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  • TV-Y7
  • 2006
  • 1 Season
  • 6.7  (3,147)

Power Rangers Mystic Force is a television series produced by Saban in 2006. It is the fourteenth season of the Power Rangers franchise, and it features a new cast of young heroes battling the forces of evil in a magical realm. The series follows five ordinary teenagers who are chosen by the sorceress Udonna to become the Mystic Force Power Rangers. The Rangers are tasked with defending the city of Briarwood from the evil forces of the Underworld, led by the malevolent Master Xandred.

The Red Ranger is played by Firass Dirani, who leads the team as Nick Russell. The other Rangers are Madison, Vida, Chip, and Xander. Each member of the team has unique magical powers and weapons, which they use to battle the monsters sent by Master Xandred.

The series is notable for its use of magic and mysticism, as well as its focus on character development and relationships between the Rangers. The show also features a wealth of special effects and action sequences, which keep audiences engaged and on the edge of their seats.

Another unique aspect of Power Rangers Mystic Force is its use of vehicles called Mystic Racers. These vehicles are powered by magic and can be used both on land and in the air. The Rangers use them to chase down monsters and engage in high-speed battles.

Overall, Power Rangers Mystic Force is a thrilling and action-packed series that is sure to delight fans of the franchise. It's a must-watch for anyone who loves magical adventures, epic battles, and unforgettable heroes.

Power Rangers Mystic Force is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on February 19, 2006.

Power Rangers Mystic Force
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Mystic Fate: Part 2
32. Mystic Fate: Part 2
Mystic Fate: Part 2 With Daggeron and Leanbow defeated, the Rangers must use all their magic to try to save both the Surface World and the Magical Realm.
Mystic Fate: Part 1
31. Mystic Fate: Part 1
Following Itassis' betrayal, the Master decides to take matters into his own tentacled hands. A village in the Mystic Realm is attacked, and when the Rangers come to investigate, they are stunned to learn Nick is behind the destruction! Taken over by the Master, Nick becomes Koragg, forcing Leanbow to use his Wolf Warrior power against his own son. Can the Light prevail? If things weren't bad enough, Black Lance targets the city, while Sculpin waits in the wings! Also, Rockporium's business is down thanks to its newest employee, Phineas.
The Return
30. The Return
October 30, 2006
The Terrors have taken the energy of the Master from Leanbow. They wait as the Master chooses one of them to be sacrificed for his return. The Stone of Judgement chooses Matoombo to rise to the surface world to destroy. In Rootcore, all hope is lost of Leanbow surviving his last battle. But Udonna still continues her search for him. Her spirit leaves her body as it continues her search for him. Matoombo rises to attack the city. The Titan Megazord is no match for him. As he disappears he tells the Rangers to stay out of his way and he won't hurt anyone. The Rangers split up to find him. Vida finds Matoombo peacefully watching a child play. She tells him that by trying to conquer Earth he will be hurting people. Suddenly the Master's power goes into Matoombo. He will be the one to bring forth the Master whether he likes it or not. The peaceful Terror knows there is just one thing that can be done. Still in her spirit form, Udonna finds Leanbow right where Sculpin left him at the bottom of a crevice in the Underworld. She uses her snow staff to channel her energy to him. Matoombo, Vida, and Xander race to the sleeping lake where Matoombo will sleep in the lake for all eternity and the Master will never be able to come out of him. Gekkor does everything in his power to stop them. The Rangers trick him giving Matoombo just enough time to reach the lake. Gekkor battles the Rangers and uses all his power to finally destroy the Rangers. But Leanbow comes back in the red armor of Koragg and shields the Rangers. Gekkor is no match for Leanbow. Matoombo has finally reached the lake and is about to seal the Master away forever until Sculpin stops him. The Master bursts out of a giant Matoombo and tells Mystic Force the end is near for each and every one of them. 452
Light Source: Part 2
29. Light Source: Part 2
October 9, 2006
The Manticore Megazord runs after Hekatoid, struggling with the portal as it closes. A battle breaks out as the two try to grab hold of Udonna. In the Underworld, Leelee, Clare, and Phineas try to find Udonna without getting caught by Styxoids. In another part of the Underworld, Gekkor, Sculpin, and Matoombo face Koragg and demand that he give up the Master. In Hekatoid's dimension, the Manticore Megazord gets the upper hand. Udonna flies into the air as the Manticore Megazord runs to catch it. Hekatoid blasts evil slime at Udonna sending her back to his secret lair. As the Rangers realize their failure, Hekatoid steals each of their powers as Rangers and demorphs them. They are no longer Power Rangers. Gekkor takes some hard hits from Koragg. As the end looks near for Gekkor, Sculpin stops the fight and has Matoombo take Gekkor's place. Koragg is no match for Matoombo. Koragg desperately tries to stay on his feet. With Koragg weakened, Sculpin pulls the Master out of Koragg's back. The Terrors leave Koragg for dead in the lowest part of the Underworld. Hekatoid puts Udonna back on his shelf. He sees the Solar Streak attacking his babies. As he rushes off to stop Daggeron, Leelee, Clare, and Phineas lie in hiding waiting for their chance to save Udonna. The teens sit in the Rockporium depressed about losing their powers with all that is at stake. They finally tell Toby that they were Power Rangers until they lost their powers. Toby gives them a pep talk saying that if they were real Rangers, they'd get their powers back. The teens rush out and join Daggeron in battling Hekatoid with or without their powers. The teens get their powers back, but it is too late to stop the frogs that have begun to fall from the sky. Suddenly, all the frogs are frozen and to the side stands the White Ranger. They finish off Hekatoid and go back to Rootcore to celebrate.
