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  • TV-MA
  • 2005
  • 1 Season
  • 6.9  (428)

Bromwell High was a British-Canadian animated comedy series that aired on Teletoon in 2005. The show was created by Richard Osman, Richard Pinto, and Sharat Sardana. It consisted of thirteen episodes and focused on the daily lives of a group of high school students at Bromwell High.

The show followed the lives of three friends: Keisha, Latrina, and Natella. The three girls were very different from each other, but they had one thing in common - they were all students at Bromwell High, one of the worst schools in the country. Keisha was the brainy one, Latrina was the tough one, and Natella was the pretty one. Together, they tried to survive the trials and tribulations of high school.

The show also focused on the lives of the teachers and staff at the school. The main character among them was the overzealous and authoritarian headmistress, Mrs. Margaret Peacock. Mrs. Peacock was constantly at war with her lazy and often incompetent staff, including the school's resident layabout, Mr. Bibby.

Other characters included the school's resident nerd, Wayne Smedley, who was constantly being bullied by his classmates, and the school's resident bad boy, Cedric, who was always up to no good.

The show tackled a range of topics that were relevant to high school students, including relationships, cliques, peer pressure, and academic success. The show also had a good deal of adult humor and was not afraid to take on controversial subjects. For example, one episode dealt with the issue of school violence, while another episode dealt with teenage pregnancy.

Joanna Wyatt played the role of Keisha, one of the show's central characters. Keisha was a highly intelligent and ambitious student who was always striving to do well in school. Joanna's portrayal of Keisha was spot on - she perfectly captured the character's intelligence, ambition, and vulnerability. Wyatt's performance was one of the standout performances on the show and helped to make Keisha one of the show's most popular characters.

Overall, Bromwell High was a clever and funny show that perfectly captured the angst and drama of high school. The show was well-written, and the characters were likable and relatable. While the show only lasted for one season, it has since become something of a cult classic, and it continues to be loved by fans of all ages.

Bromwell High is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on February 1, 2005.

