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The Fall Guy is an action adventure series about Colt Seavers; he is a Hollywood stuntman who also works as a bounty hunter on the side. Lee Majors played Seavers, and he even sang the show's theme song called The Unknown Stuntman. The show co-starred Heather Thomas, Douglas Barr, Jo Ann Pflug, Nedra Volz and Markie Post. The Fall Guy aired for five network seasons and produced 112 episodes.

Colt Seavers narrates and introduces each episode that usually identifies what movie stunts he has recently performed. Colt always laments that despite the risk he takes each day in Hollywood, he isn't compensated well enough to make a living. He usually gets one job every episode from bail bondsmen who need Colt to track down a criminal. In most cases Colt uses his knowledge of stunt work and his rough and tumble bare-knuckle fighting skills to track down the bail jumper. There is almost always a mystery to be solved in tracking down the offender. He will often employ a similar stunt in his bounty hunter work as he used earlier in the episode on a Hollywood movie set.

Colt does have some help. His cousin, Howie Munson, is a stuntman in training and has come to Colt for mentoring. Colt teaches Howie all he knows about stunt work and secures Howie's help in his bounty hunter work as well. Colt affectionately refers to Howie as "the kid." He also befriends a stuntwoman that he works with, the stunningly beautiful Jody Banks.

One of Colt's biggest weapons in his arsenal is his tricked-out oversized pickup truck. Colt added several features to the vehicle, including a roll bar, off-road tires, a V8 engine, a secret hiding compartment and many other hi-tech accessories.

The Fall Guy is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (114 episodes). The series first aired on November 4, 1981.

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5 Seasons, 114 Episodes
November 4, 1981
Cast: Lee Majors
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The Fall Guy Full Episode Guide

  • A cop wants evidence against a club owner who sells pcp tokids.

  • A town was bought to become a reservoir, but one residentrefuses to leave. His granddaughter wants to put him in a resthome. Howie has a remote 'out-of-control' tank. A gang ofbikers have them all trapped in the town

  • Colt wins two pro wrestlers (losers) and Howie trains them.They do come in handy in a pinch

  • An old actor who played "Silver Blade", a Zorro type crimefighter, in his earlier days, witnesses a murder and wantsto go after the killer

  • Pearl wants Colt to grab the skip during his wedding, but oneof his wives beats him to it. As his creditors chase him, morewives turn up. Song--On The Road Again.

  • Colt becomes the drill instructor for a platoon of misfits.

  • A severe earthquake rocks L.A. and Colt coincidentally isinvolved with a 'rock' group, who want $20,000, and an industrial

  • Jerry has lost his money, house and wife, so he puts out acontract on himself--then wins the lottery.

  • A young man arrives who might be Colt's son.

  • An old army buddy begs Colt to rescue one of the group that wasbetrayed years ago in Vietnam. He insists a recent photo showsthe man as a POW even though everyone believes he is dead.

  • One of Colt's old classmates steals his own jewels for theinsurance money.

  • An FBI agent persuades Colt to participate in a cocaine sting.Jody presents awards to Miss Stuntwoman USA winners

  • Colt is stranded on a desert isle with a spoiled socialite, whohas a perfume company, after their plane is shot down byrobbers. Prologue is filming a perfume commercial

  • A fitting story for Christmas--Santa is arrested for freeingthe reindeer. He asks what each wants for Christmas. Jodywants a 'white' Christmas in spite of the current heat wave;Colt reluctantly says he needs a new truck. There is achild care center threatened with eviction and some crookswant the bonds Santa's cellmate is hiding.Trench's slogan: "You bust 'em, we bond 'em"

  • The tables are turned when Colt is framed and becomes afugitive.

  • Elvira and company are filming a horror movie in an old hauntedmansion during a storm, of course

  • When Colt catches a young man wanted in Los Angeles, hestumbles into a 'kidnapping for adoption' ring in Sacramento.Simon begs Colt to wait one more day while he checks out hislast lead--a VW that matches the one used in the kidnapping

  • Colt has to protect an Italian village

  • Howie goes undercover as a female impersonator, Denise, whenthe skip is a material witness in hiding

  • There is a 'King of the Stuntmen' contest

  • Colt is sent after a jumper and then discovers his quarry hasentered an Elvis Presley impersonator contest and merged withthe crowd.

  • Colt takes three stunt women to Turkey for a film that is meantto fail. One of the women is a self-willed novice and botchessome scenes, while they all get mixed up with a drug deal.

  • Nick, the boss, has undergone plastic surgery, but Shelby canidentify him and has a grudge against George. He promises hishonest daughter that he will go straight if she will help himthis one last time

  • A mobster who has been threatened finds a shoe salesman who isa look-a-like for a him and then the fun begins

  • Colt is in Florida on the trail of a computer hacker, whoinadvertantly copied the secret account kept by his Professorin the same file as his next exam questions

  • Colt trails a bail-jumping girl singer accused of murder.Cameos: The Four Tops, the Temptations, LaToya Jackson.

  • Thieves change the stunt to cover the theft of a chip from aspace shuttle.

  • Wild Bill Hillman needs some money to keep his air show afloat,so he 'borrows' some from a buried stash. Unfortunately, he iscaught and the mobsters want all the money

  • Colt acts as sheriff in a town owned by the bounty's father

  • Colt is sent to Paris on false pretenses. His real object isto identify a terrorist assassin only he can recognize

  • Colt is assigned to be the bodyguard for a woman who is thetarget of a hitman

  • Colt helps an independent trucker who is the victim ofa loan shark and a gambling habit.

  • Problems arise at the Special Olympics

  • Dell Loomis is the man who gave Colt his break and he has been holding it over his head to get him to do things for him. He is also duplicitous. Presently, he has Colt working on a tenth rate picture, and provides him with shoddy equiptment and when Colt's truck is damaged, he says that Colt has to pay for it himself. He then tells Colt that if he competes in a desert race to get some footage he needs for the film, he might be able to pay for his truck. But what he doesn't tell Colt is that he made a wager with a Vegas wise guy who, after learning how good Colt is and that they stand to lose $500,000, sends a man whom Colt once caught to make sure that Colt doesn't win.

  • A bored teen-aged girl stows away in Colt's truck while he issearching for a diamond thief

  • Colt has to leave his prisoner in the care of the local sheriffand finds that, during the night, his prisoner has beenseverely beaten and is in a coma. The sheriff accuses Colt ofbrutality and Colt becomes a fugitive

  • Colt and Howie pursue a murder suspect (Tim Dunigan) to Hawaii,only to discover that Jody has fallen in love with him and lethim escape.

  • Elvira and company are offered a night in a haunted house

  • Former private eyes, Cannon and Petrocelli, stick their nosesinto the case of the stolen stunt cars

  • Colt hides in a frat house from hit men, after he picks up hislatest bounty, who was turning state's evidence in a moneylaundering case.

  • Jody is arrested in a small town and sent to the prison farmwhere female inmates are destined to be sold into white slavery

  • A novelist, who made an incriminating tape, is chased throughthe Everglades, by a syndicate boss who wants the tape, afterhis aide accidentally falls out a window and she is accused ofpushing him.

  • A cast of comedians, an insurance agent and the theft of $3 million interact in this episode.

  • A cast of comedians, an insurance agent and the theft of $3 million interact in this episode.