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The surreal series Off The Air premiered without explanation or introduction during Adult Swim's DVR Theater programming block. Many viewers were uncertain if the network was legitimately off the air, or if they were watching an unusual program. It was, in fact, a very unusual program.

Created by David Hughes, Off The Air features bizarre animation, surreal psychedelic images, pieces of viral internet videos, and strange archival footage. Most episodes have single word titles. The show offers no breaks, and each segment blends seamlessly into the next. Hughes originally wanted to include clips from various other Adult Swim shows, but could not due to licensing complications.

Each episode of Off The Air runs fifteen minutes in length. Seasons are sporadic, containing different numbers of episodes within each season. The show is very popular with fans of Adult Swim's regular programming. Regardless of the late timeslot, ratings have been consistently high.

Adult Swim
10 Seasons, 39 Episodes
May 25, 2011
Animation & Cartoon, Adult Cartoon
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