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Quantum Leap is a television show that involves a scientist that travels through time for the greater good of mankind. The scientist's name is Sam Beckett. He started on his time travel journey unintentionally when an experiment with time travel went wrong. Now he is stuck traveling throughout time and doesn't know if he will ever make it home again.

When Sam leaps he is transported into another person's body and while you, the viewer can see him as Sam, to the people on the show he has took on the likeness of the person of whom he is transported into. While in another person's life it is his job to correct things that went wrong for a better future.

He has a friend that travels with him that only he can see. His friend is named Al and he is an official on the time travel program. It is his job to be Sam's guide and help him through each situation. Al has a computer named Ziggy that helps them to get their information about each individual situation they find themselves in.

In each leap, Sam has a job to do before he can leap again. Many episodes are touching as you watch Sam attempt to right wrongs and fight for the right thing. Many times Sam wants to do more than he is allowed to do.

Quantum Leap is a show that has plot and great character. Fans of science fiction or of the time travel genre will love it.

Quantum Leap is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (102 episodes). The series first aired on March 26, 1989.

Where do I stream Quantum Leap online? Quantum Leap is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Quantum Leap on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes, NBC, IMDb TV online.

5 Seasons, 102 Episodes
March 26, 1989
Science Fiction Action & Adventure
Cast: Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell
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Quantum Leap Full Episode Guide

  • September 20, 1862: Sam leaps along his genetic line and finds himself in the civil war as his great-grandfather, Captain John Beckett. While helping the underground railroad smuggle a family to freedom, Sam must also win over his great-grandmother, or he may be erased from existence.

  • April 4, 1960: Sam leaps into Marilyn Monroe's chauffeur. Al says he must prevent her from overdosing on pills and alcohol. He also has to uncover the mystery behind her new assistant's past.

  • After leaping as a twosome, Sam and Alia end up in the body of a female prisoner accused of killing an inmate. Now, Alia is in double trouble: In addition to landing on death row, she's become the prime prey of her former Observer, Zoey.

  • Sam leaps into the body of troubled college nerd Arnold, who wages a bizarre fight against a cruel hazing ritual. Al is in charge of counseling the real Arnold, and when Alia shows up, Sam decides to make her his time-traveling partner.

  • October 8, 1956: On a college campus as do gooder calling himself the "Midnight Marauder", Sam again meets Alia, a time traveller who sets wrong what once was right. Alia lets on that she feels trapped into her evil doings by her own observer, Zoey, and the computer that controls her project, Lothos. Sam and the female leaper construct a plan to help Alia escape her evil controllers. But will she leap with Sam...or will Sam leap with Alia?

  • October 16, 1968: Sam has to prevent a husband from walking out on the family, a daughter being killed and prove that there is more than just be a housewife for females.

  • December 22, 1971: Sam leaps into one of three brothers who are robbing a bank in Elk Ridge, Indiana, Sam's home town.

  • July 28, 1978: Sam leaps into Larry Stanton, a lawyer who has to defend Abigail Fuller. Abigail is suspected of murdering Leta Aider. Secrets are revealed, the family history comes unraveled, and surprises are in store for Sam as he discovers the heritage behind Abigail's daughter, Samantha Jo Fuller.

  • June 14, 1966: Sam leaps into Will Kinman, the soon to be husband of Abigail Fuller. However a lynch mob has been led by Lita Aider to have Abigail hung unless Sam is able to find the missing child Abigail was babysitting.

  • August 8, 1955: Sam leaps into the father of Abigail Fuller. Abigail has been accused of killing Leta Aider's husband and daughter, and is thought to be cursed.

  • March 19, 1966: Sam leaps back into Jimmy LaMotta who has to stop his family from being torn apart by an evil leaper.

  • May 21, 1966: Sam leaps into an old man who has to convince his family he saw an alien spacecraft otherwise he will be committed to a mental hospital. There is also a government agency tracking Sam and the alien spacecraft.

