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Power Rangers Mystic Force follows the lives of five regular teenagers who have been given extraordinary powers as well as charged with the task of defending the world against alien forces. The series aired on Jetix on February 20, 2006 and ended on November 16, 2006. It ran for 22 minutes and has thirty two episodes. The plot line follows the events of a Great Battle that took place about twenty years ago, when the forces of darkness sought to take over the world. Luckily, brave and noble wizards stood against them and push them back into the Underworld. In order to keep them sealed in the Underworld the most powerful of all the wizards(Leanbow)sacrificed himself in order to keep evil in the Underworld.

During the series the Rangers are called upon during times of turmoil to save mankind from the forces of evil. They are equipped with mystical magic and martial arts, both which help them defend their world. When the battle has reached its conclusion the defeated monster will usually be resurrected into a mammoth size version of its original form. When this happens the Power Rangers will call upon their megazords(ancient beats that come together to create one powerful fighting machine). The battle continues and the Power Rangers are victorious at the end.

The story line can be a bit confusing, but the simplest explanation of the story is that the Red Ranger and the villain(Koragg) are both father and son. This plays a pivotal role in the story line and gives the Power Rangers a brand new ally in their fight against evil. Following in the footsteps of past Power Ranger series the Red Ranger is bestowed with a Battlizer Option(that equips him with special armor to fight). In this mode the Red Rangers becomes even more powerful and usually wins the day.

Power Rangers Mystic Force is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on February 20, 2006.

Power Rangers Mystic Force is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Power Rangers Mystic Force on demand atNetflix, Amazon, iTunes online.

1 Season, 32 Episodes
February 20, 2006
Action & Adventure
Cast: Firass Dirani
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Power Rangers Mystic Force Full Episode Guide

  • Mystic Fate: Part 2With Daggeron and Leanbow defeated, the Rangers must use all their magic to try to save both the Surface World and the Magical Realm.

  • Following Itassis' betrayal, the Master decides to take matters into his own tentacled hands. A village in the Mystic Realm is attacked, and when the Rangers come to investigate, they are stunned to learn Nick is behind the destruction! Taken over by the Master, Nick becomes Koragg, forcing Leanbow to use his Wolf Warrior power against his own son. Can the Light prevail? If things weren't bad enough, Black Lance targets the city, while Sculpin waits in the wings! Also, Rockporium's business is down thanks to its newest employee, Phineas.

  • In the pit, the stone chooses Oculus. Some of the Terrors don't understand why they must abide by so many rules. The others argue that it is the only way to bring back the Master. In the forest, Udonna is trying to get by on her own without magic. She hears a noise and finds out that Clare has been following her. Clare vows to go with her on her quest to find Leanbow. The teens confront Leelee as to what she is up to. Leelee tells them that she just wants to be normal. Their Morphers beep, and one by one the teens dump their work related chores on Leelee. The Rangers go out to meet Oculus. He disappears into his own dimension and begins to hunt down the Rangers one by one. Nick is injured and they block shots and try to get away. While Daggeron and Jenji were training in the Opaque Dimension, Megahorn breaks the Terror rules and a Zord fight breaks out. The fight is fierce and it seems that Megahorn is the stronger one. Itassis shows up to stop Megahorn from breaking the rules any longer. One by one Oculus is able to take the Rangers down. Nick is the last one and gives himself up to save his friends when all of a sudden Phineas saves Nick. Phineas tells him that he is the light and is the only force that can defeat the darkness. Nick calls on Fire Heart and combines with him to create the Red Fire Dragon Ranger. With the help of Fire Heart, Nick is able to defeat Oculus and save his friends. In the Rockporium, Leelee is dead tired from covering for the teens all day. Toby names her Rockployee of the month instead of Nick.

