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The Super Hero Squad Show is an American animated children's cartoon by Marvel Entertainment, two seasons in length, focusing on the adventures of the heroic Avengers organization against various super-villains and super-villain organizations. As the Super Hero Squad Show is geared toward a younger audience, the various characters such as Iron Man and Captain America are given a squad, super-deformed character design. Marvel has gone on record to state that the Super Hero Squad Show takes place within its Earth-91119 universe.

The Avengers team within the Super Hero Squad Show consists of the overtly-technical Iron Man, the jovial-yet-angry "Incredible Hulk," the overenthusiastic "Almighty Thor" who regularly breaks out into speaking as if his dialogue was written by Shakespeare, the cantankerous Canadian and one-man-army Wolverine, youthful Reptil who can call upon various dinosaur-related abilities, the cosmic wanderer and philosophizing Silver Surfer, the Falcon who usually gets paired off with Hulk to watch over him; and Captain America whose choice in dialogue, such as referring to the president as Franklin D. Roosevelt, and reactions, like fearing the Japanese-invention of karaoke, tend to keep his mind firmly rooted in the 1940s.

The first season's primary antagonists consist of Victor von Doom, also known as Doctor Doom, and his minions MODOK (the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) and Abomination, with the occasional help from the Enchantress and Loki, as well as Baron Mordo, and Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The main conflict of the season involved Doom and the Avengers competing over Infinity Fractals which greatly enhance superpowers. Eventually, a sword known as the Infinity Sword is crafted from enough of these Fractals which are ultimately taken into deep space by the Silver Surfer so that no villain may lay his or her hands on the artifact.

The second season of the Super Hero Squad Show added Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Thanos, Adam Warlock, Beta Ray Bill to the prevalent characters with its ultimate antagonist as an Infinity Sword-corrupted Silver Surfer.

The Super Hero Squad Show is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 2009.

Where do I stream The Super Hero Squad Show online? The Super Hero Squad Show is available for streaming on Marvel, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Super Hero Squad Show on demand at Disney+, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
September 14, 2009
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Tom Kenny, David Boat, Steve Blum, Travis Willingham
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The Super Hero Squad Show Full Episode Guide

  • When the Enchantress tricks Odin into marriage, Thor must take his father's place on the throne of Asgard!

  • The Six Squaddies must each face the Dark Surfer one-on-one in a final battle for the fate of reality that takes them to the edge of the universe.

  • As the Dark Surfer prepares to end the universe, the half-frozen Super Hero Squad mounts a last, desperate attack.

  • Ms. Marvel leads the Squaddies on a mission to rescue her namesake, Captain Marvel, from the Dark Surfer.

  • Attempting to go back in time to stop the Dark Surfer, the Super Hero Squad suffers a time mishap that transforms several of the Squaddies into kids.

  • Having problems at home, the Impossible Man ends up crashing with the Super Hero Squad.

  • As Mr. Fantastic and Ms. Marvel try to rescue the Squaddies from their extra-dimensional exile, the evil Hydra besieges the heroes' distant outpost.

  • As power-mad Thanos gets all the Infinity Stones, the Squaddies face betrayal at the hands of one of their own!

  • Doctor Doom discovers that his mother, the calamitous Coco Von Doom, has turned his Latverian Castle into a day spa for heroes!

  • Iron Man must keep Thanos from using the Power Stone to destroy intergalactic peacekeepers the Nova Corps.

  • Galactus aims to destroy the Skrull throneworld. The Silver Surfer's nowhere in sight, so the Squaddies must face the Devourer of Worlds on their own.

  • Nebula's fight with Thanos over the Space Stone sends Wolverine and HERBIE into the Negative Zone.

  • Thanos uses the Time Stone to send the Scarlet Witch back to World War II, where she's caught up in a battle between the Red Skull and the Invaders!

  • An unlikely ally hidden aboard the Helicarrier must rescue the captured Squaddies. Plus, Thanos reveals that he's behind the Kree-Skrull conflict!

  • The Super Hero Squad must reunite to stop a war between the Kree and Skrull galactic empires.

  • When one of the Squad's archvillains plots to take over Olympus and Asgard, can Thor and Hercules put aside their pride to save the day?

  • Doom sends the Squaddies on a wild goose chase, leaving Cap and Ms. Marvel alone to stop Doom, M.O.D.O.K. and Abomination from breaking out of jail.

  • When Thanos uses the Mind Stone to send Hulk on a sleepwalking rampage, the Squaddies must enter a dream world to fight back.

  • Galactus arrives in Super Hero City to devour the Earth! The fate of the planet hangs in the balance, but all of the city's heroes are powerless before Galactus' omnipotence. In one last bid to defeat him, the Squad struggle to assemble the Infinity Sword - but they require cooperation from Dr. Doom. Will Dr. Doom help them? Why is Reptil the key to saving the planet? And which Squaddie will make a tremendous sacrifice to save the Earth?

