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Hawaii 5 O is a drama series show that began airing in 2011. The show is about detectives in Hawaii who investigate murders and other crimes. This show is one of the more popular ones being shown nowadays and therefore provides a lot to look forward to for viewers. Anyone who enjoys shows that deal with crime and interpersonal relationships will likely find this show very appealing. Another thing that makes this show appealing is the fact that it takes place in a very nice setting which is Hawaii. Viewers will likely enjoy this show due to its drama, action and overall intrigue.

When watching Hawaii 5 O viewers will watch a specific chain of events take place. There will be a situation in which someone has been murdered or someone who is in danger. As a result the protagonists of the show will need to investigate crimes as well as look for ways to find the person in danger and also the perpetrator of the crimes. The show lasts for about one hour and usually concludes with a positive ending. Over the course of the show, viewers will have the opportunity to learn about the situation in depth and have lots of suspense surrounding the story. There is some action in this show and also lots of dramatic scenes. As a result this show is quite entertaining.

As far as target audience is concerned, people who like watching drama shows along with one's about crime will likely enjoy viewing this show. Some of the content of this show is a bit intense at times so it is mainly for more mature audiences. However it is still watchable for people of most ages. For those who are looking to see an intriguing drama in a very appealing setting, Hawaii 5 O is one of the better television show options available. By watching this show, viewers will get to see a new plot and story take place which provides lots of variety and also intrigue as well.

Hawaii 5-0 is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (280 episodes). The series first aired on September 26, 1968.

Where do I stream Hawaii 5-0 online? Hawaii 5-0 is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hawaii 5-0 on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, iTunes online.

12 Seasons, 280 Episodes
September 26, 1968
Action & Adventure, Drama
Cast: Jack Lord, James MacArthur, Kam Fong, Herman Wedemeyer
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Hawaii 5-0 Full Episode Guide

  • In a desperate move to locate three world-famous scientists who have vanished, Steve McGarrett sets himself up to be kidnapped by assuming the identity of a fourth eminent scientist -- and is shocked to find himself once again locked in mortal combat with his eternal adversary, Wo Fat. The sinister Wo Fat has been a thorn in McGarrett's side since the series began. Now, after more than a decade of thwarting the malevolent master criminal, McGarrett has one final climactic confrontation with his perennial nemesis.

  • Someone is waging a bloody vendetta against a band of innocuous birdwatchers. Although Steve McGarrett feels certain that slaughter will continue, he can't comprehend the "who" and "why" of the killer.

  • The murder in Hawaii of a famous Nazi-hunter and the discovery on his bullet-riddled body of a rare World War II German medal pulls Steve McGarrett and Five-O into the search for a Nazi war criminal. McGarrett learns from an Israeli government official that the dead man, Yuri Bloch, came to Hawaii on the trail of Emil Klaus, a fugitive Nazi mass killer. McGarrett feels certain that the same trail to Klaus will lead him also to Bloch's murderer. The rare medal, he is convinced, some-how holds the solution to this case, which is laden with international intrigue.

  • Three bright young graduate students use radio-controlled airplanes and some homemade scientific creations to pull off the " impossible": the theft of the priceless royal jewels of Liliuokalani, the last reigning queen of Hawaii. On public display, the gems are protected by an intricate mechanical security system -- and augmented by armed guards -- the even cautious Five-O boss Steve McGarrett concedes is virtually impenetrable. But the gem theft takes place, nevertheless, and Five-O's security system soon faces a test again.

  • From his gut reaction to Jonas Halloran, a brittle, clever aide-de-camp to Premier Lon Tho of Baradak, and to Nadira, a beautiful troubled girl, Steve McGarrett senses evil in the wind. Halloran arrives in Hawaii with Lon Tho to retrieve the Baradak Treasury's $150- million in gold, which has been held for safekeeping in arrangements surrounding the transfer of the gold. But when he meets Halloran and Nadira, his instincts tell him that Halloran could be a dangerous opportunist and the girl a truthful, indirect witness to some of Halloran's's savagery.

  • Counterfeiter Willie McFee reluctantly returns to his old game for a worthy cause, but he fails to foresee the luck that gives Steve McGarrett an inkling of his move.

