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Supernoobs is an American animated TV series that casts four children who transcend through their academic middle school level and at the same time fighting strange evil viruses. This is a cartoon TV show that showcases the lives of four friends from the town of Cornbury who find themselves endowed with battle balls from the alien orb.

The plot takes a different direction when the supernoobs use their powers or battle balls inappropriately when they aren't fighting the evil virus. They lose the battle balls afterwards and find themselves in a difficult frenzy. One of them is endowed with the red ball of battle, the other one with the blue ball while the third male member of the group having red hair whereby so many battle objects can be found harbored. This third male member by the name Roach, uses the green ball of battle.

The only female among the four friends is the holder of the purple ball. Her name is Jennifer Shope and she is more scientifically minded than any other member of the group. The use of the battle balls in the school setting by the supernoobs gives the civilians who are the school administration and classmates to think critically of them.

Supernoobs is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (47 episodes). The series first aired on November 2, 2015.

Where do I stream Supernoobs online? Supernoobs is available for streaming on Teletoon, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Supernoobs on demand at Amazon, Hulu, Google Play, iTunes online.

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on Teletoon
2 Seasons, 47 Episodes
November 2, 2015
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Matt Hill, Richard Ian Cox, Tabitha St. Germain, Lee Tockar
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Supernoobs Full Episode Guide

  • Mem and Zen try to grasp Halloween while the noobs try to stop infected people at the Halloween fair

  • Count Venamus is returns but this time gives up. According to the laws of the Benevolent Alliance, Mem and Zen have to take care of him while he's their prisoner.

  • Everyone has rollercoasters on the mind so off to the local amusement park they go. Noobs overcome their fear of riding the Count Dropula ride while fighting virus infected park mascots.

  • Count Venamus comes back with a plot to lock the Roach away, which he believes will make it easier to defeat the Noobs. Easier said than done.

  • Snow Day! Mem and Zen flip out at their first encounter with snow only to learn how fun it is. Meanwhile, the Noobs are on a task for sledding.

  • A computer virus infects the Noobs video game and pulls them in. Now they need to win the game in hopes that it will bring them back out to the real world. / The Benevolent Alliance elders come to earth to inspect the Nobbs battleballs. The Noobs discover all their surprise inspections are just to come have fun on earth.

  • The Noobs accidentally press a wrong button on the Galacticus and send a planet destroying drone toward Earth.

  • The Noobs are used as decoys and taken to the Virus homeworld by Venamus.

  • Count Venamus uses a device to make himself 12 in hopes of learning what makes a 12 year old tick to find a way to defeat the Supernoobs.

  • The Benevolent Alliance elders come to earth to inspect the Nobbs battleballs. The Noobs discover all their surprise inspections are just to come have fun on earth.

  • The Noobs contemplate if they should use their battleballs power in school for personal gain.

  • The entire town is under the spell of the crazy science teacher's mind control goggles except for the Noobs. They must evade the mind controlled townies and destroy the goggles.

  • Roach gets sick of being taken advantage by the other Noobs, and decides to hang out with the Blue-Billed Booby birds while the others go virus-hunting.

  • Men and Zen try to get the Noobs to be awesome when a reality TV crew arrive to record them.

  • Using her battleball at the school science fair, Shope has changed the nature of the universe unknowingly making it capable for the virus to infect non-living objects. Now the Noobs have to fight virus infected science projects.

  • The Supernoobs compete against each other to see which battleball user is the best.

  • The Noobs are going camping, but Kevin is afraid of the Cornbury beast in the woods.

  • When the Noobs babysit, the baby catches a virus.

  • The virus attacks when the Noobs attempt to use their powers to but in line. The Noobs must use videogame skills to fight the virus infected beast.

  • The Noobs go to a space zoo with Mem and Zen, but end up on display.

  • The Noobs go camping with Mem and Zen and end up fighting a virus infected turtle.

  • A boy is praised by the town after he rescued Kevin (as a kitty) from being stuck in a tree.

  • Mem and Zen try to understand Halloween. Also, the Noobs must stop people infected with the virus at the Halloween Carnival.

  • Count Venamus comes back in a huge robot to defeat the Supernoobs, but the Galacticus changes into a big robot to even things out.

  • The Noobs pilot the Galacticus into space to get medicine for Mem and Zen's infected eyes, and end up helping a space princess overthrow an evil dictator.

  • Mem and Zen decide to become directors and create a TV show based on their adventures with the Noobs.

  • Roach's battleball malfunctions, transforming him into an evil super villain bent on dominating the Earth.

  • While on a field trip to the museum, the Tyrannosaurus skeleton gets infected by the virus and comes to life.

  • The Noob's battleballs have been misplaced and they must find them so they can be presented to the Benevolent Alliance.

  • The Noobs must prove to the Benevolent Alliance they are worthing of their BattleBalls and can protect the Earth or risk losing them.

  • Shope and Tyler lose their guinea pig during Home Ec Class forcing Kevin to pose as their guinea pig while Tyler and Roach track down the real one so Shope can get her easy A.

  • While preparing for a play, Roach's Battleball malfunctions causing him to start floating into the sky where he is mistaken for a deadly missile by several world governments.

  • During the school dance the students become affected by the virus and turn into fire breathing dragons.

  • Shope is turned invisible after being exposed to the Galacticus cloaking generator and they must turn her visible again before her parents send her to boarding school.

  • The Noobs decide to use their new battle ball skills to join the football team and defeat their school's rivals.

  • The Noobs are forced to compete in a singing and dancing competition at their school while a new strain of the virus has infected the school's glee club.

  • Due to a malfunction in his battle ball, Kevin becomes stuck as a dog and is caught by the dog catcher.

  • The Noobs want a new video game called BattleNuts 4 but instead are forced to play outside instead.

  • The Noobs struggle to find cool disguises to hide their identities when fighting the virus which leads to a costume creating competition.

  • Four friends meet two aliens and are given special devices called Battleballs which give each of them superpowers and must stop an alien virus from infecting every living creature on the planet.