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Originally conceived in the mind of John Kricfalusi, The Ren & Stimpy Show is a cartoon that straddles the line between the typical slapstick of a children's cartoon and something aimed more at adults. It follows the adventures of the two titular characters, Ren Hoek, the anxiety-ridden chihuahua, and his not so sharp companion, Stimpson J. Cat.

The Ren & Stimpy Show is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (79 episodes). The series first aired on August 11, 1991.

Where do I stream The Ren & Stimpy Show online? The Ren & Stimpy Show is available for streaming on Nickelodeon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Ren & Stimpy Show on demand at Apple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime, The Roku Channel, Sling online.

5 Seasons, 79 Episodes
August 11, 1991
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Billy West, John Kricfalusi, Gary Owens, Cheryl Chase, Harris Peet
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The Ren & Stimpy Show Full Episode Guide

  • Ren and Stimpy go on a trip to find a foul-mouthed bass.

  • Ren does think the Yaksmas is a dumb holiday, but Stimpy believes in it and when Stimpy doesn't get a scooter from Ren, he tries to steal one with consequences.

  • Ren and Stimpy are used as bloodhounds after George Liquor takes them to the forest.

  • The story of how Ren got in to show business is chronicled in this episode.

  • Ren and Stimpy stay up late to wait for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. To wait, Stimpy turns on the TV and Ren and Stimpy watch other Ren and Stimpy episodes_4-18 like Son of a Stimpy and two music videos called Cat Hairballs and Fleck the Walls.

  • Ren dreams that he is the hero of Stimpy's bedtime story - a brave outlaw who robs from the rich, gives to the criminally insane, and rescues the cross-dressed cat, Maid Moron.

  • Stimpy becomes a member of a group named the Cellulettes which is filled with girls. He comes up with hits like "My Blue Chihuahua."

  • Stimpy gets paranoid because he's used up eight of his lives and only has one left to live. / Ren and Stimpy begin working for the Rev. Jack Cheese in his meat mobile. Rev. Jack plays guitar while Ren and Stimpy put on a puppet show.

  • Ren and Stimpy are watching television when they see the grand opening of a new jail where the prisoners are treated like kings. / Ren and Stimpy are snowed in. Stimpy amuses himself with whistling in a bottle and other mundane activities.

  • Sammy and Me: Stimpy is overjoyed when his Sammy Mantis Jr. fan club kit gets in the mail.Big Flakes: Ren and Stimpy get snowed in a cabin.

  • School Mates: Ren is in for a surprise visit when his an old obedience school friend comes over for a visit. The friend is appalled that Ren is living with a cat and has a middle class lifestyle.Dinner Party: In this episode, Ren shows us the proper way for throwing a dinner party.

  • I Was a Teenage Stimpy: Stimpy goes through puberty.Who's Stupid Now? : Ren and Stimpy find out they are about to be canceled when they go into the bosses' office. The boss switches Ren and Stimpy's roles and makes Ren eat Stimpy's fat.

  • Bellhops: Ren and Stimpy get a job as being bellhops and try to make sure that no one is living on the top two floors of the hotel.Dog Tags: The annual Dog Lodge meeting is here and Ren is getting ready for it. Stimpy wants to come along too, so he begs.

  • Stimpy's Pet: An abandoned circus clown is being taken care of by Stimpy.Ren's Brain: Stimpy becomes a brain surgeon and he tries to remove Ren's brain.

  • Hair of the Cat: Ren may be allergic to Stimpy's cat hair after suffering his allergies.City Hicks: Ren and Stimpy leave their farm to the city to find filth after it rains, which make the fields grow vegetables and fruits and that ruins them.

  • Ol' Blue Nose: Stimpy starts to sing like Frank Sinatra after Ren hits Stimpy in the nose.Stupid Sidekick Union: Stimpy is alerted about the sidekick union going on strike.

  • Superstitious Stimpy: Stimpy starts to believe in superstitions.Travelogue: Ren and Stimpy travel to a country that is new.

  • Galoot Wranglers: Ren and Stimpy raise lummox-like humans.Ren Needs Help! : Ren goes crazy after Stimpy breaks Ren's things. After that, Ren gets sent to a mental hospital for the mentally insane.

  • Insomniac Ren: Ren can't sleep for the big golf tournament, so Stimpy tries to help him out.My Shiny Friend: Stimpy gets addicted to the TV and Ren tries to separate him from it and has trouble doing it.

  • Pixie King: Ren and Stimpy are in a world where elves and gnomes works happily to reach Pixie status and Ren wants to be the Pixie King.Aloha Hoek: Ren and Stimpy are starving on a desert island until they discover a whale carcass and they start to live in it. Ren kicks Stimpy out of the whale and he finds the Big Kahuna, who has things to survive.

  • Double Header: Ren sends Stimpy out of town after he can't him anymore.Scotsman in Space: Starring Haggis McHaggis, the scotsman, Ren and Stimpy take off in an exciting adventure.

  • It's a Dog's Life: Ren and Stimpy are at a dog pound and that's about to change when an old lady adopts them. After she gives them luxury, it starts to get bad. So, Ren and Stimpy try to escape.Egg Yolkeo: Ren as Renwaldo, a villager of Eggsmith, makes a puppet out of eggs named Egg Yolkeo.

  • I Love Chicken: Stimpy falls in love with a chicken that he is making for Ren.Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman: A woman's waffle business is ruined, thanks to Powdered Toast. Also, Powdered Toastman tries to grant a wish for a boy named Little Jimmy.

  • PreHistoric Stimpy: Ren and Stimpy go to a museum that is about natural history.Farm Hands: Hungry and famished, Ren and Stimpy pretend to be two farmers' long lost children.

  • Magical Singing Golden Cheeses: Ren and Stimpy as Renwaldo and Stimpleton are peasants starving in a fairy-tale world. So, to feed themselves, Stimpy goes to a village idiot to challenge him in a contest of stupidity to get magic singing golden cheeses. Stimpleton gets the cheeses but Renwaldo orders him to dig the cheeses because it wasn't right for him. Now a giant has it and is using as shoes. Will Stimpleton get those cheeses back from the giant?Hard Day's Luck: There's a leprechaun is Haggis McHaggis' cereal and he can grant wishes. Before Haggis can get a wish, he must prove that he is even-tempered, generous and brave.

  • Blazing Entrails: What makes a feline so dumb? That question may answered when Ren goes into Stimpy's body.Lumber Jerks: The duo changes careers from delivering newspapers to chopping down trees in the woods as being lumberjacks.

  • House of Next Tuesday: Ren and Stimpy seek a place to live in the a model home of the house of the future.Eat My Cookies: The cat and dog are desparate to join Barrette Beret Girls. To join, they must prove themselves to be the burly babes.

  • Ren goes off in a cave to live as a Hermit because he is annoyed by how stupid Stimpy is. He goes crazy and makes up imaginary friends for ten years.