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The television series Dragnet 1967 was created by Jack Webb and depicted the cases of the Los Angeles Police Department. This crime drama series stars Jack Webb as the conservative Sergeant Joe Friday and Harry Morgan as his more light-hearted partner, Bill Gannon.

The show begins with the theme music titled Danger Ahead and the opening narration of The story you are about to see is true, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. In the series every aspect of real police work is followed, this include: patrol work, the crime scene, questioning witnesses, lab work, apprehending the suspect and paperwork.

As a creator, Jack Webb wanted to make the show as realistic and accurate as possible. Department officials names on the show such as police Chief Thad Brown was a real LAPD chief of detectives and KMA367 was the actual call letters for L.A.P.D. No uniform is worn but through every episode Joe Friday wears a blazer with slacks and Bill Gannon wears a two piece suit.

Throughout every episode Joe Friday is always portrayed as the by the book detective even off duty, with two of his favorite phrases being "All we want are the facts, ma'am" and "All we know are the facts, ma'am. Bill Gannon on the other hand is light-hearted yet business like while on duty but very sociable and care-free when he is off duty.

Jack Webb believed that there needed to be more unity between the police force and he wanted to change the reputation that was being portrayed of them. Many of the episodes focus on the younger generation and include cases that involve juvenile delinquency, substance abuse and student crimes. Other episodes include the hippie movement and crimes that were directly related to it.

Dragnet is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (107 episodes). The series first aired on January 12, 1967.

Where do I stream Dragnet online? Dragnet is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dragnet on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV online.

4 Seasons, 107 Episodes
January 12, 1967
Crime, Drama
Cast: Jack Webb
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Dragnet Full Episode Guide

  • Friday and Smith crack down on teenage gangs. *This originally aired as: Season 7, Episode 28*

  • Friday and Gannon track down a safecracker who inexplicably left his calling card at the scene of the crime.

  • A bitter ex-wife blames her ex-convict former husband for a series of armed robberies.

  • A woman accuses two detectives of stealing $800 from a dead man. Friday and Gannon investigate.

  • At his nightschool psychology class, Friday is forced to arrest a classmate for possession of marijuana. He's then accused of violating class trust and the professor puts the question of his continued attendance to a vote.

  • Friday and Gannon interrogate an impostor who poses as a forest ranger and swipes credit cards as well.

  • Friday and Gannon have only two slim clues with which to identify the body of a young woman found under a pier in the Venice section of Los Angeles: a wad of paper and a distinctive ring.

  • Friday and Gannon track down a duo of thieves who steal dogs out of parked cars and then return them to their owners for rewards.

  • Friday and Gannon try to track down a drug lab that's churning out illicit pills.

  • When his wife travels to San Diego for the weekend, Gannon invites Friday to stayover at his home for some rest and relaxation.

  • The culprit in the burglary of an upper middle-class home is a major shocker to all concerned.

  • Friday and Gannon answer a homicide call at an apartment building and find two dead bodies, a wounded manager, and a shot out TV set.

  • Friday and Gannon's next target is a woman who chooses elderly people as her marks in an unusual theft scheme.

  • Friday and Gannon search for a young parolee feared to be using heroin again.

  • Friday and Gannon have two tasks: 1. Find the swindler who cheated an old vaudevillian out of $9,000 he found on the street, and 2. Locate the rightful owner of the money.

  • Friday and Gannon probe a series of business burglaries and discover that the mastermind behind them is a juvenile.

  • Friday and Gannon retrace a 14 year old investigation to determine whether felony charges can still be brought against a prisoner in a Colorado correctional institution who's up for parole.

  • Friday and Gannon testify against three car thieves in court but the State's case is put in jeopardy when the appearance of its key witness is unexpectedly delayed.

  • Friday and Gannon's search for a missing juvenile takes them to such varied locations as a high school, a fashion salon, an optometrist's office, and a psychiatrist's office.

  • The smoking habits of a homicide victim yield an important clue as to the identity of his killer.

  • Friday and Gannon try to track down the pusher who's been supplying narcotics to a junior high.

