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"Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist" (2008) is an animated children's show. It is also a science fiction program set in the year 3000. The title character is an adventurer and entomologist who battles evil alien insects. He is aided by three friends, none of whom are completely human.

Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on November 22, 2008.

Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist on demand atAmazon online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
November 22, 2008
Action & Adventure, Anime, Kids & Family, Comedy, Fantasy
Cast: Carter Hayden, Dwayne Hill, Stephanie Anne Mills, Lyon Smith
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Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist Full Episode Guide

  • While attempting to rescue a Hypersonic Sun-Skimmer, Dex and the team are attacked by a swarm of Syrrus' mutation bugs. When the bugs make off with the cherished Sun-Skimmer, Dex can't help but ponder what Syrrus would want with a harmless insect. Intent on finding the answer, Dex has Jenny locate his whereabouts so Dex can finally put a stop to Syrrus and his evil ways. In a hidden lair, Dex confronts Syrrus. While the two tangle in an epic battle, Dex discovers the truth behind Syrrus' powers, and what his insect experiments are all about!

  • When the Habitat's power generator begins to fail, the team sets out on a mission to find more Star-Flies to help power the pavilions. While searching planet Xeon II for these powerful insects, the team is taken hostage by a trio of eccentric space-pirates. The pirates demand Dex hand over the Star-Fly he has found, but after realizing what the pirates intend to do with it, Dex soon understands that even his own use of the insect goes against the creature's natural right for freedom and he releases the insect - jeopardizing his own safety in the process.

  • While chasing Swamp Crawlers through the city's sewers, Tung stumbles upon an evil amphibian gang of toad-men called the Bog Squad. But what are they doing here on Earth? When the Squad mistakes Tung as one of their own members, he discovers they are forming a plan to invade Hamilton's Habitat and kidnap one of Dex's prized insects. Dex and the remaining team members track the Bog Squad to their home planet, where they hatch a plan to rescue Tung. But can they stop these devious toads before they turn Tung into a sacrificial meal?

  • Dex and the team have Syrrus in their sights and a dogfight through deep space ensues. But the villain draws them deeper and deeper out into the black universe, until the two ships are swallowed by an insect called the Whale Strider - a creature the size of a small moon which trawls through the galaxy swallowing everything in sight. Inside this creature we are witness to an entire new world: an alien community that has been building in its belly for centuries. Can Dex find Syrrus before they find themselves trapped forever?

  • A meteor shower blankets the Earth with space rocks. But when the asteroids turn out to be enormous seeds, and the Earth is pelted with millions of them, an unexpected result occurs: The seeds grow into colossal alien flowers. At first, the result is quite beautiful. But when the foliage begins blocking out the light and absorbing all of Earth's water, the global community is in serious danger. Dex Hamilton works with a maniacal top horticulturist to find an answer, and risks life and limb to save the planet.

  • The team meets Snap, a young boy with big powers. Gifted with a green thumb, Snap can summon giant bug-catching snapdragons from the earth. At first it seems like this eager, hip kid would make a great addition to the team. But his methods become destructive, putting the team in danger. Can Dex teach the little troublemaker right from wrong before the villainous Syrrus gets his tentacles on him?

  • Winston Hamilton, Dex's father, was once a great wildlife explorer and groundbreaking scientist renowned around the galaxy. But that was years ago, long before he mysteriously vanished from the scientific community and Dex's life. But when the team discovers a clue that may lead Dex to his father, they can't help but pursue it. This classic father/son story takes us to magical landscapes and parallel universes, all the while giving us a peek into what helped make Dex the young man he is today.

  • Tung convinces his friends to join him on a journey to his home planet of Swamp Star-46, where the team gets to meet the legendary Frog People. Upon landing, the team soon discovers that Tung's village has come under attack from a swarm of whip-tail wasps. Tung steps into a position of authority when he tries to show his villagers that he is capable of helping them out.

  • When Zap starts skipping out on assignments, the team gets worried. But when they find out he's slacking to hang out with a new punk rocker chick nicknamed "The Black Widow," his friends become nervous. But Zap could care less about his teammates' concerns, because finally he's met a girl who knows how to party! This tattooed, tough-talking bad girl is right up Zap's alley; and the two of them paint the town red. But when she lures Zap back to her hangout, he sees why she gets the name "The Black Widow." This young half-girl half-spider has plans for her new friend. Can Zap escape this tangled web and call upon his real friends for help?

