident, he stays with the Walton’s as Jim Bob fixes his car. During this time the stranger and Mary Ellen fall in love, only to have their relationship put on hold by the news that Curt may still be alive in Florida. Meanwhile, Jason buys the Dew Drop Inn, and thanks to help of his family and Corabeth, is able to re-open the place with rousing success.

  • After Ben returns home from the war, he begins making plans for Cindy and his future. Wanting to go to school to become an engineer, Ben's dreams are soon dashed when John expresses his desire to make him a partner at the mill. While he is deciding what to do, Olivia gets a relapse of her T.B. and has to move to Arizona. Upon hearing John's plans of selling the mill in order to be with Olivia in Arizona, Ben decides to give up his dreams to run the mill, in order to keep the business in the family.

  • As Jason and Toni, and Elizabeth and Drew are having relationship problems, the war with Japan ends when President Truman dropped a pair of bombs on major Japanese cities. While the Walton family celebrates the good news, Ben calls home to let them know about his safe return home very soon.

  • While waiting for Ben to come from Japan, Cindy has a premonition something bad happens to him and later finds out that Ben was taken prisoner by the Japanese military. As he is working in Paris, John Boy finally agrees to write an article about how dangerous land mines are. After deciding to stay in Paris after being discharged from the service, he changes his mind after learning about Ben becoming a POW.

  • In Germany, Jason and his men come across a young soldier who is able to translate for them when they come across a German Soldier shooting at them. Ike and Corabeth get in trouble with ration board for giving more groceries to the Baldwin sisters. A happy Jim Bob comes home to tell the family about the war being over in Germany.

  • The episode concludes with the residents of Walton's Mountain paying tribute to the late President Roosevelt when the train carrying him comes through the nearby train station.

  • As Jim Bob and his classmates get ready for their graduation ceremony, he and the other boys surprise their parents by signing up for Military service. Meanwhile, Erin gets a letter from Ashley Longworth Jr., informing her about his marriage to an English woman.

  • When a Hispanic soldier Curt saved arrives on Walton's Mountain, he is met with prejudice by some soldiers stationed at a nearby Army base. Upon learning that he knew Curt at Pearl Harbor, Mary Ellen invites him to stay at the Walton home for a few days, and they eventually fall in love. Meanwhile, Corabeth crosses paths with an old beau and reminisce about old times before he goes overseas to fight in the war. After spending some time with him, Corabeth realizes just how much she loves Ike and eventually tells him so.

  • When John Boy comes home on furlough, he is having trouble remembering what happened the night of his plane crash. It is only when he looks at a model plane Jim Bob made that he is able to remember that night. Meanwhile, Ike gets called up for active duty. Thinking it is a mistake; Ike misses the date he is supposed to go for his physical and is ultimately arrested. When John shows up at the military office to help Ike out, they soon learn that a clerical error in Ike’s birthday is the reason why the U.S. Government wants Ike serving in the military.

  • While at Ike's store one day, Rose meets an old dancing partner from Baltimore and ultimately renews her friendship with him. The two eventually fall in love and plan on getting married, but Rose calls it off so he can take his dream job in California. Meanwhile, Jim Bob is having a problem of keeping Jeffrey's dog out of his clothes and decides to move into the barn's hayloft.

  • Having to hire some help at the mill to get caught up on the workload, John eventually has to fire Easy after he breaks Jim Bob's arm and some of the mill equipment. After some old mill equipment breaks down in the middle of filling an order, John goes out drinking with Ike and then falls into Drucilla's Pond. Realizing what he was doing was wrong, John then resolves to fix his milling equipment, only to see that his friends and competitors are helping get everything fixed. Meanwhile, Jeffrey is building a car to race in the All American Soap Box Derby.

  • When Miss Mamie learns she could lose her sight to cateracts if she doesn't have an operation, John enlists the help of Grandma to talk her into having the operation. She soon is able to convince the sisters that Mamie should have the operation and eventually returns to her sister's home in Buckingham County. Meanwhile, Elizabeth becomes interested in a boy at school, only to learn that his friend has feelings for her.

  • When Cousin Zadok Walton comes to the mountain looking for Grandpa, the family comes to believe he plans on spending the rest of his life there before passing away. They soon learn that Zadok plans on leaving Boatwright University his apple growing techniques and will be receiving an honorary degree for his generous contribution. Meanwhile, Jason soon meets a new sergeant on the base and thanks to his music, they soon become friends.

  • When Jason and his friend Ted come home for the weekend, Ted soon finds out that his grandfather was killed in a European concentration camp. After learning that, Ted soon has to come to terms with what happened and decides to request a transfer to Europe to fight the hate that killed his grandfather on the front line. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has to find a way to overcome her friends teasing her for getting good grades.

