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The Pink Panther television show, or the Pink Panther and Friends was a highly successful animated cartoon series. At the central story is an highly intelligence, adventuresome, heroic, and morally deep cartoon character, the Pink Panther. He has the combined instincts of a jungle panther, pink fur of the psychedelic variety, and the mannerisms not unlike an English blue-blood aristocrat.

The Pink Panther television series ran from 1969 - 1976 in reel time, but most of the episodes were created during the first year of production. Many notable stars did voice over work for the show. The Pink Panther himself only talks during the ending of an episode that is a parody of Noah's Ark. In the final scene, the Pink Panther makes the statement, "Why can't man be more like animals."

This is the overall demeanor of the Pink Panther. He is never rude, does not easily become flustered, or barely even angry. Despite the way that he finds humans to act constantly, as they try to capture, threaten, or disrupt his world. He generally tries to make the best of bad situations, given the opportunity.

Episodes of the Pink Panther show have a three part structure. Two are always about the Pink Panther himself, the third being about the Inspector Clouseau, who is an odd, awkward, and determined French policeman. The Inspector has some less than helpful assistance from Sergeant Deux-Deux, and together they are under the command of Surete Commissioner. The two law enforcers battle the various foes, criminals, and villains that come their way.

These stories intertwine and are part of the legend that is the Pink Panther animated series, one of the great landmarks and cartoon achievements in television history. Today the Pink Panther is from a unique animated cartoon era, before the advent of digital imagery or computerized animation software. It also has a decidedly jazz oriented soundtrack that is a classic unto itself.

The Pink Panther is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (82 episodes). The series first aired on September 6, 1969.

Where do I stream The Pink Panther online? The Pink Panther is available for streaming on MGM, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Pink Panther on demand at Amazon, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 82 Episodes
September 6, 1969
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Rich Little, Paul Frees, Mark Ritts, Larry Storch, Mary Ritts
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The Pink Panther Full Episode Guide

  • Pink ZZZ, Trail Of The Lonesome Mine (Crazy Legs Crane), Starpink

  • Pink Press, Flower Power (Crazy Legs Crane), Pink U.F.O.

  • Pet Pink Pebbles, Nest Quest (Crazy Legs Crane), Pink Of Bagdad

  • Yankee Doodle Pink, Beach Bummer (Crazy Legs Crane), Pinkologist, The

  • Pink Quackers, Jet Feathers (Crazy Legs Crane), Pink And Shovel

  • Pink Daddy, Barnacle Bird (Crazy Legs Crane), Cat And The Pinkstalk

  • Dietetic Pink, Sneaker Snake (Crazy Legs Crane), Sprinkle Me Pink

  • Pink Lemonade, Fly By Knight (Crazy Legs Crane), Pink Trumpet

  • Supermarket Pink, Animal Crack-Ups (Crazy Legs Crane), String Along In Pink

  • Doctor Pink, Bug Off (Crazy Legs Crane), Pink Pictures

  • Pink Lightning, Storky & Hatch (Crazy Leg Crane), Pink In The Drink

  • Sparkplug Pink, Sonic Broom (Crazy Legs Crane), Pink Breakfast

  • Toro Pink, Winter Blunderland (Crazy Legs Crane), Pink In The Woods

  • Pink Suds, King Of The Swamp (Crazy Legs Crane), Pink Pull

  • Pink Arcade, Life With Feather (Crazy Legs Crane), Pink S.W.A.T.

  • Pink Bananas, Crane Brained (Crazy Legs Crane), Pinktails For Two

  • Mystic Pink, From Bed To Worse (Ant & Arrdvark), In The Pink Of The Night

  • Scarlet Pinkernel, The, Mumbo Jumbo (Ant & Arrdvark), Slink Pink

  • It'S Pink But Is It Mink, Froze Nose Knows, The (Ant & Aardvark), Pink Pest Control

  • Pink Elephant, Scratch A Tiger (Ant & Aardvark), Twinkle, Twinkle Little Pink

  • Therapeutic Pink, Don'T Hustle And Ant With Muscle (Ant & Arrdvark), Come On In! The Waters Pink

  • Shelock Pink, I'Ve Got Ants In My Plans (Ant & Aardvark), Pinkadilly Circus

  • Forty Pink Winks, Rough Brunch, Pink Outs

  • Pink Davinci, Odd Ant Out (Ant & Aardvark), Prefabricated Pink

  • Keep The Forests Pink, Science Friction (Ant & Aardvark), Super Pink

  • Pink Aye, Ants In The Pantry (Ant & Aardvark), Genie With The Light Pink Fur

  • Trail Of The Lomesome Pink, Dune Bug (Ant & Aardvark), Pink Plunk Plink

  • Bobolink Pink, Isle Of Caprice (Ant & Aardvark), Pink-A-Boo

  • Pink Piper, Hasty But Tasty (Ant & Aardvark), Pink Blueprint

  • Pink Campaign, Technology Phooey (Ant & Aardvark), Smile Pretty Say Pink

  • Pink Plasma, Ant From Uncle, The (Ant & Aardvark), Pink Tail Fly, The

  • Pink Streaker, Never Bug An Ant (Ant & Aardvark), Reel Pink

  • Salmon Pink, Ant And The Aardvark (Ant & Aardvark), Pink Phink, The