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The main character in Johnny Bravo is Johnny himself, a muscular beefcake of a man who wears a pompadour hairstyle and he has an voice that resembles Elvis Johnny Bravo is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (70 episodes). The series first aired on July 7, 1997.

Where do I stream Johnny Bravo online? Johnny Bravo is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Johnny Bravo on demand at Amazon, Google Play, iTunes online.

Cartoon Network
4 Seasons, 70 Episodes
July 7, 1997
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Jeff Bennett, Brenda Vaccaro, Mae Whitman, Tom Kenny
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Johnny Bravo Full Episode Guide

  • Johnny's cartoon is chosen to get a complete makeover from the cartoon makeover team. Then, Johnny becomes Shaquille O'Neal's good luck charm after Shaq finds great things are thrust upon him when he touches Johnny.

  • Allyce Beasley and Curtis Armstrong ("Moonlighting") put Johnny in a reality series; Johnny goes on a reality TV dating show.

  • Wilderness Protection Program: An elk pretends that she and Johnny are married elephants because she's on the run from some people she thinks are a mob out to take over the world. A Page Right Out of History: In the distant past, an same-named ancestor of Johnny living in Bedrock is rescued by Fred Flintstone, and soon finds himself doing Fred's chores as a way of repaying Fred.

  • Johnny tells Suzi a story about his first crush.

  • Johnny beleives a magician makes him invisiable

  • Johnny freaks out when he awakes with a gray hair

  • Get Shovelized!: Johnny Bravo has an inncident with a shovel...T is For Troube: Many years ago, Johnny sent Mr. T a fan letter that Mr. T just replied to.

  • Mini JB: Johnny has to babysit a baby.Back from the Future: A bunch of Sci-Fi geeks get Johnny to think that he is a traveler from the 1960's.

  • Johnny's mom goes on a vacation, so Johnny is left home alone. Then, things begin to go wrong in the house hold and Johnny will have to turn to Suzy for help before Mama Bravo gets home from her trip.

  • Win An El Toro Guapo: Johnny tries to win a truck that he thinks will impress the ladies.Witch-ay Woman: After getting a gypsy lady angry, Johnny has a curse put upon him.

  • Traffic Troubles - After jaywalking, Johnny lands himself in Traffic School. But this isn't any ordenary Traffic School, it's a Musical Comedy Traffic School. Unfortunately for Johnny, he can't sing, and must seek help from an old lady to show him how.My Funny Looking Friend - After seeing a macho-man reel in the babes at the mall using a special tactic, Johnny decides to use the idea himself. He then begins searching for the perfect funny looking friend, and it pays off. But there's no telling how long Johnny's success with the women will last.

  • "Lodge Brother Johnny" Johnny finds out Pops and Carl are members of the highly- secret "Brotherhood of the Gnu" and agrees to undergo the secret initiation process to join, which includes eating only one potato chip and listening to Brother Ernie's long boring story about buying a couch. Johnny's so happy to be let into the secret organization that he alerts the media. "Chain Gang Johnny" After being arrested in a case of mistaken identity, Johnny and Carl are shackled to each other and sent to a maximum-security prison operated by a sexy but tyrannical lady-warden. Posing as an old married couple, they escape into the surrounding marshland and proceed to get on each other's nerves a lot. "Lumberjack Johnny" Johnny joins a lumberjack contest so he can get the "winner's kiss" from the Lumberjack Queen. Through sheer dumb luck, Johnny continuously beats his giant, flannel-loving competition, only to find out that the beautiful young woman he thought was the Queen is actually the Princes

  • The Great Bunny Book; Enter the Chipmunk; Frankenbravo

  • It's Valentine's day, as well as Johnny's birthday. To celebrate this special occassion, Johnny seeks out to find the perfect date, but will he be able to do it before both his birthday and Valentine's day are over? Only time will tell.

  • Christmas is right around the corner, and Johnny is getting ready. But Johnny when Johnny forgets to send his letter to Santa Claus, he must find a way to let Santa know what he wants. After attempting to send them by mail, Johnny is turned away and told that there's no way they can get to Santa by Christmas. With only one thing left to do, Johnny enlists the help of Suzy to head to the North Pole and tell Santa what he wants, personally.