  • June 18, 1958: Sam leaps into a killer who is holding a mother and daughter hostage. However the leapee escapes from Project Quantum Leap and it is up to Al and Gooshie to find him, otherwise Sam will be trapped their forever.

  • August 10, 1968: As a war veteran who lost his legs, Sam has to save the life of a suicidal roommate, as well as his own marriage.

  • September 27, 1956: Sam, as a Greek sailor, shipwrecked on an island with a wealthy socialite, must romance her so that they end up marrying.

  • October 5-6, 1957, January 6, 1959, October 21, 1959, March 21, 1963, April 10, 1963, October 21, 1963, November 21-22, 1963: Sam leaps into Lee Harvey Oswald and has to stop John Fitzgerald Kennedy from being assassinated, however the control of Oswald keeps fluctuating between Sam and Oswald. Will Sam manage to save the president?

  • Sam finds himself leaping back and forth in assassin Lee Harvey Oswald's life while retaining part of his personality.

  • October 5-6, 1957, January 6, 1959, October 21, 1959, March 21, 1963, April 10, 1963, October 21, 1963, November 21-22, 1963: Sam leaps into Lee Harvey Oswald and has to stop John Fitzgerald Kennedy from being assassinated, however the control of Oswald keeps fluctuating between Sam and Oswald. Will Sam manage to save the president?

  • June 25, 1957: Sam leaps into Al who faces charges of raping and murdering a Commander's wife. The odds rise that Al will be convicted and sent to the gas chamber, Sam, Al, and the new observer Edward have to prove his innocence.

  • March 2, 1957: Sam leaps into an archaeologist who has uncovered the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh named Ptah-Hotep and strange incidents start taking place. An ancient curse will allegedly bring forth a sandstorm that will bury the site of Sam's camp, and the tomb, forever.

  • May 4, 1985: Sam is a soap opera actor who is taken by an obsessive woman and her husband as she wants Sam to father her child!

  • July 27, 1982: Sam leaps into a TV reporter who discovers a secret chemical weapons plant hidden inside a local corporation. But the company will do anything to keep it's secret.

  • August 13, 1956: Sam is the pilot of a plane that has a newly wed couple on board. He must help the wife with her appendix that burst and the pilot who is having war flashbacks.

  • April 7, 1963: Sam is a member of a teenage singing group. He is there to prevent one of the other girls in the group from signing a contract with a man who has a hidden agenda. Can Sam fix things so that she can still sing professionally and keep the relationship between her and her father alive?

  • Sam leaps into Tyler Meanes, an old-west con artist who faces death at the hands of an old friend in a shootout at high noon.

  • June 11, 1964: Sam has to prevent a friend from committing suicide due to his homosexuality and educate Al that the military's anti-homosexual laws are wrong.

  • September 9, 1969: Sam has to help his older girlfriend start a singing career and prevent her from moving back to Cleveland with her straight as an arrow son and his wife. Sam must also do a performance naked.

  • November 2, 1956: Sam finds himself working in a chain gang and has to prove that Jazz was framed for a crime he never committed and help him to be free.

  • September 7, 1953: Sam is a travelling rain maker who, with the help of Al, has to bring rain to a dry town.

  • January 24, 1961: Sam has to get a chimpanzee into the space program. Otherwise, he will die from unethical helmet testing.

  • June 20, 1980: Sam leaps into Katie, a rape victim and with the help of Al and the real Katie in the waiting room, tries to bring the rapist to justice.

  • May 11, 1955: Sam leaps into a newly inducted member of the Ku Klux Klan and must find a way to prevent the lynching of a community activist. But due to his moral upbringing, it becomes very difficult to act like the person he has leaped into to avoid his own lynching.

  • August 17, 1969: Hurricane Camille hits the Gulf Coast and Sam has to save the members of a hurricane party and his girlfriend.

  • August 6, 1961: Sam leaps into Lester "Doc" Fuller, a former major league pitcher stuck back in the minors again, Sam must get a hotshot rookie ballplayer back on the right track. In the meantime, Sam also has to ward off advances from his team's owner...and her daughter!

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