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  • TV-14
  • 1984
  • 7 Seasons
  • 6.9  (5,542)

Hunter was an American police drama television series produced by Cannell Productions that aired from 1984 to 1991. The show starred Fred Dryer as Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter, a tough, no-nonsense cop with a penchant for putting away the bad guys. He was paired with Stepfanie Kramer as Sergeant Dee Dee McCall, his partner and love interest. Together, the two navigated the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles to bring criminals to justice.

The show was centered around the elite "Hunter Squad" of the Los Angeles Police Department, which specialized in solving high-profile homicides and other major crimes. Led by Captain Charles Devane, played by Charles Hallahan, the squad was made up of a diverse group of detectives, each with their own unique skillset.

John Amos played the role of Lieutenant Al Bressler, a no-nonsense veteran detective and close friend of Hunter. Bruce Davison portrayed Captain Wyler, the head of the department's Internal Affairs Division, who was always keeping an eye on Hunter's unorthodox methods.

Other regular cast members included Darlanne Fluegel as Officer Joanne Molenski, Frankie played by Lauren Lane, a police dispatcher and Hunter's former girlfriend, Garrett Morris as Sergeant Curtis "Sporty" James, and James Whitmore Jr. as Lieutenant Bernie Terwilliger.

The show was known for its gritty realism and action-packed scenes, with each episode focusing on a new case or villain for Hunter and McCall to take down. The show tackled a wide range of topics and issues, including organized crime, drug trafficking, and corruption within law enforcement.

Hunter was also notable for its portrayal of strong female characters, with Dee Dee McCall being one of the first female action heroes on television. Her character was a skilled marksman and martial artist who could hold her own in any dangerous situation.

Throughout its seven-season run, the show was praised for its high-quality writing, intense action sequences, and compelling performances by its cast. Fred Dryer's portrayal of Rick Hunter remains one of the most iconic characters in television history and cemented his status as an action hero.

Hunter was created by Frank Lupo and developed by Stephen J. Cannell, who also served as executive producer. The show was praised for its groundbreaking portrayal of law enforcement and became a beloved classic among fans of police dramas.

In conclusion, Hunter was a compelling police drama that brought a new level of realism and intensity to television. With a talented cast and a commitment to telling gripping stories, it remains a timeless classic that continues to be remembered and celebrated today.

Hunter is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (155 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 1984.

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Little Man With a Big Reputation
22. Little Man With a Big Reputation
April 26, 1991
Devane becomes entangled in the life of an ex-convict who disappears shortly before his wedding
Ex Marks the Spot
21. Ex Marks the Spot
April 5, 1991
A series of cleaning store robberies exposes the chain's owner as the decoy for a moneylaundering conspiracy and causes suspicion from his very dangerous partners.
Cries of Silence
20. Cries of Silence
March 15, 1991
As Hunter investigation the murder of a foreign dignitary's assistant, Novak searches for a runaway teenager who's linked to the killings.
All That Glitters
19. All That Glitters
March 8, 1991
Hunter searches for the killer of several coin dealers while Novak is concerned about the arrest of a teenaged mugger who victimized her neighbor.
The Grab
18. The Grab
March 2, 1991
Chris' daughter is kidnapped to prevent her father from providing Hunter and Chris with vital information on a killer and a counterfeit ring
Shadows of the Past
17. Shadows of the Past
February 20, 1991
When Chris Novak's estranged father returns to her life, it's not to rekindle their relationship but to find and kill the only man who can expose his involvement in a drug ring.
Room Service
16. Room Service
February 13, 1991
Old passions and jealousies flare when Hunter is forced to work with Chris Novak's ex-husband to solve a series of airport robberies while Chris tries to find an escaped prisoner she once arrested.
The Reporter
15. The Reporter
January 30, 1991
Novak is pleased when old friend and newspaper reporter Amy comes to LA to do a story on police work, until Amy impedes an armed robbery investigation. Novak is puzzled by her friend's attitude until she learns of Amy's recent cocaine habit.
Under Suspicion
14. Under Suspicion
January 16, 1991
Hunter unwittingly helps a businessman find and kill a fleeing executive set to take the blame for the company's graft.
Fatal Obsession Pt. 2
13. Fatal Obsession Pt. 2
January 9, 1991
Hunter tracks down a cop killer.
Fatal Obsession Pt 2
13. Fatal Obsession Pt 2
January 9, 1991
Hunter tracks down a cop killer.
Fatal Obsession Part 1
12. Fatal Obsession Part 1
January 9, 1991
When a series of murders on a college campus are linked to a single killer, Sergeant Chris Novak returns from a leave of absence to contribute herexpertise in psycho-pathology to the investigation. Working together poses an awkward situation for Hunter and Novak: they shared a brief, unresolved relationship a few years earlier, after her divorce from a fellow police officer. They make a vain attempt to put their feelings aside to focus on the case. Meanwhile, a disturbed young woman, who collects the badges of the cops she has murdered, targets Molenski as her next victim.
Fatal Obsession, Pt. 1
12. Fatal Obsession, Pt. 1
January 9, 1991
A former girlfriend complicates Hunter's investigation of a string of campus murders while Molenski becomes the target of a cop-killer
Acapulco Holiday
11. Acapulco Holiday
December 12, 1990
During the investigation of a series of robberies, Hunter clashes with an opportunistic lawyer when he arrests the wrong suspect.
La Familia
10. La Familia
December 5, 1990
When a friend of Hunter's is released from prison, he struggles to keep his son from continuing gang activity.
This Is My Gun
9. This Is My Gun
November 28, 1990
While investigating a series of art thefts, Molenski's gun is stolen and used in a fatal robbery.
The Usual Suspects
8. The Usual Suspects
November 14, 1990
Hunter leads a massive police operation to find dozens of prisoners set free by a computer operator who wants one of them to kill her husband.
Oh, the Shark Bites!
7. Oh, the Shark Bites!
November 7, 1990
When a mobster's son is killed, Devane must defend himself from charges of corruption
A Snitch'll Break Your Heart
6. A Snitch'll Break Your Heart
October 31, 1990
Molenski battles with the department to protect the identity of an informant as Hunter investigates the death of an adopted boy 17 years earlier.
The Incident
5. The Incident
October 24, 1990
Hunter and Molenski battle a neighborhood watch group whose members are taking the law into their own hands
Kill Zone
4. Kill Zone
October 10, 1990
Hunter and Molenski investigate a series of rape/murders that revive disturbing memories for Molenski
Where Echoes End
3. Where Echoes End
October 3, 1990
Hunter attempts to clear the name of a fellow detective accused of a lucrative scheme
Deadly Encounters - Pt. 2
2. Deadly Encounters - Pt. 2
September 26, 1990
Hunter teams with two Metro officers, one of whom is a former adversary, to locate the missing profits of a murdered black-marketeer as Devane considers a post in Metro
Deadly Encounters, Pt. 1
1. Deadly Encounters, Pt. 1
September 19, 1990
Hunter teams with two Metro officers, one of whom is a former adversary, to locate the missing profits of a murdered black-marketeer as Devane considers a post in Metro
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  • Premiere Date
    September 18, 1984
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (5,542)