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  • 1992
  • 5 Seasons
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Renegade is a popular action-packed television series that aired on the USA Network from 1992 to 1997. The show is part of the Cannell Productions line up which features shows with a lot of action and drama. The show stars Lorenzo Lamas in the lead role as a rebellious cop named Reno Raines.

The first season of Renegade starts with Reno Raines, who works for the San Diego Police Department, being framed for a crime he did not commit. He is convicted and sentenced to prison. In prison, Reno finds himself fighting for survival in a brutal world where only the strongest can survive.

However, he gets a second chance when he is approached by a mysterious woman named Bobby Sixkiller, played by Branscombe Richmond. She believes in Reno's innocence and offers him a chance to clear his name. It is then that Reno becomes a renegade, an outlaw in the eyes of the law.

This marks the beginning of a thrilling journey for Reno. With Bobby's help, Reno roams the country, helping people in need, and taking down criminals. They often work together to take down the bad guys and right the wrongs.

Renegade features a lot of high-speed motorcycle chases, hand-to-hand combat, and action-packed gunfights, which are signature elements of Cannell Productions shows. The show is also known for its engaging storylines, which are often focused on social issues.

The show also features a memorable cast of recurring characters, who help Reno in his adventures. There is Cheyenne Phillips, played by Kathleen Kinmont, who becomes Reno's lover, and Bobby's brother, Native American bounty hunter Domingo "Bobby" Sixkiller, played by Richmond.

The show's success is largely attributed to the charisma of its lead actor, Lorenzo Lamas. Lamas was a well-known television actor prior to the show and his character's rebellious and unconventional nature endeared him to audiences. His good looks and impressive physique made him an instant favorite among female viewers.

Renegade often featured guest stars from the world of entertainment. Some of the notable guest stars included Sonny Bono, Kelly Hu, and James Darren. The show's use of guest stars added a level of excitement and anticipation for viewers.

The show ran for a total of 110 episodes, with the final episode airing in 1997. Despite its popularity, the show ended on a cliffhanger, with Reno's fate left uncertain. While there have been rumors of a revival of the series, no concrete plans have been announced.

Overall, Renegade is an entertaining and action-packed show that captivated audiences in the 90s. It features a likable cast of characters and engaging storylines. Its high-speed motorcycle chases and intense action make it a must-watch for fans of the action genre.

Renegade is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (112 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 1992.

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The Bad Seed
22. The Bad Seed
April 4, 1997
Dutch Dixon's son escapes from prison to exact revenge on his mother's kille r- who he believes is Reno - just as new evidence in Reno's case may finally prove his innocence.
The Maltese Indian
21. The Maltese Indian
March 28, 1997
Reno, Bobby and Sandy stake out the home of a fugitive's daughter and her mother, expecting the criminal's arrival-but not expecting Reno to fall for the mom.
Born Under a Bad Sign
20. Born Under a Bad Sign
March 21, 1997
Reno tries to haul in an escaped convict who brings bad luck to everyone he meets, which is something Reno refuses to believe-even when they're arrested and thrown into prison together.
Bounty Hunter of the Year
19. Bounty Hunter of the Year
March 14, 1997
While Bobby Sixkiller searches for the perfect anecdote for his Bounty Hunter of the Year acceptance speech, he, Reno and Sandy recall their past adventures.
Blood Hunt
18. Blood Hunt
March 7, 1997
When Reno comes across a runaway who looks like she's going to be the fourth victim of a "vampire" in a beach community, Reno investigates further, suspicious of a "supernatural" cause.
Sex, Lies and Activewear
17. Sex, Lies and Activewear
February 28, 1997
Bobby and Reno focus on exposing thieves who have kidnapped several adult-magazine models and the publication's photo editor.
Knock Out
16. Knock Out
February 7, 1997
Bobby and Reno are hired by a movie producer whose leading action heroine has disappeared, leaving only a heroin wrapper behind.
SWM Seeks Vctm
15. SWM Seeks Vctm
January 27, 1997
Sandy is determined to have the final word when one of her friends is murdered by a serial killer who goes after women he meets through personal ads.
Top Ten With a Bullet
14. Top Ten With a Bullet
January 24, 1997
Reno tries to arrange for the peaceful surrender of a counterculture fugitive charged with murdering a professor during the 1960's.
Hard Rain
13. Hard Rain
January 17, 1997
Reno may finally have the evidence he needs to bring down Dutch - a video that shows the evil marshal shooting his own wife in the back. But first, Reno has to locate it.
Father's Day
12. Father's Day
December 13, 1996
Reno's thrilled to be reunited with his former love, Janet -and stunned to find out that her 14-year-old son may be his child.
11. Ransom
December 6, 1996
Bobby is forced to dip into his own savings when a bumbling bounty hunter is held for ransom by the very bank robber he was trying to capture.
The Pipeline
10. The Pipeline
November 22, 1996
Bobby and Reno investigate a bounty's claims of the existence of an organization that helps fugitives fake their deaths and obtain new identities.
For Better, for Worse
9. For Better, for Worse
November 15, 1996
While Dutch tries to juggle shaking down a pornographer and pleasing his boss, his wife, Melissa, finally decides that enough is enough, so she goes to Bobby and Reno and offers to help take Dutch down.
High Rollers
8. High Rollers
November 8, 1996
The stakes are high when Reno infiltrates a gang of bandits famous for robbing high rollers as they are leaving Las Vegas.
The Milk Carton Kid
7. The Milk Carton Kid
November 1, 1996
Reno, Bobby and Sandy try to fill in the missing pieces when a girl asks for their help in finding out why her picture is appearing on the back of milk cartons.
Ghost Story
6. Ghost Story
October 25, 1996
Following a near-death experience, Reno is contacted by the spirit of a murdered man who wants the Renegade to help clear his name and punish the man responsible for his death.
God's Mistake
5. God's Mistake
October 18, 1996
Reno forces a rock star to face the music after the man arranges to have himself kidnapped in order to get out of his record deal.
Five Minutes to Midnight
4. Five Minutes to Midnight
October 4, 1996
Bobby races against the clock to find out whether one of his former bounties, a convicted rapist on death row, is truly guilty-before the man is put to death.
Mr. Success
3. Mr. Success
September 27, 1996
Reno and Sandy scramble to find out who murdered a man they were tracking-especially after Bobby is arrested for the crime.
Self Defense
2. Self Defense
September 20, 1996
Reno goes after bounty Teddy Ray Thompson, who accidentally stabbed her cop husband during a situation of domestic abuse. When Reno discovers the truth, he helps her fend off her husband's partner, who's determined to get his revenge.
No Balls and Two Strikes
1. No Balls and Two Strikes
January 1, 1970
US Marshal "Dutch" Dixon agrees to release convicted murderer Lucious Carabello in exchange for the convict's help in luring Reno Raines into a trap - by using Bobby as the bait.
No Balls, Two Strikes
501. No Balls, Two Strikes
September 13, 1996
Lucius Carabella is released from prison and has thoughts of killing those that testified against him. Meanwhile, Sandy Carruthers, bounty diploma in hand, applies for, and gets, a job with Sixkiller Enterprises.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 14, 1992
  • IMDB Rating
    5.9  (5,769)