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"Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," is a television series that ran for four seasons. The show is based off of the characters of Superman from the DC Comic book series. Clark Kent arrives at the Daily Planet looking for his first permanent reporters job. Here he meets Lois Lane, Jimmy Olson and Perry White. These are the main characters he interacts with at the Daily Planet. You watch how Clark settles in to life in the city and how with the help of his parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, Superman is created.

Throughout the series Clark faces a number of challenges from familiar villains like Lex Luthor, to struggling with getting Lois to notice him as more than just a friend. He learns what it is like to be human with the discovery of Kryptonite. A meteorite from his home planet that makes him sick and takes away his powers. You watch as Cark slowly discovers where he comes from and how to use his powers to help people.

Lois and Cark get off to a rocky start but, quickly Clark breaks down some of Lois emotional defenses to become her best friend. They attempt dating all while Lois has a crush on Superman and Clark is trying to hide his alter ego from her. Eventually, Lois figures out that Clark is Superman but, by then she has already fallen in love with Clark the man and not the superhero. The two get married but, the adventures don't stop there when it seems impossible for Lois not to find some sort of trouble.

This television series quickly became a favorite among fans who petitioned for a fifth seasons to be made. The studio promised that a fifth season was in the works but, it was eventually cancelled much to the disappointment of fans. "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," is the show to see if you are looking for more about how Superman lives his daily life and not just superhero fancy.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (88 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 1993.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman on demand atAmazon, Vudu, DC Universe, Google Play, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 88 Episodes
September 1, 1993
Action & Adventure, Comedy
Cast: Dean Cain, Teri Hatcher, Lane Smith, Eddie Jones, K. Callan
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Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Full Episode Guide

  • A devious inventor kidnaps children and takes them to a fun-filled fantasy land.

  • A criminal who transfers his soul into Clark's body is excited when he learns he also has the body of Superman.

  • Lex Luthor's son wreaks havoc in Metropolis--and in Lois and Clark's marriage. Lois is kidnapped, while Superman investigates whether he can have children. Third of a three-part episode, "The Lex Files: A Lois & Clark Trilogy."

  • Lex Luthor's son, Leslie Luckabee, takes over as owner of the Daily Planet and makes a play for Lois. Lois and Clark consider conceiving a child together. Second of a three-part episode, "The Lex Files: A Lois & Clark Trilogy."

  • Superman confronts a sexy--and reckless--superhero (LORI FETRICK). The Daily Planet's new owner (PATRICK CASSIDY) may be hiding a secret identity. First of a three-part episode, "The Lex Files: A Lois & Clark Trilogy."

  • A beautiful woman thinks that Jimmy is Superman. A criminal wants to force Superman to activate a powerful satellite weapons system.

  • With Superman trapped in a time window, an alternate Superman must save this universe from Tempus, a madman bent on world annihilation. Second of a two-part episode with "Meet John Doe."

  • A criminal from the future uses a subliminal device to win the presidential election and begins a reign of terror. Attempting to stop the villain, Superman gets trapped in a shattered time window and seems lost forever.

  • A photograph showing Lois and Superman leads the world to believe she is cheating on her husband. To keep Clark's identity a secret, Lois tries to expose the person behind the scandal.

  • A mad inventor plans to blow up the buildings of Metropolis, and Superman can't control his powers in order to stop him.

  • A mischievous imp with plans to conquer the world puts a spell on the people of Metropolis on Christmas Eve.

  • Lois' promotion causes problems in her marriage to Clark. They have their first major fight after she kills one of his stories, preventing him from uncovering a plot. Two delinquent brothers try to destroy Superman.

  • A real estate agent's plan to frighten people into selling their homes spirals out of control when he accidently summons the spirit of a murdered housewife. DREW CAREY and KATHY KINNEY guest star.

  • Clark and Lois have a lot in common with their new neighbors, until they find out Bob is an assassin whose next target is an eccentric recluse Lois plans to interview. ANTONIO SABATO, JR. guest stars.

  • When Lois Lane receives a phone call from Elroy Sikes, an ex-snitch, pertaining to have information about a story, she rushes off to meet him. When he starts telling her the "story" he demonstrates by telling her to point a gun at him. Suddenly the gun goes off of it's own accord, though Lois's finger was nowhere near the trigger, killing Sikes. Lois is put in jail, awaiting her trial. Meanwhile Jefferson Cole makes a holographic device, determined to ruin Lois's life.

  • An old man stumbles into the Daily Planet asking for Jimmy before dropping down dead. His ID says that he is only in his twenties, but his looks suggest that he is over 70. Jimmy decides to investigate this himself and gets into serious problems. Meanwhile, Lois is told that Clark ages much, much slower than humans. She begins to have nightmares where she is an old woman while Clark is still young.

