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The story of God, the Devil and Bob focuses on both God (played by James Garner) and the Devil (played by Alan Cumming). They both decide to bet on the world's fate. God wants to wipe out humanity and start anew, but he later realizes that this something he would never do. He also realizes that he isn't a harmful and destructive God.

Meanwhile, the devil decides to pick one person to prove that they can make the world a much better place to live. If the person he picked cannot fulfill this promise, then God will destroy the planet. The person that the devil chooses to pick for this mission is a beer-guzzling pervert from Detroit named Bob Allman. As soon as Bob is told that he must save the world, Bob asks the devil what he gets in return.

God, the Devil and Bob is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on March 9, 2000.

Where do I stream God, the Devil and Bob online? God, the Devil and Bob is available for streaming on NBC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch God, the Devil and Bob on demand at Amazon online.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
March 9, 2000
Animation & Cartoon, Comedy, Adult Cartoon
Cast: Nancy Cartwright, French Stewart, James Garner, Alan Cumming, Laurie Metcalf
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God, the Devil and Bob Full Episode Guide

  • Megan's disgusted when Donna says she's auditioning for "Arsenic and Old Lace" at school; can't her mom just accept that life has passed her by? Bob's shocked when he finds the "f-word" written on Andy's new lunch box; Andy claims he doesn't know how it got there. An angry Bob has no time to play with Andy. He's off to a PTA meeting to complain that teachers have no idea what kids are up to. His credibility goes out the window when it's revealed that he's at the wrong school. Bob encounters God in the men's room of the Classy Chassis and asks him who's to blame for Andy's lunch box. Teachers? Society? Hollywood? God suggests that Bob should try looking within instead of looking for someone else to blame, but Bob isn't buying it. Bob hears a talk show host (who's actually the Devil) discussing exactly what he's concerned about (graffiti on lunch boxes), so he calls in. Before he knows it, he's heading a committee that will meet at his house the following night. Twenty people with twenty different agendas gather a Bob's house, and they all start clamoring at once with their ideas. In hell, Smeck and the Devil thoroughly enjoy watching the chaos in Bob's living room. Later that evening, Donna happily tells Bob she's landed a part in the play. Bob's too excited about the committee to pay much attention. They're going to root out the garbage that's polluting their kids' minds. The next day Bob gets arrested as he and his group attempt to confiscate Rap CDs from a music store. Out ...

  • Bob visits his dying father with the intention of making amends, but he winds up riddled with guilt when he tells his dad to "go to Hell" moments before he expires. Meanwhile, Megan brings home a stray dog.

  • Bob buys a big screen TV and Donna is upset because they can't afford it. God appears to Bob while he's watching television, and tells Bob that there is too much sex on television and God wants Bob to do something about it. Meanwhile, Megan wants to go to the Hole concert, but Donna won't let her. Megan says she'll do anything, so Donna relents and says Megan can go to the concert if she gets an "A" on her next test, does her own laundry, and has no fights with Andy. Bob writes an angry letter to the network, but it ends up in the network's wacko file. The next day Donna is starting to feel sick, while Megan is working hard to keep her end of the bargain so she can go to the concert. God reappears to Bob and tells him his letter was useless; he needs to go to the source of the problem. So Bob decides to go to Hollywood. He checks into a seedy hotel and encounters Katie Henderson, an aspiring actress, hired by the Devil to distract Bob from his mission. The Devil has his hands full trying to deal with Katie's demands and keep Smeck, who thinks he's on vacation, under control. Bob goes to the studio and mistakenly ends up on a studio tour. At the hotel, Katie tries to seduce Bob but God intervenes. God is clearly disappointed in Bob and wonders whether he shouldn't have just destroyed the human race. Back in Detroit, Donna has become too sick to drive Megan to the concert. Megan is upset, but eventually relents and stays home with her sick mother. Bob has returned home and at t...

  • When the Devil misplaces his palm pilot, he discovers that Bob has actually taken it from him and he's using it to win a fortune by getting the next day's sports scores and them gambling on the winning team. God warns Bob that he shouldn't be messing around with such things, though the Devil shows up with an offer that may be too good for Bob to pass up.

  • Andy's home with the measles, and Bob is looking after him; when Donna gets home from school, Bob dashes out to be with his buddies. God pulls Bob out of a strip club and assigns him the task of putting up a billboard saying, "Smile" along the freeway. Bob protests that he can't afford it, but God assures him he'll find a way. Bob paints "Smile" over an existing billboard ad and is caught by the police. The Devil makes Bob hit and kick the officer, and Bob finds himself on the way to jail; he tells the officer he's God's messenger, and he's taken directly to an asylum. The Devil speaks to a straitjacketed Bob and says he'll take good care of Bob's family, especially Donna, as he morphs into looking exactly like Bob. Bob's desperate to warn his family that they're in danger; he gets out into the hall and tries to phone home but is intercepted by a pair of orderlies and drugged out of his mind. The Devil arrives at the Alman home, and Andy immediately recognizes that he isn't Bob. He tries to tell Megan, but she isn't listening. The Devil goes upstairs and quickly tries to seduce Donna, but she's having no part of it. In spite of all his pleas, she's adamant, and he collapses in defeat. God stops by the asylum and chats with the inmates. Bob observes that it's interesting that everyone can see him. God says that the innocents of the world usually can. God's checking on Bob's progress with his assignment. God says that if anyone needs their spirits lifted it's the people in the ...

  • Upset that Bob merely finds him to be an annoyance, the Devil sets out to instill fear in him by going out with Megan. Meanwhile, God tries to cheer up the residents of Detroit.

  • When Andy tells his friends that his father's friends with God, they insist that he proves it. But when God's a no-show, Andy runs away to Canada in embarrassment. Meanwhile, Megan develops a raging crush on Steve, her mother's study partner; and the Devil makes an effort to be nicer to Smeck.

  • God has become discontented with the human race and is contemplating chucking the whole thing and starting over, much to the delight of the Devil. At the Classy Chassis, a working class bar in Detroit, God wishes he could find just one soul who would show him the world was worth saving. God asks the Devil to pick anyone. The Devil picks Bob Alman, an auto worker with an attitude. God and the Devil make a deal that if Bob can show God that the human race is worth saving, he will spare the world. They approach Bob, who is skeptical. But after God proves to Bob he's the real thing, Bob agrees to help out. Bob quickly becomes dismayed when he realizes that God isn't going to tell him what he has to do. Bob has to figure that out on his own. At home, Bob's wife Donna is having trouble communicating with their 13 year old daughter Megan. Bob tries to tell them about meeting God, but they completely ignore him. Bob tells his 5 year old son Andy, who is unimpressed. Bob tries to get God to let him out of the deal, but God refuses. Bob decides to spread God's word by gathering people in his back yard. Unfortunately, no one is interested in what he has to say. Meanwhile, in the Lava Lounge in Hell, the Devil reveals to his sidekick Smeck that if he destroys Bob, the world will be destroyed with him. Back on Earth Bob tries to pitch a show idea to the 'Blessed News Network,' but when they realize they won't make any money from the show they turn him down. Bob gives mone...