Light Source: Part 1
28. Light Source: Part 1
In the pit the Stone of Judgment lights up and Hekatoid is chosen to destroy Earth. In his lair, Hekatoid triumphs in his capture of Udonna. He plans to use Udonna to bring down the Rangers. Itassis finds out what he is holding captive in the Underworld and doesn't like the sound of his plan. Hekatoid rises to the surface world and lays tadpole eggs in the sky. The Solar Streak Megazord and the Manticore Megazord meet Hekatoid in battle. He tells Mystic Force to leave him a alone or they'll never see Udonna again. The Rangers try to stop Hekatoid from escaping but they end up getting sucked into his dimension. They have to play his game in order to save Udonna. The Solar Streak is left in the real world trying to stop the tadpoles from hatching out of the sky.After being rejected by the Rangers, Leelee is rejected by her own mom when she tells Necrolai how she shouldn't hold Udonna captive. Making up her mind to save Udonna on her own, Leelee wanders the forest and bumps into Phineas. Phineas joins her on her quest and later on Clare joins them.The Rangers continue to play Hekatoid's game as they battle with Hekatoid's unfair rules. They make it to Hekatoid's lair and demand that he give them Udonna. Hekatoid refuses and faces the Legend Manticore Megazord. As the fight breaks loose each tries to grab back Udonna from the other. When Hekatoid gets his hands back on Udonna, he quickly makes an opening to another dimension and hops through. The Manticore Zord grabs onto the opening as it closes.
The Snow Prince
27. The Snow Prince
September 25, 2006
The Terrors now know that the spirit of Leanbow is stopping the Master from rising. They need to find out where he is hiding. Some of them are anxious to fight. Nick and Daggeron are training. Daggeron thinks Nick should do what he has been taught and not his own way. Nick feels that he should follow his own gut and that Daggeron is too uptight. Suddenly the ancient Snow Prince arrives and tells them that Nick is to be Daggeron's teacher. The Stone of Judgement picks Megahorn to rise to the surface world. Megahorn goes out to destroy the Rangers. Meanwhile, Sculpin returns to the Lake of Lament to call on Leanbow. Sculpin shows him the Rangers being badly defeated by Megahorn. It seems that Daggeron needs to learn to trust Nick even in battle. The Snow Prince arrives to help the Rangers. The battle is fierce and Daggeron finally learns to listen to his gut. In hopes of finding Leanbow, Sculpin sends Black Lance to help Megahorn. The Solar Streak Zord and the Legend Manticore Zord face Megahorn and Black Lance. Suddenly Koragg rises to the surface world in his Centaur Zord and takes down Black Lance to even the score. Sculpin sends Necrolai to attach a tracking scale to Koragg's Zord. The Solar Streak Megazord and the Manticore Megazord work together to defeat Megahorn. Meanwhile, Udonna and Clare continue on their treacherous journey to find Leanbow. They grow tired and weary as they come to the Lake of Lament. Udonna senses that Leanbow's presence was once here. Before she can search further for him, Hekatoid finds the two and blasts Clare. He takes Udonna to further his plan to destroy the Rangers.
Hard Heads
26. Hard Heads
September 18, 2006
Serpentina finds out from the Book of Prophesy that she is next and will be defeated. She asks Hekatoid to go out and destroy the Rangers before she is picked. At the Rockporium, Nick plays with Vida's turntables. Vida finds out and gets mad at him. Nick argues that the tables belong to the Rockporium and not her. The two take their dispute outside and they meet Hekatoid who slimes them. The other Rangers show up and they are about to fight when the Stone of Judgement begins its ceremony. Hekatoid quickly goes back to the pit and Serpentina is chosen. Serpentina goes to the surface world to destroy the Rangers. As the others Ranger up, Nick and Vida can't seem to morph. They are left standing in the sidelines as the others battle Serpentina. As Serpentina gains the upper hand, Nick and Vida distract her with a spell. Serpentina comes after them and Solaris Knight is quick to protect them. While protecting Nick and Vida, Jenji is turned to stone by Serpentina. Daggeron, Madison, Chip and Xander follow Serpentina into her Serpent Dimension to save Jenji. While in her dimension, Serpentina turns into a giant snake and is able to swallow each Ranger one by one. In the pit, Itassis finds out that Hekatoid helped Serpentina by sliming Nick and Vida. This is against the rules of darkness and may stop the Master from rising. Sculpin has other ideas of why the Master cannot rise. To finish off all the Rangers, Serpentina goes after Nick & Vida. The end looks near for them when Itassis shows up and reverses the affects of the slime. Nick and Vida Ranger up and work together to defeat Serpentina and save the others. At the Lake of Lament, Sculpin wants to know what has been keeping the Master from rising. He finds the Ghost of Leanbow stopping the Master from rising.
The Hunter
25. The Hunter
August 20, 2006
In the pit, the stone chooses Oculus. Some of the Terrors don't understand why they must abide by so many rules. The others argue that it is the only way to bring back the Master. In the forest, Udonna is trying to get by on her own without magic. She hears a noise and finds out that Clare has been following her. Clare vows to go with her on her quest to find Leanbow. The teens confront Leelee as to what she is up to. Leelee tells them that she just wants to be normal. Their Morphers beep, and one by one the teens dump their work related chores on Leelee. The Rangers go out to meet Oculus. He disappears into his own dimension and begins to hunt down the Rangers one by one. Nick is injured and they block shots and try to get away. While Daggeron and Jenji were training in the Opaque Dimension, Megahorn breaks the Terror rules and a Zord fight breaks out. The fight is fierce and it seems that Megahorn is the stronger one. Itassis shows up to stop Megahorn from breaking the rules any longer. One by one Oculus is able to take the Rangers down. Nick is the last one and gives himself up to save his friends when all of a sudden Phineas saves Nick. Phineas tells him that he is the light and is the only force that can defeat the darkness. Nick calls on Fire Heart and combines with him to create the Red Fire Dragon Ranger. With the help of Fire Heart, Nick is able to defeat Oculus and save his friends. In the Rockporium, Leelee is dead tired from covering for the teens all day. Toby names her Rockployee of the month instead of Nick.