  • Steve McGarrett and his Five-O crew try to solve the kidnapping of a wealthy socialite, Mrs. Christine Ames, and at the same time, accommodate her husband, who declares that if the police are involved, the criminals will kill his wife. It is Mrs. Ames' hairdresser who finally comes up with some information about his customer that could be the key to the mystery.

  • Tension, barely controlled fury and gut-numbing fear -- it's all there as Steve McGarrett confronts a pair of political terrorists who are threatening to kill their policewomanhostage unless their demands are met.

  • In a powerful episode playing upon the easy availability of handguns, McGarrett and his Five-O unit follow the trail of pain and death left by one of the weapons, hoping to recover it before it can wreak yet more havoc. The wounding of a florist by a pistol-wielding bandit results in the first break for McGarrett in his stymied search for the assassins of an Hawaii state senator. Ballistics tests show that the politician and the florist were felled by the same gun, originally a World War II souvenir. How much more tragedy will it produce, wonders McGarrett, unless he can track it down.

  • Someone apparently is trying to convince Joan Carter and everyone she knows that she is mentally ill and only imagining the frightening attacks on her life, but one of those people -- Five-O boss Steve McGarrett -- isn't buying it. Apparently, Joan's antagonist -- if, indeed, that's what he is -- is a mysterious, very-much alive man named Kwan, who, according to the confused Joan, she once shot to death.

  • Is the Five-O crew as foolish and inept as they are beginning to appear to the public?

  • Jayne Meadows guest stars as an astrologer whose ominous warnings tempt the skeptical Steve McGarrett to follow her clues in his investigation of a murder. The dead man, gambler Toby Wesson, was a friend of boxer Pete Shore, and owned a share of the promising young heavyweight's contract. Pete's depression over Wesson's death prompts him to confide in astrologer Jessica Humboldt. She becomes so alarmed at the grim portents she sees in Pete's horoscope that she goes to McGarrett, insisting that unless he heeds her astrological charts, more disaster is inevitable.

  • McGarrett goes after a unique secret ring of high-society vigilantes who are determined to see that justice is done -- even if they have to do it themselves.

  • Honolulu policewoman Lori Wilson is on the scene when her husband, Honolulu cop and Five-O recruit, Kevin Wilson, is gunned down by bandits. McGarrett brings Five-O into the search for Wilson's killer, meanwhile, trying to dissuade grieving Lori from waging a risky personal crusade to find the fugitives.

  • McGarrett finds himself caught in the crossfire as a faction of embattled Hawaiian natives take on the Island's underworld. The prize -- control of a labor union and the 50th state's rich tourist business.

  • The Year of the Horse is ushered in tragically when a beautiful Asian girl dies in agony aboard a flight from Bangkok to Honolulu. The plastic bag she has swallowed - containing heroin - has burst in her stomach. McGarrett learns she is a courier for a drug ring operating out of Singapore. The Governor's office in Hawaii is implicated in the operation so McGarrett and Danny Williams go undercover and head for Singapore.

  • Steve McGarrett suspects that Dr. Harvey Danworth is illegally supplying drugs to addicts and he knows he must prepare a case against him, but he also must protect the doctor from the vengeful father of one of his alleged victims. Addict Tom Riordan Jr. has died from an overdose of the barbiturates prescribed by Dr. Danworth and McGarrett rushes to build a case against the physician. But McGarrett's determination wavers in the face of the doctor's persuasive claim that he is ethical and law abiding.

  • Steve McGarrett reluctantly goes after an ex-cop whom he know and admires -- and also suspects of being the culprit in a string of murders of Honolulu pimps. McGarrett is correct. Russ Hendrix, now a private detective, is the nervy killer, and Hendrix knows McGarrett is wise to him. But Hendrix is confident that his great experience as a police officer has given him the know-how to this deadly plan and yet leave McGarrett without a single solid clue. And it begins to look as if he's right.

  • Stringer, played by songwriter Paul Williams, has snapped a picture of a clandestine meeting of racketeer Tony Alika and Honolulu influence peddler Howard Dramer. That picture can destroy both Alika and Kramer. Crafty Stringer, in using the photo in an extortion attempt on Kramer, is courting his own death at the hands of the dangerous Alika. Meanwhile, McGarrett, sensing that Stringer has such a picture in his possession, is trying to locate the elusive lensman, with the help of model Maren Wilson, in order to safeguard his life and use him and his film as escape-proof evidence against Alika.

