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Renegade is a television series based on an ex-police officer, from San Diego. Who went undercover to catch bad cops. He was able to catch the bad cops in action, but was punished for it. Lorenzo Lamas plays the major character, Reno, who is also known as the Renegade.

Former officers, also bad cops, were sent to Reno's hotel to kill him, but instead, they shot the love of his life. One of the guys go back to make sure Reno is dead, when another shot him, with Renos weapon. Reno was framed for killing a fellow police officer.

After the failed attempt to kill Reno, the bad guys send in a professional bounty hunter to kill him. A man by the name of Bobby Sixkiller, a Native American bounty hunter. The tables turn dramatically when Reno saves Bobby's life, and Bobby trusts him. Reno then explains what happened, and Bobby in turn hires Reno.

Reno escaped death, but now must live a life on the run. He is haunted by the memories of the love of his life, and the people he called friends, fellow police officers gone bad. He rides a motorcycle, stays in hotels, and never stays in one place too long.

Reno seeks out some of the meanest, wanted criminals. These people are often ones that no one else will dare tangle with. Reno wants to see justice served, so he is the man for the job. He also helps people just in need, to show he is a good person. He is occasionally recognized, as a former police officer, Reno Raines, but no one turns him in.

This action series ran for 110 episodes, and originated in the United States. Each show was 46 minutes long. The show was produced and created by Stephen J. Cannell. Stephen also played a role in his own series. He played the main bad guy, a bad cop, Donald Dixon, better known as Butch. Reno is an outlaw, hunting outlaws, also classed as a bounty hunter, better known as the Renegade.

Renegade is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (111 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 1992.

Where do I stream Renegade online? Renegade is available for streaming on Cannell Productions, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Renegade on demand at Amazon, Vudu, The Roku Channel Free, Tubi TV online.

Cannell Productions
5 Seasons, 111 Episodes
September 14, 1992
Action & Adventure, Drama
Cast: Lorenzo Lamas
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Renegade Full Episode Guide

  • Dutch Dixon's son escapes from prison to exact revenge on his mother's kille r- who he believes is Reno - just as new evidence in Reno's case may finally prove his innocence.

  • Reno tries to haul in an escaped convict who brings bad luck to everyone he meets, which is something Reno refuses to believe-even when they're arrested and thrown into prison together.

  • While Bobby Sixkiller searches for the perfect anecdote for his Bounty Hunter of the Year acceptance speech, he, Reno and Sandy recall their past adventures.

  • When Reno comes across a runaway who looks like she's going to be the fourth victim of a "vampire" in a beach community, Reno investigates further, suspicious of a "supernatural" cause.

  • Bobby and Reno focus on exposing thieves who have kidnapped several adult-magazine models and the publication's photo editor.

  • Bobby and Reno are hired by a movie producer whose leading action heroine has disappeared, leaving only a heroin wrapper behind.

  • Sandy is determined to have the final word when one of her friends is murdered by a serial killer who goes after women he meets through personal ads.

  • Reno tries to arrange for the peaceful surrender of a counterculture fugitive charged with murdering a professor during the 1960's.

  • Reno may finally have the evidence he needs to bring down Dutch - a video that shows the evil marshal shooting his own wife in the back. But first, Reno has to locate it.

  • Reno's thrilled to be reunited with his former love, Janet -and stunned to find out that her 14-year-old son may be his child.

  • Bobby is forced to dip into his own savings when a bumbling bounty hunter is held for ransom by the very bank robber he was trying to capture.

  • Bobby and Reno investigate a bounty's claims of the existence of an organization that helps fugitives fake their deaths and obtain new identities.

  • While Dutch tries to juggle shaking down a pornographer and pleasing his boss, his wife, Melissa, finally decides that enough is enough, so she goes to Bobby and Reno and offers to help take Dutch down.

  • The stakes are high when Reno infiltrates a gang of bandits famous for robbing high rollers as they are leaving Las Vegas.

  • Reno, Bobby and Sandy try to fill in the missing pieces when a girl asks for their help in finding out why her picture is appearing on the back of milk cartons.