The Light
24. The Light
August 14, 2006
Udonna announces to everyone that she is leaving on a journey to find Leanbow. Nick is down about his mom leaving and his dad's short appearance. In the pit, Necrolai and Leelee crawl out of the rubble. Leelee vows to leave evil and walks away from her mother. Necrolai finds the Book of Prophecy and follows it until she bumps into the 10 Terrors. The Terrors were awakened to punish those that try to stop darkness. The Terrors rise to Earth and demand to be given the Light. The Legend Manticore Zord meets the Terrors there and is no match for their strength. In the forest, Phineas tells Nick that he is the light that the Terrors want to destroy. In the pit, the stone of judgment chooses Magma to be the Terror to fight on the surface world. Magma goes to the city and begins to destroy. The Solaris Streak Megazord meets him in battle but is no match for the Terror. The Rangers join Solaris Knight. Still Magma easily blasts them down. He goes off to prepare for the destruction of the Earth, leaving Mystic Force lying in defeat. Despite their defeat, the Rangers meet Magma on the battlefield again. To make things interesting, Magma makes the battle a game. Magma ends up losing in the game and the Terrors know rules must be followed in order for the Master to return. Sculpin throws his trident at Magma destroying him in front of a puzzled Mystic Force. In the Rockporium, Toby is not very happy with the attendance of his current employees. To the teens' surprise, his new hire is Leelee.
Heir Apparent: Part 2
23. Heir Apparent: Part 2
August 11, 2006
Everyone is astonished that Koragg turned out to be Leanbow. Nick is still doubtful and hesitant that this is one of Koragg's tricks. Before Imperious can do anything, Leanbow casts a spell and transports the teens and Udonna out of the pit. In the Dimension of Wandering souls, Jenji comes out of his lamp and spits Daggeron out. He had swallowed Daggeron just in time before the Chimera blasted the spot they were at. The duo rush to help the Rangers. In the rock quarry, Leanbow tells his tale of how he was turned into Knight Wolf with the Master's last bit of magic. Imperious ruins the reunion and attacks. Leanbow sends Udonna back to Rootcore because she is in not in a state to fight. Necrolai grabs Leanbow to take him to the Master. The Rangers fight the Chimera. Suddenly the Solaris Knight enters on his horse Bright Star. Bright Star takes the Rangers back to the surface world and once again Daggeron faces Imperious. Chimera grows and begins to destroy the city. With their legend powers gone, Nick, uses his magic to combine with Bright Star to make the Unizord. He battles fiercely with Chimera when Koragg shows up in his Centaurus Wolf Megazord. The two face off and both are so powerful that they demorph the other to Koragg and the Red Ranger. In Rootcore, Clare covers Udonna with Nick's blanket. Udonna recognizes the blanket as Bowen's. She realizes that Nick is Bowen and knows she must stop the battle before either her husband or her son is destroyed. She rushes to the battle between Nick and Koragg and tells them who Nick really is. Koragg steps back and with all his might turns back into Leanbow. All of a sudden, the Master emerges from the ground. Leanbow knows he must finish what he started. He goes down fighting The Master back into his hole.
Heir Apparent: Part 1
22. Heir Apparent: Part 1
July 29, 2006
Imperious tip toes over the sleeping eye. He starts to pour poison into the hole. All of a sudden the eye catches Imperious red-handedly trying to overthrow him. Imperious begs for mercy and says that he has a new plan to get the Master out of the hole. The Rangers' Legend power can be used to release the master. He charges Koragg with getting the power.Udonna tells the teens about Leanbow and what he has done. He was her husband and a brave knight who was betrayed by his student Calindor. He sacrificed himself along with Niella to close the gates of the Underworld. The Rangers are moved by her story and vow that their sacrifice will not be in vein. Koragg meets the Rangers in battle and Imperious calls to meet Daggeron in the Dimension of Wandering Souls. A battle breaks out between the two and Imperious steals Daggeron's Megazord power. With the power, Imperious casts a forbidden spell and summons the Chimera. The Chimera blasts a blast to destroy the Solaris Knight. The end looks near for Jenji and Daggeron. After dealing with the Solaris Knight, the Chimera goes to lend a helping hand to Koragg. Koragg does not like help from the forbidden creature. But he sends the Rangers down into the pit anyways.In the pit, Imperious drains the legend power into the eye. Udonna knows she must do something. She casts a high spell and uses all her magic to get to the pit and try to stop evil. The eye grabs hold of her in an evil beam of magic and begins to destroy her. Koragg gets a clear vision of his flashbacks and sees a young Udonna. He stops the eye and turns into a fiery warrior and then into Leanbow.
