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Scarecrow and Mrs. King is a lighthearted television show about every day housewife Amanda King who accidentally gets pulled into the world of American espionage by spy Lee Stetson. Amanda is a recently divorced mother of two living with her mother in Arlington, Virginia. Little does she know that her world will be turned upside down one morning when a strange man--Lee--hands her a plain brown package at the train station and asks her to give it to the man in the red hat. Unfortunately there must have been a convention of some sort going on as Amanda discovers that everyone on that particular train car is wearing a red fez hat. Unsure what to do with the package at that point she takes it home with her.

Lee learns that his package was never delivered when his contact turns up dead and Lee has to use his government resources to track down Amanda. We discover that Lee's code name is Scarecrow and that he is a spy working for a government agency known simply as The Agency. Initially Amanda wants nothing to do with Lee or his spy lifestyle. Lee manages to convince her to help him by explaining to her that the mysterious package contains a vital clue into the deaths of several agents. Through a series of unusual circumstances and mishaps Amanda gets involved in Lee's case and ends up saving his life. Due to Amanda's gift of gab combined with her natural peppiness Lee is reluctant to continue working with her. However, his boss Billy disagrees and appreciates Amanda's unique perspective and ideas. Since she is also unemployed and looking for work, it seems like a perfect fit.

As the show takes place toward the end of the cold war and just before the Berlin Wall came down the main bad guys are often Russian or Communists looking to undermine the American way of life. Lee and Amanda frequently have to deal with KGB operatives and in a few cases have to work alongside Russian agents to achieve an ends and solve cases. During season two of the four season run, the cast and crew traveled to Europe to film several episodes.

Scarecrow and Mrs. King is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (88 episodes). The series first aired on October 3, 1983.

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4 Seasons, 88 Episodes
October 3, 1983
Action & Adventure
Cast: Kate Jackson
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Scarecrow and Mrs. King Full Episode Guide

  • Lee (BRUCE BOXLEITNER) and Amanda (KATE JACKSON) help the Agency's founder uncover an old list of Soviet spies working in highly placed United States government jobs.

  • When Michael Brody (MICHAEL MacRAE), a prison escapee who murdered two Agency contacts, resurfaces at the same time as Francine's former lover--who wants to rekindle their romance--Lee suspects duplicity and works overtime to prove a link.

  • Francine and Lee (MARTHA SMITH and BRUCE BOXLEITNER) fall victim to a KGB plan to humiliate the Agency.

  • When priceless jewels, stolen along with a top-secret spy list during the invasion of Grenada, are among the birthday gifts given to his former girlfriend, Agent Lee "Scarecrow" Stetson (BRUCE BOXLEITNER) investigates. Blair Underwood guest stars.

  • The Agency is blamed for the kidnapping of a famous poet and vocal critic of the United States' nuclear defense policies. Scarecrow and Mrs. King (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) must find the poet and exonerate the Agency.

  • A joyous honeymoon for Scarecrow and Mrs. King (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) turns to anguish as Amanda is critically shot in a bizarre war over gold doubloons.

  • A million dollar art heist and a murder must be solved before Scarecrow and Mrs. King (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) can be married.

  • When the Russians inject superspy Lee "Scarecrow" Stetson (BRUCE BOXLETTNER) with a lethal drug that leaves him with just hours to live, he and Amanda (KATE JACKSON) face the challenge of finding the antidote before time runs out.

  • A skeleton identified as Lee Stetson is discovered in a demolished building.

  • As Scarecrow and Mrs. King (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) discover, even a best friend can be insidiously involved in the deadly game of narcotics.

  • When Dotty West (BEVERLY GARLAND) becomes enamored of a mysteriously debonair man, a bizarre interplay of murder and international intrigue ensues.

  • A calm Christmas Eve turns deadly for Scarecrow and Mrs. King (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) when a disgruntled toy maker, who believes much more than children's toys are being made at the company where he once worked, enlists their help.

  • Scarecrow and Mrs. King (BRUCE BOYLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) must stop a maniacal newspaper magnate, who is using his considerable power as a ploy to destroy the nation's security.

  • Agents Lee "Scarecrow" Stetson (BRUCE BOTLEITNER) and Amanda King (KATE JACKSON) must solve a mystery if they are to save the lives of a Chinese trade envoy. At the same time, the couple must decide if a life together would expose them to additional danger.

  • Mrs. King (KATE JACKSON)--a political radical? When an old photograph links her to a student protest, threatening her status at the Agency, she and her partner, Lee "Scarecrow" Stetson (BRUCE BOTLEITNER), set out to prove her innocence with some disquieting results.

  • Section Chief Billy Melrose (MEL STEWART) can only remember bizarre fragments of the previous weekend, and Scarecrow and Mrs. King (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) must piece together Billy's strange weekend before it's too late.

  • While captives of a vicious Middle Eastern terrorist--their death imminent--Lee (BRUCE BOXLEITNER) proposes marriage to Amanda (KATE JACKSON). But will she have time to answer him?.

  • Lee and Amanda (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) must stop a hired assassin from poisoning the Washington, D.C., water supply using the knowledge of a young Ph.D. student.

