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Family Ties is a popular family sitcom that aired for seven seasons. The show was about the Keaton family. The heads of the Keaton family are husband and wife Steven and Elyse. They are former hippies and staunch liberal Democrats. Stephen and Elyse have three children. Alex is their oldest child and his political beliefs could not be more different from those of his parents. He is a yuppie Republican whose personal hero is Richard Nixon. Mallory is the oldest daughter, and she is very popular in school with a trend-setting fashion sense. The youngest daughter is Jennifer. She is a tomboy who grows from a little girl to a young woman during the seven years of the show. In season six, the Keatons welcomed a new baby boy, Andy, to the family.

Like most sitcom families, the Keatons had a wacky neighbor. Skippy Handleman lived next door. He is Alex's childhood friend and not-so-secretly pines for Mallory. Unfortunately for Skippy, in season four Mallory found herself a boyfriend, unemployed artist Nick Moore. Alex found love during that year as well when he was introduced to Ellen, who would later leave for college in a very emotional episode. She would later be replaced by a medical student, Lauren.

The show didn't change much during its seven-year run. Every problem that someone in the family had was usually solved with support and love from the family. The program tackled a lot of tough subjects including alcoholism, infidelity, death and teenage pregnancy.

Michael J. Fox got his big break on Family Ties and won several acting awards for his portrayal of Alex. The rest of the cast included Michael Gross as Stephen, Meredith Baxter-Birney as Elyse, Justine Bateman as Mallory, Tina Yothers as Jennifer, Brian Bonsall as Andy, Scott Valentine as Nick and Marc Price as Skippy. Many past and future Hollywood stars guest-starred on Family Ties. Tom Hanks, Gena Davis, River Phoenix, Courtney Cox, Corey Feldman, Christina Applegate and Julia Louis-Dreyfus all appeared on the show.

Family Ties is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (176 episodes). The series first aired on September 22, 1982.

Where do I stream Family Ties online? Family Ties is available for streaming on CBS, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Family Ties on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV, CBS online.

7 Seasons, 176 Episodes
September 22, 1982
Cast: Meredith Baxter, Michael Gross, Michael J. Fox, Justine Bateman, Tina Yothers
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Family Ties Full Episode Guide

  • Alex and Elyse need to have a talk after a blow up over his accepting a new job in NY, and his shunning of his family, calling him arrogant and inconsiderate. Come the next morning, Alex is off for his new life.

  • Elyse is stunned when Alex announces he has landed a dream job on Wall Street in NY, and will be required to move their immediately.

  • The Keaton's share their fondest memories as they help Andy with his time capsule about his family history.

  • Andy needs help in planning a Keaton family time capsule which includes a history of them all.

  • Jennifer invites her whole family to participate in making the world ecologically sound after hearing about its condition in her science class.

  • Alex's situation between Lauren and Marty heightens when they all meet in the school cafeteria. Although Alex needs to work on his valedictory address for the graduation ceremonies, he finds himself talking to the images of Freud, Sartre and Shakespeare for advice.

  • Alex begins his first economics lecture at Leland college when he is interrupted by a scatter brained female music student. Soon, he finds himself attracted to this girl and puts his relationship with Lauren under a strain.

  • Steven and Elyse learn of Gus and Maya's work they did in the civil rights demonstrations back in the '60's after returning home to find their living room has been destroyed by bigoted vandals.

  • Steven and Elyse discover they live in a racist neighborhood when Steve's black co-worker, Gus, moves into the house across the street from them.

  • Jennifer and her friend Simon begin working at a fast food diner. When an infatuated Simon proves to be inept, it's Jennifer who comes to the rescue and in turn receives a promotion, which means she will need to fire her friend. Meanwhile, Alex becomes the object of an 11 year old girl's desires.

  • Steven backs out as a cosigner for a car loan for Mallory, after overhearing that she plans on taking a cross country trip with Nick in it. But Mallory won't let that stop her as she decides to buy a car from Nick's father in which she can afford by herself.

  • Lauren offers to help Skippy after he confesses that he has trouble with women. He takes the sessions a bit to seriously when he falls in love with her.

  • Elyse is heartbroken when she learns the first building she ever designed is scheduled for demolition, and the family backs he in the attempt to get it stopped. Meanwhile, Mallory is taking up acupuncture.

  • Alex is chosen to work for a brokerage firm, but will he give up his dream job when he discovers the man he is replacing is the man who recommended him?

  • Andy befriends an elderly couple who Steven has decided will be the main focus of his next PBS documentary. The family lends its home for the site of the couple's wedding, which is being protested by the groom's son.

  • Nick is reunited with his best friend from his childhood, his mangy mutt named Spunkers. While at a birthday party for Andy, Spunkers is hit by a car.

  • Mallory is worried that Jennifer's new boyfriend will break her heart as his older brother once did to her years earlier.

  • Low test scored at Grant College has Skippy considering dropping out of school and joining the Army.

  • Steven has finally arrived home after his grueling heart surgery and has trouble adjusting to his new restrictions and feels like the family is treating him as an invalid.

