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Animaniacs is an immensely humorous show handled by Warner Brothers Studios. The show has three major characters in the Warner Brothers, Yakko and Wakko, and the Warner Sister Dot, (her full name is Princess Angelina Contesa Louisa Francesca Banana-Fanna Bo Besca the Third). These Warners, or Warner Siblings, are all drawn in an art style reminiscent of the 1920's as they were held captive in the water tower of the Warner Brothers lot. The series is also loaded with a variety of cartoon vignettes:

Slappy the Squirrel's cartoons focus on the retired Slappy Squirrel. Slappy is an old pro from Hollywood who is constantly annoyed by as well as trying to appease her excitable nephew Skippy. The Buttons and Mindy cartoons focus on the dog, Buttons, as he constantly tries to keep young child Mindy from hurting herself from her own curiosity. The Goodfeathers cartoons parody the Godfather movies but from the perspective of a group of talking pigeons. Good Idea, Bad Idea is a series of cartoons featuring Mr. Skullhead which show a good idea, and then twisting it into a bad one. The Rita and Runt cartoons focus on singing cat Rita (voiced by the lovely Bernadette Peters of Broadway fame) and dumb-as-a-brick Runt (who speaks like Dustin Hoffman's role in Rainman). The Hip Hippos was a lesser used series of cartoons focusing on a pair of rich and fabulous talking hippos. The Chicken Boo skits consisted of a giant chicken, the titular Chicken Boo, posing as a human for some event where only one person sees through the disguise.

The most popular sketch from Animaniacs, even popular enough to be given its own spinoff solo series, would be Pinkie and the Brain. The Pinkie and the Brain cartoons focused on a pair of lab mice, the genius Brain (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) and the moronic Pinkie (voiced by Rob Paulsen), in their attempts to take over the world. Failure is nearly always a foregone conclusion with these cartoons, usually with gross physicaly injuries inflicted upon the Brain and much to Pinkie's chagrin.

Animaniacs is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (114 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1993.

Where do I stream Animaniacs online? Animaniacs is available for streaming on Warner Bros., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Animaniacs on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Google Play, iTunes online.

Warner Bros.
5 Seasons, 114 Episodes
January 1, 1993
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille, Jess Harnell, Frank Welker
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Animaniacs Full Episode Guide

  • Slappy Squirrel awakens to find that her tree house is now the Christmas tree at "Rockyfellow" Center. In "Punchline," the entire cast appears on a television news program. Meanwhile, Katie Ka-Boom negotiates an acceptable curfew for "Prom Night".

  • Adrift at sea, the Warners find a message, or rather, a "Moosage in a Bottle." Next, Plotz loans the Warners to other cartoon studios, where they wreak havoc. In "Bones in the Body," Yakko teaches the bones of the human skeleton.

  • When regular musical director Richard Stone is off for the day, pompous guest conductor Neivel Nosenest attempts to lead the "Animaniacs" cast in "The Scoring Session" for their latest cartoon.

  • Slappy Squirrel awakens to find that her tree house is now "The Christmas Tree" at "Rockyfellow" Center. Then, in "Punchline (Chicken Part 1)," the entire cast of "Animaniacs" appears on the television news program "Punchline."

  • The regular morning commute becomes chaotic when three squirmy siblings join "The Carpool." Later, in "Sunshine Squirrels," Slappy Squirrel reunites with her old wisecracking acting partner, Suzy Squirrel...

  • In "Hooray For North Hollywood" - Part II, Yakko, Wakko and Dot sneak into a big Hollywood fundraiser, still focused on finding a buyer for their 800-page script.

  • In "Hooray For North Hollywood" - Part I, Yakko, Wakko and Dot are determined to sell their 800-page script.

  • In a wacky version of the Snow White story, "Cute First (Ask Questions Later)," Snow White discovers that Dot is the cutest in the land. Next, in the "Friends" parody "Acquaintances," the Warners arrive in New York as immigrants and live in a trendy sitcom apartment. Following this adventure, the Warners take a humorous look at Attila the Hun (to the tune of "Old Dan Tucker") in "Here Comes Attila." In the final cartoon, Chicken Boo is disguised as the "Boo Wonder," Batman's young sidekick.

  • First, a mysterious "It" chases Wakko through the house. In a musical interlude, "Dot - The Macadamia Nut," the Animaniacs dance while Yakko and Wakko sing backup for Dot in a parody of MTV's "The Macarena" video. The last cartoon, "Bully for Skippy," features Skippy Squirrel confronting a school bully just as Slappy becomes the target of a Congressional hearing on TV violence.

  • While adrift at sea, the Warners find a message, or rather, a "Moosage in a Bottle." Next, Plotz needs some quick cash to keep the studio solvent, so he loans the Warners to other cartoon studios, where they wreak havoc in badly animated cartoons ("Back in Style"). In the musical finale, Yakko teaches the bones of the human skeleton with the aid of Mr. Skullhead in the informative ditty, "Bones in the Body."