  • A reluctant KGB agent desperately wants to defect to the United States. But until his top-secret mission is known, he is a spy with no one to turn to ... except Scarecrow and Mrs. King (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON).

  • Lee (BRUCE BOXLEITNER) tries to learn the truth about his parents' mysterious past, and in the process he uncovers a plot to assassinate a presidential candidate from a small country.

  • Lee and Amanda (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) must stop a hired assassin from poisoning the Washington, D.C., water supply using the knowledge of a young Ph.D. student.

  • A vengeful Soviet masterspy brands Scarecrow (BRUCE BOXLEITNER) and Mrs. King (KATE JACKSON) as traitors, forcing them to become fugitives.

  • The KGB takes interest in a new American play, forcing Amanda (KATE JACKSON) and Lee (BRUCE BOXLEITNER) to perform exceedingly well in their roles as agents or be dramatically killed in the final act.

  • Lee and Amanda (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) work with rival Russian and Chinese agents to retrieve nine stolen nuclear detonators headed for Pakistan.

  • Two years have elapsed since an international terrorist was assassinated in a South American bomb blast. But could he have survived? Amanda (KATE JACKSON) and Lee (BRUCE BOXLEITNER) must discover the truth before a group of high-ranking diplomats are explosively given an undiplomatic Washington reception.

  • Lee and Amanda (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) prevent two thugs from killing a trumpet-playing monarch who want his kingdom, which includes a rare, strategic metal.

  • Francine in kidnapped to force a trade for an American mathematician. James Cromwell guest stars.

  • A hospitalized Lee won't relax until his missing contact lens, which contains a valuable microdot, is found.

  • A hired assassin's paycheck that Amanda (KATE JACKSON) accidentally receives leads her and Lee (BRUCE BOXLEITNER) to the discovery of a vigilante organization operating within the Agency.

  • When the Agency learns of a threat of break-in at a government office, the spies must convince a group of retirees who once worked on the same top-secret projects to help them discover which office is under attack. Ray Wise guest stars.

  • Lee and Francine protect a tennis player with a VIP father being threatened by Soviet agents.

  • Dotty falls for a Russian scientist the Agency is hiding in Amanda's neighborhood.

  • Operatives Amanda King (KATE JACKSON) and Lee "Scarecrow" Stetson (BRUCE BOXLEITNER) foil a plot by a woman executive of a fast-food chain who is ready to poison thousands unless she gets a ransom of millions of dollars.

  • When Amanda's ex-husband Joe King (SAM MELVILLE) arrives in Washington, wanted by the police, Lee "Scarecrow" Stetson (BRUCE BOXLEITNER) and Amanda (KATE JACKSON) must clear his name, but can they keep him alive long enough?

  • Lee and Amanda (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) must find and save a war correspondent that has evidence that can topple a Latin American dictator and ruin the career of an American ambassador.

  • A former agent (BO HOPKINS) who preys on lonely women to get access to classified government documents seems to have stumbled upon the famed secret files of the late FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. And Lee and Amanda (BRUCE BOXLEITNER and KATE JACKSON) are assigned to plug the security leaks, which could become a political.

  • The death of a banker friend (GERALD CASTILLO) drives Agency chief Billy Melrose (MEL STEWART) to strike out on his own to prove the man was murdered. His search for the killer leads him to a powerful and secret crime syndicate that has planned a billion-dollar bank heist, and nobody--especially Billy--is going to stop them. David Faustino guest stars.

  • Amanda King (KATE JACKSON) and Lee Stetson (BRUCE BOXLEITNER) take to the backwoods of Virginia to spy on an outspoken tax reformer (GEOFFREY LEWIS) who may have more than political reform on his agenda.

  • Amanda King and agent Lee "Scarecrow" Stetson (KATE JACKSON and BRUCE BOXLEITNER) investigate after three top-ranking government officials are found dead from a heroin overdose.

  • During an international economic conference in Washington, DC, Amanda King (KATE JACKSON) gives special treatment to a vacationing British accountant (HARVEY JASON), a clumsy gentleman who claims he has stumbled onto evidence that reveals the identity of a Soviet spy who is out to wreak economic chaos in the United States.

  • The retired agent who started the Agency (HOWARD DUFF) reveals to Amanda King (KATE JACKSON) that he is a triple agent and asks her to spy on her co-worker Lee Stetson (BRUCE BOXLEITNER) after a valuable letter from President Eisenhower is stolen from his State Department files.

  • Amanda (KATE JACKSON) attempts to exonerate of a murder charge the female head of a political action group fighting for the rights of independent fishermen.

  • A series of murders seem to point to agent Lee Stetson (BRUCE BOXLEITNER), who worked with -- or dated -- all of the victims. Lee discovers that legendary agent Paul Barnes (STEPHEN MACHT) was on the scene at every murder. Could he possibly be the murderer?

  • Amanda King (KATE JACKSON) delights over her assignment to follow a charming and distinguished art restorer (BEN MURPHY), who is in Washington, DC, on special assignment. But she is shocked when she learns the man may be linked to the deadly Red February terrorist organization.

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