Koragg's Trial
21. Koragg's Trial
July 22, 2006
Xander is sick in bed and the rest of the teens are painting the Rockporium. In the pit, Imperious demands Koragg to give up his place by the Master. Imperious says Koragg has not been able to defeat the Rangers. Koragg goes out and vows to defeat the Rangers with honor. Koragg meets the four Rangers on the battlefield and battles them with all his might. He knocks them out of legend warrior mode and is about to destroy the Red Ranger when Xander shows up and uses vines to hold Koragg back. The battle rages on and then escalates to Zord proportions. When the tables are about to turn, Imperious shows up and zaps the Rangers with red electricity. Koragg gets mad at Imperious for his dishonor and sucks the red electricity away. He disappears and the Rangers are left confused. In the pit, Koragg is angry at Imperious for stepping in. Imperious charges Koragg with actions unfitting of an evil warrior and has him put on the throne to stand trial. Imperious shows the master countless times when Koragg has failed to do what he said. Koragg counters that he has fought valiantly for the master. Imperious asks Koragg how he can be valiant if he leaves before every battle? The trial goes on when all of a sudden Koragg grabs Imperious and demands to ask him about some of his actions. Koragg asks about the Barbarian Beasts and how Imperious tried to overthrow the Master. Koragg argues that a man without honor cannot be trusted to protect and serve the master. The master agrees and returns Koragg's magic to him.443
Dark Wish: Part 3
20. Dark Wish: Part 3
July 10, 2006
The Tribunal watches the teens as they are returned to the colorless world hopeless. Hidiacs push other citizens around. Nick gets angry and begins fighting Hidiacs and Styxoids away. The others follow suit even though they have no chance of survival.The Tribunal sees the bravery and courage even though there was no hope for the teens. They decide to reverse the wish and color returns to the city. The teens Ranger up and begin freeing captured citizens. Rootcore comes back to life and Daggeron reappears. Fightoe and 50 Below meet the Rangers and Solaris Knight on the battlefield. Koragg joins in against Fightoe and 50 Below. Still the Rangers are not strong enough to destroy the monsters. Seeing that the Rangers have learned their lesson to not rely on magic for everything, the Tribunal gives them legendary powers. The Rangers use their legendary powers to destroy Fightoe and 50 Below.Imperious has something else up his sleeve when he sends the powers of his fallen monsters into Ursis in the Nether Dimension. The crystal ball senses the evil and Daggeron goes to check it out. A battle breaks out between Ursis and the Solaris Streak Megazord. Ursis is too strong for both the Rangers and Solaris Knight. The Rangers activate the Legendary Megazord to defeat the strong robot.The day ends with a party at the Rockporium where the teens make it just in time for Toby to blow out a candle on their cake and make a wish.
Dark Wish: Part 2
19. Dark Wish: Part 2
July 10, 2006
The color is being drained from the world right before the teens' eyes. Udonna, Clare and Daggeron watch the crystal ball and see nothing but pure darkness. They know this has something to do with Jenji. Daggeron suddenly fades away and the Xenotome turns to dust. Udonna and Clare don't know what to do as the creeping darkness takes over Rootcore. The Rockporium is all boarded up. The teens run into Toby who is now a bum. He is glad to see them, but doesn't recognize Nick. He shows them a music box that he secretly has when all of a sudden Hidiacs and a Styxoid crush the music box. The teens try to Ranger up, but their Morphers are gone. They know they have to get to Rootcore. In the pit, Imperious celebrates with Fightoe and 50 Below that his plan is working. He tells Octomus of the unfortunate loss of Koragg. He explains to Octomus that he will soon be freed. The teens rush to Rootcore and find that nothing is there. They run into a well-weathered Udonna who doesn't recognize them and tells them to get away from her home. Clare rushes to see the commotion and doesn't recognize the teens either. The teens are confused and Clare tells them that there is no more good magic in the world. Clare and Udonna leave them. Moment's later; Koragg leaps down in front of the teens. He tells them that he will help them out because he does not like what Imperious is doing. He sends them off on Fire Heart to go to the Tribunal of Magic to request that the genie's wish be reversed. The path to the Tribunal is dangerous and hard, as the teens have no powers to rely on. After reaching the Tribunal, the teens present their case and the Tribunal tells them no. They are sent back to the colorless world. All hope is lost.
Dark Wish: Part 1
18. Dark Wish: Part 1
August 14, 2006
In the Rockporium the teens are doing their things all with the help of magic. Toby comes in worried about the Rockporium's one-year anniversary party. Madison and Vida tell him not to worry. They know that with magic, all the decorations will be a snap. Imperious summons the four Barbarian Beasts from Oblivion. Koragg does not like this and is suspicious of what Imperious might be up to. Even in Rootcore Xander, Nick and Chip use magic for everything. They use their wands to play chess and summon pizza. They see Clare cleaning and tell her that she should just use magic. Udonna tells them that there is a time and place for magic. The crystal ball senses evil and Daggeron rallies the teens to the alert. They meet Warmax and battle him. The Rangers tell Daggeron they should just use Jenji to wish him away. As the Rangers destroy Warmax, Fightoe collects his energy. Shrieker comes to face the Rangers. The Rangers are weary and tell Daggeron to use Jenji. But he doesn't and the Rangers barely leave the battlefield triumphant and exhausted. In the woods, Koragg is ambushed by 50 Below and Fightoe. They leave him for dead as they return to Imperious. They are sent out to battle the Rangers. The Rangers are getting pummeled by 50 Below. They beg Daggeron to use Jenji. Daggeron shoots Jenji at 50 Below when Fightoe leaps in and captures Jenji in a bubble. They race off with Jenji to Imperious who wishes that there were never any Power Rangers.