  • Following a near-death experience, Reno is contacted by the spirit of a murdered man who wants the Renegade to help clear his name and punish the man responsible for his death.

  • Reno forces a rock star to face the music after the man arranges to have himself kidnapped in order to get out of his record deal.

  • Bobby races against the clock to find out whether one of his former bounties, a convicted rapist on death row, is truly guilty-before the man is put to death.

  • Reno and Sandy scramble to find out who murdered a man they were tracking-especially after Bobby is arrested for the crime.

  • Reno goes after bounty Teddy Ray Thompson, who accidentally stabbed her cop husband during a situation of domestic abuse. When Reno discovers the truth, he helps her fend off her husband's partner, who's determined to get his revenge.

  • Lucius Carabella is released from prison and has thoughts of killing those that testified against him. Meanwhile, Sandy Carruthers, bounty diploma in hand, applies for, and gets, a job with Sixkiller Enterprises.

  • Reno gets hired as a bodyguard for Hound Adams' lawyer---a wily attorney who has possession of the elusive tapes that could clear the Renegade's name once and for all.

  • Reno's invited to a shotgun wedding---to be the groom---when he's abducted by a woman who's convinced he's the perfect man for her shy sister.

  • Reluctantly, Bobby agrees to help a discharged Air Force man, Peter Flood, who claims that evidence of a crash of an extraterrestrial ship exists at a shutdown military base, so Reno is sent to work for the demolition crew on the base.

  • Bobby gets a visit from his cousin Brittany whom he must protect from a serial rapist.

  • Reno is on the lam from a lawman.

  • While chasing a bounty, Reno mysteriously finds himself a bounty hunter in the Old West, up against a crooked federal marshal named Swede Mason who's ruining a town for his own financial gain, with the help of a loner.

  • Reno is nursed back to health after an accident. The bounty intends to kill a judge, Dutch Dixon is hot on his trail, and Reno has amnesia. Meanwhile, Bobby searches for Reno with the help of one of his sleazy informants, Tony O'Malley.

  • After learning that his nemesis Hound Adams has surfaced in the Big Apple, Reno travels there to force the bad apple to turn over a tape that could prove Reno's innocence.

  • A woman leaves her daughter on Bobby's doorstep when she learns that her ex-husband has escaped from prison to find the child he's never seen.

  • Bobby regrets his decision to help place paroled rapist Ted Fisher in a new town when the ex-con starts baiting Reno with claims of his innocence, causing Bobby to fear his partner may get reeled in by Fisher's line.

  • After a lifetime of having the sins of his father visited upon him, Dutch Dixon's just-paroled son pretends to be a Bible thumper to get back into his dad's good graces. But he really plans to bring Dutch down by selling him out to the highest bidder.

  • When Bobby's former fiancee Liza is blackmailed by a ring of gigolos, Reno must infiltrate the organization and bring down its ring leader.

  • Reno tries to help bail out his late fiance's sister when the racing-boat team she manages encounters mysterious mechanical problems---that only show up during high-speed runs.

  • Reno must tell a friend's daughter the truth about her late father's career as a hit man, after she's targeted by a vengeful mobster who wants her dad's "little black book"---a log of all of the hits he pulled off.

  • Reno's hot on the trail of the Sandman---an elusive assassin who introduces thoroughbred horses to the Big Sleep---after getting himself hired at the stables where the killer last struck.

  • Reno and Bobby track an escaped female convict by the name of Julie Seaton to her hometown where Bobby gets the help of the local sheriff who knew the con as a girl, while Reno stays on the con's tail.

  • Bobby is tapped as one of Bay City's "Most Wanted" bachelors, but he ends up falling for a woman he hit chasing a bounty, causing Reno, and later Cheyenne, to worry about him.

  • Reno finds himself in pursuit of D.B. Cooper after Bobby learns the legendary fugitive is alive and prospering in a California town. Unfortunately, a rival bounty hunter overhears the news and is determined to get to Cooper first.

  • Reno and Bobby's Mexico vacation is interrupted when they agree to help a young newlywed locate her missing husband; little do they know that neither she, nor the man the money was stolen from, can be trusted.