  • The Brain's plan to take over the world by becoming the sole heir to the Rockefeller fortune goes awry in "Pitter Patter of Little Feet." Then, Buttons chases after "Mindy in Wonderland" in this parody of "Alice in Wonderland." In the last segment, "Ralph's Wedding," Ralph the Guard has a nightmare that he is marrying Chicken Boo.

  • The French documentarian Pomme de Terre provides glimpses of Wakko's personal life in revealing vignettes called "Ten Short Films about Wakko Warner." Later, a cuckoo bird learns the trials and tribulations of love, every hour on the hour, in "No Time for Love." Then, when Chicken Boo becomes Director of Programming at the network, the ratings soar and everyone is thrilled, until they discover that he's a chicken ("The Boo Network").

  • To cure Ernest Hemingway of his writer's block, the Warners, as overzealous office supply salespeople, attempt to supply "Papers for Papa" while chasing him around the globe. Next, the Hip Hippos compete on America's most violent game show, "Amazing Gladiators." Then, Pinky and Ralph the Guard try in vain to make plans for the evening in "Pinky and the Ralph."

  • In the James Bond spoof "From Burbank with Love," the Warners help secret agent 0007, Municipal Bond, thwart Roy Blowfinger's dastardly plan to steal all of the gold in Fort Knox. Later, in "Anchors A-Warners," Dr. Scratchansniff goes on a cruise to get some desperately needed rest and relaxation, but can he survive a vacation at sea with the Warners? Then, Yakko explains the relativity of time zones in the informative musical number "When You're Traveling from Nantucket."

  • To win a Humanitarian Animation Award, the Warners attempt to teach a lesson in political correctness in "A Very Very Very Very Special Show." Then, in "Night of the Living Buttons," Buttons saves Mindy from a horde of graveyard zombies. The Warners return in "Soda Jerk" as Yakko and Dot attempt to cure Wakko of a bad case of the hiccups.

  • The Warners, as Native Americans, introduce John Smith and company to ice cream in "Jokahontas," a musical parody of the animated film "Pocahontas." Later, in "Boids on the Hood," the Goodfeathers challenge Ralph the Guard as he tries in vain to protect Plotz's car from "aerial attacks." Then, it's "Mighty Wakko at the Bat" in the Warners version of the famous Ernest Lawrence Thayer poem.

  • The Tazmanian Devil plays the Beast and Dot is Cutie in "Cutie and the Beast," a musical parody of "Beauty and the Beast." In "Boo Happens," Chicken Boo relives the life of "Forrest Gump." Later, the Warners have fun with puns in an amusing musical number sung to the tune of the classic Christmas carol, "Noel."

  • In "One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock," Slappy watches one too many television talk shows and undergoes a surreal experience.

  • Slappy Squirrel becomes "Soccer Coach Slappy" when she coaches Skippy's team and turns Skippy's habit of getting hit in the head with the ball into an advantage. Next, Katie Ka-Boom has the "Belly Buttons Blues" when her parents won't let her go out in clothes that reveal her navel. "Our Final Space Cartoon, We Promise" say the Warners as they confront the AL 9000 computer in this parody of "2001: A Space Odyssey." Finally, the Warners teach the network censors a "Valuable Lesson."

  • In "Dot's Entertainment," an episode showcasing Dot Warner, Dot substitutes for the leading lady in a new Broadway musical written by the temperamental composer Andy Lloud Webby. Then, in "The Girl with the Googily Goop," the Warners are loaned to Fleichman's Cartoon Studio for a Betty Boop-type cartoon during the 1930s. Finally, "Gunga Dot" features a retelling of the Gunga Din story with Dot in the title role.

  • In "My Mother the Squirrel," the Bluebird thinks Slappy Squirrel is his mother. Then, in a musical segment, the Warners host "The Party" in the water tower. Next, the Flame helps Francis Scott Key write our nation's anthem in "Oh! Say Can You See," and the Bluebird returns to sing his version of the classic holiday song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

  • The Warner siblings are confounded by an ever-so-cheerful governess in "The Sound of Warners," a musical parody of "The Sound of Music." Later, in "Yabba Dabba Boo," famous screenwriter Larry "Gelboo" rewrites a script.

  • In the film noir spoof, "This Pun for Hire," the Warners follow a man carrying a black pigeon statue. Then, the Warners board a starship as adoring fans of the "Star Truck" television series. Later, Wakko faces a formidable foe in "Go Fish," and Yakko explains how to multiply numbers in the entertaining and educational "Multiplication Song".

  • First, in "Gimme the Works," the Warners ask for a day off. Next, in the "Wizard of Oz" parody, "Buttons in Ows," Mindy and Buttons travel through an enchanted land a few days before Dorothy arrives. Then, when the Warner siblings leave in the middle of "Hercules Unwound" and take guest star Hercules with them, Pinky and The Brain replace them. The Brain's plan: harness the lightning power of Zeus--and take over the world!

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