  • Lois and Clark's honeymoon is interrupted by an old acquaintance, and they travel through time to thwart a curse on their relationship.

  • The long-awaited wedding of Lois and Clark is threatened by a vengeful asylum escapee. Delta Burke guest stars.

  • Lord Nor still has Smallville under his control. Worse, he has managed to take Clark prisoner for treason, as he purposefully never consummated his marriage to Zara and has no intention to ever fulfilling his duty. The council sentences him to banishment. Just as he is about to be gone for good, a loophole in the system is found which states that Clark can challenge Lord Nor to a duel. While all this is going on, the military has other plans. They are convinced that the Kryptonians plan to take over earth and they have decided to kill them all, even if Superman might also be injured or die.

  • Lois and Clark misses each other dearly. En route to New Krypton, Clark learns that the evil Lord Nor is out to conquer earth, starting with Smallville, Kansas. The military has no way to thwart his plans. The Kryptonians head back to earth. Clark briefly meets Lois after he lands after which the two decide to go to Smallville to rescue the Kents and the rest of the world.

  • Two people appear in Lois and Clark's lives. Ching and Sarah are testing Superman's strength and morals. The results are satisfactory and they conclude that he is worthy to be 'the one.'

  • Lois and Clark go to Lois's high school reunion. There, she learns that her friends' spouses have disappeared. She decides to investigate this when something starts happening to Clark. He is beginning to shrink in size.

  • Lois's clone falls in love with Clark and decides that she has to kill Lois so that she could be with her beloved forever. Meanwhile, Lois, who thinks that she's Wanda Detroit, a fictional character she created in her novel, thinks she's in love with Lex, who she believes to be Kent, the love of Detroit in the story. However, Lois has dreams about her real identity which greatly troubles Lex, who's afraid that she'll soon fully recover her memory.

  • Lois Lane, who has no memory of her previous encounter with Tempus, is kidnapped by him to a parallel universe. There, she meets an older H.G. Wells who helps her remember their last encounter. Metropolis in this universe is a very different place filled with guns and violence. To her dismay, Lois discovers that there is no Superman. She decides to teach the Clark Kent of this universe how to become the hero he's meant to be while also trying to return to her Clark Kent.

  • Clark has nightmares about being enclosed in a tight space. At the same time, two other people who once worked with him on a story die with no apparent injuries as they are killed by their own fears. At the same time, a magician called Baron Sunday appears in Metropolis.

  • Lois and Clark are invited by a computer geek billionaire to experience his new virtual reality program. He manages to trap the two inside the program in order to extract information from Lois about Lex Luthor.

  • Two years ago, three Nazi officers woke up from a long sleep to find that they had lost the war to the US. Now, they are trying to set up a new Nazi country in the US as the first step to begin world domination.

  • Just as Lois and Clark are getting romantically closer together, a woman claims on national TV that she is the mother Superman's son, Jesse. The two reporters, against Clark's wish, pursue the story and finds out that Jesse has super powers just like Superman's. Meanwhile, a criminal known as Anonymous is rumored to be in Metropolis.

  • Two sisters try to make Superman apathetic with red kryptonite by shooting its red beam at him so that they could steal $20 million. Because he is hugging Lois, trying to protect her from the beam, his powers are transferred to her. The Kents help create a secret identity to the powerful Lois so she could help people without exposing her real self. This experience opens Lois' eyes to the struggles Clark has been going through all his life trying to save as many people he could and dealing with the ones he wasn't fast enough or strong enough to save.

  • Lois and Clark agree to stop thinking of marriage for the time being as it seems that the idea is causing the two to have nightmarish fantasies about it. Meanwhile, Bad Brain Johnson has escaped jail and is targeting Lois. In reality, someone else is using him and his inventions to capture Superman. Lois is just a bait.

  • On the anniversary or Martha and Jonathon, they are kidnapped by someone who wants to control Superman. With the help of Lois Lane, Clark goes out in search of his parents, and to take down this villain.A couple who lives next door to Lois Lane disappears. After a bit of investigation, Lois and Clark find that more couples who have been to Larry Smiley's couple camp have also disappeared recently. Perry White decides to send the two reporters to the camp. The situation gets more intense when Perry and Alice also disappear. They have also been to see Larry.

  • An old Irish friend of Lois shows up in Metropolis and it is clear that he is head-over-heel in love with her. At the same time, antiques are being stolen from museums and safety deposit box. Clark thinks that Lois's friend is up to no good while she thinks he's just jealous.

  • On her way home, Lois Lane is abducted and injected with a chip that can order her to do anything. Someone has decided to use her to distract Superman while he steals scientific gadgets. Clark Kent makes the hardest decision of his life. He confronts Lois and says that they must break-up because being with him makes her a target of Superman's enemies.

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