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  • 1978
  • 14 Seasons
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Dallas follows the lives of the wealthy and powerful Ewing family, owners of an oil company in Texas. The patriarch of the family, J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), is a ruthless businessman who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He is constantly at odds with his younger brother Bobby (Patrick Duffy), who has a more moral code. Other family members include J.R.'s long-suffering wife Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), Bobby's wife Pam (Victoria Principal), and their mother Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes). The show also features an array of other characters such as J.R.'s mistress, the scheming secretary Kristin Shepard (Mary Crosby), and the Ewings' rival oil tycoon, Cliff Barnes (Ken Kercheval).

Throughout the series, the Ewings face numerous personal and professional challenges, including infidelity, addiction, murder, and financial troubles. The show's iconic cliffhanger endings kept audiences tuning in year after year to see what would happen next.

Dallas was known for its over-the-top drama and glamorous portrayal of the wealthy elite, as well as its exploration of themes such as family, loyalty, and power. The show ran for 13 seasons and spawned several spinoffs and a 2012 revival.

In short, Dallas is a classic primetime soap opera about the scandalous lives of the powerful Ewing family and their many enemies and allies.

Dallas is a series that is currently running and has 14 seasons (370 episodes). The series first aired on April 2, 1978.

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Conundrum  (2)
23. Conundrum (2)
May 3, 1991
Adam takes J.R. on an It's A Wonderful Life-esque journey just as Bobby hears a gunshot ring out from J.R.'s room.
Conundrum  (1)
22. Conundrum (1)
May 3, 1991
While contemplating suicide, J.R. has a visit from Adam who takes him on journey to see how life would be if the Ewing family had never existed.
The Decline and Fall of the Ewing Empire
21. The Decline and Fall of the Ewing Empire
April 26, 1991
Depressed over the loss of Southfork, J.R. must partner up with Cliff. Meanwhile, Michelle is charged for Hillary Taylor's murder.
Some Leave, Some Get Carried Out
20. Some Leave, Some Get Carried Out
April 19, 1991
James decides once and for all between Michelle and Debra Lynn. Meanwhile, J.R. and Bobby get into it over Southfork's future; John Ross decides he wants to live with Sue Ellen; and Hillary Taylor must face Michelle.
Farewell, My Lovely
19. Farewell, My Lovely
April 12, 1991
Michelle and Cliff team up to make Debra Lynn leave Southfork. Meanwhile, J.R. and John Ross get into an argument.
Those Darned Ewings
18. Those Darned Ewings
April 5, 1991
Michelle goes to Cliff for advice when she learns about James and Debra Lynn's past. Meanwhile, J.R. receives a shocking warning from his doctor.
When the Wind Blows
17. When the Wind Blows
March 29, 1991
Carter is finally able to accomplish what he set out to do -- seek revenge on Johnny Dancer's real murderer, Cliff. Meanwhile, Hillary learns that Bobby had met with Jory; and J.R. tries to get James and Michelle back together.
Fathers and Sons and Fathers and Sons
16. Fathers and Sons and Fathers and Sons
March 8, 1991
The men of the Ewing clan leave together on a cattle drive. Meanwhile, Carter goes after Johnny Dancer's real murderer and a surprise visitor arrives in Southfork in search of James.
Win Some, Lose Some
15. Win Some, Lose Some
March 1, 1991
Bobby is faced with a moral dilemma when Jory is kidnapped. Meanwhile, J.R. begins his plot against LeeAnn.
Smooth Operator
14. Smooth Operator
February 15, 1991
As Bobby comes face-to-face with Jory, Hillary's daughter, J.R. begins to plot against LeeAnn.
13. 90265
February 8, 1991
J.R. is kicked out of Ewing Oil by Michelle, who moves to Southfork with James. Meanwhile, Liz and Bobby wait in Malibu for Hillary Taylor's return.
Designing Women
12. Designing Women
February 1, 1991
As LeeAnn's plot against J.R. unfolds, she skips town and leaves a surprise for Michelle. Meanwhile, Carter begins to plan his revenge after being released from prison and Bobby has dreams about April.
11. "S" is for Seduction
January 18, 1991
LeeAnn and Michelle team up to try to break up J.R. and Vanessa. Meanwhile, Bobby learns Sheila's real name; and the verdict in the murder trial is delivered, but news from Cliff may change the outcome of the trial forever.
Lock, Stock and Jock
10. Lock, Stock and Jock
January 11, 1991
J.R. is angered when he learns that James got Cally pregnant. Meanwhile, Bobby continues on the search for Sheila Foley; Cliff proposes to Liz; and Carter is named the lead suspect in the murder investigation.
Sail On
9. Sail On
January 4, 1991
J.R. tries to stop the sale of Ewing Oil to LeeAnn De La Vega. Meanwhile, Cliff spirals downhill, hurting his career; James frets over his mother's engagement; and Cally delivers surprise news to J.R.
The Odessa File
8. The Odessa File
December 21, 1990
Bobby and Michelle travel to Odessa to find Sheila Foley and Cliff offers to help after they find a lead on her. Meanwhile, Vanessa accepts J.R.'s offer; LeeAnne De La Vega arrives in town; and Rose makes a confession.
The Fabulous Ewing Boys
7. The Fabulous Ewing Boys
December 14, 1990
Cliff, Liz, and Carter are named as suspects in the murder of Johnny Dancer. Meanwhile, Michelle offers to help Bobby find Sheila Foley; Cally confides in Vanessa; and J.R. and Clayton have a violent fight that leads Bobby to take action.
Heart and Soul
6. Heart and Soul
December 7, 1990
As Bobby continues to search for Sheila, Michelle blames Bobby for April's death. Meanwhile, James tries to find someone to take out his father; J.R. sends in a spy in the Carter's household; and Vanessa Beaumont arrives in Dallas.
Tunnel of Love
5. Tunnel of Love
November 30, 1990
James tries to convince Cliff to go after J.R. who is using the trouble in the McKay's marriage to his advantage. Meanwhile, after the funeral Bobby begins to hunt down Sheila and turns the blame for April's death on the greed that accompanies the oil business.
4. Terminus
November 23, 1990
Back in control of Ewing Oil, J.R. sets out to get even with James, Sly, and Melinda Carlisle. Meanwhile, Bobby makes a daring attempt to rescue April from Sheila.
One Last Kiss
3. One Last Kiss
November 16, 1990
April learns that she is being held against her will by Sheila. Meanwhile, an ally turns on Bobby; and Cally visits J.R. and makes an offer that would get him released.
2. Charade
November 9, 1990
After kidnapping April, Sheila forces Bobby to act as her husband. Meanwhile, James plays a risky game of high stakes poker; Cliff and Liz's relationship continues; and J.R. rounds the other inmates up to help him in tricking Morrisey into confessing.
April in Paris
1. April in Paris
November 2, 1990
While on their honeymoon, Bobby and April face a surprise twist from Sheila Foley. Meanwhile, Cally begins to doubt her decision to work with James and J.R. tries to find a way to get himself out of the asylum.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 2, 1978
  • IMDB Rating
    7.1  (16,386)