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Pinky & The Brain is an animated series that follows the exploits of two lab mice Pinky and The Brain. Every evening after the scientists and other workers head home Pinky and The Brain begin their nightly task of taking over the world. The Brain nightly masterminds an elaborate plan to rule the world. Everything to mind control and robots have tried to help The Brain take over the world from their small cage and lab room.

As smart as The Brain is and as well as he plans his vast intelligence very rarely overcomes his fellow lab mouse Pinky's lack of common sense. While the willing Pinky is always there at his friend's side to help, his help is usually more problematic than useful. Without knowing it Pinky single handily unravels each and everyone of The Brain's master plans. The dim witted but lovable Pinky is good natured and trusting. He just is not apt at taking over the world.

As Pinky unravels The Brain's plan he becomes greatly frustrated and angry at Pinky. The Brain usually ends up in situations that he did not anticipate because of his own underestimating of Pinky's simple mind. The Brain has been crushed, blown up, and burned because of Pinky's lack of focus. Some how, even though Pinky continues to foil The Brain's ultimate goal of taking over the world, The Brain continues to allow Pinky to help.

Through it all though The Brain and Pinky remain friends. Each night the lab closes up shop and they begin their plan. The Brain expecting to take over the world and Pinky asking as always asking what they are doing. Even after failure after failure after failure they continue to try and succeed in the highest mission. Pinky and The Brain continue to try to take over the world.

Pinky & the Brain is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (78 episodes). The series first aired on September 9, 1995.

Where do I stream Pinky & the Brain online? Pinky & the Brain is available for streaming on Warner Bros., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pinky & the Brain on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Warner Bros.
4 Seasons, 78 Episodes
September 9, 1995
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, Frank Welker
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Pinky & the Brain Full Episode Guide

  • After learning that Rudy won't attend Vanity's (recurring guest star voice talent JANE WIEDLIN) big party, Elmyra begins sobbing uncontrollably. To stop her crying, Pinky and The Brain use the Patty Ann suit to lure Rudy to the event.Pinky and The Brain attempt to win public support by faking crimes and having The Brain, in the guise of crimefighting hero Braino, foil them. However, their plans backfire when Elmyra begins to gain fame as crimefighting hero Underwear Head. MICHAEL McKEAN guest stars as the voices of the Grocer, Robber and Policeman.

  • Pinky and The Brain create a black hole inside a jar and plan to sell the creation. But because of Elmyra, events soon spin wildly out of control.Pinky and The Brain plan to use the Patty Ann suit to try out for the Meat Queen contest. They win, but are forced to contend with Vanity's (recurring guest star voice talent JANE WIEDLIN) wrath and Elmyra's jealousy. TOWNSEND COLEMAN guest stars as the voice of Claude Gristle.

  • Elmyra takes Pinky and The Brain and several other pets to the veterinarian's office. When the doctor wants to publicize her bizarre cat/dog, Pussy Wussy, the mice must act to prevent discovery by The Circle. T'KEYAH CRYSTAL KEYMAH guest stars as the voice of Nurse Gland; FRED WILLARD guest stars as the voice of Doctor Glen Tarantella and DAVID PAYMER returns as the voice of Shad Equipo.Pinky and The Brain broadcast their world domination plans on a public access TV station. However, when network executives accidentally see the show, they decide to air it nationally. JACK CARTER guest stars as the voice of Ziff Twyman; JASON MARSDEN guest stars as the voices of Taylor Tyler Hoovie and Billy, and T'KEYAH CRYSTAL KEYMAH guest stars as the voices of Little Girl and Mother.

  • A teleportation device goes awry, fusing The Brain and Elmyra into a two-headed being. Captured by a sinister carnival owner, their rescue is in Pinky's hands.

  • In this story told in poetic stanzas, Pinky and The Brain attempt to survive a typical day with Elmyra.When Rudy steals their Solar Ray, Pinky and The Brain must get it back. To do so, they must infiltrate Rudy's room, home to his ravenous anaconda.

  • Pinky and The Brain become Elmyra's campaign managers after she is nominated for class president. However, politics proves tricky, as they must manipulate Rudy Mookich into opposing Elmyra's opponents.After the annoying theme song from a children's amusement park ride is ingrained in their minds, Pinky and The Brain decide to alter the tune for their purposes. But in order to do so, they must negotiate the world's most chaotic theme park, Duckyland. ANDREA MARTIN guest stars as the voice of Ms. Entebbe.

  • In a parody of Frank Capra's classic holiday film, "It's A Wonderful Life," The Brain dreams that he is back at Acme Labs. He soon learns what existence would be like if Elmyra replaced Pinky.Elmyra tells the story of how she flew to France on a giant robot named Roberto, who then transforms all the cheese into annoying American tourists.

  • The Brain invents a powerful scent that draws people to whoever wears it. But Elmyra inadvertently takes the scent to her school dance. The Brain must now infiltrate the event in his Patty Ann suit and retrieve the concoction.Pinky becomes enamored with the vision of a perfect life displayed by 1950s television comedies. After Elmyra buys Pinky a 1950s-style dollhouse, The Brain is slowly drawn into Pinky's fantasy world.

  • Pinky and The Brain build a clubhouse where children can gather without being hassled by adults. The Brain desires to use their unhappiness with society as a launching point for a revolution. But Elmyra and the kids have other plans.Rudy inadvertently alerts a mysterious group called The Circle that is pursuing Pinky and The Brain. Soon, an agent of The Circle, Wally, purses the two mice. A subtle trap begins to close around Pinky and The Brain!