Ranger Down
17. Ranger Down
July 19, 2006
Jenji is telling stories from his past to the teens. Jenji loses all their attention when Clare comes in holding Fire Heart. As the teens fawn over the baby dragon and how he had his first roar, Jenji gets jealous. He decides to take Fire Heart to the forest, where dragons belong. In the pit, Imperious tells Koragg that he is a failure to the Master. They are no closer to victory than they were yesterday, or the day before that and its Koragg's fault. To prove him wrong, Koragg gives up his magic in order to defeat the Rangers. Imperious gives Koragg's magic to Necrolai. Necrolai summons Screamer to wreak havoc on the town. The teens put Jenji in the hot seat as they interrogate him about what he did with Fire Heart. Jenji doesn't understand and storms out because no one else thinks dragons belong in the forest. Now both Fire Heart and Jenji are gone. Daggeron tells the teens Jenji's story how he is forever doomed to return to the lamp or he will turn to dust. Clare searches the forest for Fire Heart. She runs into Phineas and finds out that he had Fire Heart. Fire Heart transforms into a full-grown dragon. Madison goes out to find Jenji as the others go to stop Necrolai and Screamer. The Rangers are turned into feathers just as they call for Madison's help. Madison and Jenji rush to the scene. Even though he is running out of time before he turns to dust, he fights off Screamer to protect Madison and the other Rangers. He starts turning to dust when Fire Heart swoops in with Daggeron and Jenji's lamp. In the end, Phineas tells them of how he found and raised another baby long ago. That baby was Bowen and belonged to Udonna and Leanbow.
Soul Specter
16. Soul Specter
June 19, 2006
Imperious has Gnatu and Spydra steal the life force of civilians from Briarwood. The Rangers try to find a way to stop the evil duo. Koragg comes back and wants to fight Solaris Knight. As Solaris Knight and Koragg are battling, the Rangers try to stop Gnatu and Spydra. Through the battle, Chip picks up Necrolai's bottle. When he opens it a soul specter flies into him and starts devouring his soul.At Rootcore, Daggeron tells the teens that the Staff of Topaz is needed to draw out the soul specter. While the other Rangers battle Gnatu and Spydra, Daggeron takes Chip to Mount Isis to get the Staff of Topaz.In the pit, Imperious tells Koragg he should have finished Solaris Knight when he had the chance to. Koragg says he only answers to the master and storms off.After climbing a dangerous mountain, Chip is not in good shape. Daggeron is almost in reach of the Staff of Topaz when Koragg blasts him. A Megazord battle breaks out between Solaris Knight and Koragg. The tables turn when the Solaris Streak Megazord gets new power and the Staff of Topaz flies into the air. Daggeron uses it to get the soul specter out of Chip. Chip joins the others in the battle against Spydra and Gnatu. They destroy them.In the end Chip is excited to start training with Daggeron in order to become a knight. Chip also finds out that Udonna was married to Leanbow.
Inner Strength
15. Inner Strength
June 12, 2006
The Solaris Knight and the Rangers are practicing. They find out that Xander has not been practicing. Daggeron sternly tells Xander that he should be doing better. Xander feels that Daggeron is picking on him and thinks he is doing just fine. Daggeron shows up at the Rockporium and takes the teens to the magical dimension of Shalifar on the Solaris Streak. Everyone is in awe with Daggeron, and going to Shalifar except Xander. Daggeron tells the teens that they can leave whenever they want. In order to leave all they need to do is find the train ticket that Daggeron magically throws into the forest. Daggeron takes their Morphers and leaves the teens in the magical dimension. The others are still in good spirits except Xander. One by one the Rangers are taken away by a giant hand as Xander goes off about how he doesn't like Daggeron. Meanwhile Imperious has sent out Behemoth to destroy the city. Solaris Knight battles Behemoth when Koragg shows up and starts to fight with Solaris Knight. In Shalifar Xander tries to save his friends who are about to be eaten by a Giant. Xander finds out the Giant is a vegetarian. Xander uses his inner strength to grow an orchard of fruit for the Giant. In return the Giant gives the teens the train ticket. The teens show up in the Solaris Streak to see Solaris Knight battling Behemoth. The Solaris Knight uses the Solaris Streak Megazord to take down Behemoth. In the end Xander admits that Daggeron is a good teacher.
Long Ago
14. Long Ago
June 12, 2006
Imperious sends Jester to create a giant spell seal to destroy the city. With Jester creating havoc in the city, Imperious goes off to complete his own plan. While looking for dark magic in the forest, the teens run into Calindor. Udonna stops them from fighting and tells them that Calindor is an old friend. The Rangers go off to fight Jester. Udonna talks with Calindor about where he has been and what happened. Clare doesn't like him and goes off into the forest so that he and Udonna can talk in private. Calindor tells Udonna of how Daggeron betrayed Mystic Force and cursed him. Clare still upset about Calindor runs into Phineas who seems to be worried. Phineas tells Clare that Calindor was the one who betrayed the Mystics. Clare runs back to tell Udonna. The Rangers are no match for Jester's jokes. Throughout the fight, Blue Ranger lifts the curse on Daggeron. Daggeron turns into the Solaris Knight and takes Jester down. Clare has exposed Calindor and a magic fight breaks out in Rootcore. Calindor turns into Imperious and easily stops Clare and Udonna in their tracks. He tries to steal the Xenotome when Daggeron and the Rangers show up and stop him. In the end Daggeron tells everyone what really happened long ago. He hears about what happened to his old friends and tells Udonna he is sorry he was not there to help them.
Scaredy Cat
13. Scaredy Cat
June 5, 2006
Necrolai and Leelee find out they are unable to enter a cave because of a magical force field. They trick the Rangers into going into the cave and break the force field. Inside the cave is a lamp and a petrified mummy. The Rangers take the lamp and Necrolai takes the mummy. Meanwhile, Phineas has a toothache and ventures to town for the first time. Escorted by Toby, Phineas goes to the dentist to have his tooth removed. Inside the lamp the Rangers find a new pet cat named Jenji. He claims to grant wishes but when danger arises the Rangers find out he is a scaredy cat. In the Pit, the petrified mummy is brought to life. Imperious right away shows Necrolai and Leelee who is boss around here. With Koragg missing and Morticon destroyed, Imperious goes off to destroy the Rangers. The Rangers seem to be no match for Imperious. When all seems lost, Jenji comes out of his lamp to help the Rangers against Imperious. After the battle, the Rangers introduce Jenji to Udonna. They find out that Jenji is a link to what had happened in the past before the Rangers. They are interrupted when the moment everyone at Rootcore has awaited comes: the dragon egg hatches.
