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  • TV-Y7-FV
  • 2010
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.0  (308)

Spliced! is an animated television show that premiered in 2009 on TeleToon. The series features characters who are hybrids of various animals and are living together in a world where they must learn to coexist despite their many differences. The show is set in "Keep Away Island," where a group of hybrids has established a society that prizes uniqueness and individuality above all else. The cast of characters is led by Peri, who is a combination of a fruit bat and a spider. His best friend, Entrée, is a cross between a shark and a radish.

Other characters include Patricia, a hybrid between a kangaroo and a giraffe, and her daughter, Polly, who is part beaver, part raccoon, and part sheep. The cast also includes a band of marauding pirate lobsters, a group of mad-scientist squirrels, and a lumberjack-like character named Mr. Smarty Smarts.

Despite their differences, these characters must work together to solve problems and protect their home from various threats. The show features a mix of humor and action, with each episode presenting a new challenge for the hybrids to overcome.

Rob Stefaniuk voices Peri, the lead character who is often the voice of reason among the group. Julie Lemieux plays Entrée, who frequently causes chaos and trouble for the other characters. Patrick McKenna voices Mr. Smarty Smarts, and Joe Pingue provides the voice for Octocat, a hybrid between an octopus and a cat.

Grey DeLisle, Candi Milo, Tom Kenny, Jeff Bennett, Carlos Alazraqui, Tara Strong, Dan Castellaneta, Maurice LaMarche, and Katie Crown round out the rest of the talented voice cast.

The animation style of the show is unique, with characters featuring exaggerated features that reflect their animal hybrid nature. The show often employs a bright color palette, giving it a cartoonish feel, which is appropriate for the show's comedic tone.

Spliced! has been praised for its portrayal of teamwork and its messages of acceptance and tolerance. The show is marketed towards a younger audience, but it has also found success with older audiences due to its clever writing and vibrant animation.

Overall, Spliced! is a fun and engaging show that is perfect for families who enjoy animated programming. Its mix of action, comedy, and heartwarming messages make it a great choice for those looking for a more positive media experience.

Spliced! is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (65 episodes). The series first aired on April 1, 2010.

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Date with Destiny
13. Date with Destiny
January 31, 2014
As mysteries are revealed, Lee and his friends attempt to get safely out of Mann, Wurst & Finnwich's evil headquarters, while Camillio and Brandy lead a very risky school revolt.
Mannifestum Rising
12. Mannifestum Rising
January 24, 2014
When Lee's rescue mission becomes bigger than he ever dreamed of, he soon realizes where all the school's orders are really coming from. Now it's up to Lee and his friends to save the day.
From Bad to Wurst
11. From Bad to Wurst
January 17, 2014
Lee and his friends are taken farther and farther away from the Pyramid as mysterious forces start to make it a priority that the ancient relic be rebuilt right away.
Band of Heroes
10. Band of Heroes
January 10, 2014
Jenny and Tina's knowledge about Coral Grove gets them in some serious hot water. Now it's up to Lee and the rest of his "merry little pranksters" to launch an epic rescue.
Game of Clones
9. Game of Clones
January 3, 2014
While Cam and Brandy try to reclaim their popularity and Jenny looks for a missing Tina, Lee and Biffy try to find out what exactly goes on in the Teacher's Lounge.
Mummy Ping & The Snake Man of Evil
8. Mummy Ping & The Snake Man of Evil
December 27, 2013
When Holger accidentally gives Dr. Ping some bad pizza, he ends up in the hospital. Now Lee has to get there first when he realizes The Serpent is on his way there.
Serpent Strike
7. Serpent Strike
December 20, 2013
When the Serpent goes after Jenny to try to get the mysterious Book back, Lee and Tina have to not only save their friend, but also their most valuable connection to the Pyramid.
THe Common Denominator
6. THe Common Denominator
December 13, 2013
When Lee and Biffy's cloning conspiracy investigation takes them to Brandy's apartment, they start to discover why so many teachers live there.
Revenge of the Cycle Killer
5. Revenge of the Cycle Killer
December 6, 2013
While Lee and Biffy investigate a cloning conspiracy, a grounded Camillio watches a horror movie with his little sister that starts to become real.
Splitting Hairs
4. Splitting Hairs
November 29, 2013
When a lice outbreak puts the school into lockdown, Lee realizes the Council has set it all up. Now he has to figure out what's really going on and why before it's too late.
Big Chicken
3. Big Chicken
November 22, 2013
When Holger eats too many chicken wings before bed he has a dream that Lee is soon to be in some serious danger. Lee doesn't believe him until it all starts to come true.
Enter the Serpent
2. Enter the Serpent
November 15, 2013
When Lee and his friends get stuck at an underground submarine base, the Council's bodyguard - "The Serpent" - decides to see what Lee is really made of.
Follow That Finnwich
1. Follow That Finnwich
November 8, 2013
When the mysterious Council capture The Amazing Finnwich, Lee and his faithful friends stay in hot pursuit, only to find a whole lot more than they ever bargained for.
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Spliced! is available for streaming on the TeleToon website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Spliced! on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Apple TV, Tubi TV and Pluto TV.
  • Premiere Date
    April 1, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (308)