Bromwell High
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13. Sweets
April 26, 2005
When the girls find themselves in possession of a truck-load of black market sweets, they quickly discover that the sweets are - quite literally - mind-blowing. With an education article being written about "Heads and their Deputies", this is Iqbal and Bibby's chance to shine. But will the journalist be distracted by the newly formed sweets racket in the playground, and by the recent spate of exploding pupils? More importantly, does Bibby really look gay?
Drama Queen
12. Drama Queen
April 19, 2005
Martin and Carol Jackson's marriage is in tatters, and Carol decides to put her energy into organising a school play to exorcise her woes. Latrina is given the star role but encounters an extreme bout of stage fright. Meanwhile, Iqbal and Bibby have managed to secure funding from various banks and need to decide how to invest it. A hard-fought battle between the teachers ensues, each one bidding to secure desperately needed cash for their departments. Will Carol's play solver her marital strife? Will the performance prove to be financially lucrative for Iqbal? And will Latrina ever be able to walk on stage without being sick?
Natella Takes Charge
11. Natella Takes Charge
April 12, 2005
When the girls innocently play around with a bomb that has been left in the playground, it unsurprisingly ends with a scene of chaos and destruction. In order to fund the necessary renovations, Iqbal and Mr Bibby arrange for Albanian Fried Chicken to sponsor Bromwell High, resulting in a drastic change to the school curriculum. Natella unearths an old school rule that enables her to organise presidential elections and, of course, to win the post of president herself. Will Natella get Bromwell High back on course, or will the power go straight to her head?
10. Prefect
April 5, 2005
Keisha's behavioural problems have reached epic proportions and it is time for Iqbal and Mr Bibby to take drastic measures. To Natella's extreme anguish, they appoint Keisha as a school prefect. Keisha's mission is to reduce crime levels in the school, which she manages through a carefully orchestrated campaign of violence and threatening behaviour. In order to reach the post of Head Prefect, however, Keisha will have to betray her closest friends, Latrina and Natella. Will her desire for power override her loyalty to her friends?
Sack Race
9. Sack Race
March 29, 2005
When P.E. teacher Mr Philips gives Latrina a grubby old vest that she believes belonged to Bromwell High's famous sporting alumnus Leroy Thomas, she immediately displays an astonishing, and not unsurprising, athletic prowess. When an OFSTED inspector arrives with the outright intention of sacking either one of the teachers or Iqbal and Mr Bibby, it is Philips whose job is on the line. His only hope of saving his career is to find an athlete with Olympic potential, but this will leave Iqbal and his sidekick in the lurch. Can Latrina pull off a record-breaking display of athletics and save Philips' skin? If she does, what will happen to our maverick headmaster and Mr Bibbs?
Baby Boom
8. Baby Boom
March 22, 2005
Close Baby Boom ReleasedFeb 01, 2005 Latrina's mum has just given birth to yet another baby, which Latrina accidentally brings into school in her bag. In a ploy to get rid of the baby in a spot that she has not previously used, Latrina swaps the infant with the sex education teacher's doll. Will the teacher even notice? When Bibby discovers that Martin and Carol Jackson are desperate for a baby of their own, he quickly spots an opportunity in the baby trade market.
Goodbye Mr.Crisps
7. Goodbye Mr.Crisps
March 15, 2005
Iqbal and Mr Bibby need to raise money quickly to solve Bromwell High's latest financial crisis, so when Natella introduces Iqbal to her new friend, posh Katie, who she met at the National Science Competition, Iqbal is ecstatic - and amazed - to learn just how much some children's parents are willing to pay for a decent education. Iqbal and Mr Bibby need to raise money quickly to solve Bromwell High's latest financial crisis, so when Natella introduces Iqbal to her new friend, posh Katie, who she met at the National Science Competition, Iqbal is ecstatic - and amazed - to learn just how much some children's parents are willing to pay for a decent education. Or will the hockey match to end all hockey matches between Bromwell High's poor kids and their counterpart posh girls reveal a very surprising team player?
Valentine's Day
6. Valentine's Day
March 8, 2005
It's Valentine's Day at Bromwell High but Natella has persuaded our laydeez to give it a miss this year on the basis that it is a meaningless market event created by greeting card companies to boost sales figures. Keisha and Latrina are none too pleased with Natella when Miss Dickson decides to banish all pupils without cards to "ugly class", but things start to look up for the girls as Davis - the coolest boy in the school - is seen putting a Valentine's card in Keisha and Natella's box. Who is meant for? Meanwhile, Iqbal and Bibby are being pursued by the mother of a pupil who fell into a hole in the playground because she could not read the six-foot danger sign next to it. Bibby needs a scapegoat to stand up in court and take the rap and unwisely decides upon the witless and weak-willed Martin Jackson.
Fire Drill
5. Fire Drill
March 1, 2005
Keisha's fascination with pyromania has spiralled out of control and she is unable to stop herself setting fire to things, including the school premises. Iqbal's real problems start, however, when one of Keisha's fires inadvertently highlights the fact that Bromwell High has no wheelchair access. Natella is outraged and spearheads a lobbying group, "The Inhalers Club", to campaign against the injustice, but her interfering riles the infamous school bully, Aisha, who embarks on a quest to mash her up. Iqbal and Bibby reluctantly agree to rectify the situation, but when they discover that they can become eligible for E.U. funding by employing wheelchair-bound teachers, they embark on a particularly politically incorrect recruitment drive.
No More Teachers
4. No More Teachers
February 22, 2005
After a sensational performance at the school music evening, Mr Anderson, the English teacher, is offered a career as a pop star, leaving the rest of the teachers to ponder their own pathetic and unrewarding careers in the classroom. Depressed and dreaming of pastures new, they resign with immediate effect on their own very personal routes to fame and fortune, and Iqbal is faced with the problem of replacing an entire staff. Meanwhile, the local education authority advises that Bromwell High must enter a talented pupil in the National Schools Music Competition. Keisha is selected but Natella is, as always, desperate to take part. Will Natella betray Keisha in a bid for musical stardom? And can Iqbal really substitute the teachers with monkeys?
Keisha's In Love
3. Keisha's In Love
February 15, 2005
Bromwell High has a new pupil - blonde-haired blue-eyed Spencer. Keisha starts to experience strange warm and tingly feelings every time she sees Spencer, causing her to shower him not with affection, but with punches. Meanwhile the Head of Year Eight position becomes vacant, resulting in a hard-fought battle between Miss Dickson ("the slutty one") and Mr Philips ("the stupid one"), both of whom set out to impress Iqbal with their teaching prowess. Keisha's violent tendencies land her in court where the "lady lawyer" puts it to Keisha that she in fact fancies Spencer, an accusation which Keisha strenuously denies. Will Keisha agree to ask Spencer out to save her own skin?
Police Story
2. Police Story
February 8, 2005
When a prevalent mobile phone thief continues to evade the local police, Inspector Lehman decides to pay Bromwell High a visit. Lehman advises maverick Headmaster Iqbal that he will be leaving PC Carter at the school in a bid to catch the thief, and threatens that if Iqbal does not comply with the police, they will clamp down on his illegal animal trade. Spurred on by a meeting with the careers adviser, Latrina embarks on a quest to catch the mobile phone thief, and joins forces with PC Carter. As the mystery remains unsolved and the mobile "teef" continues to pilfer the pupils' phones, Iqbal feels the net closing in on his illegal animal trade and is forced to turn to "loony Plan B".
1. Tolerance
February 1, 2005
This week our three girls prepare a presentation on the theme of tolerance, a subject which highlights the multi-cultural diversity within Bromwell High, but which Latrina dismisses out of hand as being "for gays". Keisha and Natella become arch rivals in a bid to win a prize which seemingly doesn't exist. Meanwhile Iqbal and Mr Bibby find themselves in dire financial straits after demolishing a block of flats without evacuating the residents, resulting in numerous deaths and an equal number of compensation claims from bereaved relatives. When Latrina and Keisha meet a bunch of gypsies who are squatting in the playground, they decide to organise a bare-knuckle fight, which they hope will ease Iqbal's money worries and enhance their own presentations. Will the girls be able to demonstrate tolerance within Bromwell High, or will that "stinking, ginger freak" Kylie come out on top for once?
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Bromwell High is available for streaming on the TeleToon website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Bromwell High on demand at and Pluto TV.
  • Premiere Date
    February 1, 2005
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (428)