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12 oz. Mouse is a crudely-animated American television series, lasting a total of 22 episodes when counting a single webisode and a special. Each of the episodes is between 11 and 12 minutes in length and focuses on the adventures of Mouse Fitzgerald, a talking mouse that is quite fond of beer and participates in espionage. As the series progresses, "Fitz" and his sidekick Skillet slowly discover that Fitz has a massive pile of suppressed memories that slowly come to light, along with a conspiracy that involves multiple groups vying for domination of time, space, reality, and everything like it.

12 oz. Mouse is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (34 episodes). The series first aired on June 19, 2005.

Where do I stream 12 oz. Mouse online? 12 oz. Mouse is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch 12 oz. Mouse on demand at HBO Max, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Sling, Google Play, Apple TV, Adult Swim online.

Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 34 Episodes
June 19, 2005
Animation & Cartoon, Comedy, Adult Cartoon
Cast: Dave Willis, Adam Reed, Matt Thompson, Matt Maiellaro
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12 oz. Mouse Full Episode Guide

  • In this juicy, explosive episode, the cast of 12 oz. Mouse answers all the questions you've been dying to ask!

  • Industry Man and his Clock persona are destroyed and the battle to control the Box of Worlds continues.

  • As the Castellica saves Mouse and team, Rooster escapes the clutches of Industry Man.

  • Industry Man interrogates Rooster on the location of the missing Box of Worlds. Peanut Cop dies while freeing Mouse, Aria and Eyeball from the laser cage. Meanwhile, the Castellica gets its orders from Melissa to save Mouse.

  • Mouse realizes the Box of Worlds has been stolen is now unstable just as Peanut Cop and Golden Joe come to their rescue. Rooster meets with Sirus and formulate a plan to take down Shyd Industries. Wilx has found his way into Outer Earth.

  • Sirus, the Architect for the Box of Worlds, breaks ranks with Clock; Aria and Eyeball use a serum to kickstart Mouse's memory and he remembers working with them and helping to create the Box of Worlds.

  • Rooster escapes Spider from the World of Muck and finds himself in a desert with a well-armed Kid camping out. Peanut Cop and Golden Joe break out of prison on jet skis and Aria is starting to realize that Professor Wilx is working for Shyd Industries.

  • Eyeball reunites with Mouse on Lotharganin; and Manwoman, in the Outer Earth, is interrogated by Peanut Cop because she has the Box of Worlds in her possession created by Shyd Industries.

  • A Schooner breaks through the defenses of Lotharganin and all clues point to Professor Wilx and his underlying connection to Shyd Industries.

  • Shark is reconstructed into an abomination of Square and himself, while Golden Joe and Peanut try to figure a way out of their jail cell.

  • Picking up from INVICTUS episode, Mouse finds himself without memory and in a new world called Lotharganin where he meets Aria and Professor Wilx; two top scientists from the Outer Earth who worked with Shyd Industries.

  • After a space-farmer discovers his parent's demise, he comes upon a fictional and robed warrior that helps him discover his inner strength in order to defeat a man in black.

  • In the aftermath of tragedy, Fitz decides to take a break from the action and play what turns out to be a revealing game of pinball. Viewers finally learn more than they could ever learn about Mouse's predicament, as Shark and Square Guy resurface in ways never seen before,. With Fitz at their mercy, will the allies of the mysterious New Angel intervene in time?

  • Fitz, Peanut Cop and Skillet launch a final, decisive attack on Shark and his cohorts as the city continues to be devastated. Square Guy converses with the Shadow Guy, before facing off against Skillet and the Corndroid. Meanwhile, Liquor contacts a ball of energy as C. J Muff reveals himself

  • Fitz decides to risk running through a virtual gauntlet of forces laying waste to the city in a bid to reach Shark's command center and rescue his friends. Liquor takes drastic action to reattach Rooster's missing hand, but can Rooster's Corndroid be activated in time?

  • Liquor and Fitz follow a crucial lead to learn more of the mysterious demon Amalok as he begins his attack on the city, whilst Shark successfully captures several of Fitz's allies. Alerted to the trechary of Pronto and the unleashing of Amalok however, Shark demands all weapons be deployed to counter-attack...

  • Fitz experiences two visionary dreams where he converses with Shark and Rooster, with the latter opening up new details of Fitz's past, such as mysterious weapons he helped develop. Meanwhile, Pronto seizes a rodent-shaped medallion from Shark's command center and presents it to the demonic Amalok, who begins a rampage within the city...

  • Fitzgerald and Skillet are upset when Poncho gets Senior status, even though he failed all his classes Junior year. They meet with Shark.

  • The Eye appears to be having a nervous breakdown, and slaps the Cop. Liquor takes him to a Women's Awareness meeting, but the Eye refuses to participate, and calls the women "cackling hens." When he returns home, Shark demands to know where he's been. The Eye tells him, and a vicious argument ensues. The Eye rethinks his opinion on the meeting.

  • The longest extended opener of any series ever seen precedes Peanut Cop making a visit to a hat store, where he starts fires and makes a momentous new career decision...

  • Shark is angry, smashing furniture and yelling. Rooster and Liquor think he is suffering from hypertension and talk him into taking a physical exam. The Doctor tells Shark he has a high cholesterol level, and instructs him to cut back on salt and fat.

  • Shark and RBM's car stalls. As Shark tries to restart it, Square Guy decides to shop for a Harmonica

  • Fitz and Skillet return to Liquor's store, where work begins on reattaching Eye Guy's severed leg. RBM and Shark take to the road in a car, where Shark is quick to announce he is now "black" and quickly establishes his "almighty blackness" by eliminating one of his own in an explosion...

  • Held captive by Shark and Square Guy, Fitz experiences nightmarish visions of his past, whilst Peanut Cop, Golden Joe, and Rooster break into Shark's party to look for him, but one of them is quickly lured into a trap and held captive

  • A new adventure begins for Mouse. Then stops.