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Staring a group of twenty-somethings, this show brought in the nineties showing people that a group of growing professional's could make it big in California. The actors showed the viewers that forming personal relationships in a tight nit apartment community was not always easy. Melrose Place, an apartment complex owned by the vixen, Amanda Woodward, played by Heather Locklear, owned the apartment complex but she also ran D&D advertising, a powerful add agency where most of the inhabitants of the apartment complex worked.

Amanda showed us how powerful woman of the nineties were becoming and that you could have it all. From the power, to the looks, to the men, she did, in later season's, seem to have it all. Melrose Place showed the viewer real drama and was one of the most popular shows of the decade running ten years. This show had all the drama and showed the viewer, the actors that we have come to know. As in later years the show had Brooke Camble, a devious over achiever and daddies little princess, played by Kristen Davis. Also, let's not forget the Alcoholic, Courtney Thorne-Smith, the Doctor, Marcia Cross and the designer, Josie Bisset.

This show was made for TV and had all the drama and action that one person could ask for. Although, like every show, you lose some of the characters that you love and gain some other characters that you love to hate, you would want to do yourself a favor and watch the Golden Globe nominate, GLAAD AWARD winning drama series where available.

Melrose Place is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (230 episodes). The series first aired on July 8, 1992.

Melrose Place is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Melrose Place on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, CBS online.

7 Seasons, 230 Episodes
July 8, 1992
Cast: Josie Bissett, Thomas Calabro, Amy Locane, Doug Savant, Grant Show
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Melrose Place Full Episode Guide

  • Terry and Sarah survive the car accident where Ryan finally makes amends between Megan and Terry, who agrees to leave town and Ryan to start over his life with Megan and Sarah.

  • After Marlin accidentally dies from an overdose of Viagra while being with Lexi in her apartment, she asks Michael for help to take Marlin's dead body back to his house to cover up any guilt.

  • After her finished film product for Marlin somehow gets destroyed, Amanda decides to shut down her company.

  • On the cruise liner sailing along the Mexican coast to film the commercial, Marlin orders Amanda to run an interference with Peter to keep him away from Eve as he sets his plan to seduce her.

  • Amanda reawakens her ruthless, take-no-prisoners, greedy business attitude when she begins firing staff, including Jane, to finance Marlin's test commercial, which will star Eve.

  • Having caught Megan in bed with Michael, a new conflict begins between Ryan, Megan, Michael and Lexi that soon turns nasty and makes Ryan think about getting closer to his daughter, Sarah.

  • Michael and Lexi join forces and travel to Poughkeepsie, N.Y., to investigate Ryan's secret and end up masquerading as a reverend and nun, respectively, to get inside the Catholic school where they finally meet Ryan's daughter, Sarah.

  • Lexi finally launches her plan to break up Ryan and Megan by persuading Megan to propose marriage to Kyle first in hopes that he will panic and leave in a huff as he did with his other former girlfriends.

  • While Amanda is in the hospital for her injuries, the rumors about her and Peter's alleged affair only strengthen among everybody at Melrose, despite their denials, which sends both Kyle and Eve packing.

  • Kyle disappears after he torches the building site of his and Amanda's house, where he reveals his secret to her about him being sterile. Michael sets plans with Audrey for her to break off the lawsuit against him.

  • As Valentine's Day approaches, Kyle and Ryan's domineering and militant father, Mack, arrives in town for a visit for Kyle's birthday. He soon causes trouble for both of his sons during a dinner with them and Amanda and Megan.

  • After being tipped off by a drunken Kyle about Eve's past, Peter travels to her home town in Oakdale to conduct his own investigation and meets the parents of Eve's deceased football player boyfriend.

  • Michael resorts to hustling the Wilshire's medical funds to get $100,000 to invest in Perry's shady business deal -- and later regrets it when Perry skips town with the money.

  • With a little of Megan's help, Lexi decides to take a business approach to finding a relationship using hiring techniques. Jane and Michael are saddled with legal fees over their courtroom time.

