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  • TV-Y7
  • 1998
  • 9 Seasons
  • 6.6  (15,909)

The Wild Thornberrys is a beloved animated television show that aired on Nickelodeon from 1998 to 2004. The show follows the adventures of a family of globe-trotting documentary filmmakers, the Thornberrys, as they travel the world in search of wildlife to film and document. The family consists of eccentric parents Nigel and Marianne, their two daughters Debbie and Eliza, and their children's pet chimpanzee, Darwin.

The main protagonist of the show is Eliza Thornberry, a curious and adventurous 12-year-old girl who has a unique talent that sets her apart from the rest of her family. Eliza has the ability to speak with animals, a gift that was bestowed upon her by an African shaman who saved her life from a poisonous snake bite. With the ability to communicate with animals, Eliza can get them to reveal their secrets and help them when they are in danger.

Eliza is a headstrong and fearless character who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is always eager to explore new places and meet new animal friends, often getting herself into sticky situations. She has a strong desire to protect the animals and the environment, and often goes to great lengths to do so.

The rest of the Thornberry family is also a quirky bunch. Nigel, Eliza's father, is a bumbling but lovable naturalist who is obsessed with wildlife and often forgets about his family in pursuit of a good shot for his documentary. Marianne, Eliza's mother, is more practical and often has to reign in Nigel's over-the-top antics. Debbie, Eliza's older sister, is a moody and sarcastic teenager who is not particularly interested in wildlife or her family's adventures.

The show has a strong environmental message and the importance of conservation is emphasized throughout. The Thornberrys often encounter people who are involved in the destruction of the natural world, and Eliza and her family work to educate them and stop their harmful activities.

One of the most unique aspects of the show is the use of voice actors. The character Darwin, the family's pet chimpanzee, is voiced by Flea from the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Eliza is voiced by Lacey Chabert, who was best known for her role in the movie "Mean Girls." Tim Curry, a legendary actor, voices Nigel Thornberry, and Danielle Harris voices Debbie Thornberry. Jodi Carlisle voices Marianne Thornberry.

The show also had a unique animation style, with hand-drawn characters overlaid on top of real-life backgrounds. This created a sense of immersion in the natural world and made it feel like the characters were truly traveling the world.

Overall, The Wild Thornberrys was a beloved show that captivated audiences with its compelling characters, thrilling adventures, and strong environmental message. Its memorable characters and unique animation style have cemented it as a classic of children's television.

The Wild Thornberrys is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (103 episodes). The series first aired on October 13, 1998.

The Wild Thornberrys
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Look Who's Squawking
10. Look Who's Squawking
April 4, 2003
Eliza is determined to play vet to some penguins, and misinterprets a penguins request for food, bringing the bird to a base for observation.
The Anniversary
9. The Anniversary
December 11, 2000
Grandma Sophie and Grandpa Frank surprise the Thornberrys with a visit to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary, but when Eliza and Grandpa want to climb Mt. Fuji, everyone thinks they are respectively too young and too old. The two sneak away in the night but soon find that the climb is harder than expected, and Eliza learns that her grandpa is not as able as he used to be. When Grandpa helps mend a wounded bear, however, his spirit is renewed, and they make the climb.
Hello Dolphin
8. Hello Dolphin
February 19, 2001
When Debbie's e-mail boyfriend, Sven, breaks up with her, Eliza tries to cheer her up by getting a reluctant Debbie to swim with dolphins. Debbie takes to the water and soon the kids and Darwin are out to sea in a small boat, where they encounter a deadly tiger shark.
New Territory
7. New Territory
December 4, 2000
The Thornberrys run out of gas and meet a family who could be their Aussie doubles. Eliza hits it off with Bethany, but is awkward and overprotective when she realizes she's in a wheelchair. While out exploring together (and trying to avoid the legendary "mamu" creature), Eliza continually shelters Bethany from potential danger until Bethany tells Eliza she doesn't need to be protected.
Hot Air
6. Hot Air
June 1, 2002
Eliza tries to talk Darwin into taking a hot air balloon ride, knowing full well that he's afraid of heights. After being pushed around one too many times, Darwin stands up to Eliza and refuses to go. When Eliza meets a brush-tailed possum, her new friend is not like Darwin -- she's a thrill seeker who's fast on her feet.
Operation Valentine
5. Operation Valentine
February 14, 2001
When Eliza gets a bad stomach, she assumes the Valentine cookies Debbie baked for Sven made her ill. But when she goes rock climbing with Darwin and Donnie, her pain worsens and Donnie takes off, prompted by a "rescue sense." Donnie finds Nigel, who, with Marianne, quickly ascertain Eliza might have appendicitis.
Island Trade
4. Island Trade
October 5, 2000
When Debbie drives Eliza and Tyler to the marketplace to trade items, Debbie and Tyler accidentally trade the commvee for a dress that Debbie wants.
Happy Campers
3. Happy Campers
November 27, 2000
When the Thornberrys visit the "land of happiness" to film the black-necked crane migration dance, they are stopped at the border - due to tourist limits, only two of them can enter the city. After it is decided that Marianne and Debbie go, Eliza and Darwin sneak inside the border.
Queen Of Denial
2. Queen Of Denial
October 4, 2000
When Eliza overhears Tyler complain that she always gets her own way, she vows to Darwin that she'll do everything Tyler's way for a whole day. When they fall into in a underground burial chamber, Eliza has to hold her tongue as Tyler leads them through a series of booby traps.
All Work and No Play
1. All Work and No Play
January 12, 2001
Eliza and Debbie are supposed to take inventory of supplies, but Eliza is tempted by the call of exploring and leaves to explore a beaver dam. When she talks one of the beavers into showing her around, he ducks his out of his building duties which in turn causes the dam to give way.
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  • Premiere Date
    October 13, 1998
  • IMDB Rating
    6.6  (15,909)