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The Wild Thornberrys follows the Thornberry family as they travel the world in their recreational vehicle in search of rare animals to film. Nigel, voiced by Tim Curry, and Marianne Thornberry, voiced by Jodi Carlisle, are famous nature show hosts. Lacey Chabert plays the role of Eliza Thornberry, the second youngest child of Nigel and Marianne. Eliza is a young girl was granted the power to communicate with animals by an African shaman. If a human discovers her secret, she will lose her gift forever.

The actors who provide voices for the main characters have all been featured in prominent movies and television series. Darwin, the Thornberrys' pet chimpanzee, is voiced by Tom Kane. Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers stars as Donnie, the feral boy who the Thornberrys have adopted as their son. Danielle Harris provides the voice for Debbie Thornberry, Eliza's older sister, who hates the family's wild life.

While her parents search for animals to film, Eliza is usually caught up in adventures, always looking to help the animals she encounters. Darwin is her unwitting companion on all of her adventures. Despite his cautious nature, which can border on paranoia, Darwin is a loyal and reliable companion who has saved Eliza's life just as many times as she's saved his. The episodes follow a formula, and, although the series is relatively predictable, famous guest stars and a constant flow of comic relief keep The Wild Thornberrys fresh.

The Wild Thornberrys was one of Nickelodeon's most popular shows during its six-year run. Three movie spin-offs have been released, including one that was nominated for an Academy Award, and another that was a cross-over between Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys.

The Wild Thornberrys is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (87 episodes). The series first aired on September 1, 1998.

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9 Seasons, 87 Episodes
September 1, 1998
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Lacey Chabert, Tom Kane, Flea, Danielle Harris, Jodi Carlisle
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The Wild Thornberrys Full Episode Guide

  • Eliza is determined to play vet to some penguins, and misinterprets a penguins request for food, bringing the bird to a base for observation.

  • When Debbie's e-mail boyfriend, Sven, breaks up with her, Eliza tries to cheer her up by getting a reluctant Debbie to swim with dolphins. Debbie takes to the water and soon the kids and Darwin are out to sea in a small boat, where they encounter a deadly tiger shark.

  • The Thornberrys run out of gas and meet a family who could be their Aussie doubles. Eliza hits it off with Bethany, but is awkward and overprotective when she realizes she's in a wheelchair. While out exploring together (and trying to avoid the legendary "mamu" creature), Eliza continually shelters Bethany from potential danger until Bethany tells Eliza she doesn't need to be protected.

  • When Eliza gets a bad stomach, she assumes the Valentine cookies Debbie baked for Sven made her ill. But when she goes rock climbing with Darwin and Donnie, her pain worsens and Donnie takes off, prompted by a "rescue sense." Donnie finds Nigel, who, with Marianne, quickly ascertain Eliza might have appendicitis.

  • When Debbie drives Eliza and Tyler to the marketplace to trade items, Debbie and Tyler accidentally trade the commvee for a dress that Debbie wants.

  • When the Thornberrys visit the "land of happiness" to film the black-necked crane migration dance, they are stopped at the border - due to tourist limits, only two of them can enter the city. After it is decided that Marianne and Debbie go, Eliza and Darwin sneak inside the border.

  • When Eliza overhears Tyler complain that she always gets her own way, she vows to Darwin that she'll do everything Tyler's way for a whole day. When they fall into in a underground burial chamber, Eliza has to hold her tongue as Tyler leads them through a series of booby traps.

  • Eliza and Debbie are supposed to take inventory of supplies, but Eliza is tempted by the call of exploring and leaves to explore a beaver dam. When she talks one of the beavers into showing her around, he ducks his out of his building duties which in turn causes the dam to give way.

  • At the Nadaam Festival, Marianne coaches Eliza for the annual horse race. When Eliza hears that the wild "przwalski" horses are really fast, she ditches her inexperienced horse, Jamyn in hopes of winning on a "przewalski" despite her mother's warnings.

  • When the Thornberrys visit the Great Wall Of China, Eliza is shocked to find that a poacher has captured her panda friend Shi Shou and his mother. With the help of her e-mail pal, Ling, Eliza tries to rescue the pandas and a chase ensues through the annual kite festival.

  • All set to celebrate his thirteenth birthday in the Savannah, Tyler can't wait to accompany Eliza on one of her adventures, but Eliza keeps ditching him so she can help the Elephant Phaedra figure out what's wrong with her cousin, Shango.

  • On April Fool's Day, Eliza and Marianne keep up their yearly tradition of pulling practical jokes on each other. When Tyler tries to top Eliza by pulling off a better prank, he takes it too far and ends up falling into quicksand.

  • Eliza and Tyler argue over which one of them would make a better warrior. They challenge each other to find the elusive bushback, but when a lightning storms ignites fires in the Savannah, Eliza and Tyler have to work together.

  • Eliza's adversarial cousin, Tyler, arrives for a four-week visit. The Thornberrys travel down the Congo River in an "African Queen" type boat to film the clawless otter. When Tyler drives the boat without permission, disaster ensues.

  • As the family prepares to film the "Day of the Dead" ceremony in a small town, Eliza meets a little girl who tells her about the spirits returning. Eliza is determined to find one, but when Donnie puts a vaulable ring in a loaf of bread, Debbie and Eliza must search for the missing ring. Eliza gets some help from a mysterious woman who, she finds out, has been gone for many years.

  • Debbie accidentally hurts fer father's feelings on New Year's Eve by ditching the family for a couple of eccentric, 30's-era volcano chasers, Mitzi and Merrick Dash. Eliza goes after her to reclaim her friend, Santusa the Llama, but soon they are all caught in a volcanic eruption.

  • Debbie and Eliza are exploring the Everglades when they accidentally drop Nigel's birthday present into a swamp. As an old woman chases them away but they return at night, only to see the watch eaten by an alligator.

  • Eliza and Debbie are fighting so much that Debbie decides to apply to boarding school, but meeting up with a lone wolf teaches Eliza that families, like packs, belong together.

  • Eliza and a Chinese girl, Arioka, secretly switch places so Eliza can ride across the desert on camels and Arioka can ride in the Commvee, but Arioka's parents change their plans and Eliza must figure a way ro get them back to the Thornberrys.