The Gatekeeper: Part 2
12. The Gatekeeper: Part 2
May 15, 2006
The Megazord stands between the Gargoyle of the Gates and Morticon. Udonna remains suspended in the sphere. Gatekeeper Clare struggles inside a magical force field as Koragg uses her power to open the gates.Morticon gives a deadly blow to the Megazord. They are about to give up hope when Nick valiantly says they need to save the city from the darkness that is spreading. Chip, Madison, Vida, and Xander morph into the Titan Dragon and take on Morticon and the Gargoyle. Nick takes off on his Mystic Speeder to find Udonna and Clare.The gate is almost open, and Clare's life force is almost drained. Udonna begs Koragg to stop this when all of a sudden; Red Ranger kicks Koragg out of the way. Nick and Koragg go to another dimension to fight it out. Koragg has the upper hand until, Red Ranger breaks Koragg's sword. Nick rushes to Clare and they both channel their energy to summon Catastros to take Nick to help the others against Morticon. Clare uses what's left of her energy to lower the gates.The skies begin to brighten and the darkness starts to disappear. Nick combines with Catastros to form the Centaurus Phoenix Megazord and helps the others against Morticon. But Morticon is still strong and gets up ready for more. Udonna still inside the sphere notices her snow staff on the wall. She channels her powers of the White Ranger to help the Rangers destroy Morticon for good.Udonna breaks the sphere and tries to take her snow staff but Koragg stops her and lets her leave with her life. Clare is drained of all her power. Udonna and the teens wake her up and congratulate her.
The Gatekeeper: Part 1
11. The Gatekeeper: Part 1
May 8, 2006
In the Pit, Morticon wants to get to Earth. Necrolai brings the Oracle to him to say how he can get out. The Oracle tells of another Gatekeeper that can raise the gate again so he can be free. Necrolai goes searching for the gatekeeper and thinks it's Toby. The Rangers save him from her and find out that she is looking for the gatekeeper. They tell Udonna this. Udonna tells them that the gatekeeper is Clare's mom. She died closing the gates but her power lives in Clare. Clare hears all of this and is confused as to why Udonna did not tell her this earlier. The Rangers go out to fight Necrolai. In the forest Udonna tries to comfort Clare. She tells her that she did not want her to know because she was scared of the power falling into the wrong hands. Koragg shows up and captures Udonna. Before Clare can tell the Rangers about Udonna, she sees that they are being badly beaten by a more powerful Necrolai. She decides to do something. Clare shows up wearing her mother's headdress and stops Necrolai from destroying the Rangers. In order to get Udonna back, Koragg demands a battle with Clare. The Rangers show up to stop Koragg from getting the magic of the gatekeeper. As they battle him, Necrolai grabs Clare and uses her powers to raise the gate. The gates start to rise and Morticon is ready to come out. Things don't look good for the Rangers.
Petrified Xander
10. Petrified Xander
April 24, 2006
Xander has a huge zit. The others are worrying about the Fire Heart and how to figure it out. Xander sees Clare use a perfection potion on a withering rose. The others figure out that the Fire Heart is at Mt. Fuego. Before he leaves, Xander decides to use Clare's perfection potion on his zit to make it go away. After splitting up to search Mt. Fuego, Xander and Vida find a cave with the Fire Heart chest in it. They meet up with the others to look at the chest. They find out that the chest is a puzzle that needs to be solved. Before they can look any longer, Hidiacs and Styxoids attack them. The teens bring back the chest to Rootcore to examine it more closely. They also notice that Xander is starting to grow leaves and bark all over himself. Chip has a bright idea to have Toby solve the puzzle of the Fire Heart Chest. With Toby trying to figure out the puzzle, Vida finds out from Clare that all her perfection potion did was make the flowers die. Xander was getting worse. He starts turning more and more into a tree. Nick, Madison and Chip go out to face Skullington who is demanding the Fire Heart. Vida rushes an antidote to Xander before he completely turns into a tree. Once Xander is cured, him and Vida go off to help the others against Skullington. Xander tries his new spell code and use the Mystic Force Fighters to help take down Skullington. Time is running out and Toby is getting close to opening the Fire Heart Chest. With two seconds left, they open the chest and quickly take it away distracting Toby with a new riddle. Inside the chest, the teens find a dragon egg.
Stranger Within: Part 2
9. Stranger Within: Part 2
June 17, 2006
Vida is stuck inside a circle of vampire chalk. The others don't know what to do since Fly Trap has already been destroyed. They suggest that Nick ask Koragg. Finding out that Koragg is in the glen, Chip races off before the others to fight Koragg and find out who is the vampire that bit Vida. Clare is left to watch Vida as the others help Chip. Koragg tells them that Necrolai is the one responsible for Vida's current state. Necrolai calls Vida to her. Vida tricks the others into letting her out as she goes to see Necrolai. The others find out from the Xenotome that they must use a Dawn Crystal to destroy Necrolai. Nick, Madison, and Xander go out looking for Vida as Chip makes the Dawn Crystal with Udonna. As Chip finishes the Dawn Crystal, the others bring Vida into Rootcore. They found her at work and she seems perfectly fine. She tells them that she defeated Necrolai all by herself. Udonna and Chip are suspicious about her story. Vida has brought apples as a present for all of them. Chip doesn't believe Vida and knocks all the apples on the floor. They find out that the apples were poisonous and that Vida has disappeared. The Rangers chase Vida and Necrolai shows up. A fight breaks out and the Rangers end up fighting Vida. Chip tries his best to get Vida to remember him. She stands in the way of letting Chip use the Dawn Crystal on Necrolai. Vida does her pose and Chip knows she remembers. Chip fires at Vida while Vida swings out of the way and the Dawn Crystal hits Necrolai. Vida is no longer a vampire. Koragg sees them defeat Necrolai and he jumps in to finally destroy them in a battle. The battle grows to Zord proportions until Koragg decides to wait until the next battle.
