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Dinosaur King is a popular anime television show that was adapted from a Sega video game and popular Japanese franchise. This show is aired in many countries including: Japan, Canada, USA, UK, and in England. This show was directed by the acclaimed Japanese director called Katsuyoshi Yatabe. In addition, Dinosaur King is shown in many networks including, Fox, Asahi TV and DKids.

The plot of this show is about two opposing forces that must battle each other; the good vs. the bad. The D-Team are the team of several dino-loving crime fighters who unite together to defeat the Alfa Ganda. The characters of this show include:

The D-Team Members, the good guys: Max Taylor- The young and fiery honorary D-Team leader who is voiced by Megumi Matsumotz and is the brains behind the operations. Max is the son of the paleontologist, Dr. Taylor and because of his father's knowledge; he too developed a passion for paleontology. He is impulsive and spontaneous and he tends to act without thinking about the outcome.

Rex Owen- He is Max's best friend who always stands on his friend's side; through the good and bad. He is portrayed as the nice, sweet and shy boy, but he does have a short temper when he is provoked. He was found inside of an egg-like container at a New York City paleontology exhibit and his parents left him there so he can find a loving family and stable home.


Dinosaur King is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (109 episodes). The series first aired on September 8, 2007.

Where do I stream Dinosaur King online? Dinosaur King is available for streaming on 4KidsTV, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dinosaur King on demand at Netflix online.

Saturday 10:30 AM et/pt on 4KidsTV
3 Seasons, 109 Episodes
September 8, 2007
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Matt Hoverman, David Zen Mansley, Megumi Matsumoto, Rebecca Soler
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Dinosaur King Full Episode Guide

  • While the D-Team are enjoying their vacation in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, an Acrocanthosaurus has been discovered. The D-Team and the Alpha Gang chase it to an active volcano in the ocean. Will the volcano erupt before they can collect the Acrocanthosaurus card?

  • After being captured by the Alpha Gang, the D-Team plots their escape. Lucky for them, Dr. Spike Taylor comes to their rescue. Can the D-Team claim the Ceratosaurus, reclaim Horny and escape the Alpha Gang's base?

  • In pursuit of a Ceratosaurus, the D-Team heads to Zeta Point -- and are surprised to discover that Zeta Point is the Alpha Gang's headquarters! The Alpha Gang ends up capturing them and, even worse, they get their hands on Chomp, Ace and Paris.

  • The members of the Alpha Gang are in the right place at the right time when a Suchomimus appears on the shores of Monaco. The D-Team arrive to capture the Suchomimus, but before they can, the fishermen suspect the D-Team has something to do with the dinosaur and all their missing fish.

  • Max and the gang must find a way to keep all of time and space from sudden doom.

  • Max and the gang are in a three way clas

  • Max and the gang look for last remaining Cosmos Stone

  • Max and the gang travel back in time

  • Max tries to make a deal with the Space Pirates

  • Max and friends search a haunted castle

  • Where is the next Stone?

  • Max and friends are in 17th-century Paris

  • The Pterosaur leads Max and friends to the desert of ancient Persia,

  • Max and the gang venture into a mysterious cave with the Shogun

  • Max and his friends accompany the Shogun to find the Cosmos Stone

  • Max and the gang must rescue Sanzo

  • The gang decides to ditch Sanzo

  • The gang use Sanzo Hoshi to track down the Space Pirates

  • Max and his friends chase the space pirates to Ancient China

  • Max and his friends get close to finding the buried treasure

  • The Alpha Gang joins the D-Team to fight Blackbeard's Pirates

  • The D-Team travels to the Caribbean in 1718

  • Max's house vanishes with everyone's parents inside.

  • The search for the next Cosmos Stone continues but with Chancellor Richelieu's soldiers hiding behind every corner, Max and his friends will have to be at the top of their game to find it.

  • Max and the gang hurry to find the next Cosmos Stone and warn Princess Anne that the evil Chancellor Richelieu is up to no good but the Space Pirates are fast on their trail.

  • In 17th-century Paris, Max and friends try to beat Shear and the Space Pirates to the next Cosmos Stone but end up butting heads with an orphan named D'Artagnan and his band of Teen Musketeers!