  • The Hansel And Gretel Witch Project - Johnny gives in and decides to help Suzy and Carl make a movie about the Hensel and Gretel With that lives across town.I.Q. Johnny - Johnny gulps down a drink that is made to make chimps smarter, and to no surprise makes Johnny smart as well. Just in the nick of time too, as the town is endangered by a nuclear meltdown.Get Stinky - A girl named Stinky moves back into town, and Johnny realizes she's his old arch nemesis who use to play pranks on him. But to his surprise she's now beautiful, and also interested in Johnny, but Johnny can't get himself to forget the past.

  • Auteur, Auter - Using the governments money, Johnny decides to direct his own show. But when he goes to far, it causes everyone to quit, leaving Johnny to have to star as every character in the show himself.Runaway Train - While heading up to visit his aunt, Johnny accidentally boards a supersonic prototype train called Blue Goose 9000.A Reject Runs Through It - Johnny attempts to catch a fish called the Potty-Mouth Samon, after being dared by Carl and Pops.

  • Lord of the Links - Johnny becomes a hot shot golfer in order to impress hot babes.Chain Gang Johnny - Johnny joins a group called the Chain Gang.Lumberjack Johnny - Johnny attends a lumberjack festival, to impress the ladies with his huge muscles while competing in the lumberjack competitions.

  • Lodge Brother Johnny - In an attempt to join the "Brotherhood of the Gru" with Pops and Carl to become a Lodge Brother, Johnny must face some grueling tasks.Bootman - Johnny manages to find a crushed super hero beneath a meteor, wearing majig boots. Johnny thinks the boots look cool and put them on, turning him into a super hero. Feeling invincible, Johnny tries to see what his powers can do, which hurts more than it helps.Freudian Dip - Johnny continues to have bad dreams about a monster, which causes problems for Mama. In an attempt to find out what's wrong, Suzy uses her degree in psychology to help Johnny.

  • The Suzy Show - One of Suzy's favorite books, "Harold and the Fuzzy Bunny", has been taken out of the Library by a greedy man named Mr. Blowhart. In an attempt to get the book back on the shelves, she enlists Johnny's assistance.Toy Boy Johnny - Johnny becomes CEO of a major toy company, and creates action figures of himself for the Holiday. Unfortunately for him, the toy's have a minor defect.Frankenbravo - A mad scientist comes up with the perfect women, who Johnny ends up meeting. The towns people don't seem to happy about it, as they grab their torches and pitch forks and try to chase them out of town.

  • A Walk On The Stupid Side - When Suzy asks Johnny to walk for Charity, he takes it literally and walks around the world, which ends up causing trouble.Lone Star Bravo - While going through a scrapbook, Johnny and his Mama come accross a picture of someone who looks just like Johnny. Curious, Johnny asks who it is, and Mama tells him the story of Lone Star Bravo.Enter the Chipmunk - While at a karate match, a chipmunk jumps on Johnny, causing him to wail around like crazy, knocking every oponent to the ground. After seeing this, Johnny's Masters enemy steals Johnny and holds him captive until Johnny teaches him his move.

  • I Dream Of Johnny - While attending an Arab Convention with Carl, Johnny stumbles accross a Genie that decides to grant him three wishes.One Angry Bravo - Johnny Storms a Court House.Carnival Of the Darned - Johnny accidentally destroys Mama's microwave, and decides to run away. He comes accross a couple out casts such as him self who are part of a circus, and he decides to join.

  • Johnny On Ice - While in the mountains, Johnny gets frozen in a position which makes him look like a Caveman. A scientists ends up thawing him out and mistaking him for a Primitive Caveman as well. At first Johnny doesn't go along with it, but quickly changes his mind after meeting the scientists beautiful daughter.Robo-Mama - When Johnny's Mama goes on a trip to Las Vegas, she leaves Johnny at home with the new Robo-Mama to take care of him. Little does she know, the Robo-Mama has a little bit of a defect.20,000 Leagues Over My Head - Johnny is obsessed with the new Clam-League 9000 toys, and will do anything to get his hands on them. He luckily meets a hot environmentalist named Debby who travels under seas, and finds it as the perfect opertunity to find more Clam-League 9000 toys.