  • Steve McGarrett's skill and instincts are matched against an impossible crime. A fortress-like, burglar-proof Honolulu bank built by Matthew Meighan is rifled of a fortune. The impossible has happened, and McGarrett and his Five O unit are stumped. When McGarrett learns that three other identically-constructed banks have also been pillaged in a baffling way, the string of crimes lead them to the ingenious criminal.

  • Johnny Munroe, manager of promising young singer Yvonne Kanekoa, tries to defend himself and Yvonne from a takeover by Ray Santoro, a Honolulu hood. Munroe allies himself with mainland mob boss Allie Francis, who becomes very excited about the business ideas Munroe points out to him on the islands. Since Santoro is a hireling of Tony Alika, head of the Honolulu crime syndicate, the invasion by Francis and his organization is a harbinger of imminent mob war.

  • Ray Santoro, a member of the Kumu, kills Bernie Adams, a member of the mainland syndicate, in order to force his way into partnership with an unwilling Sonny Kanekoa, the owner of a flourishing discotheque. Santoro, impressed by the singing talent of Sonny's sister, Yvonne, tries to take over the management of her from her current manager-songwriter, Johnny Munroe. McGarrett is investigating the murder of Adams as he suspects that what he sees is merely the tip of a very dirty iceberg.

  • When a prominent Canadian businessman, registered under an assumed name at a Waikiki Hotel, is the victim of a hit-and-run accident, Steve McGarrett is faced with one of the most bizarre cases in the history of the Five--0 unit.

  • A spark of rekindled passion fans into love for Danny Williams when his high school sweetheart turns up in Hawaii. Danny's path crosses with beautiful Mellissa Cole when she is charged with shoplifting and his life is further complicated when she is linked with a neurotic murderer whom McGarrett is seeking.

  • Steve McGarrett arranges for the escape of a convict so that the man can gather information for McGarrett about an effort to organize the Chinese Mafia in Honolulu.

  • There is a theft during an exhibit of the treasures of Tutankhamen, arranged by socialite-sculptress Alicia Warren. Unfortunately for the thief, Mic Chandler, McGarrett apprehends him. At police headquarters McGarrett is surprised to find out that Chandler's prior record consists of only petty crimes. When Chandler, free on bail, is found murdered, McGarrett's suspicions are aroused and in a dramatic denouement, he reveals the clever and daring plot and the real culprit.

  • Steve McGarrett's friend, Congressional hopeful Bobby Tamara, is the target of threats from the leader of Hawaii's National Socialist Movement. Wendell Stoner, psychotic commander of the Nazi unit, launches a hate campaign against Tamara, which quickly segues into violence.

  • Steve McGarrett, serving on jury duty, STARRINGs the only dissenting vote in a murder trial, holding out for finding the defendant innocent. It appears to be an open-and shut case, but McGarrett, feeling a reasonable doubt about Christie's guilt, suggests a re enactment of the crime in the locked bedroom of the victim.

  • The explosion of a bomb-rigged briefcase sets off a bizarre chain of events, including death, drugged deception and espionage. Steve McGarrett narrowly escapes when a booby-trapped building is blown up, while Danny Williams succumbs to brainwashing, and is drugged and programmed to kill McGarrett.

  • The only link in a series of seemingly unrelated killings may lie in a common horoscope by a famous astrologer.

  • A planted agent, known in his precarious trade as a "sleeper," has infiltrated the March Foundation, a research organization where Dr. Karl Rathman has been experimenting with forced hypnosis. When the agent is killed, McGarrett, assisted by Fallon, an agent from the Pentagon, investigates.

Hawaii 5-0 News

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The former co-stars continue their solidarity after their 'Hawaii 5-0' pay dispute.

CBS Says It Offered 'Significant' Raise to Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park

The network does not say, however, that it offered them as much as it pays the show's non-Asian stars.

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Sean “Diddy” Combs wears many hats: producer, actor, rapper, singer and fashion designer.  He’ll soon be adding one more to that list, perhaps in the form of a deerstalker (Sherlock Holmes-style).

Diddy will be making a guest star appearance in “Hawaii Five-O” as a New York detective. The show is a remake on the classic series and highlights the work of an elite task force that wipes out serious crime.