Stranger Within: Part 1
8. Stranger Within: Part 1
April 3, 2006
Leelee tells the teens of a new DJ that came to town. Nick reminds everyone that they have to figure out the secret to the Fire Heart map. Vida decides to catch up with the others later after she checks out the new DJ. The DJ turns out to be a Fly Trap Monster that has hypnotized everyone at the club including Vida. Vida finally makes it to Rootcore and apologizes for being late. The others tell her that she had been sleeping the whole day and that she was beyond late. Brushing it aside, the teens run to meet Koragg and his Hidiacs. But before they can Ranger up, Vida has effortlessly taken down all the Hidiacs. Koragg is amazed at this new strength and can't wait to destroy them. A Zord battle breaks out between Koragg and the Rangers. As the sun rises, Vida demorphs and is all of a sudden very weak. The others are confused and worried. Koragg is disappointed at their weakness and leaves. Chip finds out that Vida is really a vampire. In order to save her, he goes with her to DJ Fly. He finds out that Necrolai is behind all this. Chip is no match for Necrolai and Fly Trap on his own. Evil escapes to turn the city into vampires. Chip and Vida call the other Rangers to help them out with Fly Trap. The Rangers destroy the Monster and turn all the vampires back into humans. In the Rockporium, things seem to be back to normal. Chip tries to sell his vampire kit to Nick. Chip demonstrates his vampire chalk to Nick around Vida. In the end, the teens find out that Vida is still a vampire.
Fire Heart
7. Fire Heart
March 27, 2006
Xander makes work fun at the Rockporium. Toby tells him that he's a born leader. The others roll their eyes at Xander's growing ego. Elswhere, Necrolai's Taxi Cab Monster has stolen a map to the Fireheart for her. The Rangers show up to stopevil in its tracks. Necrolai runs off with the map while the Rangers have to deal with a surveillance camera recording them. From the surveillance tape, the Rangers magically make their version of the map. They must travel through the Cimmerian forest to get to the Fire Heart. Udonna warns them of the dangers in the forest. No one is looking forward to this journey, except Xander. He offers to take their map and lead them through the forest. After almost sinking to death in a swampy mire, Xander has lost the map. He tells the others that he has memorized the map. When Phineas shows up and offers to lead them through, the others are relieved. But Xander still insists on being the born leader and going through the forest on his own. Nick and Vida decide to go with Phineas. The others follow Xander. Nick and Vida make it through the forest and find another map to the Fire Heart. Necrolai and Hidiacs show up and a battle breaks out. Meanwhile, Xander, Madison, and Chip are about to be eaten by a giant spider. Xander realizes he should have followed Phineas. All of a sudden, Phineas shows up and saves them. They quickly rush to help Nick and Vida. After the battle, the map is ripped in half and each side has one piece of the map.
Legendary Catastros
6. Legendary Catastros
March 20, 2006
Udonna tells the teens the story of Catastros and how no one was able to tame the beast. After being sucked into a seal with evil, Koragg was able to tame Catastros. All except Nick admit to being afraid of the powerful horse.In the pit, Morticon finds out that Koragg has kept the Rangers' power for himself. He sends Necrolai out to teach Koragg a lesson.Visions of Catastros haunt Nick in his dreams. There is no sleep for him when the Rangers have to battle Koragg. With the battle in full swing, Necrolai shoots a poisonous arrow at Koragg. She misses and hits Catastros. Koragg tries to escape but the Red Titan jumps on him and disrupts his escape spell. Nick and Catastros disappear into a different dimension.The others do all that they can to bring Nick back. They find out that to bring Nick back they must say the spell backwards. As they try to remember the spell, a battle breaks out with a monster.In the other dimension, Nick tries to run away from Catastros. With nowhere to run, Nick sees Catastros is injured by Necrolai's arrow. He helps Catastros just as the others open up a spell to bring Nick back. The Red Ranger combines with Catastros to make the Centaurus Phoenix Zord and destroys the monster. Koragg takes Catastros back and vows to destroy Nick.
Whispering Voices
5. Whispering Voices
March 13, 2006
In the pit, Koragg is watching a battle unfold between him and the Red Ranger in a pool. He plots to stop the battle before its too late. Necrolai suggests using Udonna's snow staff to get to Nick. In Rockporium, Xander is getting ready to make a $1000 bank drop for Toby. Nick starts hearing voices that say no one wants him. Still hearing voices of rejection, Leelee comes up to him and tells him she wants to hang out later. Nick tells her no and goes back to work. She plots to get Nick fired from work. She hides the bank drop and tells Xander about the recent thief in Briarwood. Xander thinks Nick took the money. At Rootcore Nick finds out that the others think he took the money. He hears voices that say the others don't trust him. He leaves to the forest. The voices tell him to go to the beach. He finds Koragg who admits to putting the voices in his head. Koragg says that Nick's destiny is to be destroyed. The two face off. The others decide to approach Toby about the stolen money. Before they do, Toby tells them that he already deposited it. The teens realize their mistake and rush to help Nick. Koragg turns into a Centaurus Wolf Zord. He blasts the Rangers in their Dragonzord and steals their power. He uses their power to bring Morticon to the surface world. Morticon is about to destroy the Red Titan when all of a sudden Nick does a counter spell and sends Morticon back to the pit. Koragg leaves the Rangers and keeps their Megazord combining power for himself. The teens promise each other they will no longer keep secrets from each other.
