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This television series was designed for children. It will teach a child the value of friendship and how anyone can be a friend. The main characters on this series are a pickle and unicorn. The unicorn is known as the peanut character. They become an unlikely pair of friends. The two go on a number of adventures and will show children how to make new friends, be nice to others, and learn social skills. There are also some problems solving skills that a child will learn through these fun adventures. The characters on this show will meet many others. They will discover some are their new friends are nice and some need to learn some new skills for making and keeping friends. The most important thing is that this animated series shows a child that it does not matter what a friend looks like as long as they are nice.

Pickle and Peanut is a Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (83 episodes). The series first aired on September 7, 2015. It has mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.1.

Pickle and Peanut is available for streaming on the DiSNEY XD website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pickle and Peanut on demand at DisneyNOW Amazon, Hulu, FuboTV, Sling, Google Play, iTunes, DisneyNOW online.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on DiSNEY XD
2 Seasons, 83 Episodes
September 7, 2015
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Johnny Pemberton, Jon Heder, Joel Trussell, Noah Jones
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Pickle and Peanut Full Episode Guide

  • Two unlikely friends -- an emotional pickle and a freewheeling peanut -- have exciting adventures.

  • The duo host an episode filled with fun clips and behind-the-scenes moments of their hit show.

  • Album bonus track. Fun clips and behind-the-scenes.

  • Pickle and Peanut become sign spinners to bring business for the Mjart Mart.

  • Peanut works at the aquarium. Sign spinning for work.

  • 90s learns that his arch enemy and his dad used to be college buddies.

  • Pickle, Peanut and Wayne compete in a high-stakes bowling showdown.

  • While Pickle and Peanut try to save a worm, McSweats tries to replace Darlin's favorite ball.

  • The boys find a chain wallet and use it to get into an epic party.

  • Pickle and Peanut challenge Lazer and a gang of snow people to a dance off.

  • Pickle and Peanut drive Scampi across the country to the Christmas tree lighting in New York City.

  • Pickle and Peanut decides to set up a food truck to sell all near expired meat at the west side part of town, they have to sell all their meat before midnight or else the meat will expire and they'll lose their jobs, until things get difficult when they cause trouble in a food truck lot and are almost hunted down by other food vendors.

  • After McSweats flushes his father's jewels down the toilet, he puts the blame of Pickle and Peanut and they eventually get wanted by the cops. They change their identities to being ladies and they have to figure out how to get back into McSweats' bathroom, unclog the toilet and clear their names.

  • When L'il Pickle gets terminal hiccups, the duo joins Lazer's bobsled team to win money for a cure.

  • The boys reminisce with their classmates about the time they found a sand elf.

  • Pickle and Peanut go up against the Sugar Bees in a Synchronized Swim competition.

  • When a lonely Dragon shows up in East Reno, Pickle and Peanut help him make friends.

  • 90s Adventure Bear must save his good friend Yuk Yuk from the evil Major Manslaughter.

  • Pickle and Peanut must save Mr. Mjärt from being eaten by a puma.

  • Pickle loses his sneakers to McSweats and must win a deadly footrace to get them back.

  • Peanut forms a musical group with Lazer.

  • Pickle and Peanut use Mj?rt Mart's rats to open a petting zoo.

  • Pickle will do whatever it takes to make McSweats' dog Darlin like him.

  • When the Mj?rt Mart runs out of turkeys on Thanksgiving, Pickle and Peanut must get more.

  • After Pickle wakes up in the body of a dog, he tracks down his old body.

  • The boys save their drone from Wayne's booby-trapped yard.

  • Pickle and Peanut liberate toys from a fast food restaurant.

  • Pickle, Peanut, Lazer and McSweats hunt for treasure.

  • The boys give McSweats' choo-choo costume an upgrade.

  • Pickle and Peanut take over Pizza Slop.

  • Pickle trains the lobsters at Mjärt Mart to do tricks.

  • Pickle and Peanut save Wayne's birthday party.

  • The boys start a graffiti crew to help a local artist.

  • Pickle and Peanut bring a car to life.

  • The boys journey through a crumbling candy factory.

  • When Peanut thinks he's been transformed into a werewolf, he's determined to find a way to turn Pickle into one too.

  • Pickle and Peanut take over as captains of the ship to save their friend's wedding cruise.

  • Pickle and Peanut crash their van onto a freeway island and must learn how to survive on it.

  • The duo tries to get the summer camp experience they never had when they stumble upon a spooky abandoned campground.

  • A menacing bear threatens Pickle and Peanut's boys' weekend together.

  • When L'il Pickle is lost, Pickle offers a huge reward for his pet's safe return.