  • Multibillionaire Regis Stone hires the legendary Dex Hamilton to guide him through the unusual planet Gigantor; home of some of the galaxy's largest wildlife. Showing that money is no object, Stone covers all the expenses for the costly space safari. But when they arrive on the planet and Dex realizes Stone is there to hunt the massive creatures, Dex must find a way to stop him and his destructive hunting posse before it's too late.

  • Ancient Egypt, once the city of the gods, is now buried hundreds of feet below the bustling Majestic City. But the old pyramids still contain secrets of untold fortune and black magic. When Professor Stag, an old friend of Dex's, mistakenly unlocks The Book of the Dead, the archeologist is suddenly consumed by a hoard of scarab beetles. When Dex attempts to save the professor, he finds him transformed and twisted by the evil spell. It's here that a new villain is introduced to the series; quite simply known as the "The Black Beetle."

  • The distant water planet Hydro-12 is known for its exotic and lush marine life. But the fragile ecosystem has been badly overfished by surrounding planets and is now causing ferocious Imperial Water Scorpions to turn on the native villages in search of food. While on a research assignment, Dex lends a helping hand to the helpless communities, and teaches us all the dangers of overfishing.

  • Alien entomologist Jane Goodchild is gaining a reputation in the scientific community for her research on the endangered mountain crickets of Orillius. When Dex Hamilton stumbles upon her findings, the two become extremely competitive over who knows more. However, the one thing they do have in common is their love of insects. When the dangerous axe-wielding Timber Tribe of Neptune begins the deforestation of the cricket's natural habitat, the two must learn to work together to stop them.

  • Tung seems to be having trouble proving his worth to Dex, Zap, and Jenny. So when the team travels to a sky planet to research the social habits of the Fire Winged Butterfly, he takes on the harshest of tasks in hopes of making his friends realize his importance. When he comes face to face with a Giant Solar Mantis (the natural predator of the Fire Winged Butterfly), the team has to learn to put their egos aside and work as a unit to help the outmatched butterflies.

  • When the Habitat has trouble catching a strange mutant bug, a new rival insect sanctuary leaps in to save the day. Although Metro City thinks they're pretty cool, Dex doesn't trust them. Their gadgets are cooler, their bug collection is more advanced and their uniforms are boy-band hip. But they are hiding a secret! This rival team has been building mechanical insects that only they can control. After releasing one of their robotic wonders on Metro City, the team soon realizes that the Habitat is also in danger. It's a good thing Jenny is a robotics wizard!

  • After an appearance on a late-night talk show, Dex and the boys are humiliated by the behaviour of some of their insects. Once back at the Habitat, Dex finds that both Zap and Tung have suffered a small bite from one of the embarrassing culprits; the Methuselah Beetle. After being called to investigate an escaped insect at Metro City-Works, Dex soon finds that the beetle's venom is slowly taking hold of Zap and Tung, and that he is going to have his hands full trying to locate the bug, as well as keep an eye on his teammates.

  • Metro City is struck by a swarm of enormous dragonflies, and when Dex Hamilton tries to locate what planet they are from, he discovers the planet is Earth...over 300 million years ago! Dex learns that Jenny 10 has knowledge of a porthole linked to the Carboniferous Period, the age of giant insects, and insists the team travel back in time to unravel a growing mystery! But when the mystery begins to unfold, and the clues lead to Syrrus, Dex realizes he has put his team at risk, and the chances of returning home safely are beginning to fade.

  • When a toxic alien insect shows up in Metro City's water supply, its citizens become extremely ill. The only hope lies with the small alien insect sanctuary Hamilton's Habitat. Dex Hamilton and the team must track down the nest of the mysterious creature, find an antidote to its poison, and restore order to the city before the sickness can spread. And when a member of Dex's own team is affected by the poison, the stakes are raised even higher.

  • While stranded on a distant desert planet, Dex and the team accidentally discover and release an ancient evil mastermind into the world, named Syrrus - a slimy insect villain who uses alien bugs to conquer entire worlds. In this episode we begin a battle of good vs. evil that raises the stakes for Dex Hamilton and the team.

  • While in search of a missing family, Dex Hamilton guides a young reporter through the wild jungle planet of Titan 64, where they encounter an extraordinary mythical insect. But when the creature kidnaps the reporter, Dex and his team must follow it to an enormous hive forming in space. Can Dex rescue the young reporter, find the family, and stop the dangerous hive before it infests planet Earth?

  • Dex gives a group of kids a safari tour inside Hamilton's Habitat - but when their rocket jeep breaks down and they find themselves pursued by a Fire Throat-Mauler, Dex must guide the kids on foot, through the dangerous and wildly fascinating pavilions, to safety.