  • Max and friends must race to find the Cosmos Stone before the Space Pirates are able to snatch it - all while defending Princess Zahrah's kingdom from an all out attack.

  • Max and the gang arrive at Princess Zahrah's kingdom only to find that it's been overrun by bandits and dinosaurs! It's up to them to save the day.

  • Max and friends must take on the Alpha Gang and 39 thieves in order to save the Princess and any chance they have of finding the next Cosmos Stone.

  • The Pterosaur leads Max and friends to the desert of ancient Persia, where they meet a Princess who offers to help them find the next Cosmos Stone but also needs some help of her own.

  • When Zoe's father, posing as the Shogun, is about to lead a Japanese army into certain defeat, Max and the gang must race to save them.

  • When Max and the gang venture into a mysterious cave with the Shogun to try and find the Cosmos Stone they find the Space Pirates instead! Meanwhile, the Alpha Team can't seem to shake a cranky bear.

  • As Max and his friends accompany the Shogun to find the Cosmos Stone they're stopped by the Space Pirates and a band of ninjas and must fight their way free.

  • Max and the gang must rescue Sanzo from the clutches of the Space Pirates before they force him to work his magic and get the next Cosmos Stone.

  • With Sanzo slowing down Max and his friends at every turn the gang decides to ditch the old monk so they can quickly catch up with the Space Pirates but Sanzo has other ideas.

  • When Max and the gang use Sanzo Hoshi to track down the Space Pirates they get sidetracked defending a small village and Sanzo gets snatched by the Space Pirates.

  • Max and his friends chase the space pirates to Ancient China where they encounter a famous monk, Sanzo Hoshi, who has a special talent that can help find the third Cosmos Stone.

  • Max and his friends, the Space Pirates and Blackbeard all get close to finding the buried treasure which is the Second Cosmos Stone. An earthquake transforms the island and a major dinosaur battle breaks out to determine who gets to the Cosmos Stone first.

  • The battle over the treasure map moves to the high seas. Pirates and Dinosaurs battle in the water, on ships and in the sky.

  • The Alpha Gang joins the D-Team to fight Blackbeardâ??s Pirates over a treasure map that will lead to the second Cosmos Stone.

  • The D-Team travels to the Caribbean Sea in the year 1718 where they find a treasure map that shows the location of the second Cosmos Stone. Danger ensues when they encounter others in search of the stone --Space Pirates and real pirates too!

  • In the final episode of the D-Team's adventures in Ancient Rome, the legendary gladiator, Spartacus, is forced to battle a Dinosaur in Rome's Coliseum. Max and the D-Team join the battle and become part of history.

  • Dinosaurs and Gladiators battle in Rome's ancient Coliseum.

  • In Ancient Rome, Max and his friends help a girl named Sofia who is carrying a powerful jewel to her brother, the great gladiator Spartacus. The stone turns out to be the first of the legendary Cosmos Stones, and soon the D Team and their dinosaurs are battling Space Pirates for control of it.

  • The D Team's time machine lands in Ancient Rome where they battle a space pirate who has his own Dinosaurs and Dinosaur cards.

  • The D-Team, along with Max and Rex's fathers, head to Kyoto, supposedly in search of a Fukuisaurus that has just appeared. However, their fathers' attentions are instead quickly drawn to the beautiful geisha who roam the city's streets. These stories intertwine as they learn that the dinosaur, perhaps an ancient ancestor of modern birds who gather shiny objects to their nests, has been pilfering shiny trinkets from the city's geisha. Max, Rex, and Zoe race to capture the dinosaur, even as the Alpha Gang arrives to beat them to it. Meanwhile, the boys' fathers hunt for the dinosaur's nest, and its trove of stolen trinkets, in hopes of winning the attention of a geisha or two.

  • After waiting far too long in the shadows, pretending to overlook the ineptitude of his master, Dr. Z, Seth finally begins to enact his plan to take over The Alpha Gang.  One of his first successes, he hopes, will be capturing an Ampelosaurus, which has appeared in Moscow, Russia. The D-Team also rushes to the scene and discovers the dinosaur in a railcar on the Trans-Siberian Railroad.  They struggle to extricate it from the train without injuring its countless passengers, even as The Alpha Gang descends to capture the dinosaur themselves.

