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For six years, we watched a semi shirtless Kevin Sorbo travels the lands of mythical ancient Greece as the swashbuckling Hercules in the landmark series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. The series was broadcast on American television in several different markets via syndication and was quite popular as the series established a large fan base.

The series premiered in 1995 and ended in 2001, and was a lot of fun to watch and the program spawned another successful show called Xena: Warrior Princess starring a then relatively unknown female actress named Lucy Lawless in the title role.

Each week, viewers of the program watched Hercules and his loyal friend and ally Lolaus, portrayed by actor Michael Hurst, take up the challenge of an adventure which could take them to any one of several different mythical or real world towns or cities.

Hercules's main protagonist was actually his stepmother Hera, who knew of her husband Zeus's tryst with a female mortal and the subsequent birth of her stepson.

This led to many adventures where Hera had some influence on the events that transpired in many of the series' early episodes. Later, the show's writers would introduce other villains such as Ares, the God of War and half brother to Hercules as well as the aforementioned Zena: Warrior Princess and Dahak, who later replaced Ares as the show's main villain.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys also boasted some of the industry's best talent at the time in Sam Raimi who was one of the show's executive producers, and actor Bruce Campbell.

Raimi is known for his penchant for horror. His credits include the series The Evil Dead which he wrote, directed, and produced staring Bruce Campbell. Raimi is also responsible for the movies Drag Me to Hell, the first Darkman film as well as the Toby McGuire Spiderman films.

Bruce Campbell of course played the title role of Ashley J. "Ash" Williams in the Evil Dead series of films, and other less than memorable films including Escape from New York, Maniac Cop and Bubba Ho-Tep.

His role on Hercules the Legendary Journeys was Autolycus in the series. Campbell was a part of the series and was also a recurring character on Zena.

The special effects that were a part of the series were fantastic for their time. Created by a New Zealand company called Weta Workshop, the special effect that were a part of the series were ahead of their time and allowed the viewer to believe in things such as centaurs and harpies and other legendary mythical creatures.

The series still boasts a fairly large fan base which includes fan sites and message boards, as well as entire seasons of the show that are available on DVD.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (111 episodes). The series first aired on January 16, 1995.

Where do I stream Hercules: The Legendary Journeys online? Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is available for streaming on Syndicated, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Hercules: The Legendary Journeys on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV online.

6 Seasons, 111 Episodes
January 16, 1995
Action & Adventure Drama
Cast: Michael Hurst, Kevin Sorbo, Karl Urban
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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Full Episode Guide

  • Evander has the power to create anything he wants just by thinking it. Zeus decides to use this power to free Hera so that they can make up. He takes Evander to the Abyss of Tartarus and has him free Hera, who has lost her memory. Unfortunately, this also releases the Titans, who go to attack Mount Olympus. Hercules has to stop them from destroying the pillar that holds up Olympus, because if it is destroyed, the entire world will be destroyed with Olympus.

  • Discord needed a third girl to join Haleh and Sariah in their witchcraft. She convinces Seska to join so that she can fix the troubles of the world. Hercules arrives to save Seska, and Haleh framed Hercules for witchcraft. Haleh and Sariah summon Neibros, the first warlock. Hercules has to fight him to save Seska.

  • Hercules and Iolaus go to Egypt and save Queen Nefertiti from assassins. Iolaus suspected Princess Amensu was the one who sent the assassins. Prince Ramses was the real traitor and when he is found out he goes after the Book of the Dead, which will give him powers beyond any person in the world.

  • Hercules and Iolaus go to help out an old friend, Vlad. Hercules goes to his home, and finds out that Vlad has become a vampire, and wants to drink Hercules' blood to become invincible.

  • Cleon overthrows a the throne of Thebes and Hercules has to watch over the daughter of the former king, now the town drunk. Cleon plots to kill them both, and Hercules joins a group of rebels to fight to fix the kingdom and restore Oedipus to the thrown.

  • Hercules goes to a tavern and sees the Amazons waiting tables and dancing. He decides it has to be because of Aphrodite, because the Amazons are proud warriors who would never stoop to this, and he is right. She just broke up with Hephaestus and her powers are all messed up, which led to the Amazons being forced to obey all men. Diemos uses this to his advantage and has the Amazons dig for the Chronos Stone.

  • Sin, in the form of Serena, goes to visit Hercules. She tells Hercules she needs his help to capture Xerxos, an escaped murderer from her realm of evil. She is secretly in league with Xerxos, and poisons Hercules, so Hercules has to take power from her to fight Xerxos. Her power slowly turns Hercules into a demon and Hercules becomes more and more evil by the second.

  • Nautica has legs again and Iolaus II finds out that she is going to marry a man named Lysaka. Hercules goes to see her father Triton and find out why and he runs into his former wife Serena. Hercules find out that Triton's trident has been stolen and Nautica is marrying Lysaka to get it back. Hercules trys to get Cabiri, the orginal maker of the trident, to make a new one. He does and Hercules stops the wedding. Aphrodite offers to turn Iolaus II into a merman and together Iolaus II and Nautica swim off to live their life.

  • Arthur of Camelot, who is an evil man, and his sorceress friend Mab are sent back in time by Merlin. Together they start to take over in the time of Hercules, but want to go back to their own time, so they decide to hunt down Merlin who is now a young man just learning magic. Hercules runs into Merlin and protects him from Arthur and his sword Excalibur. Soon Arthur realizes what he is doing is wrong and decides to help Hercules, Morrigan, and Merlin in the fight against Mab.

  • Nautica, a beautiful mermaid, wants to see the world, but can't because her father has arranged a marriage for her. Discord gives her legs and when she is on land she meets Iolaus II, and they fall in love. But if Nautica doesn't return to the water the water will turn to ice, because when she was born she was given a heart so warm that it warms the water. She is captured and Iolaus II finally finds his courage and goes to save her.

