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"Clifford's Puppy Days" is a television show featuring Clifford, a large red dog, from the well-known children's books. Clifford is originally an extremely small puppy adopted by a young girl named Emily Elizabeth. Before too long, Clifford quickly begins to grow incredibly large, and he finds trouble throughout the neighborhood.

Clifford's Puppy Days is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 2003.

Clifford's Puppy Days is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Clifford's Puppy Days on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, Hoopla, iTunes online.

3 Seasons, 52 Episodes
September 1, 2003
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Lara Jill Miller, Julie-Ann Dean, Henry Winkler, Masiela Lusha
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Clifford's Puppy Days Full Episode Guide

  • Valentine Schmalentine Clifford and Daffodil get very competitive over who can make EE the best Valentine's Day gift of all. In the end, they realize she would have loved whatever they gave her, because she loves them.Credo: Share/Be a Good FriendSweethearts DanceEmily Elizabeth's excitement over the Father/Daughter-Mother/Son dance at the Community Center turns to anxiety when she realizes she and her dad have to dance in front of a crowd.Credo: Be Yourself

  • Lost and FoundDaffodil's stuffed bunny, Bubbles, is missing and Daffodil blames Clifford. After totaling Emily Elizabeth's bedroom, Bubbles turns up in the toy basket, and Daffodil must admit that she's been as careless as Clifford.Credo: Be ResponsibleBasketball Blunders Emily Elizabeth and her friends think they have to take it easy when they play the kids on Mr. Solomon's wheelchair basketball team. But by the end of the game, they realize they've misjudged their abilities.Credo: Have Respect

  • Heroes and FriendsClifford tries to be a "hero" to impress his beloved Emily Elizabeth. He soon learns that being called "my best friend in the whole world" can be just as rewarding as being called a "hero." Credo: Believe in Yourself/Be a Good FriendThe Cookie CrumblesWhen Mrs. Z presents the kids with candy canes, they decide to make cookies to thank her. But as their cookie list grows and their standards rise, they become fed up with frosting and each other. With Clifford's help, they remember that Christmas is about celebrating being together.Credo: Be a Good Friend/Be Responsible

  • The Big, Big Present The kittens accidentally break the Menorah. Their "sticky" attempts to fix it result in a special, if unusual, Menorah that becomes part of their annual celebration.Credo: Be Responsible/Help OthersHanukah Plunder BlunderZo can't resist sneaking in and opening all eight of his presents on the first night of Hanukah. He soon realizes that he's spoiled his own fun by taking the surprise out of each night. Flo comes to the rescue by allowing him to share in her new gifts.

  • Clifford's Little FriendAfter promising to play with little Lewis Sidarsky, Clifford gets into a game of ball with his older friends that Lewis is too small to play. When he realizes Lewis has disappeared, Clifford must find his friend, apologize and make amends.Credo: Have Respect/Be a Good FriendTricky BusinessWhile babysitting for Emily Elizabeth, Evan mistakenly believes he has made Clifford really disappear with his new magic trick kit. Instead of telling Emily Elizabeth about it right away, he tries to keep her distracted while he frantically tries to find the little pup. Credo: Be Truthful

  • But I Really, Really Saw It!Clifford becomes the little dog who cried wolf when he claims to have seen a huge flying dinosaur and an enormous floating teddy bear. The problem is ... he's telling the truth. When no one believes him, Clifford retreats into himself, and wants to run away. But when he sees a man holding onto the ear of an immense floating turkey and calling for HELP, Clifford knows he has to put his pride aside and get someone to believe him. Credo: Be Truthful/Believe in YourselfThe Perfect PancakeMr. Solomon, who is hosting Thanksgiving, plans to make his mom's favorite potato pancakes for the occasion. When the pancakes are a disaster, everyone surprises him by bringing their own special brand of pancakes to the holiday dinner.Credo: Share/Be a Good Friend