  • Friday and Gannon deal with a scumbag named Daniel Lumis who has stolen goods from his blind grandmother-in-law's house, forged checks, jumped bail, and committed bigamy

  • Friday and Gannon work out of the county hospital's emergency ward where they deal with cases involving a mentally ill man, a dying assault victim, an elderly man with a memory lapse, and a man who brought a dead woman to the hospital.

  • Friday and Gannon track down a burglary suspect and uncover $25,000 worth of loot hidden in an unlikely spot.

  • The main suspect in a double killing is an 18 year old college student who is an ardent reader of French literature.

  • After two uniformed patrolmen are shot by bandits, Friday and Gannon try to make the waiting hours easier for their wives in the hospital emergency ward.

  • Store manager ids robbery suspect, who could be wrong man.

  • Friday and Smith interview several theft victims, who are afraid to press charges.

  • Man's body found in gutter with skid marks nearby.

  • Beautiful blonde woman robs and beats her victims.

  • Woman run down by truck, but driver has alibi.

  • Wealthy house wife is a kleptomaniac.

  • An apparent suicide turns out to be murder.

  • At a night school reunion, Friday meets Frank Baker, a member of a right wing extremist group.

  • Friday and Gannon are on the case when it's discovered that over $100,000 in merchandise has been stolen from a department store chain through a near perfect swindling scheme.

  • Friday and Gannon desperately search for the medical records of a dog that bit a five year old girl who is later determined to be allergic to rabies vaccines.

  • Friday and Gannon are on the case when a four day old baby is discovered in a trash can behind an apartment building.

  • Crooked gamblers are victimizing delegates to a farm equipment convention. Gannon goes undercover as a visiting farmer to get to the bottom of things.

  • Friday and Gannon pursue an odd burglary suspect who dresses in a bright green cape and Napoleon hat and steals pictures of Captain Midnight.

  • Friday and Gannon investigate a case of child abuse but the youngster is reluctant to talk. He says his injuries were inflicted by a group of bullies in his neighborhood.

  • Friday and Gannon investigate when a computer reveals that disability checks are being issued to persons who have been deceased for months.

  • Friday joins the Internal Affairs Division to investigate a hard-drinking fellow officer who's on the take from a gambling operation.

  • The LAPD uses a German shepherd named Ginger to try to stem the flow of marijuana from Mexico.

  • Friday and Gannon work the swing shift in the Business Office Division of the LAPD and handle cases involving attempted suicide, a lost child, a drunk needing medication, and hippie protestors.

  • A 91 year old man helps Friday and Gannon solve the murder of a young woman in an apartment building.

  • Friday and Gannon attend a conference of LAPD officers at Lake Arrowhead.

  • Officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed from Adam-12 make crossover appearances in this episode about an officer who is accused of assaulting a civilian.

  • Friday and Gannon help to form a mentor program for teens to help keep other teens away from drugs.

  • Friday and Gannon attempt to organize a citizens' action committee in a high crime neighborhood.

  • A female writer who's always been antagonistic towards the LAPD gathers material about women attending the police academy.

  • Friday and Gannon are assigned to work with the Secret Service in preparation for a presidential visit to Los Angeles.

  • Friday and Gannon work the daywatch desk at Robbery Division where they monitor a stakeout on the home of a truck hijacking suspect.

  • Friday invites Gannon and his wife over to his bachelor pad for dinner but things don't proceed as planned when the evening is interrupted by a burglary in the building.

  • Friday and Gannon are assigned to investigate reports of tow truck racketeers operating on the freeways of Los Angeles.

  • Immediately following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Friday and Gannon are assigned to work in the LAPD's Emergency Control Center.

  • Friday and Gannon enlist the aid of Afro-American police officer Dave Evans when they talk to potential minority recruits at a community center.

  • Assigned to Juvenile Division, Friday and Gannon deal with an abandoned baby, a runaway boy, and a youth high on narcotics.

  • Friday and Gannon appear on a TV public affairs show debating issues involving the LAPD.

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