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  • TV-Y7
  • 2001
  • 1 Season
  • 7.0  (2,736)

Power Rangers Time Force is a science fiction television series produced by Saban Entertainment and initially released in 2001. The show tells the story of Wesley Collins, a young man living in the year 3000 who travels back in time to the year 2001, where he joins up with four other individuals to form the Time Force Power Rangers team.

The series features a mix of action, adventure, and drama as the Rangers use their unique powers and abilities to fight against a myriad of enemies and protect people from harm. Each member of the team possesses a unique set of skills and personality traits that make them stand out, and the show's storyline is driven by their interactions with one another.

At the heart of Power Rangers Time Force is a time-travel theme, which allows the series to explore different eras and periods in history. This aspect of the show is used creatively to introduce new enemies, allies, and storylines, as well as to challenge the Rangers in unexpected ways.

Throughout the series, we see the Rangers facing off against villains like Ransik, a hardened criminal from the year 3000 who has traveled back in time to wreak havoc, and his army of henchmen. These evil forces often use advanced technology and weapons to attempt to defeat the Power Rangers, but the Rangers' teamwork, bravery, and determination are always enough to overcome them.

Central to the show's premise is the concept of time traveling and the consequences it can have. Throughout the series, the Rangers move back and forth through time to different points in history, with each journey bringing new challenges and obstacles. They are aided in their travels by a powerful robot named Circuit, who assists them with technological support and valuable information about the past and future.

One of the unique aspects of Power Rangers Time Force is the way in which it balances the Ranger's heroic efforts with their personal lives. The show takes time to explore their individual struggles and relationships, giving us a glimpse into their perspective and motivations.

The leader of the Rangers, Wesley Collins, is a rich kid who has grown up with every privilege. However, he shows bravery and honor as the Red Ranger while confronting the challenges that arise when others confront his privilege. His love interest, Jen Scotts, is a powerful and competent Pink Ranger who has personal issues to confront as well. Lucas Kendall is a Black Ranger who is focused on his martial arts training and can have a bit of a chip on his shoulder. Katie Walker is a Yellow Ranger and more of the heart of the team, with a positive outlook even in the most challenging circumstances. Rounding out the team is Trip, a Green Ranger who hails from the future.

The show's visual effects are impressive and help to bring the futuristic and historical settings to life. The action sequences are well choreographed, and the battles between the Rangers and their enemies are always intense and exciting.

Overall, Power Rangers Time Force is an engaging and entertaining series that will appeal to fans of science fiction, action, and adventure. It effectively combines time-traveling themes with dynamic characters, epic battles, and a few surprises. The show remains popular today and is often considered one of the best seasons of the franchise.

Power Rangers Time Force is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (40 episodes). The series first aired on February 3, 2001.

