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The Mongo Wrestling Alliance is one of the sport's biggest promotions. It was also the home of Rusty Kleberkuh's grandfather, a great wrestler, until he was betrayed by a booking agent. Having graduated from college, Rusty's goal is to make it to the Mongo Wrestling Alliance and avenge his grandfather.

He starts off in a small, independent promotion called West Valley Championship Wrestling. Rusty survives one brutal match after another and soon gets the call to perform in the Mongo Wrestling Alliance. With the help of his family, Rusty can now implement his plan for revenge.

But that plan keeps falling apart. Rusty enlists the aid of a hillbilly wrestler with a severe lack of intelligence. His family gets sidetracked by crazy situations involving weight loss programs, cults, swamp monsters, even a night at the ballet. Can Rusty get his family on track and focused in order to achieve his ultimate goal and make the booking agent pay for what he did to his grandfather?

Adult Swim
1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 23, 2011
Adult Cartoon, Animation & Cartoons, Comedy, Sports
Cast: Tommy Blacha, Byron Minns, Jason Nash, Will Sasso
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Mongo Wrestling Alliance Full Episode Guide

  • Stack Johnson decides to open up his own Pro--Wrestling themed seafood restaurant to make money.

  • Rusty forgoes his training of his brother Balthazaar in order to have gymnastic sex with the Nekro Nurses. Balt turns to a nefarious German Doctor who has him sleep weight off by putting him in a coma. She then turns him into a hypno slave.

  • Stack Johnson is in debt to Johnny DuBose. He decides to open up his own Pro-Wrestling themed seafood restaurant to make money. Let's hope it isn't a diarrhea disaster.

  • Rusty becomes disgusted with the treacherous slimey world of professional Wrestling and believes it has damaged him permanently. He quits and moves in with his college girlfriend and becomes a health supplement salesman.

  • The Kleberkuhs take on a blue skinned mutant carney Pro-Wrestling cult in the swamps of Louisiana. One of them has a claw and a parasitic twin.

  • Johnny DuBose frames Rusty for murder. Rusty goes on trial and unwisely enlists his brother Balthazaar as his attorney. Balt receives his legal education from watching movies.

  • Johnny DuBose frames Rusty for murder. Rusty goes on trial and unwisely enlists his brother Balthazaar as his attorney. Balt's legal education comes from watching movies. The genius back up plan is for Stack Johnson to intimidate the jury.

  • After going to "Swan Lake" Rusty has an obsession with a ballerina.

  • Fat Balthazaar Kleberkuh runs away to Mexico and gets involved with an evil Mexican wrestling cult where the losers hearts are eaten. Rusty has to wrestle a 600 pound midget in order to save him.

  • Baron Kleberkuh and Johnny Dubose are really old wrestlers who go out in the desert to fight and in the end are presumed dead, with them gone the wrestling world flourishes without. Until they return that is.

  • Rustydiscovers giant hillbilly wrestler Booter Lee Bogg and both wrestling families fight over who will signhim.

  • Rusty Kleberkuh is a College Wrestling Champion who plans on going "Pro". Baron Kleberkuh and Stack Johnson tell Rusty that it takes more than being a great wrestler to make it in the treacherous world of pro wrestling. However Rusty ignores them and fights for a Mongo Wrestling Alliance title match, but first he must overcome the seductive and bloodthirsty Smashley Adams and the mysterious menace known as "La Infestacion".

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