  • The Big SurpriseWhen Clifford's plan to give Daffodil a surprise birthday party collapses, he is afraid she'll be disappointed. But Daffodil is touched and thrilled that he made the effort and that all her friends have gathered to celebrate her special day.Credo: Be a Good FriendBe My GuestWhen Norville injures his wing he's taken in by Emily Elizabeth. At first, Clifford is happy to have him, but gradually the puppy becomes tired of sharing his things and Emily Elizabeth's attention and begins to act out.Credo: Share/Help Others

  • Clifford the Scary PuppyEvan goes a little too far when he's playing spooky tricks on the kids, until Clifford accidentally gives him a good scare.Credo: Have RespectThings That Go BumpThere's a costume camp out party in the courtyard on Halloween night. Everyone drifts off to sleep but Clifford, who's too spooked by unfamiliar sounds to close his eyes. Norville comes to his rescue, and together, they nervously uncover that the "things that go bump" are only frightening in their imaginations. Credo: Help Others

  • Jorge digs up a shark tooth necklace and doesn't understand why "Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers" apply. Nina and Jorge become instant celebrities when they get their picture in the newspaper.

  • Clifford and Daffodil compete to make Emily the best gift for Valentine's Day. / Emily is uneasy about dancing in front of a crowd.

  • When her stuffed bunny vanishes, Daffodil blames Clifford. / Emily and her friends play against the kids on Mr. Solomon's wheelchair-basketball team.

  • Clifford tries to be a hero to impress Emily. / Things get out of hand when the kids make cookies to thank Mrs. Z for giving them candy canes.

  • The kittens accidentally break a menorah and attempt to fix it. / Zo can't resist opening all of his presents on the first night of Hanukkah.

  • After promising to play with Lewis, Clifford plays ball with his friends instead. / Evan uses his new magic kit and thinks he's made Clifford vanish.

  • Clifford claims he saw a flying dinosaur and a floating teddy bear, but nobody believes him. / Mr. Solomon's potato pancakes don't turn out well.

  • Clifford attempts to throw a surprise birthday party for Daffodil, but his plan falls apart. / When Norville injures his wing, Emily takes him in.

  • Emily Elizabeth, Nina, Jorge and Clifford watch a newsbit on TV about the local City Restoration Project, which inspires them to do something about the empty lot behind the apartment. They enlist the help of Shun, Evan and Vanessa and get to work creating a garden. However, problems soon arise as there seems to be no solid plan. Everyone ends up getting in each other's way and soon things are actually looking worse than they were when they started.

  • Emily Elizabeth, Nina, their families and dogs are taking a day-trip to the beach. Emily Elizabeth and Nina are entering a sand-castle competition and Jorge and Clifford are eager to help out --- it should be a fun time! The stakes are raised, however, when a dog named Jack says that he's sure his owners will win. Pretty soon, Clifford and Jorge are engaging in displays of one-upmanship that leave Nina and Emily Elizabeth quite puzzled.

  • Emily Elizabeth, Nina and Shun are out playing kickball, while Jorge is teaching Clifford how to bury a bone. When the three friends lose the kickball, they end up finding a basketball and Nina declares that they can keep it, saying that it's "Finders Keepers." Clifford and Jorge consider this and Jorge especially seems to agree with this logic. When he finds a shark-tooth necklace, he keeps it, even after finding out that it actually belongs to Shun. Clifford feels this isn't right, but wonders how to tell his friend that's he wrong.

  • It's a nice day outside, so Emily Elizabeth decides to take Clifford to the dog park, where there are lots of dogs to play with. It seems like it should be a fun time, but a series of incidents leave Clifford lamenting how small he is. No matter what he does --- from hopping over an obstacle course or trying to get a dog biscuit, it seems like he needs his friends' help because he's too small. His friends help him to see that he isn't the only with such problems --- Jorge's length causes him difficulties, Norville's feathers are maintenance problem and Daffodil's big ears get in her way. Clifford learns that sometimes things that cause problems can also be the same things that make one special.