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ChiPS is a show about the California Highway patrol. The name of the show is actually an acronym for this branch of law enforcement. The show has two main characters who are police officers with this branch. They both ride motorcycles along the highways in California as well as respond to calls in the surrounding area. The character of Jon is a seasoned officer who often shows more expertise and patience when dealing with different people. His partner Ponch is new to the force and is sometimes too quick in showing his temper. Ponch is also from a Latino background which adds some interesting elements to the stories.

Each episode contains several different stories woven together to create the entire show. The personal lives of Jon and Ponch are often woven into the stories about their job to add a more personal level. Some personal stories include activities the two participate in during their off duty time or women they date. Both officers are considered to be handsome and often have romantic interludes within the context of the show. As a show about law enforcement, the story carries a degree of drama, which is offset with some lighter moments of humor. For instance, amidst the storyline of crime, Ponch could be secretly learning how to dance or how to cook.

The crimes the pair become assigned to can range from domestic disputes to drug busts. In one somber episode, Ponch encounters a young man he knows from the neighborhood he grew up. The story revolves around the high crime associated with poverty stricken areas and how Ponch works to steer the young man away from getting involved in crime the way so many of his peers have. On a lighter side, an assignment can also bring the pair in contact with someone who believes they were abducted by aliens. The show is able to combine elements of humor with those of suspense and action to portray the lives of officers who patrol the highways of California.

CHiPS is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (139 episodes). The series first aired on September 15, 1977.

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6 Seasons, 139 Episodes
September 15, 1977
Cast: Larry Wilcox, Robert Pine, Erik Estrada, Paul Linke, Brianne Leary
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CHiPS Full Episode Guide

  • A band of teenage misfits, ex-members of Ponch's Explorer troop, returns to help him catch a group of junior-high extortionists.

  • Ponch and Bruce try to protect a woman who is seemingly being stalked by a comic book character.

  • Ponch teams up with Bruce to find the person behind a car theft.

  • Ponch and Bobby look into a series of thefts at a local campus, while Bruce tries to find a little girl who is abducted by a woman.

  • Ponch and Bobby try to catch a gang of bikers selling dangerous weapons on the black market.

  • Ponch and Bobby are on the hunt for a drug dealer, and get some help from a rag-tag gang of youngsters along the way.

  • Ponch and Bobby try to prevent three female rock musicians from being victimized by an unscrupulous concert promoter.

  • Ponch and Bobby have to take care of a kidnapped dog and a sick child runaway.Kevin is dreaming from ufos bringing him away from his sickness. Ponchs friend allows him a look into the night sky.

  • Ponch and Bobby are on the trail of a gang of cattle rustlers trying to sell cattle infected with anthrax.

  • Ponch and Bobby try to track down a couple of juvenile car thieves.

  • Ponch is held prisoner in his own apartment by a couple of criminals thirsty for revenge.

  • Ponch and Bobby have fun with a robot assigned to their station until it becomes a threat to their lives.

  • A man blames Ponch for the death of his brother - who was also Ponch's friend - and challenges him to a race.

  • Ponch meets the woman he wants to wed. But his love dies by an accicent, caused by a drunken driver.

  • On temporary duty Ponch and Bobby hunt a drug dealer and mediate a dispute over a nude beach.

  • Ponch helps children train for the Special Olympics. An old friend of Bobby's prepares for a parachute jump. Grossie buys a truckload of eggs.

  • Ponch and Bobby go after a gang of high-speed bike bandits, and a young cadet at the CHP Academy tries to help his brother.

  • Ponch and Bobby's assignment as security guards for Moloch, a satanic rock singer, turns into near tragedy...

  • While on night patrol, Ponch and Bobby respond to a jewellery store alarm. The culprit turns out to be a young girl who claims an alien made her do it.