  • Jurassic Drok - Johnny ends up with a dinosaur egg which hatches, leaving him with a pet T-rex who he names Mr. Wuggles. Johnny decides to keep him, but must do everything in his power to keep Mr. Wuggles out of trouble.Mascot Academy - Johnny loves Cheerleaders, and decides to do something football related to get them to go out with him. So he does the oposite of what you might think, and becomes a team Mascott.Full Metal Johnny - Johnny accidentally signs up for Military Camp when he went to sign up for Dodge Ball Camp. In return Johnny gets stuck with a very hard, but very cute drill instructor, Sergant Trixie.

  • Dental Hijinks - Johnny is at the dentist due to a tooth ache, but against his will as he continuously tries to escape for fear that the pain will only get worse.Little Red Riding Johnny - Johnny heads to the store to get some Krelmann's Prune Spread. But when he finds that they're out of it, he's desperate to get some. He then finds Suzy heading to her grandma's house with some of the Prune Spread, and Johnny decides to follow her to get some at any cost.Pouch Potato - While on an outback tour, Johnny is kicked out for his behavior. Afterwards he is picked up by a Mama' Kangaroo who tries to take care of Johnny as her own.

  • Fool For A Day - It's April Fool's day and Johnny seems to be the root of everyone's prank, including Suzy's class and her teacher. Furious, Johnny tries to think up the best April Fool's joke ever.In Your Dreams - While at a dream clinic, Johnny meets the perfect girl, in his dreams. Everything seems to be going great, but the dream continues to get interupted, turning the dream into a nightmare. But Johnny still endures it, just to stay with the girl of his dreams.Some Like It Stupid - Johnny and Carl are after a bad guy who goes by the name Fish Lips Malone. But in order to catch him, they must dress up as girls and enter the Miss Perky beauty pagent.

  • Johnny Bravo Affair - After falling asleep in a Mummy Casket, Johnny is awoken by a female burglar trying to steal the largest peice of cubic serconium. Startled, Johnny accidentally swollows it, and results in him getting kidnapped by the burglar where she plans on taking it out, painfully.Biophere Johnny - Johnny locks himself in a Biosphere with a pretty scientist, as well as Carl and the others, with no food or water.Spa Spaz - While at a Sap, Johnny is spotted by the Manager who finds out how many toxins are in Johnny's body. With that on her mind, she decides to make Bravo her project that will put her spa on the map.

  • Scoop Bravo - In order to impress a News Reporter hottie, Johnny becomes a News Reporter himself. Only his story isn't your ordinary story, his story is about alien cats.The Incredible Shringking Johnny - Without warning, Johnny begins to shrink continuously through out the day.Backdraft - Johnny decides to become a fireman in order to impress babes, and signs up for the job. To everyone's surprise, he gets it, but doesn't know the first thing about firefighting.

  • Candidate Johnny - Both Carl and Johnny decided to run for Litter Commissioner, with the sole perpose of picking up chicks.Johnny B. Badd - Pops makes Suzy, Mama, and Carl stars after hearing their funky monkey song. Soon after Johnny wants in on it too, and wants to be the lead singer. Pops allows it, but keeps the cord cut to be safe. Too bad it doesn't stay that way for long.Air Bravo - Johnny comes in contact with Enormous Ferguson, a famous basketball player, and decides to help him and his team take on the Towsville Titans.

  • Luke Perry's Guide To Love - Johnny coincidentally saves Luke Perry's life. In return, Perry agrees to coach Johnny on a date, communicating through ear peieces and a mini microphone.In The Line Of Johnny - Johnny spends all his time fighting things that don't exist as a Security Gaurd at Soy's Harvest Parade.Fugitive Johnny - Johnny becomes a fugitive when police believe he stole some chocolate-chip cookies at their bake sale.