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The Superboy series follows Clark Kent as he embarks on life away from his adoptive parents at Schuster University with his love interest Lana Lang and roommate T.J. White. Upon entering the real world away from the farming community he was brought up in, Clark is forced to reveal his secret superpowers to the World and embark on his double life as a normal college kid and part-time superhero. Throughout the series the super criminal Lex Luther is seen embarking on his career as the nemesis of Superboy.

Later episodes see the series move on as Clark Kent becomes an intern at the secret government agency, the Bureau for Extra Normal Matters. Working for the agency brings Clark into contact with a number of different bad guys and monsters, including aliens posing as his long dead parents from Krypton. A number of the favorites from the Superman and Superboy comic books make appearances in various shows, with a number of lesser known characters from the DC Comics universe also appearing in the show that is also known as The Adventures of Superboy.

Superboy is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (100 episodes). The series first aired on October 8, 1988.

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4 Seasons, 100 Episodes
October 8, 1988
Action & Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy
Cast: Stacy Haiduk, Gerard Christopher, Peter Jay Fernandez, Zevi Wolmark
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Superboy Full Episode Guide

  • Superboy is on the verge of losing his powers forever, which causes his alter ego of Clark Kent to search for the elusive crystal which holds the key to his past and will ultimately lead him through his "Rites Of Passage."

  • Superboy looses his powers and now an investigation begins to discover the curious force that caused it.

  • Superboy continues to battle changing evil in "Metamorphosis."

  • Lex Luthor has just hit Superboy with a deadly kryptonite bomb. Now he gloriously recounts in detail how he planned and executed the devious plan, which he feels certain has killed Superboy.

  • Superboy gets entagled in a dangerous game of "Cat And Mouse."

  • Superboy's secret identity is challenged in "Who Is Superboy?"

  • Superboy continues to battle evil in "Out Of Luck."

  • Superboy continues to battle the newly formed threesome of Lex Luthor, Metallo and Dr. Odessa Vexman. As their destructive potential continues to rise, Superboy must stop them before it's too late.

  • A prison psychiatrist helps Lex Luthor and Metallo escape, all three quickly turning their attention to stopping Superboy once and for all.

  • Superboy is kidnapped by an alien force and taken to a paradise planet near Alpha Centauri. Will he ever return?

  • Chaos has captured Superboy and plans to throw him off the roof of Capital City's tallest building at midnight. Now human, Bizarro must restore his powers in order to stop Chaos and save Superboy.

  • While trying to help Bizarro with his depression, Superboy's powers are weakened, leaving him vulnerable to the evil villain Chaos, who plans to destroy him once and for all.

  • While saving a young man, Superboy encounters a ghostly woman, which leads him on a search for his Aunt Cassandra, who he hasn't seen since he was a child.

  • A troublesome ghost is haunting the Bureau, wrecking havoc on the office and its employees. To stop him Superboy and Lana must discover the secret as to how the ghost was killed in the building fifty years earlier...

  • Superboy is trapped inside Lex Luthor's virtual reality computer program, and now Lana must enter the program to save Superboy before it's too late.

  • Lex Luthor has a plan to destroy the world's population with a series of dirty bombs, but first he must get rid of Superboy.

  • Paranoia strangles Capital City as residents become fearful of a race of invisible aliens who have just landed.

  • A strange formula gives Darla erratic powers, causing her to attack Superboy.

  • Lana discovers an alien in her basement who steals her identity.

  • Kryptonite infects a young scientist during a lab explosion, causing him to use his new found powers against Superboy.

  • Lana's life is in peril as Adam blackmails Tommy into creating a weapon to kill Superboy.

  • A wave of violence has broken out within the city, sending Superboy into tension-filled investigation. Little does he know he will soon be accused of murder.

  • Superboy is transported to an alternate-reality jungle and turned into a child, where he must fight for his life and avoid the evil alternate version of Lex Luthor.

  • Clark Kent becomes one of many helpless victims in a hostage standoff. Can he save the day without revealing his secret identity?

  • Superboy discovers that he unknowingly entered into a contract with an evil force that uses his dreams to create actual world disasters.

  • Superboy and Lex Luthor have a heart-to-heart after they end up trapped together in a mine.

  • It is a dangerous case of split personalities as Superboy battles evil in "Jackson And Hyde."

  • Superboy is put on trial after Metallo overtakes him in court using kryptonite. Can Superboy stop him before it is too late or will he be the one found guilty?

  • Superboy faces one of his most dangerous foes yet in "Werewolf."

  • Still in hiding and under scrutiny for a gang leader's murder, Lana leads a campaign to clear Superboy's name.

  • Superboy retreats to Smallville after he thinks he accidentally kills a leader of a dangerous gang. But did he or was it something more mysterious?

  • Lex Luthur tricks Superboy into switching bodies with him, causing mass confusion in Capital City

  • Its annual review time and Clark Kent has to recount for his boss a typical day in his life. Carefully working around the excitement he leads as Superboy, Clark paints himself as a boring, all American boy.

  • An elderly Jewish man creates the mythical creature Golem to protect him from racial bigotry. But when Golem goes on a rampage, Superboy has to step in and save the day.

  • A rip in the time continuum has unleashed a wave of deadly creatures. When a prominent movie producer is killed, Superboy must investigate and ultimately fight for his life as the monsters attack.

  • Superboy experiences amnesia after he is injured trying to stop a speeding meteorite. Now his only hope for remembering who he is lies with the mother and son who found him wounded in the woods.

  • Superboy's life is in peril when an alien creature attaches itself to his body, causing him horrific nightmares in which he battles his alter ego of Clark Kent.

  • Two aliens from a mysterious planet accelerate the time on Earth in order to study Superboy's powers and weaknesses.

  • When Superboy discovers a mysterious carnival that is stealing the souls of its patrons, his moral and physical courage is put to the test.

  • Capital City finds itself in the middle of a mystery as random fires keep appearing all over the city. When Superboy investigates he discovers a connection to an ancient tribe of flying warriors called the Katia.

  • Still trapped in Dr. Winger's alternate earth, Superboy encounters a homeless Lana and an alternate version of himself, an evil dictator called Sovereign. To escape and save Lana, he must battle Sovereign, all while hoping Lex will come to his aid.

  • The deceptive Dr. Winger transports Lex Luthor into an alternate earth, luring Superboy into the portal to rescue him by holding Lana captive. But when Superboy arrives in the strange world his powers are weak and Lex is stronger than ever!

  • A superhuman woman arrives from an alien world in search of husband, causing destruction in her wake. To stop her, Superboy must pass her romantic test, all while teaching her the true meaning of love.

  • Superboy is lured into deadly danger, and to survive he must avoid "The Lair."

  • Bizarro has fallen deeper into Lex Luthor's plot to kill Superboy in exchange for a bride.

  • Bizarro returns from deep space and enters into a deadly pact with Lex Luthor. Lex will "create" a bride for Bizarro in exchange for a supply of kryptonite which can kill Superboy.