  • Max's mother is only days into a trip to Barcelona when Max learns that an Allosaurus has appeared in the city. The D-Team heads to Spain to catch the dinosaur and save Max's mother. They arrive just in time to find Max's mother cornered by the dinosaur in a city marketplace. Max rescues his mother but finds it difficult to corner the speedy dinosaur in the twisting streets of the city. Finally, the team wraps Ace in a red cloak and draw it into a historic bullfight ring, where they will attempt to capture it matador style.

  • In a rare moment of peace, the D-Team head to Chinatown to check out a celebrated touring chef. But sure enough, before they have even had a chance to order, their plans are cut short by a Mapusaurus appearance. Rod and Laura, under the watchful eyes of Helga, show up soon thereafter and join in the chase. As Helga and the touring chef begin a heated cooking competition, Max and Chomp begin a desperate battle to defeat the Mapusaurus in time to catch the meal theyâ??d been looking forward to.

  • The D-Team head to Cambodia in pursuit of a new dinosaur and soon find that Rod and Laura have beaten them there, and have brought their nursemaid Helga along for support. Local villagers, who recognized the dinosaur as a creature from local legend, immediately hail Helga as a goddess sent to protect them. True to legend, Helga makes a brave showing against the Stegosaurus that threatens the village, but the D-Team must step in to stop it completely. No sooner have they done so than Rod and Laura sneak in and make off with the Stegosaurus card.

  • A dinosaur appearance brings the D-Team to Oklahoma at the height of rodeo season. With Ursula and her underlings stuck caring for an ailing Dr. Z., Rod and Laura head to Oklahoma in their place. After goading Max into entering a local rodeo, the duo lays plans to claim the Saurophaganax that first brought them all here. Chomp fights a brave battle against the dinosaur, but only to have Rod and Laura step in and capture it as soon as both battling dinosaurs have exhausted their strength.

  • Ursula and her team head to an abandoned iron mill in Japan to collect Alpha Metal for reconstructing their island base. As fate would have it, the D-Team are also touring the same area on a school field trip. To further complicate the situation, a Velociraptor specially enhanced by Dr. Z appears and begins wreaking havoc in the area. Max and Chomp face off against it, but the enhanced dinosaur is too much for Chomp. Seth makes off with the Alpha Metal as the D-Team struggles to fend off the Alpha Gang and their dinosaurs.

  • Reports of a large fossil discovery turn out to be unfounded, but nearby, Max spots a historic Ninja Village and begs the rest of the gang to join him in a contest of ninja ability. Max had already been off to a headstrong start, but after winning the ninja prize, he is convinced he can do no wrong. When a team of three Deinonychus appear, Max rushes to face off against them on his own. Little does he realize his skills are about to be put to the real test: Dr. Z has specially trained this dinosaur trio, imbuing them with ninja talents of their own.

  • A young Indian princess, desperate to escape her gilded cage, inadvertently unearths a dazzling dinosaur as she attempts to tunnel under the palace gates. She escapes toward the Ganges River and her dream of freedom, the dinosaur trailing close behind. The D-Team detect the dinosaur appearance and make tracks to India themselves, but can they reach the princess-and the dinosaur she has befriended-before the Alpha Gang unleash all their reptile minions upon her?

  • Despite a warning that any entrance will anger the native gods, Team Alpha ventures into an underground temple in search of the Alpha Metal they need to repair their malfunctioning fortress. They unwittingly awaken the Pawpawsaurus that guards the holy site, but when Max and friends arrive, this dinosaur turns on them, blocking any attack they launch against Team Alpha's dinosaur sidekicks. Their only hope is to win the dinosaur's trust before the entire temple comes crashing down on their heads.

  • A dinosaur appearance calls the D-Team to Kenya, where they meet an acquaintance of Dr. Taylor's who is working to stop a team of big game poachers. Unfortunately, the Alpha Gang and these poachers had already met and decided to pool their criminal skills. With the help of Ursula's T-Rex, the team quickly rounds up countless rare African animals, while continuing their search for the latest dinosaur. When Max and friends try to put an end to this new poaching alliance, however, the leader of the poachers gets a more ambitious idea: to capture Chomp for sale on the black market!

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