  • The Christmas holidays begin bad for everyone when a Santa-suited Peter, Michael, Kyle, Ryan and Louis Vicontti are arrested after being mistaken for a group of Santa-dressed bank robbers.

  • Michael decides to sell his beach house to settle his debits, and his attractive real estate agent, Linda, seduces him. At the same time, Jane reminisces about her and Michael's first meeting and accepts a date from a shy agency co-worker.

  • Kyle finally learns the connection between Eve and Amanda (that was in Matt's journal) when they tell him their story of going to high school together and the night when they murdered Eve's abusive football player boyfriend.

  • Peter and Eve travel to Peter's home town in Texas to straighten out items after the sudden death of his father, which prompts Peter to think about securing a life different from his lonely father's.

  • Michael and Jane's wedding day arrives. The devious Lexi tries to keep Ryan from the wedding in order to work her way closer to him. Jane has an attack of conscious that temporarily calls off the wedding.

  • Amanda sends Jane to Chicago to help Alex in order to keep his account at A.W.A., where Jane vows to remain all business. Alex reveals that he still has strong feelings for Jane.

  • After Jane temporarily moves back into the Melrose complex, Michael continues to keep tabs on her while she agrees to be Alex's model.

  • After a heated confrontation, Michael admits his fidelity test to Jane, who then gives him an ultimatum: stop spying on her or their coming wedding is off.

  • Lexi accompanies Megan to a dinner with Ryan while she rattles Amanda with her business moves and Ryan tries to find out what Lexi's plans are against Amanda.

  • After Michael has a fist-to-face meeting with Alex, he decides to test Jane's fidelity. Megan goes to work for Lexi at her agency, who goes to work on Peter by revealing knowledge of the kidnapping of Amanda.

  • Michael follows Megan to her home where she grew up at a horse ranch upstate California and meets her long-estranged mother and invalid father. In Los Angeles, Kyle and Ryan's reunion appears short-lived.

  • Megan suddenly has desires for Michael once again after Cooper leaves for Philadelphia. But Michael has other plans when he proposes marriage to Jane. Also, Lexi considers using her new company for an advertising agency.

  • After dropping off the ransom money, Peter positions himself to be Amanda's hero after she makes a break from the cabin where she was held at, with one of the hit men in pursuit, while a helpless Kyle sits and waits for news on Amanda.

  • After Amanda is abducted by the men sent by Peter's mobster patient, he offers to lend a hand to help Kyle get Amanda back safely when a $1 million ransom is quoted for her return.

  • Michael tries to hide Taylor from Jane after she follows him back to Los Angeles and who catches up on who's been with whom from Amanda and Kyle, among others.

  • Seeking to get away from Taylor's constant interference in his life, Michael travels to his 10-year college reunion party in Chicago, where he meets his ex-wife, Jane, also in attendance, where he tries to reconcile with her.

  • Taylor begins to try to chip away at Michael's contempt for parenthood while continuing to stay at his place. Also, Michael begins dating his new receptionist, Carrie.

  • After Peter tells Lexi about still having feelings for Amanda, she throws him out of his apartment. But later, Lexi learns she may take the fall for her late father's larceny charges.

  • Amanda accompanies Rory to the Dominican Republic to marry him, unaware of his plan to murder her to get his hands on her money for his shady business deals. Back in Los Angeles, Kyle continues wooing Taylor.

  • Cooper and Megan travel to Philadelphia for Cooper's application to his new job, where Dr. Larner pressures Megan to ensure Cooper's future for sexual favors. Back in Los Angeles, Amanda catches Billy and Jennifer in a clinch.

  • After learning of Samantha's sudden reconciliation with Billy, Jennifer tries to jump-start things between Jeff and Samantha by setting them up so she can have Billy all for herself.

  • Michael considers drastic measures regarding his failing clinic. But a little intervention from a sympathetic Megan changes his mind.

  • Both Samantha and Billy feel guilty over their flings with Jeff Baylor and Jennifer. But lust throws them off again when Jeff (who's now obsessed with Samantha) pressures her to leave Billy, and Jennifer tells her the same thing.

