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The animated television show Assy McGee's is a spoof of police detective shows and centers around a character named Assy McGee who is essentially a pair of buttocks. McGee and his partner Sanchez fight crime in the made up city of Essex, New Hampshire. The voice of all the main characters in the show is that of Larry Murphy. The original air date of this series was in November of 2006. The series aired on the cable television channel known as Adult Swim. The last air date for this show was in July of 2008.

The plot of the show centers around McGee who is fraught with emotional problems and prone to violence. Along with his partner, Detective Sanchez, the two solve crimes that are overly exaggerated. Upon being tasked with a particular crime to solve, McGee will often then engage in activities that seem to have no bearing on the actual crime. By the end of the episode, as a result of violent encounters with individuals who appear irrelevant to the crime that they are tasked with solving, they manage to either catch their intended target or apprehend some other criminal. This show is also characterized by tension between McGee and his police chief, who frequently wants to relieve him of his badge yet still appears to grudgingly respect McGee.

Other prominent characters in the showe include Greg, who is often simply referenced as the chief, the mayor, who is portrayed as a corrupt and simple minded individual and Officer DiLorenzo, with whom most people seem to have a problem. Several of the characters in this show bear striking resemblances in their mannerisms to well known personalities. Al Pacino and Sylvester Stallone are a couple of movie personalities whose characters the show appears to draw from. Other characters include a bartender named Glenn, who runs the bar frequented by McGee and a priest, who serves as the Mcgee's source for spiritual advice. Sanchez's wife Brenda also features in the show and is the subject of some speculation regarding her fidelity to her husband. The show even alludes to a relationship that might have occurred between McGee and Brenda.

The show ran for 20 episodes during which it garnered advertising support from Scion the car company.

Assy McGee is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on November 26, 2006.

Assy McGee is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Assy McGee on demand atiTunes, Adult Swim online.

Adult Swim
2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
November 26, 2006
Animation & Cartoon, Adult Cartoon
Cast: H. Jon Benjamin, Jon Glaser, H. Jon Benjamin, Patrice O'Neal, Larry Murphy
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Assy McGee Full Episode Guide

  • Detective McGee stumbles across a bizarre and grotesque underground criminal enterprise.

  • The stink of corruption wafts through the Exeter P.D. forcing Detective McGee to make some tough decisions.

  • A serial arsonist targets Exeter and Detective McGee's online lover is suspect number one.

  • When a legendary entertainer is assaulted, Detective McGee finds himself locked in a deadly battle with a familiar foe.

  • Out-of-state thugs infiltrate a local sports arena and Detective McGee must deliver a to-go order of Exeter justice.

  • Detective McGee discovers a risk to national security when a rogue government intends on disabling foreign regimes.

  • Detective McGee decides to a career change after experiencing a freak accident...until disaster strikes.

  • A foreign crime syndicate's extortion scheme causes chaos at the annual Exeter Spelling Bee.

  • When a beloved member of the community is murdered, the Exeter P.D. must set aside their grief until justice can be served.

  • After a series of violent assaults, Detective McGee must rely on an unlikely ally -- a criminal he put behind bars long ago.

  • Trouble hits close to home for Detective Sanchez when a cold-blooded saboteur targets the Exeter Fireman's Carnival.

  • Detective McGee volunteers for the Federal Air Marshall program and accidentally stumbles upon a drug smuggling ring.

  • A hostage situation gets even scarier when it's revealed the Mayor of Exeter is one of the hostages.

  • Someone -- or something -- is killing the city's most promising boxers and Detective McGee finds himself in a fight for his life.

  • A local drug epidemic overtakes the city and puts Detective McGee's life at stake.

  • Detective McGee is assigned to break up an international immigrant smuggling ring.

  • Detective McGee defies orders to thwart a plague of bus robberies that terrorizes the city.

  • Detective McGee is assigned to protect a foreign dignitary targeted for assassination.

  • The Mayor faces humiliation when a famous painting is stolen from the town's art gallery.

  • The city's mayor runs for re-election, but an unsolved murder may cost him at the polls.