  • Necrolai and Leelee find out they are unable to enter a cave because of a magical force field. They trick the Rangers into going into the cave and break the force field. Inside the cave is a lamp and a petrified mummy. The Rangers take the lamp and Necrolai takes the mummy. Meanwhile, Phineas has a toothache and ventures to town for the first time. Escorted by Toby, Phineas goes to the dentist to have his tooth removed. Inside the lamp the Rangers find a new pet cat named Jenji. He claims to grant wishes but when danger arises the Rangers find out he is a scaredy cat. In the Pit, the petrified mummy is brought to life. Imperious right away shows Necrolai and Leelee who is boss around here. With Koragg missing and Morticon destroyed, Imperious goes off to destroy the Rangers. The Rangers seem to be no match for Imperious. When all seems lost, Jenji comes out of his lamp to help the Rangers against Imperious. After the battle, the Rangers introduce Jenji to Udonna. They find out that Jenji is a link to what had happened in the past before the Rangers. They are interrupted when the moment everyone at Rootcore has awaited comes: the dragon egg hatches.

  • Udonna tells the teens the story of Catastros and how no one was able to tame the beast. After being sucked into a seal with evil, Koragg was able to tame Catastros. All except Nick admit to being afraid of the powerful horse.In the pit, Morticon finds out that Koragg has kept the Rangers' power for himself. He sends Necrolai out to teach Koragg a lesson.Visions of Catastros haunt Nick in his dreams. There is no sleep for him when the Rangers have to battle Koragg. With the battle in full swing, Necrolai shoots a poisonous arrow at Koragg. She misses and hits Catastros. Koragg tries to escape but the Red Titan jumps on him and disrupts his escape spell. Nick and Catastros disappear into a different dimension.The others do all that they can to bring Nick back. They find out that to bring Nick back they must say the spell backwards. As they try to remember the spell, a battle breaks out with a monster.In the other dimension, Nick tries to run away from Catastros. With nowhere to run, Nick sees Catastros is injured by Necrolai's arrow. He helps Catastros just as the others open up a spell to bring Nick back. The Red Ranger combines with Catastros to make the Centaurus Phoenix Zord and destroys the monster. Koragg takes Catastros back and vows to destroy Nick.

  • In the pit, Koragg is watching a battle unfold between him and the Red Ranger in a pool. He plots to stop the battle before its too late. Necrolai suggests using Udonna's snow staff to get to Nick. In Rockporium, Xander is getting ready to make a $1000 bank drop for Toby. Nick starts hearing voices that say no one wants him. Still hearing voices of rejection, Leelee comes up to him and tells him she wants to hang out later. Nick tells her no and goes back to work. She plots to get Nick fired from work. She hides the bank drop and tells Xander about the recent thief in Briarwood. Xander thinks Nick took the money. At Rootcore Nick finds out that the others think he took the money. He hears voices that say the others don't trust him. He leaves to the forest. The voices tell him to go to the beach. He finds Koragg who admits to putting the voices in his head. Koragg says that Nick's destiny is to be destroyed. The two face off. The others decide to approach Toby about the stolen money. Before they do, Toby tells them that he already deposited it. The teens realize their mistake and rush to help Nick. Koragg turns into a Centaurus Wolf Zord. He blasts the Rangers in their Dragonzord and steals their power. He uses their power to bring Morticon to the surface world. Morticon is about to destroy the Red Titan when all of a sudden Nick does a counter spell and sends Morticon back to the pit. Koragg leaves the Rangers and keeps their Megazord combining power for himself. The teens promise each other they will no longer keep secrets from each other.

  • In the Rockporium, the teens are doing what each does best at work. Madison records each one on her video camera. When she turns to record Nick, he tells her that she shouldn't always hide behind her camera.In a park, Madison wonders if she is too shy. She tries to be daring and go up to a cute guy when all of a sudden the Clawbster starts turning people into stone. Madison pushes the guy out of the way and just as the Rangers arrive, she is turned into stone.They take Madison to Rootcore and Vida finds out what Nick had said to Madison. She scolds him for thinking like that and Nick finds out that people have different ways of expressing themselves. He feels bad and makes a promise to save her.The Rangers race through the forest to destroy the Clawbster Monster. Koragg and his legion of Hidiacs stand in the way. Nick tells the others to go ahead while he holds the Hidiacs. His racer isn't holding up so well against the Hidiacs. Nick gets a new spell code and his racer changes into a Mystic Speeder. He races to the scene where the others are battling the Clawbster, defeats the monster, and breaks the spell. Madison meets up with the Rangers and their Titans combine into the Titan Megazord. They destroy the Clawbster and save the city.