  • After Nick and Taylor accidentally kill Christine when she refuses to go along with their plans, they place her body on railroad tracks and let a train run over her to make it look like a suicide.

  • Peter unknowingly gets involved in the plan to break Amanda and Kyle up when Christine fakes suicidal tendencies, forcing him to have her committed to the hospital psychiatric ward.

  • Kyle and Amanda travel to Santa Fe to visit his former Marine girlfriend, Christine, to clear up the past. But later, complications threaten Amanda and Kyle's wedding day when Christine arrives in Los Angeles.

  • Michael and Jennifer's mother, Mia, arrives in town for a visit and immediately strikes fear into their hearts since Jennifer told her mother that she was engaged to Craig.

  • Lexi's father openly expresses disdain for Peter over his daughter living with him. Meanwhile, Craig threatens Jennifer after she learns of some less-than-legal cost-cutting efforts for the glove company.

  • Cooper and Megan agree to begin courting each other, and Michael tries to do the same with Amber the stripper. After figuring out that Lexi was the one that hit him with her car, Bob plays his hand with Peter to be with her.

  • Billy and Kyle pressure a rescue team to mount a search-and-rescue operation to find Amanda and Samantha. After being rescued, Amanda turns out have a broken back and may be paralyzed from the waste down for life.

  • After hiding the jazz club's Christmas funds, Taylor takes Kyle to Las Vegas for a weekend of gambling, where they make a big dent in their debt. Despite Peter's objections, Lexi insists on taking in Bob.

  • Cooper secretly intervenes when Michael's wooing of Megan with expensive gifts makes her hesitant about a divorce. Jennifer also gets Cooper to drop his lawsuit against Michael while she blackmails Lexi.

  • After rescuing Lexi, Peter returns to the scene of an accident and discovers a vagrant that Lexi unknowingly hit while driving Peter's car. Peter then takes the vagrant, Bob, to the hospital and decides to protect Lexi.

  • Billy and Samantha go on their honeymoon to Hawaii, while Connie lands a temp job at Amanda Woodward Advertising and decides to stay in Los Angeles for a while.

  • While Megan is in a coma after the stabbing, Cooper maintains a bedside vigil for her, and a jealous Michael tries to bring a halt to the visits after sensing déjà vu with him over Kimberly.

  • After Cooper is released from jail, Megan follows him around and discovers that Kimberly's mother is the one responsible for trying to kill Michael.

  • After Peter publicly declares his love for Lexi, she moves in with him at his house. Jennifer helps out Craig sell the Mancini Glove, hoping she will get a share of the profits.

  • After Lexi seizes all of Cooper's financial accounts, he mistakenly blames Michael for telling her about his hidden assets and finds a kindred spirit in wanting revenge by teaming with Kimberly's mother.

  • Peter learns from Lexi about Cooper's connection to the late Kimberly Shaw, for he happens to be the doctor who treated Kimberly while she was comatose from the car accident four years ago.

  • Sydney's father arrives in Los Angeles to visit Craig but finds him in a bad situation with Jennifer. Meanwhile, the new agency, Amanda Woodward Advertising, opens with Amanda as the CEO with an iron fist as usual, and Eric as the backer.

  • Samantha confesses to Billy about inadvertently letting it slip about him and Amanda starting their own advertising agency, while Craig concedes defeat after pressure is applied by Eric Baines, Amanda's backer, for her new agency.

  • When Taylor's so-called "pregnancy" hits a snafu, she approaches Michael for a little favor to impregnate her to prove that she is pregnant, while an unsuspecting Megan tries to get Michael to go with her to a couples' therapist.

  • Cooper moves into Matt's vacant apartment at Melrose and begins snooping into the place's history and the residents, including Michael's history with Kimberly.

Melrose Place News

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The actress has been struggling publicly lately.

Heather Locklear Arrested Again

The actress had been hospitalized several days earlier for a psych evaluation.