  • As Ben begins spending more time working at the mill and less time with her, Cindy begins to feel that Ben doesn't love her now that she's pregnant. After talking to Corabeth one day, she is given a book to read on how to become the perfect wife. However, after she begins following the book's suggestions, Cindy soon collapses from exhaustion, putting her health and the baby's life at risk. It is only after she is put on bed rest for a week does Cindy tell Ben how she was feeling and the couple begins to talk about things between them. Meanwhile, Jeffrey and Serena find a pregnant cat and ask John if they can keep her and the one kitten they were unable to give away.

  • The Christmas season arrives on Walton's Mountain with a stranger and a rash of petty thefts. The Baldwin sisters attempt to reach out to the young man, only to have him run off when John arrives at the sisters' home. However, when Jeffrey comes across him in the woods, they soon become friends and he tells Jeffrey about Christmas traditions in Europe, causing Jeffrey to ultimately invite him to the Walton home for a Christmas celebration. When John and the rest of the family learn that he is an escaped POW who is half German, the family is hesitant to let him in, but John still invites him in, remembering the kindness the German fishermen showed John Boy after he was shot down in Europe.

  • When Mary Ellen and Erin are heckled by two male co-workers at the plant, they decide to enter a Run and Ride race to prove that women have the ability to succeed in a grueling race. Ultimately wagering that they won't come in last, Mary Ellen and Erin finish the race second and are able to collect on their bets by J.D. and the co-workers. Meanwhile, Jeffrey becomes heartbroken when he learns that a movie star he likes doesn't sign her own autographed photos.

  • While staying on in Alexandria to be near John Boy, Olivia begins volunteering with the Red Cross. It doesn't take long before she befriends a wounded soldier in John Boy's room. When Olivia's friend is hesitant to visit with him, she soon arrives to see him. When John comes back to Alexandria to celebrate Thanksgiving with Olivia, John Boy begins showing signs of improvement.

  • When John and Olivia go to the Red Cross office to see if John Boy has been found yet, one of the workers asks them to go check on the wife of a soldier overseas. When they arrive at the couple's house, they find she has been attacked and are able to get her husband home on leave to be with her. When Ike learns that Corabeth will be inheriting a large amount of money, he is able to convince her to invest it war bonds instead of on frivolous items. Later, John and Olivia get word from the Red Cross that John Boy has been found and will be taken to a hospital in Alexandria to take care of his injuries.

  • When Ashley Longworth Junior comes back to Walton's Mountain, Erin finds that he has changed since the last time he came to visit. Upon learning that he is an atheist, he and Erin's relation begins to falter, but eventually finds its footing again. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is getting tired of Serena always following her around and tells her about it.

  • As they are waiting on news of John Boy, Olivia and John are confronted by his publisher asking for permission to print his current manuscript. After some hesitation, they ultimately agree to let the publishing house print their son's work. Meanwhile, Jeffrey has to come to terms of the family dog's death.

  • After a film company makes a movie at J.D.'s plant, Erin soon decides to move to Hollywood to become a movie star. However, after learning that the film's director had no intention of keeping Erin's part in his film, Erin stays home, and is depressed about hearing the bad news. Meanwhile, the Baldwin sisters decided to help out the nearby soldiers by inviting them into their home for a home cooked meal.

  • When Olivia and Cindy learn that there is no day care center for the children of J.D.'s women employees, they ban together with his workers in order to use his tavern during the day. Meanwhile, wanting to surprise Corabeth for their anniversary, Ike asks Rose to teach him how to dance, only to have Corabeth think he is cheating on her.

  • Upon the news of Nurse Nora being called to service in the Army, Mary Ellen takes over her job until a replacement is hired. As she begins her rounds, Mary Ellen soon learns that the backwoods people are reluctant to let her treat them. Only after Mary begins to grasp their ways, do the people finally let her treat their ailments. Meanwhile, John has to prove to the Army that he graduated from high school to keep his lumber contract in place.

  • When Olivia's cousin Rose and her grandchildren come to live with the Walton's, John and the kids soon learn that that Serena and Jeffery are somewhat mischievous. However, when Rose informs them about how the children's father used to abuse them and she took them away from that life the Walton's soon agree to let them stay on permanently at the house.

  • In the conclusion to the episode, Calvin Wakefield, attacks Jim Bob in retaliation to what happened to his son, Jason gets promoted to Sergeant for getting his recruits in gear, Jim Bob helps Aimee see how bad she has been acting since coming back from boarding school, and the Walton’s get both good news and bad news; Ben and Cindy are pregnant, and they learn John Boy is MIA.

  • When Olivia comes back to Walton's Mountain from Arizona, where she was recovering from TB, the family begins filling her in on what has been going on around the mountain when a neighbor receives bad news about his son.

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