  • When Pickle and Peanut get caught trick-or-treating by Lazer and Hot Beth, they try to cover it up by putting together a last-minuteHalloween party.

  • When Peanut's uncle's uncle leaves him an inheritance, he and Pickle have to cross the Australian Outback to get it.

  • When Peanut and the Rat King trade places, Peanut finds that ruling a legion of minions is cooler that he thought it would be.

  • Pickle and Peanut dig up the carpet at Pickle's house and discover something fun and destructive.

  • The guys buy scalped tickets so they can see Pickle's favorite band.

  • Pickle and Peanut volunteer to work all night stocking the shelves at Mjart Mart.

  • Pickle and Peanut camp out overnight in the mall to see the first showing of a new movie, but surviving the night isn't as easy as they thought.

  • When Pickle and Peanut's van is infested with bats, the duo must figure out a way to get rid of them.

  • Pickle loses his last baby tooth and instantly starts acting like an adult.

  • When Sneaky Patty needs a place to hide out for the night, she shows up at Peanut's house.

  • The boys convert an old cell phone tree into a tree fort but must protect their new hangout from being taken away by the cell phone company.

  • When McSweats gets dumped by his girlfriend Francine, Pickle and Peanut try to reunite the couple.

  • After YouTube star Bike Jumper is injured, Peanut must take his place doing daring jumps around town.

  • The volcano in town is about to erupt, but Pickle and Peanut don't take the news seriously.

  • After losing his shoes on a carnival ride, Pickle teams up with Peanut to win the ultimate carnival game and get them back.

  • The boys discover that their favorite childhood cartoon-star is down on his luck, so they try to cheer him up.

  • After getting picked on at the local gym, the boys decide to get buff but Peanut takes a shortcut and buys a muscle-zapping belt.

  • Peanut meets a beautiful girl named Amanda at the "Wiz Fest" Renaissance Faire and pretends to share her interests in elves and magic to impress her.

  • Peanut babysits Pickle's pet bees.

  • Pickle can't sleep.

  • Pickle and Peanut start a snowball fight with a rare and explosive yellow snow that threatens to destroy the whole town.

  • When Pickle steps into the role of "Supermarket Santa" for Christmas at Mjart Mart, the boys use their imagination to turn December into Springtime and make a little boy's wish come true.

  • When Peanut's phone is swallowed by a shark swimming in a canal, Pickle tries to help but gets them both swallowed by the sewer shark.

  • Peanut reluctantly agrees to take martial arts classes with Pickle, but he is constantly picked on by Sensai Lazer.

  • After stumbling upon a mythical monster named Pigfoot, Pickle and Peanut inadvertently get him captured by a monster hunter and team up with McSweats to save him.

  • Pickle's cast earns him some newfound popularity, so Peanut fakes a broken limb to get some attention.

  • When Pickle bakes his grandma's delicious cookies for the neighbors, a troupe of little girls called the Sugar Bees compete with the boys to defend their turf.

  • The boys are desperate to buy a pair of the cool Turkey Wrap Headphones made by their favorite rapper D-Stixx, so they start a car service to earn extra money. Rapper Kool Keith guest stars as D-Stixx.

  • After accidentally breaking Pickle's couch, the boys purchase a new one from Couch Dracula's but soon discover that the replacement couch is cursed.Emmy Award-winning Paul Reubens ("Pee-Wee's Big Adventure") guest stars as Couch Dracula.

  • Pickle and Peanut's friendship is tested when they conjure up the terrifying ghostly ghoul, Gory Agnes, and Pickle begins dating her.Emmy Award-winning Louie Anderson ("Life with Louie") guest stars as Gory Agnes.

  • Peanut enters Pickle in a local mall contest to find the new face of America's Sweetboy Taffy.

  • Pickle and Peanut accidentally break Mj?rt Mart's new automated checkout machine, the PAL-SCAN, but bring the machine to life after fixing it.

  • Pickle is excited to win a family of creatures as a cereal box prize, but the creatures start multiplying rapidly and prove too much for Pickle and Peanut to handle.

  • Pickle wants a falcon so he can join the local falconry club, but Peanut acquires a parakeet from Sneaky Patty instead.Abbi Jacobson ("Broad City") recurs as Sneaky Patty.

  • Peanut discovers that Pickle never learned to swim and takes him to the local pool for lessons.

  • When Pickle and Peanut accidentally get the sweet elderly Mam Mams arrested, they have to break her out of "gramma jail" before inmate Psycho Cyclops can get to her.

  • Pickle lends his new pimple friend, Greg, to frenemy Lazer in hopes of landing an invitation to his cool party. When they realize Lazer has no intention of returning Greg, Pickle and Peanut must save him.

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