  • Steven is undergoing a major heart operation. During the five hour procedure, the kids gather around the waiting room in support for their mom as they discuss the possible outcomes.

  • Steven suffers a heart attack after jogging with Elyse. He is rushed to the hospital but no one can find out what his condition is.

  • Alex and Lauren's relationship has suddenly hit a snag, which prompts her to convince Alex to attend a couples counseling session.

  • Nick's nephew and Andy have become good friends which leaves Alex feeling left out.

  • Mallory loves her new job in the fashion world but soon learns that it's a dog-eat-dog world when her boss steals her ideas for a new fashion line for the working woman.

  • Steven and Elyse want to take the kids camping, but they believe that they have outgrown such frivolity. As they leave with Andy, Steven and Elyse plant a guilt trip on the kids and soon they are on their way to surprise everyone at the campsite, along with Nick and Lauren. But the only map in the car is for ancient Greece, a few thousand miles from their destination.

  • Nick's request for a loan to start up a children's art class at the local YMCA is denied by the bank. Mallory pushes for Nick to ask his estranged father for the money needed.

  • The Keaton's cousin June has been living in England for 3 years now and make a visit to their household. Although they all are interested in hearing about her experiences over the pond, she just can't seem to get a word in during the visit.

  • Andy has been chosen "Buddy for the Day" at his preschool and is made responsible for helping a deaf classmate around. Andy befriends him and gives up talking as a show of friendship.

  • Elyse's high school reunion is coming up and an old classmate has come for a visit. Eggy was the class nerd and Elyse used to protect him. Now it seems that he is in love with her, and Alex is in love with him since he is a self-made millionaire.

  • Evelyn, the mother of Rosalie, a former friend of Mallory has come for a visit. While there she gives Mallory special attention to the point of calling her Rosalie, who killed herself several years earlier.

  • Lauren has become distraught over the thesis she is required to write for school and anguishes over staying in school or quitting. Meanwhile, Andy uses his parents old love letters to woo one of his classmates.

  • Jennifer protests when the school board deems the book Huckleberry Finn obscene and have banned it from the library.

  • Alex is surprised to learn that a long-dead famous blues guitarist Eddie Dupre, is indeed still alive, after he calls into the radio show in which Alex is working as a DJ.

  • Alex wants to become a broker for Nick's artwork after one of his pieces sells for $200. But when Alex demands that Nick keep up with the demand for his work, his love for art may just die.

  • Steven´s radical 60´s college play, "A Draft Card for the Burning" is set to play at the local theater. But Elyse refuses to play the lead role of Sequola Free, the play´s sexy activist/anthropology student, after reading corny hippie dialog.

  • When Alex plays a store Santa Claus, one child brings to him the spirit of Christmas when she asks for one special gift, bringing her daddy home for the holidays.

  • When the plans for a 20th Anniversary party go haywire, the kids fear that this anniversary may be their last.

  • Lauren's research paper continues as she questions Alex, Mallory and Jennifer on living as a family in the nuclear age.

  • Lauren uses the Keaton's as a model of a typical family for her school paper research project on the nuclear family. Her first focus is on how Steven and Elyse met, fell in love and the growth of their family.

  • Rob's daughter Marilyn stays out all night with a marine she has just met, which makes her father realize how far she has slipped from his life.

  • Steven's brother Rob and his kids arrive for a visit, and the Keaton household is turned upside down with the news of a "new Rob" who has quit his job as a CPA and is now working outdoors as a telephone repairman. His daughter Marilyn is feeling the strain the most.

  • Alex takes over as Mallory's campaign manager after she decides to run for class president at Grant College.

  • When Nick is turned down for a job at Grant College for the Dean of Admissions, Mallory suggests he take a janitorial job at her sorority. But when he becomes popular around the other girls, Mallory becomes jealous...especially when he is made a honorary sorority sister.

  • When Elyse's aunt Rosemary shows up unexpectedly, it's discovered that she is suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

  • Alex is feeling insecure when he meets one of Lauren's former boyfriends.

  • There is an intern job opening at WKS, and Steven feels it would be great for Mallory to apply. But she isn't as interested at working at the station as Steven had hoped. Meanwhile, the family tries to win a $5,000 prize from a contest on a cereal box.

  • Elyse is torn between her job at the firm, which is causing her to devote long hours away from her family, who are feeling neglected...especially Andy.

  • Jennifer has an admirer at school, a nerdy guy named Simon, who has been lavishing her with gifts in hopes of impressing her and accept his invitation to the prom.

  • Andy feels rejected when Alex fails to make it home in time to watch Wall Street Week with him because of a date with Lauren.

  • Mallory is hired to pen an advice column for the Columbus Shopper's Guide. She has the household in a mess when Mallory uses the whole family to help sort out the hundreds of letters she has received. But things go wrong when she discovers that most of her advice has been a disaster for those she has tried to help.

  • Alex has fallen in love with the psychology student at Leland College, but she is only interested in him as a research subject.

  • Alex agrees to join in on a psychological research project featuring overachievers at Leland College , in which he was doing just for the money.

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