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The classic American television series "The Adventures of Superman" was one of the first and most popular adaptations of the comic book characters originally created by cartoonists Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. With George Reeves playing the role of Superman and his alter-ego Clark Kent, Noel Neill as Lois Lane, John Hamilton as Perry White and Jack Larson as cub reporter Jimmy Olson, the show was known for its well-written plots and ahead of its time special effects.

All episodes were filmed in color except for the first two seasons, and the shows usually revolve around Clark Kent's newspaper colleagues getting into dangerous situations from which only the legendary "Man of Steel" can rescue them. Some of the colorful, larger than life villains from the comic book also make appearances. The show opened each episode with the now famous dramatic theme music which even to this day is always associated with Superman. The stirring ode is officially called "The Superman March."

The show's enduring popularity has meant that all subsequent Superman TV shows and movies have been profoundly influenced by it. George Reeves was an experienced actor who played the Superman role seriously and with style. The special effects were way ahead of their time, although they may look primitive in comparison with what is possible today. Yet any technical limitations are transcended by the ensemble acting that gave the impression that everyone involved respected and enjoyed performing the material. The action is fast-paced and the dialog both believable and even witty.

"The Adventures of Superman" originally ran from 1952 through 1958. However it remained in constant syndication, meaning it was seen by viewers on a regular basis for decades later. The show is no 50's museum piece, but remains a beloved classic experienced and remembered by American television viewers of all generations. A number of books and documentaries have been created about the series and an almost cultish fascination with the program still endures decades after it was originally released.

The Adventures of Superman is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (104 episodes). The series first aired on September 19, 1952.

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6 Seasons, 104 Episodes
September 19, 1952
Action & Adventure
Cast: George Reeves, Phyllis Coates, Noel Neill, Jack Larson, John Hamilton
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The Adventures of Superman Full Episode Guide

  • After losing consciousness, Jimmy fantasizes that he and Lois have powers like Superman.

  • A mobster plots revenge against the Daily Planet employees.

  • In Mexico, Clark is accused of robbing a bank. The crime was actually commited by two criminals and a donkey who can read minds.

  • Three circus performers use their abilities in various crimes to frame Superman.

  • To flush out a criminal gang a policewoman poses as Superman's wife.

  • Professor Pepperwinkle creates a robot that uses a kryptonite power source and almost kills Superman.

  • An anti-memory vapor, developed by Professor Pepperwinkle, is stolen and used to commit crimes.

  • A prospector who discovers some silver is kidnapped by his evil twin who wants the silver for himself.

  • A nuclear scientist has become contaminated by radiation and placed himself in exile. Foreign agents want to capture him and Lois wants to interview him.

  • After averting an assassination plot Superman is put in jail. He must divide himself in two to foil a second assassination attempt.

  • A criminal, who has a kryptonite ray gun, attempts to lure Superman into a trap by kidnapping Lois and Jimmy.

  • A man wearing armor kidnaps Lois and Jimmy.

  • Jimmy accidentally discovers an anti-gravity fluid and some criminals want to get their hands on it.

  • An alien banished from Mars ends up working for the mob and using his power to paralyze people.

  • A young boy believes a stolen circus elephant he finds in a barn is his birthday present.

  • A young boy gives his grandfather's coat to charity, unaware it contained his grandfather's life savings. The boy seeks Superman's help in retrieving the coat.

  • Pepperwinkle's latest invention used by criminals to commit crimes and then transport themselves trough the phone lines to a distant place to establish an alibi.

  • A barber tries to convince an old gangster friend to turn himself in.

  • Perry is framed for arson when thieves posing as food service workers rob safes of burnt down buildings before the police arrive to investigate.

  • A con man uses an aging monarch's superstitious beliefs against him to get the throne for himself.

  • To fulfill an ancient prophecy two Middle East diplomats plan to seal Lois, who they believe is the reincarnation of a former ruler, in a tomb.

  • Lois and Jimmy are captured in a phony town created to hijack truck shipments and make travellers pay phony traffic fines.

  • Perry hires a meek bookkeeper who stops a bank robber as the Daily Planet's crime solving consultant.

  • While helping an actress flee from behind the Iron Curtain, Superman unwittingly becomes a jewel smuggler.