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In this soap opera, two powerful families wrestle for control of fortune and fame. Their conflicts are complicated by the intrusion of romance and intrigue here and there, too. The series originally aired on ABC in the 1980s, and a reboot aired on The CW beginning in 2017.

Dynasty is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (226 episodes). The series first aired on January 12, 1981.

Dynasty is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dynasty on demand atAmazon, Vudu, iTunes, CW Seed online.

9 Seasons, 226 Episodes
January 12, 1981
Drama, Soaps
Cast: John Forsythe, Linda Evans, Joan Collins, John James, Gordon Thomson
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Dynasty Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Captain Handler makes his move on Blake and the treasure. Meanwhile, Alexis and Sable's rivalry is ended once and for all and Fallon's past comes back to haunt her.

  • Fallon and Alexis finds Grimes' killer. Meanwhile, Jeff attacks Adam and Alexis and Sable have a fight of their own.

  • A tabloid magazine goes after Jeff and Monica. Meanwhile, Zorelli quits for Fallon; Blake is tied to the scene of Chisholm's death; and Grimes' widow has a son.

  • Blake finds an interesting clue among his father's possessions. Meanwhile, Fallon becomes frightened as childhood memories begin to flood back to her.

  • Sable approaches Alexis in order to propose a deal. Meanwhile, Zorelli installs a bug at the Matthews' home.

  • Alexis has Adam and Blake reconcile their differences. Meanwhile, Monica files a lawsuit against Alexis and Zorelli learns what the secret at the lake is.

  • Adam supports and aids in Alexis' plans to sabatoge Sable's tankers. Zorelli manages to be reinstated, but ends up dropping his investigation on the Carringtons.

  • Blake tries to retake control of Denver-Carrington. Meanwhile, Dex must make a decision; and Zorelli delivers damaging evidence against Blake to Fallon.

  • Sable reveals the truth about why she had his lake searched to Blake. Meanwhile, Dex attacks Adam and Zorelli comes across a map that Gibson had.

  • Blake and Dex both realize what is hidden at the lake. Meanwhile, Sable threatens Alexis.

  • As Sable unfolds a plan that would ruin Alexis' business, Sammy Jo remembers Krystle and Gibson being together at the lake.

  • Dex finds himself in the line of Virginia's wrath. Meanwhile, Blake learns from Sable that Roger Grimes had visited Jason.

  • Hurt that Krystle refuses to undergo surgery, Blake finds it hard to abide by her living will. Meanwhile, Fallon and Zorelli begin a romance.

  • Blake tries to save Fallon by burning her picture of Roger Grimes. Meanwhile, Alexis walks in on Dex and Joanna.

  • As Fallon searches for clues about the corpse, Dex works to prove that an employee is costing Alexis millions of dollars.

  • Blake is shocked when Zorelli reveals who was murdered. Meanwhile, Krystle continues to be puzzled by her behavior and Adam's assistant steals important files.

  • Krystle learns why she is acting like she is. Meanwhile, Blake finds a clue in the murder investigation; and Krystle makes a scene at a dinner party.

  • Blake reveals Krystle's medical condition to Virginia as he continues to search for her. Meanwhile, Adam hires an assistant.

  • Blake heads to Dayton, Ohio in search of Krystle. Meanwhile, Sammy Jo tampers with murder evidence.

  • Alexis is shocked by the outcome of Dex and Sean's fight. Meanwhile, Blake searches for Krystle after her disappearance and Adam tries to put his marriage back together.

  • As the judge makes his final decision in the trial, Sean takes the baby and Karen. Meanwhile, the election is decided and Krystle mysteriously disappears.

  • Dana has an outburst during the trial that sways the judge's ultimate decision. Meanwhile, Jeff proposes to Sammy Jo.

  • At the custody trial, Dana finds it hard to keep herself together. Meanwhile, Blake faces gunrunning charges.

  • Alexis delivers a stiff warning to Blake about Sean. Meanwhile, Karen sues for custody of her child; and Dex and Blake find themselves trapped in a fiery inferno.

  • After losing her bracelet, Leslie confronts Sean about t. Meanwhile, stress over Jesse's fight with Adam induces Karen's labor.

  • Alexis puts together her own plan after getting wind of Sean and Leslie's plot. Meanwhile, Sammy Jo begins to fall for Jeff.

  • Krystle finally comes across the proof she needs in her investigation of Cecil Colby's death. Meanwhile, an unknown gunman's bullet puts an end to Alexis' vendetta.

  • Krystle investigates Cecil Colby's death as Leslie uncovers Sam's secret. In Africa, Dex rescues a drunk Fallon.

  • Sean begins to pull strings behind Alexis' candidacy as he has Blake detained so that he misses a televised debate. However, Krystle is able to come to Blake's rescue.

  • As Sammy Jo asks Steven to leave the ranch, Steven's football team agrees to drug testing. Meanwhile, Dex looks into Sean's West African oil deal.

  • Following the reveal of the tape, Blake seeks vindication. Meanwhile, Dex looks into a West African oil deal.

  • Sean tricks Danan into helping him spy on the inner-workings of Denver-Carrington. Meeanwhile, Alexis works on a tape of Blake at a bordello.

  • Alexis believes that Dana is manipulating Adam. Meanwhile, Adam reveals drug use on his football team to the press.

  • Now a political candidate, Blake decides to divests his controlling interest in Denver Carrington.

  • During the first primary of Blake's political career, a Mexican storm occurs during Alexis' surprise wedding. Meanwhile, Fallon's odd interest in UFOs worries Jeff.

  • Alexis uses her newspaper to damage Blake's political campaign. Meanwhile, Dana and Adam meet their surrogate and Steven spots Sammy Jo with Josh.

  • Dana reveals a deep secret as Steven decides to buy Blake's football team. Meanwhile, Sean finds out Alexis has hired someone to tail him.

  • Alexis confronts Blake over his decision to pursue politics. Meanwhile, Blake reaches out to Jeff for help and Sean moves in with Alexis.

  • In the aftermath of the hostage situation, Steven falls into a depression. Fallon and Jeff both struggle to cope with Fallon's experiences. Meanwhile, Blake makes a political decision.

  • Though Blake was able to escape, the remaining Carringtons' lives are at the mercy of Blaisdel. Meanwhile, Steven attempts to save the hostages.

  • Everyone is held hostage by Blaisdel and a mystery man is able to save Alexis. Meanwhile, Jeff is able to find Fallon in the desert, but she is unconscious.

Dynasty News

Heather Locklear is on Extended Psychiatric Hold

The actress is getting treatment for a breakdown she experienced earlier this month.

Heather Locklear Hospitalized for Possible Overdose

It was the actress's second hospitalization in a week.

Heather Locklear Hospitalized for Psych Evaluation

The actress has been admitted for her own protection.

Domestic Violence Charges Against Heather Locklear Dropped

The actress had been charged with domestic violence against her boyfriend.