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Silk Stalkings was a crime drama that aired on television from the early 1900'2. Rerun episodes can still be seen today. The show follows the lives of two detectives that are assigned to solve crimes that are of a sexual nature and crimes of passion among the wealth people of the Palm Beach area of Florida. In police term these crimes are referred to as Silk Stalkings.

The two main detectives are Chris and Rita. While both of the detectives find each other pleasing to look at they ignore these feelings and keep a professional working relationship. Just because they are professional does not mean they do not look good. Since they are in the Palm Beach area the detectives try to keep with the latest fashions. Even when dressed in their finest they will stop at nothing to solve the crime. Chris and Rita go get scrutinized for some of their untraditional crime solving methods. Their superior is Chief Hutchinson which is a strict traditionalist. During the show the chief has an affair with the radio psychologist named Melissa Cassidy. The assistant district attorney is George Donovan who does not like their methods for solving crimes. He is also a little jealous of their fashion sense.

The show does not only detail the sexual crimes of Palm Beach. This show also goes into the secrets of Rita and Chris as well. Rita has a long and complicated life story that is reviled over several episodes. As the show went on more characters were added to the cast. Additions included the undercover agents Michael Price and Holly Rawlins. They came about after Chris became deceased and Rita retired from police work. After retiring Rita disappeared from the view. There is another team of officers Tom Ryan and Cassandra St. John who not only work together but were once married. The sexual tension between the officers on this show heat up as they work hard to solve these crimes.

Silk Stalkings is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (181 episodes). The series first aired on November 7, 1991.

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8 Seasons, 181 Episodes
November 7, 1991
Action & Adventure Drama
Cast: Rob Estes
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Silk Stalkings Full Episode Guide

  • Tom finds he's been set up as he struggles to clear his name in a murder investigation.

  • Tom finds he's been set up as he struggles to clear his name in a murder investigation.

  • Tom finds he's been set up as he struggles to clear his name in a murder investigation.

  • Tom is accused of shooting an unarmed man.

  • Tom is accused of shooting an unarmed man.

  • A group of determined young college graduates extort wealthy businessmen through promises to fulfill their wildest sexual fantasies.

  • Tom and Cassy's investigation into the murder of convenience store owner exposes a power hungry high school student's vengeful scheme.

  • As she and Tom investigate the murder of a famous race car driver's wife, Cassy recalls memories of a past life.

  • A chef's sudden death on the eve of a lucrative cooking contest lead Tom and Cassy to investigate.

  • The investigation into the murder of a Latin dance champion points to his girlfriend and ex-partner.

  • The investigation into a software developer's murder leads Tom and Cassy to a ruthless brother and sister team of venture capitalists.

  • Harry tries to avoid his wife's annual Halloween costume party, only to end up in deep trouble himself.

  • Cassy's investigation into a hit and run death leads to a U.S. Senator's suicide.

  • A local artist is murdered during the theft of an Old Master's priceless drawing.

  • Tom and Cassy investigate a series of murder attempts on a pair of conntroversial vee-jays.

  • After saving a mystery woman from an attack, Tom is drawn into a plot to kill her wealthy husband.

  • An investigation of a wanted killer's suicide leads Cassy to uncover the dead man's relationship with her mother.

  • Tom and Cassy expose an IRS agent's apparent suicide as murder.

  • Lipschitz's first love turns up dead after asking him for protection from an aging mobster.

  • When Tom is shot to keep him from testifying in a murder trial, Cassy goes undercover to catch the man who ordered it.

  • A popular actress Tom and Cassy are told to help study for a new film role interferes with their investigation of an immigrant' s murder.

  • Tom and Cassy pursue a well known romance novelist who they suspect in a string of murders.

  • Tom and Cassy' s investigation into the murder of a TV news director leads them to suspect both a prominent reporter and her assistant.

  • A woman's split personality gives life to a murderous ventriloquist's dummy.

  • Cassy is framed for the murder of her ex-boyfriend by a deranged man seeking revenge.

  • A prostitute's murder uncovers a blackmail scheme.

  • After becoming a licensed private detective, Ramone's first case stumbles into a murder.

  • Cassy goes undercover to bring down a prison warden who's selling inmates into sexual slavery.

  • A pair of Miami Beach detectives try to protect an important witness from being killed by his mob boss.

  • The death of a research scientist draws Tom and Cassy into a secret project searching for extraterrestrial life.

  • Tom and Cassy uncover a murder victim's search for her sister's rapist.

  • Tom and Cassy's investigation a prep school teacher's apparent suicide uncovers his affair with a student.

  • Tom is intimidated by an old football teammate who's helping with a murder investigation.

  • Tom and Cassy expose a man who staged a shark attack in order to murder his wife.

  • A private investigator's death while scuba diving leads Cassy and Tom to pirates salvaging sunken treasures.

  • Cassy is ostracized by her fellow cops when she's assigned to investigate a detective's shooting of his wife.

  • Tom and Cassy set out to acquit a close friend who's been accused of murder.

  • The investigation of an apparent car accident uncovers a murder scheme.

  • A murder investigation uncovers evidence of a political assassination about to take place in Palm Beach.

  • Tom and Cassy are called in to investigate the mysterious deaths of a wealthy woman's pets.

  • As he and Cassy investigate the mysterious death of a newlywed couple, Tom seeks advice on gening back into the dating game.

  • Tom and Cassy investigate the murder of a popular Cuban businessman.

  • Tom and Cassy disagree over a psychic who claims to have knowledge of a murder.

  • Tom and Cassy investigate the death of a prep school student whose blackmail scheme led to his murder.

  • Tom and Cassy's investigation of an FBI agent's murder is hampered by a pair of secretive and uncooperative federal agents.

  • A voodoo priest whose spell has driven an acolyte to murder now threatens Cassy.