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Hart To Hart is an American mystery TV series based on the fictional amateur detective adventures of Jonathan Hart and his wife Jennifer. Jonathan Hart is the CEO of Hart Industries and is extremely wealthy. His wife, Jennifer, was a freelance journalist before they married. She met her husband while pursuing a story. Their lives constantly put them in the middle of a mystery involving high-stakes criminal behavior, such as, murder, smuggling and international crime. The adventure frequently starts with hearing from an old friend or business acquaintance, or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They soon find themselves in the middle of a mystery they feel compelled to solve. The investigation or set-up in each episode always finds them in life-threatening situations that require one mate to rescue the other.

Their adventures are set against the backdrop of their very wealthy lifestyle. Besides an impressive estate in California, they own their own Gulfstream private jet, a Mercedes Benz, a Roadster, and a Rolls-Royce. Jonathan and Jennifer are as attractive and glamourous as their surroundings. Their wardrobes and her jewels reflect the money they possess. In addition to their crime fighting skills, they are assisted by two companions in their activities. One of them is Max, who works as their cook and chauffeur, and the other is their dog, Freeway, a stray they adopted when they found him abandoned alongside a freeway.

The role of Jonathan Hart is played by Robert Wagner. The role of Jennifer Hart is played by Stefanie Powers. The role of Max is played by Lionel Stander. The series was created by Sidney Sheldon, a novelist, and produced by Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg.

Hart to Hart is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (110 episodes). The series first aired on August 25, 1979.

Where do I stream Hart to Hart online? Hart to Hart is available for streaming on ABC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hart to Hart on demand at Amazon, The Roku Channel Free, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV, IMDb TV online.

5 Seasons, 110 Episodes
August 25, 1979
Cast: Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers, Lionel Stander
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Hart to Hart Full Episode Guide

  • Max is taken hostage. The Harts scramble to save him by participating in a scheme aimed at robbing an international jewel salesman of $20 million in gems.

  • The Harts and Max fear for their lives when the debt-ridden brother of Max's penpal believes Max is rich and comes to steal some of his fortune.

  • The Harts and Max are held at gunpoint when a murderer realizes that Jonathan has incriminating evidence linking him to the death of a champion skier.

  • Jonathan and Jennifer pose as a professor and a student in a dangerous scheme to expose the person responsible for the drug framing of Max's nephew, a college basketball star.

  • While vacationing on the exotic island of Rhodes, Jennifer and Jonathan become ensnared in a scheme for the smuggling of ancient Greek artifacts and are nearly entombed in the process.

  • A young figure skater's dreams of Olympic gold will be shattered unless Hart Industries can mix modern technology with the astounding talent of skater Tai Babilonia.

  • Jennifer and Jennifer are stalked by dangerous industrial spies after they are entrusted with a dog that happens to be carrying a valuable biogenetic formula.

  • Jennifer and Jonathan help Max seach for his lady love, who has fallen victim to a pair of money-hungry crooks.

  • Jennifer is stalked by a psychotic stage manager who lurks in the wings as the Harts don top hats and tails to perform in a charity benefit in the Big Apple.

  • Jennifer takes refuge in a convent after witnessing a gangland slaying. Jonathan must race to save her when the killer discovers her hiding place.

  • In keeping with the season's spirit, Jonathan and Jennifer take in a girl who learns that her parents died in a car crash that left her comatose for 7 years.

  • The Harts lives are at stake when a valuable ancient jade carving leads them into the heart of mysterious Macao, where they encounter a Chinese arms dealer who has become a threat to U.S. national security.

  • Jonathan and Jennifer's delightful excursion to the Scottish Highland games is laced with danger when Jennifer becomes the target of a man who is her rival for leadership of a world-famous clan.

  • A woman claims to be Jennifer's half-sister and her father believes she could be the daughter of his nurse during the war. Jonathan, however, is suspicious and sets out to find the truth.

  • While in Greece, Jonathan and Jennifer race to save their lives and the future of Hart Industries when a European business magnate seeks to destroy them during a cross-country car rally.

  • Jonathan teams with tennis great Martina Navratilove in a game of doubles aimed at exposing a deceitful tennis pro and the stockbroker who is blackmailing him.

  • A traditional fox hunt is marred by murder during the Harts visit to England -- and sends them off on the trail of a killer.

  • Jennifer races to save Jonathan, who is serving as radar operator aboard a fighter jet rigged by a saboteur to explode during its top secret test mission.

  • Jennifer fears for Jonathan's life when ruthless jewel thieves take him hostage during a robbery while he's on a business trip in Paris.

  • Jonathan thunders into the glamour and excitement of polo, unaware that he and Jennifer have become targets for murder in a smuggling scheme using a prized polo mallet to transport a $1-million gem.

  • Jonathan and Jennifer remember how they first met and fell in love in the midst of murder and international intrigue in the picturesque locale of London.

  • Jennifer's cousin slips into a coma after being continually drugged by the owners of a health club.

  • Art forgers are replacing masterpiece paintings with fakes and the Harts take action to trap them.

  • A psychotic woman is obsessed with Jonathan and is killing anyone who gets her way.

  • A hitwoman is sent to kill a commissioner and ends up taking Jonathan, Jennifer and Max hostage.

  • Jonathan buys Max a lethal cigar and after accusing him of being predictible Max disappears, leaving the Harts to find him before it's too late.

  • Jennifer wins a walk-on role on a soap opera which leads to a writing job that nearly gets her killed by the leading man.

  • Jonathan and Jennifer travel to the Bahamas to meet with a recluse and discover that his assistant has replaced him with an imposter to gain control of his fortune.

  • Jonathan buys a perfume factory following the murder of the owner by his chemist wife and her lover.

  • Jonathan and Jennifer stumble into a plan to steal ancient treasures from a South American archaeological dig.

  • A drug trafficing scheme is ruined when Freeway's kennel is switched with one containing cocaine.

  • A young reporter influenced by Jennifer is murdered by her fiance's employer.

  • While visiting a wildlife reserve, Jonathan and Jennifer are hunted as prey by a competitor of Hart Industries.

  • Jonathan and Jennifer are robbed during a birthday party for Max and go undercover for Jingle-Grams.

  • Jennifer finds herself in over her head at the Grey Gables Health Farm when the doctor is killing guests and replacing them with lookalikes.

  • Jonathan and Jennifer try to help a king save his culture's golden statue after it is stolen by the king's assistants.

  • Max is duped into thinking that he has won a million dollars and leaves the Harts to thieves who take over the house.

  • Jennifer's former professor asks her to pose as a romance fiction writer during a promotional appearance.

  • Jonathan and Jennifer are asked to buy a bankrupt ghost town.

  • Jonathan joins Jennifer at her prep school reunion and is drugged by a former admirer who wants Jennifer for himself.

  • While waiting for Jonathan to finish a meeting in a London casino, Jennifer is used as an unwitting pawn to transport money to the United States by a Baron.

  • The Harts witness a murder when the spiritual mentor and bridegroom of Jennifer's aunt meets an untimely death.

  • Jonathan purchases their Honeymoom bed, but the wrong bed is delivered. In their search for the "real" bed, the Harts become entangled in an international art smuggling scheme through San Francisco and the Napa Valley.

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