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Batman: The Brave and the Bold was an animated series that ran in America on the Cartoon Network. The basic premise of the series was the pairing of the Dark Knight with another DC character to fight various super villains. Often the characters Batman would team up with were lesser known DC characters such as Detective Chimp and Cinnamon. Alternately, Batman would occasionally team up with lesser-known versions of popular heroes such as the Jay Garrick Flash.

The show ran from November 14th, 2008 until the end of the third season on November 8th, 2011. Like the 1970'd DC comic series The Brave and the Bold upon which the series was partly based, there was more emphasis placed on humor than in previous and more serious Batman animated series. The show occasionally broke the fourth wall, addressing the audience directly, as is the case when Bat-Mite discussed the show's tone with the audience and Batman himself said his farewells to the audience in the final episode of the show.

The series was episodic in nature, with few episodes having any relation to any other. Many episodes made reference to Batman in various other forms of media, such as a retelling of the classic Scooby-Doo episode that involved Batman and the Mystery, Inc gang teaming up too defeat the Joker and Penguin.

Despite the lighter and more humorous tone of the show, it did occasionally approach the subject of death. Examples included the death of Batman's parents and the execution of Gentleman Ghost. At one point, in an example of breaking the fourth wall, Bat-Mite addresses the issue of death in the series directly with the audience.

Batman: The Brave and The Bold is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on November 13, 2008.

Where do I stream Batman: The Brave and The Bold online? Batman: The Brave and The Bold is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Batman: The Brave and The Bold on demand at HBO Max, Amazon, Vudu, DC Universe, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Friday 8:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 65 Episodes
November 13, 2008
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Diedrich Bader, John DiMaggio, James Arnold Taylor, Dee Bradley Baker, Jeff Bennett
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Batman: The Brave and The Bold Full Episode Guide

  • Bat-Mite is disinterested with Batman: The Brave and The Bold and decides to cancel it by inflicting it with as many jump the shark moments as he can. Only Ambush Bug, the only hero who knows he's a fictional character, can save the day... or can he?

  • Batman teams up with Adam Strange, the Flash, 'Mazing Man, and the Creature Commandos in four separate vignettes.

  • After being the victim of a celebrity roast, Batman takes on Ra's al Ghul. Meanwhile, Justice League International and Justice Society meet for the first time, but their generational differences threaten to destroy the gathering.

  • Captain Atom is drained of his powers and has a hard time serving with the Justice League International.

  • Batman and Space Ghost join forces to save Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Pastic Man who were captured by Mr. Freeze.

  • Following the world's greatest baseball game, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman face off against their arch nemesis Lex Luthor, Joker and Cheetah who gain the upper hand by switching opponents.

  • Aquaman and The Atom (Ryan Choi) must shrink to a microscopic size in the Amazon jungle to save Batman and the old Atom (Ray Palmer) from tiny aliens.

  • In order to save Batman in the present time, the JLI must travel to various eras in time and aid that era's Batman who is being hunted down by the minions of Batman's old foe Equinox.

  • Batman teams up with the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, to face the evil Star Sapphire!

  • When Batman is injured, his friends Capt Marvel, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Plastic Man attempt to fill his cowl.

  • Batman gets infected by a vampire bite, which causes him to attack his JLI friends!

  • Joker teams up with the Weeper to take down Batman.

  • While incognito, Batman gets amnesia and believes himself to be a real gangster, forcing Black Canary, Huntress and Catwoman to work against him.

  • Batman and the Marvel family take on the evil Dr. Sivana and the Monster Society!

  • Bat-Mite presents three alternate Batmans: Batboy and Rubin, Bat-Manga Batman and Robin vs. Lord Death Man, and Batman and Robin teamed up with Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc.

  • When Superman is affected by Red Kryptonite he becomes a super jerk. Batman must stop him from destroying his reputation and more.

  • Batman assembles a new, motley Justice League to upset a pending Earth invasion by Darkseid. The group can hardly get along, until they realize they are Earth's last hope.

  • When an alien race tries to invade Earth, Batman, Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters (led by THE Uncle Sam) race to their planet to stop them.

  • Black Mask takes control of Batman's Bat-Robots while he is gone. When the Caped Crusader returns, he is forced to bring his prototype Bat-Robot out of storage to deal with the robot drones.

  • Batwoman, who has been in retirement, seeks revenge on the Riddler. Sorcerer Felix Faust helps her swap her body with Batman's.

  • The Joker steals Bat-Mite's power and uses his fifth dimensional magic to warp Earth into a landscape resembling his own insane mind.

  • When Booster Gold uses time time travel to go back in time and visit his currently-deceased friend, the Silver Age Blue Beetle, he throws the timestream into chaos and needs Batman's help to resolve things.

  • The outsider heroes - the Doom Patrol - are yanked out of retirement when supervillains try to attack them - or are they trying to re-unite them?

  • The Silver Age Flash is dead, and his Rogues Gallery has come to take over Central City. Batman teams up with the Flash's predecessor and successor to defend the city, but a villainous speedster plans to defeat them all.

  • Led by Faceless Hunter, the Starro Invasion comes on full swing. Only Batman and a handful of unlikely heroes remain uninfected to thwart the alien parasites and their mind-controlled hosts before all of Earth is sucked dry.

  • Led by Faceless Hunter, the Starro Invasion comes on full swing. Only Batman and a handful of unlikely heroes remain uninfected to thwart the alien parasites and their mind-controlled hosts before all of Earth is sucked dry.

  • Gorilla Grodd and his super secret ape alliance replace Gotham's entire human population with gorillas. Batman teams with Detective Chimp, B'Wana Beast and Vixen to thwart the mad Grodd's plans.

  • While the Phantom Stranger and the Spectre observe his efforts, Batman attempts to solve the ultimate mystery: who murdered his father.

  • Batman teams with Captain Marvel, the superhero alter ego of the young Billy Batson, to battle Dr. Sivana and Black Adam, who wish to usurp the magic of Shazam that gives Billy his power.

  • Batman travels to a distant planet to aid the Batman-like hero of that planet, and discovers that he has super-powers... and a super-weakness.

  • Batman is unwittingly besides himself when a lab explosion splits him into three separate Caped Crusaders, each unaware of the others. Meanwhile, the same explosion gives birth to a new hero: Firestorm, the Nuclear Man!

  • The team of element-based robots known as the Metal Men turn to Batman for help when the Gas Gang abduct their creator, Dr. Magnus.

  • Aqualad, Speedy, and Robin decide to team up for their own adventure, and battle Batman's archnemesis Ra's Al Ghul.

  • Batman's mentors, the Justice Society of America, come to him for help when their old foe, Per Degaton, strikes.

  • Aquaman inadvertently finds trouble while going on vacation with his son and wife, and is forced to rescue Batman from the Penguin.

  • The Reach, a race of alien invaders, have a connection to the Blue Beetle's scarab, that may prove the key to the hero, Batman, and the Green Lantern Corps defeating them.

  • Bent on revenge, Kite Man and Rubberneck endanger Plastic Man's loved ones.

  • Earth's heroes and villains must race against each other, with the fate of the planet hanging in the balance.

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