  • Dr. Doom conquers Chthon's mystical dimension to free his mother, Coco Von Doom. Though Doom ends up with Chthon's evil powers, he also finds himself dealing with his mother's monstrous nagging. While Doom hides out in Chthon's realm, Coco wreaks havoc on Villainville and Super Hero City. Dr. Strange helps some of the Squad members deal with an ultra-powerful Doom, while the other half of the Squad deals with an ultra-annoying Coco. Meanwhile, Thor is commanded by his father, Odin, to return to Asgard and take on his princely duties.

  • To show his minions what real villainy looks like, Doom thaws out the infamous WWII menace, the Red Skull. But Captain America isn't thrilled to find his old nemesis is up to his old tricks - and Dr. Doom isn't thrilled with the Skull's enormous ego. The Squad and Lethal Legion learn that old grudges and evil plots for world domination never die.

  • Doom sends out his "Team Toxic" (Pyro, Paste Pot Pete & Zzzax) to melt the polar icecaps. While Flatman and Reptil are lecturing on the dangers of global warming, the icecap melts and begins to flood the whole world! The earth's only hope is a cranky Iceman... if Iron Man can convince him, that is.

  • A new villain is in town... Magneto! And he has tricked his own kids into a sinister plot to steal the Vault's fractals for Dr. Doom. But will the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver do dad's bidding or help Falcon save the day?

  • Loki's scheming sends the Squad into twists & turns that lead them into the frightful center of Villainville and to mythical Asgard itself. But silly sibling rivalry with Thor threatens to destroy both Asgard and Midgard.

  • The Mayor's re-election bid goes awry when Egghead wins by a landslide (thanks to a little mass mind-control). But his reign at city hall makes life in Super Hero City a bureaucratic nightmare for heroes and villains alike. Wolverine and the Mayor are up against every hero and villain in a desperate attempt to free everyone from Egghead's control and stop the villains' planned invasion.

  • Cap learns that Wolverine never got his diploma and sends him back to the Xavier School to get his remaining credits.

  • When a sabertooth cat arrives in Super Hero City, a mysterious jungle lord comes to find him. But the Lethal Legion has its own plan for the cat.

  • Doom has a scheme to destroy Iron Man. Fortunately, Iron Man's best pal, James Rhodes, armors up to help.

  • Sinister Baron Mordo escapes the Dark Dimension and possesses Iron Man, turning him into "Iron Menace."

  • A fractal mishap finally gives M.O.D.O.K. his big chance to overthrow Dr. Doom.

  • The devious Enchantress plots to make Thor fall in love with her, to the fury of the jealous Skurge. But her love spell goes awry.

  • A new heroine named the Black Widow joins the team and shows the boys she can fight even better than them -- but she harbors a treacherous secret.

  • The Squad helps out the Fantastic Four with an ambush from the alien Skrulls. Meanwhile, Dr. Doom is making a devious deal with cosmic villain Thanos.

  • For a lone wolf like Wolverine, close quarters with the Squad isn't comfortable, so he gets himself drafted into the international All-Captains Squad.

  • Doom's ally Egghead hatches a scheme to steal a fractal in the Squad's Helicarrier by shrinking to insect size. Ant-Man helps chase down the villains.

  • When the Helicarrier gets smashed, the Squad needs to find a place to crash. Only Dr. Strange will take them in, which they're none too happy about.

  • A mysterious new villain, Scorpio, allies himself with Doom. Soon enough, he's leading the villains in a quest to steal Stark's most powerful tech.

  • When a bratty 3-year-old girl wears a fractal tiara, she gains terrifying power that creates mayhem for heroes and villains alike.

  • Supernatural wackiness is turning the city upside-down. The Squad goes to Dr. Strange for help, but he tricks them into battling the dread Dormammu.

  • During a battle with Klaw and Screaming Mimi, the Hulk is turned into the Gray Hulk. The Squad chase down the Lethal Legion to save Super Hero City.

  • Silver Surfer can't get the hang of Earth customs, which frustrates his Squad buddies. So the Surfer heads out on his own, and Dr. Doom captures him.

  • Introducing Reptil, a teen Hispanic hero thrilled to join the Squad as a trainee. Wolverine is very reluctantly assigned to be Reptil's mentor. On their first mission, hotshot Reptil gets himself in hot water with the Abomination and the Wrecking Crew. Shaken, Reptil has to get back in the game when he is the only one who can help Wolverine during a Lethal Legion ambush.

  • The Squad has a big mission to keep a fractal from Dr. Doom. Falcon is eager to show he's no rookie, but his teammates underestimate him. Meanwhile, Doom employs the disgusting and very gassy Mole Man to find the fractal first - but Mole Man gets freaky powerful when he touches it and decides to use his monster buddies to conquer Super Hero City!