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This 1960s sitcom follows the misadventures of two New York City patrol officer, played by Fred Gwynn and Joe E. Ross, as they fight crime in their Bronx precinct. The cops are as friendly and warm as they are enthusiastic and dedicated to their jobs, but their niceness sometimes gets in the way of their ability to crack down on wrongdoers. The series aired from 1961 to 1963 on NBC and has been popular in syndication in the years since. It was also the basis for a 1994 film adaptation.

Car 54, Where Are You? is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (60 episodes). The series first aired on September 17, 1961.

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Sunday 8:30 PM et/pt on NBC
2 Seasons, 60 Episodes
September 17, 1961
Cast: Joe E. Ross, Fred Gwynne
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Car 54, Where Are You? Full Episode Guide

  • Toody and Muldoon convince a shy officer to join their precinct, unaware that he has terrible luck everywhere he goes.

  • A woman begs her boyfriend to quit his boxing job.

  • The officers use Sylvia as a decoy to uncover a group of con artists

  • Toody decides to give Lucille a wig for her 40th birthday. However, when Sylvia sees Toody at a wig shop, she begins to think he is cheating on Lucille.

  • Mrs. Bronson promises that wedding bells are in the future of star’s lives.

  • Criminals begin to learn how to trick police after watching “Crime Busters.” But since the show is one of Toody’s favorites, he’s able to solve each of the crimes.

  • Muldoon and Toody promise Joel Pokrass that people will attend his Bar Mitzvah. However, that proves to be a hard promise to keep since Joel’s father is a mean landlord everyone despises.

  • The precinct tries to rehabilitate and employ Charlie, an alcoholic.

  • Toody mentions that today is an important day, which starts rumors flying around the precinct as to why it’s an important day. Thinking they’ve all forgotten an occasion, everyone panics.

  • The Toodys take in a man, but begin to doubt that the man is really a preacher like he claims he is.

  • Nogal has Captain Block put on a special play honoring Muldoon’s father who was able to solve an unsolvable case. However, when Muldoon finds his father’s diary, the truth is revealed.

  • Toody and Muldoon protect a visiting Russian official.

  • Both Toody and Muldoon run for President of the Brotherhood.

  • Toody and Muldoon get ex-con Benny a job at a candy store. However, Benny soon regresses back into his old habits.

  • A group of robbers move next door to a bank and begin to plot a bank heist involving knocking down the wall between them and the bank. However, their plan is interrupted by Toody and Muldoon as they try to get their restaurant up and going.

  • The guys convince Muldoon to ask the Captain’s niece to attend Marti Gras with him, and when she accepts, Muldoon’s ego goes to his head.

  • While Captain Block is rehearsing for a play, Toody and Muldoon overhear and think the Captain is a kleptomaniac.

  • When the boys of the 53rd Precinct suddenly show an interest in the clean and uplifting Broadway epic "Little Miss Pioneer," so does the prurient public.

  • The precinct comes together and gets new furniture for Pretzel Mary.

  • After landing a role in a play, Sylvia decides to go on a diet.

  • Toody bird-sits for Captain Block, but accidentally teaches the parrot the phrase “I hate Captain Block.”

  • While undercover, Toody robs a bank with a group of men. Now that the group thinks Toody is an expert bank robber, he tricks them into falling for a fake robbery.

  • The precinct pools their money into a stage production, but they didn’t realize that the play centers on a corrupt police department.

  • Mrs. Bronson tries to move into her apartment that hasn't been completely built yet.

  • Mitch Miller gives the men at the precinct the change to sing on the show, "Sing Along with Mitch."

  • Muldoon flashes back to 12 years ago to trouble he had with Schnauser.

  • Both Toody and Muldoon fall ill and the doctor is in awe of how much alike the two men are.

  • Muldoon moves in with Toody and his family, but when odd things happen while everyone's sleeping, Muldoon and Lucille think they've having an affair with each other.

  • Toody and Muldoon are assigned to pick up the President of the United States from Idlewild Airport and drive him to the United Nations.

  • It's the day of the annual policeman's ball, and Toody makes an unforgettable entrance.

  • Toody's nephew helps him and Muldoon solve previously unsolvable cases. But before they realize Marvin's worth, the others find out about him.

  • The officers debate what to get Block for his anniversary.

  • While attending a wedding, Sylvia and Leo are married by a Justice of the Peace. Afterward, Sylvia sets out to correct the mistake.

  • The inspector tells Block to take a vacation and one of the officers at the precinct is named his temporary replacement.

  • Toody is pickpocketed by a professional pickpocket, and the thief steals Toody's identity as a police officer. When the man begins to arrest pickpockets until the man is caught.

  • Muldoon tries to change his personality to that of a "bad boy" image.

  • Captain Block looks into how effective Toody and Muldoon are as partners.

  • Despite it being Thursday, Toody and Muldoon convince everyone it's Friday.

  • Toody is given a work of art by an artist, but gives it away before he learns how much the art is worth.

  • Muldoon worries that his height is too tall for the force's standards.

  • Toody is sent on an undercover mission with a female police officer, which makes Lucille think that Toody is living two lives.

  • During Toody and Muldoon's evaluation, the Chief Inspector declairs their performance unacceptable and tells Captain Block he must change things.

  • The boys are attempting to win the barbershop quartet competition for "the old man" Capt. Block. The rules require all 163 quartets to perform the same song, which drives poor Jan Murray to insanity.

  • When his television breaks, Toody decides to spend his free time reading instead.

  • The precinct puts on a Christmas play about life at the precinct.

  • Muldoon is tricked into robbing a bank.

  • With his duties as department treasurer, Toody chooses to invest the money in the stock market.

  • Gunther wishes that his wife, Lucille, would be more submissive to him, but ends up getting more than he bargained for.

  • After a chance traffic stop with Hugh Downs, Gunther finagles an appearance on the Jack Paar show of a fellow officer he thinks is funny.

  • Toody gets a spell placed on him by a gypsy when he tries to uncover her theft ring.

  • Lucille tries to match Muldoon up with a spinster woman.

  • The precinct tries to thwart a group of car thieves.

  • The Muldoons take in Theresa Tangere in order to shield her from the critical public eye. However, Francis begins to fall for her.

  • When a lady learns that her apartment complex has been condemned, she works her charm in order to trick them into letting her stay.

  • Muldoon is given a new partner.

  • Toody and his wife take an ex-con under their wing and try to rehabilitate him as he lives with them.

  • The precinct buys a gift for Abrams to celebrate his 25 years with the service.

  • Toody and Muldoon run into trouble as they attempt to cook swordfish on an officer's brother's boat.

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