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There's no generation gap when it comes to Porky Pig. He's the adorable, funny character who sometimes has a problem pronouncing words. Some of these words are legends. "That's all folks" is how Porky Pig ends all of his shows. Children and adults are drawn to Porky Pig. He typifies the same frustration and need to resolve situations with other characters like Daffy Duck in a very human way everyone recognizes. When he deals with adversaries, Porky Pig often finds himself getting the worst of it. With Petunia Pig, Porky's romantic side is charming and endearing.

Porky Pig is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (58 episodes). The series first aired on April 28, 2003.

Where do I stream Porky Pig online? Porky Pig is available for streaming on Warner Bros., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Porky Pig on demand at Amazon Prime, Google Play, iTunes online.

Warner Bros.
5 Seasons, 58 Episodes
April 28, 2003
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Mel Blanc
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Porky Pig Full Episode Guide

  • A flock of wild ducks, headed by their ductator Daffy, steal Porky's corn depriving his chickens of food. This precipitates a war between the ducks and chickens which Porky tries to avert only to be drawn into it.

  • Assistant Porky attempts to help his boss shoe a horse, but the animal gallops away with the blacksmith in tow.

  • Porky Pig, a tamale peddler in the bull arena of a Mexican town, must confront the savage bull.

  • Porky and Daffy are roommates who have a problem getting to work on time. When their boss gives them an ultimatum, they decide to go to bed early and be on time for work. But things never seem to work as planned.

  • While running a service station, Porky Pig must contend with an obnoxious, prank-playing child.

  • Porky Pig is all set to do his spring planting when trouble arrives in the form of some pesky chickens.

  • Porky Pig is imitating well-known commentators' presentation of newsreel events.

  • A little fly tries to get some food from Porky's Bakery but Porky drives him away with a fly swatter. A bee tells the fly to disguise himself as a bee since Porky is afraid of bees.

  • At the Cartoon Animal's Outing, Porky's little nephew Pinkie bothers him so much that Porky enters the swim race to escape. Porky wins the race when Pinky's toy sailboat swimming after Porky turns out to be a real, hungry shark.

  • Porky has been missing some chickens from his chicken farm and decides to hire a night watchman to guard his hen house from the thieving fox. He hires Goof, who is sent out by the employment agency to handle the job.

  • Porky Pig turns gardener and wins the grand prize at the county fair after beating all comers in a hectic contest.

  • While Porky sails to the South Seas to open a store, thieving fish rob him of his cargo.

  • Porky opens a cafe and after being knocked around from pot to pan, the poor little pig decides he should have stayed in bed.

  • Farmer Porky prepares for winter by sowing plenty of seeds during the summer. When winter arrives, his lazy neighbors are without food and must rely on him.

  • Porky Pig, announcing for a radio station, stutters his way through an exciting baseball game.

  • After nearly being fired for lateness, Porky and Gabby resolve to get a good night's sleep so they can arrive at work on time.