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There's no generation gap when it comes to Porky Pig. He's the adorable, funny character who sometimes has a problem pronouncing words. Some of these words are legends. "That's all folks" is how Porky Pig ends all of his shows. Children and adults are drawn to Porky Pig. He typifies the same frustration and need to resolve situations with other characters like Daffy Duck in a very human way everyone recognizes. When he deals with adversaries, Porky Pig often finds himself getting the worst of it. With Petunia Pig, Porky's romantic side is charming and endearing.

Warner Bros.
2 Seasons, 29 Episodes
April 28, 2003
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Mel Blanc
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Porky Pig Full Episode Guide

  • Porky, a lumberjack, is trying to chop down a tree, but a squirrel who lives there battles him to save it.

  • Porky Pig, a talent agent, is trying to sneak out to go on vacation. Daffy Duck pushes him back into his office and forces him to give his client, a little black duck with a large lollipop named Sleepy Lagoon, an audition.

  • Porky Pig is a weary traveler who must stay the night in a foreboding castle. There, the castle's caretaker warns Porky about the leprechauns that roam the grounds tricking wayward travelers.

  • Porky Pig picks up Daffy as a hitchhiker, but Daffy's antics eventually lead to Porky getting in trouble with the police.

  • Rags McMutt escapes from the city pound and runs into his old friend Charlie. Charlie tells him how he found an owner so that Rags can hopefully find one too.

  • One of Porky's hens, Prissy, is too timid to lay an egg. She finally does and Porky takes it. Prissy has second thoughts and she embarks on a mission to get it back.

  • Daffy is an obnoxious radio host who puts the guest, Porky, through an arduous series of quiz tests. The more questions he gets wrong, the more penalties Daffy gives him.

  • Porky goes to Wackyland to hunt the Dodo bird. Of course the Dodo bird outsmarts the pig and creates a lot of problems for him.

  • Daffy offers Porky a hotel room for a measly fee, then constantly charges him increasing fees to remove larger and larger pests from Porky's room.

  • Daffy invades Elmer Fudd's home to try to sell him useless inventions to automate the house.

  • On Halloween night policemen Daffy Duck and Porky Pig search for a robber disguised as Granny but end up tangling with the real Granny instead.

  • An infamous criminal by the name of Bluebeard is loose! A mouse takes advantage of this and pretends to be Bluebeard to scare off Porky.

  • Porky Pig tries to have a relaxing day out in the woods but Daffy Duck won't let it happen. A classic favorite.

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