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Popular 60s cartoon personality Space Ghost is back with a modern flair in this parody talk show that has captured the hearts of thousands of viewers coast to coast. The first thing you learn about Space Ghost is that he's never serious but he sometimes delivers a serious message through his parodies. Everything about the show is centered on the random bits of humor that come from the collaboration between Space Ghost and his guests.

Space Ghost spares no expense on the guests. Since it's an animated show and anything is possible, he has worked with such diverse acts as the disco era Bee Gees and Weird Al himself. The backbone of the show is the "anything is possible" angle that makes unpredictability a joy to watch. The past mixes with the present in a pleasant parade of guests that stretch the imagination of viewers and give them plenty of laughs along the way. One such example of this was the appearance of the "Council of Doom" that greeted viewers in one episode. Anyone and anything can show up on a Space Ghost platform and that's why the show is still going strong these days. It's often a jumbled mess of random humor but that's what makes the show appeal to so many viewers.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (99 episodes). The series first aired on April 15, 1994.

Where do I stream Space Ghost Coast to Coast online? Space Ghost Coast to Coast is available for streaming on Cartoon Network, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Space Ghost Coast to Coast on demand at HBO Max, Hulu, Hoopla, Apple TV, Adult Swim online.

Cartoon Network
8 Seasons, 99 Episodes
April 15, 1994
Animation & Cartoon, Adult Cartoon
Cast: C. Martin Croker, George Lowe, Brak, Corri English, Don Kennedy
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Space Ghost Coast to Coast Full Episode Guide

  • Thad has a problem, hes' in jail. The bail bond springs him, but the price is the show budget. Attempts to run the show with interviews of old interviews, interviews with old episodes_4-18, groin-punching and one man showings of "Racism Is Bad" don't' satisfy Space Ghost in the slightest.

  • Space Ghost convinces Moltar to stop supporting his charity so he can support his plan to help "retardos". It works, but Space Ghost has a hard time watching his mouth and convincing Triumph The Insult Comic Dog to be a spokesman. Things get even worse when Zorak offers to be the director.

  • Space Ghost gets into a fight with the carpenters Zorak hired for his apartment. Moltar, takes over the show and bothers William Shatner with fanfic.

  • Profanity, cars, crows, Todd Barry, melons, insanity, and nudity.Is that what the birds and bees about? Space Ghost says yes to that.

  • Space Ghost is pissed and he's attacking everyone in his sight. Except Dennis Miller of course, who's image is on the TV screen you see every episode.

  • Attempts to cooperate with a trio of fast food restaurant mascots attempting to appeal to the hunger in young teens leads Thad to seriously reconsider the day he sold his show out for a house boat.

  • Special edition of "Mommentary" with new commentary from the shows producers.

  • The S.G writers commentate on their mothers' commentary

  • A special commentary variation of "Kentucky Nightrmare" featuring comments from the mothers of the three head C2C writers

  • Zorak and Moltar supports Tenacious D's worship to Satan by offering tips for their rock band, and Space Ghost tells the duo what he thinks about Brak leaving and taking on his own show.

  • Zorak gets beat with a pipe wrench. Moltar makes some pretty good jokes. There is an awesome canyon wreck with the Phantom Cruiser. To make it up to the guys, Space Ghost takes Moltar and Zorak to the grocery store. While on the floor, Zorak says he wants toilet paper.

  • While Space Ghost burns cds, Moltar sings and hosts the show. We meet Space Ghost's wife, and Zorak talks like a hillbilly. Zorak punches Space Ghost at the end.

  • Space Ghost quits the show. He goes to the Justice League, and they hide from him. Moltar has a neat rope crash, and says "Show me the hiny". The Justice League jumps Space Ghost at the end.

  • A failing liquor chain purchases the show, forcing Space Ghost to plug the company when asking Willie Nelson questions. Thad's grossly inaccurate nature documentary on Sharks and Bears comes back to haunt him courtesy of a rampaging Grizzly and the Liquor mascot Shark exploding.