  • Ponch takes a part-time job as a model for a jeans company, but he finds that he doesn't like being an instant celebrity. He discovers stardom takes him away from his real work, the rewarding job of catching a pair of diamond thieves as well as putting behind bars a sleazy photographer who's been involved in child pornography.

  • Ponch becomes the training officer of new rookie Bobby Nelson as they try to catch a pair of health-club thieves, and find a runaway teenage mother who has stolen back the baby she sold.

  • Lt. John LeGarre(Fred Dryer), and Officers Skip Nichols (Tom Reilly) and Cindy Davis (Donna Kei Benù) belong to a secret LAPD police unit dedicated to the preservation of human life through the use of martial arts.

  • Ponch and Jon work with police sniffer dogs on the trail of bombs, drugs and thieves.

  • Computer-theft plotters jam the CHP computer center and attempt to rendezvous with an ocean-bound yacht.

  • An ex-CHP officer who became a criminal and then an ice-cream man gets caught up in a truck-robbing operation. The son of the ice cream man meets him believing his dad died years ago.

  • While trained animal bank robbers make monkeys of the cops, Ponch discovers that a lookalike in CHP uniform is a stripteaser at a ladies only nightclub. The man behind the animal robberies only tries to help a woman who is badly hurt by his fault.

  • Ponch and Jon tackle two karate chopping gangs.The officers meet Andy Macedon, Danny and Rivas again. A pine plant programm helps to solve the gang problems. No one believes Andy that he is no criminal anymore.

  • Ponch and Jon have to deal with a bunch of soldiers whose war games get out of hand.

  • CHP officers evacuate a neighborhood where a chemical tanker overturned, spilling a potentially toxic gas.

  • Escaping car thieves injure Grossman. Jon and Ponch mistake a man with a hearing and speech defect for a drunken driver.

  • Jon and Ponch try to apprehend a family of car thieves who steal a CHP cruiser and commit robberies with it.

  • A gang is wanted for grand theft auto when they hunt down valuable cars for big money.

  • A group of punk rockers cause trouble and get caught stealing and breaking into cars.

  • A criminal gang equipped with a powerful laser cause havoc, committing robberies and blinding witnesses. Ponch drives an Oldtimer race and Jon tries to help an old Western star who is giving up. Wayne Cato's horse has a secret that helps catching the laser attackers.

  • Female patrolwomen Mitchell and Woods find themselves on the trail of a murder suspect.You look for the CHiPs here? Sorry to disappoint you.

  • Jon and Ponch investigate a scam designed to skim profits from auction sales of rare antique motor cars.

  • Hijackers use a hi-tech device in order to steal bearer bonds.

  • Steve is chased and harassed by criminals after recovering their stolen car. Jon falls for a country and western singer.

  • A friend of Getraer's son is involved in an accident, while a gang of criminals plot a complex bank robbery.Getraer is giving Timmies friend a home while they're searching for his dad. Timmies friend has much problems with the role of a father as he never had one.

  • The CHiPs have a task at a flight show. Bear meets his former girlfriend and nearly spouse Terry. Terry and her dad are planing to rob the flight show bureau. She tries to catch Bear again even she's married. Ponch takes flying lessons and is quite good, only the landings doesn't allow him to fly alone.

  • Jon and Ponch try to track down a man who is terrorising female drivers, and aren't helped by the fact that their main witness is a compulsive liar.

  • Due to lack of laws on minors a young boy is used for drug smuggling.

  • John and Grossie are having lunch at the Family Fun Park when Steve McLeish goes by chasing motorcycle speeders who are leaving a trail of accidents in their wake.

  • Ponch and Jon investigate reports of toxic waste being dumped. Meanwhile, the other officers try to get the Sarge in on a celebration of Ponch and Jon's fourth anniversary as partners.

  • A family in a camper van cause an accident to claim the insurance money. Ponch and Jon give chase.

  • Ponch and Jon organize a stakeout to catch thieves who have ripped off a motorcycle show ticket office.