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"Hunter" is a groundbreaking tv show. It is named for its main character homicide detective Rick Hunter (played by Fred Dryer). Rick Hunter is a physically imposing figure with a very strong character -- part of the backstory is that he has relatives with mob connections yet he chose to become a police officer in spite of the difficult position this creates for him. He has a rather intimidating presence and a history of rubbing people the wrong way, which leads to friction with his boss and difficulty keeping a partner. He also lives alone and is all about the job and justice.

In an effort to address the situation with this overall good cop who just can't seem to play well with his peers, he is partnered with homicide detective Dee Dee McCall (played by Stepfanie Kramer). Like Hunter, she has something of a difficult reputation on the force and has been nicknamed "The Brass Cupcake". She turns out to be a good match for Hunter, able go toe to toe with him. The partnership lasts several years, during which time Hunter becomes slightly less of an intractable maverick while remaining a man of strong character. Subsequent bosses further reduce some of the friction at work, making the show a gradually more positive portrayal of the consequences of standing your ground, come what may.

The setting for this police drama is Los Angeles California. The show initially is set more amongst "the mean streets" of L.A. but later takes on more prestige as the crimes increasingly move into more upscale areas. Some of the themes of the show are fairly shocking but not in a gratuitious way. It is a well done, thought provoking series. It gets bonus points for the fact that Detective McCall was a refreshingly gritty take on a policewoman up for the challenge. She stands out from the crowd of overglamorized tv policewomen who often fail to show how genuinely difficult it is to break into a historically male field.

Hunter is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (155 episodes). The series first aired on September 18, 1984.

Hunter is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hunter on demand atAmazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel Free, Sling, Tubi TV, Peacock online.

Cannell Productions
7 Seasons, 155 Episodes
September 18, 1984
Cast: Fred Dryer
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Hunter Full Episode Guide

  • Devane becomes entangled in the life of an ex-convict who disappears shortly before his wedding

  • A series of cleaning store robberies exposes the chain's owner as the decoy for a moneylaundering conspiracy and causes suspicion from his very dangerous partners.

  • As Hunter investigation the murder of a foreign dignitary's assistant, Novak searches for a runaway teenager who's linked to the killings.

  • Hunter searches for the killer of several coin dealers while Novak is concerned about the arrest of a teenaged mugger who victimized her neighbor.

  • Chris' daughter is kidnapped to prevent her father from providing Hunter and Chris with vital information on a killer and a counterfeit ring

  • Old passions and jealousies flare when Hunter is forced to work with Chris Novak's ex-husband to solve a series of airport robberies while Chris tries to find an escaped prisoner she once arrested.

  • Novak is pleased when old friend and newspaper reporter Amy comes to LA to do a story on police work, until Amy impedes an armed robbery investigation. Novak is puzzled by her friend's attitude until she learns of Amy's recent cocaine habit.

  • Hunter unwittingly helps a businessman find and kill a fleeing executive set to take the blame for the company's graft.

  • Hunter tracks down a cop killer.

  • Hunter tracks down a cop killer.

  • A former girlfriend complicates Hunter's investigation of a string of campus murders while Molenski becomes the target of a cop-killer

  • When a series of murders on a college campus are linked to a single killer, Sergeant Chris Novak returns from a leave of absence to contribute herexpertise in psycho-pathology to the investigation. Working together poses an awkward situation for Hunter and Novak: they shared a brief, unresolved relationship a few years earlier, after her divorce from a fellow police officer. They make a vain attempt to put their feelings aside to focus on the case. Meanwhile, a disturbed young woman, who collects the badges of the cops she has murdered, targets Molenski as her next victim.

  • During the investigation of a series of robberies, Hunter clashes with an opportunistic lawyer when he arrests the wrong suspect.

  • When a friend of Hunter's is released from prison, he struggles to keep his son from continuing gang activity.

  • While investigating a series of art thefts, Molenski's gun is stolen and used in a fatal robbery.

  • Hunter leads a massive police operation to find dozens of prisoners set free by a computer operator who wants one of them to kill her husband.

  • When a mobster's son is killed, Devane must defend himself from charges of corruption

  • Molenski battles with the department to protect the identity of an informant as Hunter investigates the death of an adopted boy 17 years earlier.

  • Hunter and Molenski battle a neighborhood watch group whose members are taking the law into their own hands

  • Hunter and Molenski investigate a series of rape/murders that revive disturbing memories for Molenski

  • Hunter attempts to clear the name of a fellow detective accused of a lucrative scheme

  • Hunter teams with two Metro officers, one of whom is a former adversary, to locate the missing profits of a murdered black-marketeer as Devane considers a post in Metro

  • Hunter teams with two Metro officers, one of whom is a former adversary, to locate the missing profits of a murdered black-marketeer as Devane considers a post in Metro

  • As an investigation into an elaborate fencing operation leads Hunter to the killer of a fellow officer and friend. McCall weighs the decision to marry and quit the force.

  • As McCall rekindles an old romance, Hunter insinuates himself into a case involving the mysterious theft of a vagrant's Medal of Honor.

  • Hunter and McCall investigate a psychic's deadly premonitions.

  • Hunter and McCall search for a beautiful woman whose numerous liaisons are linked to a series of bank robberies.

  • When a young, convicted murderer commits suicide, his vengeful brother holds McCall and the judge she's dating captive, forcing McCall to discover the truth of the case.

  • After serving a 20 year prison term, a convicted murderer hunts down his accomplices who avoided prosecution. One of the accomplices has since become a priest but is less than willing to help solve the case.

  • The investigation into the death of a British prostitute teams Hunter and McCall with a beautiful inspector from Scotland Yard.

  • Hunter and McCall's visit to a police psychiatrist regarding a work related incident reveals a more intimate relationship years before.

  • Hunter and McCall investigate the illegal disposal of poisonous gas that kills a young boy.

  • Hunter and McCall investigate a mobster's son who kills an undercover officer, unaware the cop is his half-brother.

  • An old flame of Hunter's witnesses a murder but withholds information while her husband blackmails the killer.

  • Hunter and McCall pursue the killer of McCall's cleaning woman, a ruthless Central American doctor who brutally tortured the woman and her family many years before.

  • Hunter and McCall investigate a teenager who accidentally kills a drug dealer and flees with the money, hoping to find the boy before the drug dealer's boss does.

  • Hunter and McCall track down a departmental leak in the investigation of a serial killer targeting homosexuals.

  • Hunter's new trainee, the son of a career officer, has problems doing his duty as they investigate a series of robbery-murders.

  • Hunter takes a personal interest in a teenager's arrest when he finds out the young man is his son.

  • Hunter defies departmental policy to save McCall from a kidnapper and bring her back to the police force.

  • McCall gets a visit from her former training officer who tries to help her out in a murder investigation.

  • Hunter searches for the killer of a runaway girl whose baby he helped to deliver.

  • Hunter and McCall pursue the killer of a college student who was the brother of Hunter's old friend.

  • Hunter and McCall are assigned to protect the Irish patriot brother of Devane's new lady friend, but find the man is the assassin instead of the intended victim.

  • Hunter becomes involved with a beautiful radio host when he goes undercover to catch a killer who threatens the men in her life.

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