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What would it be like if your dad was a rock music star? Willy Zilla deals with this every day and now is faced with moving to the new town of Silent Springs. Can he fit in with the crowd or will he always be different from everyone else? This Canadian animated series follows Willy

2 Seasons, 39 Episodes
September 1, 2003
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family, Comedy
Cast: Lawrence Bayne, Joanne Vannicola, Stephanie Mills, Don Francks, Rob Stefaniuk
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My Dad the Rockstar Full Episode Guide

  • Serenity informs Willy that his plan to hook up with Alissa at the carnival is a date, Willy's a wreck

  • Grandpa and Grandma Zilla show up for a surprise visit, Rock is less than thrilled about spending the next couple of days with his father

  • Living next to the Zilla family isn't easy! Just ask poor Mr. Kant, the next-door neighbour who's been through all of Rocks crazy ups and downs

  • Willy, Quincy and Alissa are assigned a group project in Science class, Willy's worst subject, Willy knows his mom's the one to help

  • During a family trip to the beach, a quick thinking Willy saves his nemesis, Buzz, from drowning

  • Rather than cancel the band field trip when the school bus falls apart, Willy convinces Rock and Skunk to chaperone the trip on the bus

  • After being humiliated by Buzz one too many times, Willy comes up with the fiendish plan of hiring Scoop

  • Willy and his Mom decide to get involved with the local Christmas Pageant

  • With a Swiss exchange student en route to billet with the Zilla's for International Student Week

  • Rock is due to receive an honorary doctorate from his old alma mater

  • Willy realizes that he and Rock hardly spend any quality time together

  • Due to a government accounting error, the Zilla's find themselves flat broke and with no place to live

  • Willy goes on a date with Alyssa that could change his friendship with her and Quincy.

  • Things aren't going well between Rock and his dad.

  • Mr. Kant tries to sell the Zilla's house.

  • Willy and his friends are assigned a project for science, but Willy's mom goes missing.

  • Willy saves Buzz. Buzz insists on repaying him. Serenity makes a decision to get back at a lifeguard.

  • Willy ends up stranded in the desert with the band.

  • Serentiy has to serve community service at a senior's home, but since Rock was depressed, he's the newest patient there!

  • Scoop helps Willy get back at Buzz for bullying him.

  • A local Christmas pageant turns into a nightmare when a famous theater director takes control.

  • A Swiss exchange student comes to town. But when Rock tries to make her feel part of the family, what will Willy and Serenity feel?

  • Rock is going to get an honorary doctorate, but the dean of the school has plans for Rock other than that.

  • Willy spends time with his dad.

  • Willy's family stays with Quincy's family. Then chaos breaks out.

  • Rock gets his own reality television show. Everybody except Willy likes the publicity.

  • Buzz sets up encounters with Mr. Malfactor for Willy to get him in trouble.

  • Willy finally gets to be popular. But Sally, a popular girl, wants Willy to dump Quincy and Alissa.

  • Willy asks if he can sign up for a camping trip with Quincy and Alissa.

  • Willy has to pass a math test or he'll have to go to summer school.

  • Willy is placed on Dance Committee. He has a hard time of adjusting to the way Ms. Equus wants it.

  • Willy is excited about playing his trumpet at talent night. That is, until people want to help when unneeded.

  • Willy runs for student council. He ends up running against Buzz.

  • Willy sees a girl at school - Angela D'Angelo - and it's practically love at first sight. To go out with her though, he must get approval from her very strict parents.

  • Willy is teased about his mom opening a Psychic Wellness Center next to his school. Buzz defends him.

  • The music program at school is shut down for new football equipment.

  • Willy wakes up and hears ghostly noises in the house. He also is told that the mansion is built on an old graveyard.

  • After years on the road, Willy and the rest of the Zilla clan arrive in their new, adopted hometown of Silent Springs. Hoping to be accepted for who he is, rather than for being the son of a famous rock star, Willy hides his identity from his classmates?with comically complicated results.

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