Rock Solid
4. Rock Solid
March 3, 2006
In the Rockporium, the teens are doing what each does best at work. Madison records each one on her video camera. When she turns to record Nick, he tells her that she shouldn't always hide behind her camera.In a park, Madison wonders if she is too shy. She tries to be daring and go up to a cute guy when all of a sudden the Clawbster starts turning people into stone. Madison pushes the guy out of the way and just as the Rangers arrive, she is turned into stone.They take Madison to Rootcore and Vida finds out what Nick had said to Madison. She scolds him for thinking like that and Nick finds out that people have different ways of expressing themselves. He feels bad and makes a promise to save her.The Rangers race through the forest to destroy the Clawbster Monster. Koragg and his legion of Hidiacs stand in the way. Nick tells the others to go ahead while he holds the Hidiacs. His racer isn't holding up so well against the Hidiacs. Nick gets a new spell code and his racer changes into a Mystic Speeder. He races to the scene where the others are battling the Clawbster, defeats the monster, and breaks the spell. Madison meets up with the Rangers and their Titans combine into the Titan Megazord. They destroy the Clawbster and save the city.
Code Busters
3. Code Busters
February 27, 2006
Clare gathers ingredients for a potion when she is almost attacked by Morticon's Hydra Worm. A strange figure quickly knocks her out of harm's way. She tells Udonna of her close encounter with a "mole" and Nick decides to check it out.In the forest the Rangers practice on their Mystic Racers. Udonna tells them that much magic can be gained from doing heroic deeds. Upon hearing that Vida and Chip get a bright idea to perform heroic deeds in Briarwood to learn new spell codes from the Xenotome. After raking leaves, washing dogs, fixing cars, etc, the two gain no spell codes.Meanwhile, Necrolai attacks Nick, Xander, and Madison. She picks them up and feeds them to the Mucor Monster.Chip and Vida enter Rootcore tired from their "heroic deeds". Udonna tells them "Real heroes are born in the face of danger". With no time to spare, the two race off to save their friends from the Mucor Monster. They gain a new spell code and the five turn into the Mystic Titans to destroy Mucor.In the forest, Nick meets Phineas and finds out he was the one that saved Clare. Their meeting is cut short when the Hydra Worm surfaces. The Rangers Titan up and are able to combine into a Dragonzord to defeat the Hydra Worm.In the pit, evil is in an uproar at their latest defeat. Suddenly "HE" shakes the pit. A blood red eye opens at the floor of the pit. Octomus has awoken.
Broken Spell: Part 2
2. Broken Spell: Part 2
February 20, 2006
Koragg, a giant Centaurzord is ready to destroy Udonna and the teens. Udonna quickly morphs and grows into a titan size and begins to battle Koragg. The battle is fierce but Koragg overpowers the White Ranger. He takes her snow staff and leaves the defeated Udonna with the teens. In the pit, Hidiacs are cheering at their victory. Morticon isn't so pleased and tells Koragg he should have destroyed Udonna and her warriors. He vows that when he is free, no one, not even Koragg will be safe. At Rootcore, Udonna gives the teens back their wands and changes them into their Mystic Morpher cell phones. Back at the Rockporium, Nick is fixing his bike while Madison talks to him and tells him they need him. Udonna and Clare watch the two from their crystal ball. The Rangers are in trouble without a Red Ranger. Koragg sends out Hidiacs to destroy the teens. Xander, Chip, Vida and Madison come out to meet them. Fighting on their own, the teens don't fare well. They use their wands and finally tap into their Ranger Power. The Hidiacs are no match for the Rangers. Koragg steps in and takes the upper hand against the teens. He is about to destroy the four ranges when Nick charges Koragg on his bike. Udonna watching all the while, gives Nick his Morpher and the Red Ranger is born. The five teens celebrate their victory and newfound powers. A new girl Leelee comes to town. And Nick ends up getting hired at the Rockaporium.
Broken Spell: Part 1
1. Broken Spell: Part 1
February 19, 2006
Long ago there was a huge battle between good and evil. Lives were lost creating a spell to seal the evil. But now that spell has been broken and evil is about to emerge. Good must now find new forces to fight for it. In the Rockporium, Vida, Chip, Xander, and Madison are doing what they do best at work when Toby their boss shows up and tells them to do what he pays them to do. As the teens start to work, there is an Earthquake. Deep in the forest after the Earthquake, Koragg emerges and summons Hidiacs to cause havoc on Briarwood. The Sorceresses Udonna senses the return of evil. As Briarwood citizens pick themselves up after the Earthquake, an old man approaches people and asks for help in the forest. A visitor to the town, Nick, offers to help him. The Rockporium group offers to help out as well. Walking through the forest, the teens pass through a magical dimension and are soon attacked by Hidiacs. Udonna whisks the teens away to Rootcore and explains to them that they are to take on the magical powers of the past to fight the evil. They are to be the Power Rangers. The teens don't believe her and wander back into the forest. They run into the Hidiacs again and are no match for them until they start believing in magic. Unfortunately the magic didn't work for Nick and Udonna saved him from Hidiacs just in time. Nick thinks he's not cut out for super hero work and leaves. But before the others can do anything else, Koragg appears and turns into a giant centaur threatening to destroy them all. A mysterious Ranger from the future must help the Rangers when they are at the brink of defeat.
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