  • The two mice pose as reporters in an attempt to make Elmyra popular. According to The Brain's theory, being popular should give her more friends--giving Pinky and The Brain more time to take over the planet.While telling a bedtime tale to Elmyra, The Brain adds his own unique alterations to the Cinderella story. In his version, The Brain is Cranky Mouseykins, who along with his assistant, Wee Willie Pinky, schemes to attire Cinder-Elmyra in his newest invention: leather shoes. Once the citizens of the kingdom see the ingenious footwear, they shall be freed from wearing uncomfortable glass slippers and The Brain can take over control of Fairyland!

  • In order to obtain all the world's money, Brain must reprogram a satellite orbiting the Earth. Luckily, NASA is offering the opportunity for one child to go on the next space shuttle mission. Pinky and The Brain have the enormous task of teaching Elmyra about the solar system in order for her to win the trip. ED BEGLEY, JR. guest stars as the voice of Lloyd Oldtire.A vicious cat prevents Pinky and The Brain from carrying out their world domination plans. To make the cat more obedient like a dog, Brain concocts a DNA cocktail, but the cat's personality is altered in a way the two mice didn't expect.

  • Pinky (series star ROB PAULSEN) and The Brain barter with an alien for advanced technology. But, the trading stalls when Elmyra mistakes the creature for a furry "bunny." DAVID PAYMER guest stars as the voice of Shad EquipoWhen Elmyra has a chance to win a portable laboratory at a science fair, Brain helps her by creating a model volcano. In the process, he discovers the secret of cold fusion! Now, he and Pinky must protect his discovery from sabotage by Rudy and certain unknown foes. JOHN VERNON returns as the voice of Principal Cheevers.

  • The Brain constructs a girl robot named Patty Ann to create a media event when she is "rescued" from a sewer.To earn the money for a scheme, The Brain enters Elmyra in a spelling bee.

  • Pinky, The Brain and the Animaniacs star in a parody of "Star Wars."

  • The Brain concocts a legend about himself. This story is about how The Brain and Pinky first met.

  • To facilitate The Brain's latest plan, he and Pinky ship themselves to Russia, where they become involved in a James Bond-style adventure. Pinky and The Brain find themselves trapped in the familiar nursery rhyme.

  • Pinky and The Brain unmask the culprit behind that evil, mind numbing dance, the Schmeerskahoven, and save the world.

  • The Brain and Pinky escape from the land of Hats, but find someone is still after them as they try to save the world from an evil dance, the Schmeerskahoven.

  • During a White House conference on the topic "the brain," one of the president's assistants mistakenly invites The Brain. After he becomes trapped in a web of conspiracy and deception, The Brain gets brainwashed and Pinky must save him.

  • This entire episode is seen through Pinky's eyes. And the view is interesting, to say the least. The Brain opens a theme restaurant: "Planet Brain."

  • The Brain becomes a child star in Hollywood during the 1930s.

  • In order to carry out his latest world domination scheme, The Brain must take a teaching job at a dangerous inner city school.

  • In this change of pace episode, when studio executive Jamie Kellner presses them for higher ratings, Pinky and The Brain try out different ideas for their show, spoofing various other sitcoms.

  • The Brain follows Pinky's plan to take over the world--with surprising results. The Brain describes what things would be like if he ruled the world.

  • Pinky and The Brain must bring together Pinky's far-flung family to win money on a TV game show.

  • The Brain gets wild and crazy on a night when he and Pinky don't try to take over the world. The Brain tries to infiltrate a group of surfing teenagers in this spoof of beach party movies.

  • Lab scientists subject The Brain to experiments testing the addictive properties of cigarettes, an experience that endangers his latest plan for world domination.

  • "Brainie" and "Pinklet" attempt to take control of the Acme Woods in this whimsical and brutal tale, parodying A.A. Milne's classic "Winnie the Pooh" stories. Pinky and The Brain bring their own inimitable style to a classic Shakespeare.

  • Impressed by the financial success of "Cats," Pinky and The Brain stage their own Broadway musical.

  • The Brain coaches a last-place baseball club, The New Hampshire Pineapples, to the pennant race. After Pinky unwittingly hits a button on The Brain's robot duplicate of Steven Spielberg (the show's Executive Producer), the robot acts out scenes from Spielberg's movies. The Brain decides he might be better served using a "Ted Turnerator."

  • In this song segment, Pinky and The Brain are the pets of a crazy tailor. While the lab is closed for summer vacation, The Brain plans to travel to Camp Davey, the lodge for children of dignitaries who are visiting Camp David. Once there, his goal is to become crafts counselor and have the children make wooden pencil holders in which he will plant listening devices, enabling him to hear the conversations of global leaders and create a better plan to take over the world. But first, he and Pinky must ascend to the senior counselor position by eliminating all the other counselors above them.

  • The Brain commands a herd of dolphins and sea lions in his latest attempt to take over the world. The Brain must infiltrate the Hackensack Kicky-Sack Sack Kicker factory to carry out his latest plan for global domination in this tongue-twisting episode.

  • The Brain launches his latest plan on a live infomercial in this real-time episode.

  • The Brain goes to Vienna to get famed psychiatrist Sigmund Freud (guest star voice talent STEVE LANDESBERG) to condition his patients for mouse worship, but Freud analyzes The Brain instead. The Brain becomes a Sumo wrestler in order to gain access to the rare Mugu fish, whose paralytic properties will help him take over the world.

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