  • Hercules and Jason go to the academy, which is where they learned how to fight as children, after they are attacked on a road. They recognized the attack pattern their attackers used as one taught at the academy. When they get there they see that Cheiron's Academy has changed a lot. The kids are out of control and the headmaster quits, leaving Hercules in control. Hercules finds out that Zylus, an older student has a plan to take over the school. Hercules expels him and his friends, but they come back and try to destroy the school.

  • Hercules runs into his old dance partner Althea who is now a fashion designer, along with the rest of her city which has moved on from dance to fashion. Hercules agrees to help her put on her own fashion show when she is banned from participating in the town's show. But then he is arrested by the fashion police for wearing leather in summer, so Althea has to get some help from the Widow Twanky.

  • Hercules re-enters the parallel dimension where his evil twin, the Sovereign rules. But when he gets there he sees that an evil Nebula is ruling alongside the Ares from his realm, and together they trapped the gods in the Labyrinth of Eternal Memory so that Ares could rule. Hercules disguises himself as the Sovereign and saves the cowardly Iolaus, the jester, who helps him throughout his time in the alternate world. Together they travel to the labyrinth and go to free the gods.

  • The volcano called Mount Pelion is about to erupt and Hercules decides he has to save the nearby town. He comes up with a plan to blow a hole in the side of the volcano using rocks from Atlantis and gets some of the citizens to help him, but they run into trouble along the way.

  • Dahak is chained to an alter by the Stone of Creation, prompting him to devise a plan to kill Ares, who has been weakened along with all the other gods due to Dahak's presence in Greece. If Ares dies, Dahak can escape his chains. Dahak decides to remove his immortality curse on Zarathustra, because he is the only one who knows how to do an exorcism. Dahak then shows Hercules how he convinced Iolaus to let him inhabit his body. Eventually Hercules' talking to Iolaus works and he is sucked inside Iolaus' body, where together Hercules and Iolaus fight Dahak.

  • Hercules, Nebula, and Morrigan follow Dahak back to Corinth and find that the Olympian gods have abandoned Greece. The citizens had been suffering and then Dahak showed up and led the people to believe he is the savior of Greece. While trying to find a way to stop Dahak, Hercules meets Zarathustra, and ancient man who resisted Dahak over a thousand years ago and was punished by being forced to live forever. Together they go to find the Stone of Creation, which is the only way to trap Dahak so that he can be exorcised from Iolaus' body.

  • The producers of the show along with the actors go to a camp to come up with new ideas for the show. While they are there they soon find someone is trying to kill them and Kevin has to find a way to stop it without revealing he is really Hercules.

  • Hercules and Morrigan were living out a happy life until they find all of the druids dead. Hercules realizes this was done by Dahak, and returns to Sumeria with Morrigan. He finds out that Nebula has gone insane, constantly thinking she is seeing Iolaus. Hercules decides to go visit his tomb only to see that Iolaus' body is gone. Then as he is ready to leave he sees Iolaus, but finds out Iolaus's body is now the property of Dahak.

  • The prophecy goes "When light dies, then will Ragnarok begin", and begin it does. Loki blinds Odin with a metal mask to fulfill the prophecy and gain power over the land. Loki blows Gilma's Horn to begin the end of the world so the ice giants can take over. Thor tries to stop him, but Loki kills Thor when he gets in his way. Hercules decides the only way to stop what has happened is to find and change the Book of Fate.

  • Salmoneus and Autolycus have gotten their hands on a magic lamp with a genie. When they are told they get three wishes Autolycus asked to be invisible but instead ends up intangible too. Salmoneus couldn't decide if he wanted to be more sensitive or stronger, so he is given both, but what he really gets is two clones of himself with very different personalities. The two of them decide to give up their third wish when they realize that the genie is twisting their wishes, but are trapped in the lamp for breaking the rules of the genie. They have to find a way out.

  • Hercules leaves Sumaria and is shipwrecked in a storm, and wakes up in Ireland. Bronagh, the leader of the Celts, tells Hercules he is their chosen one. Morrigan, a warrior with incredible power given by the gods is sent to destroy the druids, who the Celts have been worshiping. Hercules is told by the leader of the druids that he has to finally stop blaming himself for Iolaus's death, or he will never be able to defeat Morrigan.

  • Hercules decides to go to the Sumarian Underworld to try to bring Iolaus back from the dead. Nebula, who is in love with Iolaus goes with him and takes a group of her soldiers with her. After struggling to get to the underworld, Hercules confronts Dumuzi, the Sumarian god of the underworld. Dumuzi has been collecting souls to survive ever since the chalice of sacred nectar was destroyed. Hercules is told that Iolaus is gone forever leading Hercules to fight Dumuzi to the death.

  • When Hercules is asked to go to Sumeria to help because their gods are destroying the country he seeks out Nebula. She takes Hercules to Sumeria where he meets King Gilgamesh, also a half god, who says the only way to stop it is to go to a sacred pyramid and retrieve a chalice of sacred nectar which is said to only be attainable by a god. When they get to the nectar, King Gilgamesh drinks it all and leaves Hercules to die. Hercules finds out that King Gilgamesh is trying to bring Dahak, a demon so evil even the gods fear him, into the world. After escaping the temple, he goes to find Gilgamesh to prevent him from sacrificing a friend so that Dahak could once again walk the planet.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys News

Kevin Sorbo Kept Three Strokes A Secret While Filming 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'

If you don't naturally respect Kevin Sorbo, you'd really better respect him after you read this. Apparently, even three strokes Sorbo suffered starting midway through his "Hercules: Legendary Journeys" run during the 90's could not shatter his unbreakable aura as the Greek demigod.