Power Rangers Time Force
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The End of Time: Part 3
40. The End of Time: Part 3
November 17, 2001
Back in the year 3000, the Rangers refuse to erase their memories of Wes and resolve to return to 2001 to help their teammate. Red Ranger is fighting alone to save the city, battling thousands of Cbots, when the others return to save him. The Rangers morph and use the Time Force Megazord to fight Doomtron, while Red Ranger tries to neutralize the Trizirium Crystal in the Q-Rex. He uses the Quantum Defender to blast the crystal and Doomtron and Frax are destroyed! Enraged, Ransik attacks the Rangers with all his might, defeating all but the Pink Ranger. Ransik follows the Pink Ranger into an abandoned warehouse and strikes the Pink Ranger with all his might. But to his horror, Ransik discovers that he has hit Nadira by mistake. Ransik realizes that his hatred has almost caused him to destroy the one person he truly loves -- his daughter. Ransik surrenders to Jen. With their mission complete, Jen, Lucas, Katie and Trip must now return home. Jen and Wes finally confess their love for one another. After heartfelt good-byes are exchanged, the four futuristic teens zoom back to their lives in the year 3000. Wes accepts a business proposition from his father-- to lead the Silver Guardians as a team that will protect the city, and brings Eric on board to be his partner.
The End of Time: Part 2
39. The End of Time: Part 2
November 10, 2001
The teens are called to defend the city from the attacking Doomtron, piloted by Frax. Due to giant vortexes opening in the sky, the Rangers are unable to use the Megazord or the Q-Rex. Determined to save his friends from their untimely demise, Wes tricks the other Rangers into entering their Time Ship, activates the autopilot and sends them back to the future. Eric and Wes are now left to defend their city. After Eric and Wes save Mr. Collins from the Cbots, Mr. Collins informs them that the Trizirium Crystals in the Q-Rex and Doomtron are the cause of the vortexes. When Eric is injured by a Cbot, he gives Wes the Quantum Morpher to carry on. No longer sharing her father's hatred for humans, Nadira wants Ransik to stop the wanton destruction. Meanwhile, Jen, Katie, Lucas and Trip arrive in the year 3000. Alex informs them that Wes saved the city, but he did not survive. The teens are devastated. Alex tells them that they must erase their memories of the year 2001.
The End of Time: Part 1
38. The End of Time: Part 1
November 3, 2001
Alex warns the teens that Frax will create a robot that will destroy the city and the Rangers must return to the future in order to survive. Wes, however, must remain in his era of origin. The teens vow to stay together and decide to stay with Wes in the present. Back in the city, while Trip confronts Nadira for shoplifting at a store, a pregnant woman goes into labor. After helping Trip deliver the baby, Nadira becomes conflicted when she realizes she has feelings for the human infant. Meanwhile, Ransik invades Frax's lab and finds Frax's blueprint for his super robot. When Frax is captured by Ransik, Nadira visits Frax and asks him about being human. Frax tells her about the cycle of hate that caused her father to destroy him and Nadira apologizes. He is then led away and reprogrammed to be Ransik's slave. While the teens load up the Time Ship to send the mutants back to the future, Frax, under Ransik's power, takes control of the cockpit of the super robot, Doomtron.
A Calm Before the Storm
37. A Calm Before the Storm
October 27, 2001
Ransik is frantic when he learns that he is out of mutants to fight for him. The Ranger teens also realize that their mission is coming to an end. The feelings are bittersweet as they think back on the many adventures they shared. Bio-Lab discovers the secret of the Zirium Crystal and Mr. Collins decides to produce the crystals for profit. After learning from Eric of Mr. Collins' intentions, Wes pleads with and finally convinces Mr. Collins not to manufacture the crystals. Wes also informs Mr. Collins of the Rangers' futuristic origins. Meanwhile, Maxax, a powerful robot built by Frax, attacks the city. But after the Q-Rex destroys Maxax, Frax warns the Rangers that he has something much worse in store for them. The teens receive an urgent call from Alex and are shocked when he tells them that their mission is almost over, but they will not survive to make it back to the future.
Circuit Unsure
36. Circuit Unsure
October 20, 2001
When the Rangers ask Circuit to access information about the future from his data bank, Alex secretly erases Circuit's memory bank. Convinced his memory loss was due to being defective, Circuit becomes insecure in his ability to help the Rangers and runs away. Meanwhile, Serpicon invades the Space Center and rigs it to self-destruct. After Trip finds Circuit, they travel to the Space Center and Trip asks Circuit to shut off the self-destruction code. Circuit, however, is afraid that he will make another mistake. The other Rangers arrive and help the hostages leave the building. Finally, Alex contacts Circuit and reveals that he erased Circuit's memory in order to prevent Circuit from revealing dangerous information to the Rangers. Circuit regains his confidence and breaks the computer code. When Serpicon grows, the Rangers use the Q-Rex to capture him.
Nadira's Dream Date
35. Nadira's Dream Date
October 13, 2001
While the mutant Chameliacon and Nadira engage in a battle with the Rangers, Nadira mistakenly reads a love poem Lucas wrote about his race car and assumes it is about her. Nadira returns to the Cryo Prison and tells her father that she is in love with the Blue Ranger. Lucas is then forced by Ransik to go out on a date with Nadira and unintentionally charms her with his goodness. The Rangers become suspicious when Chameliacon attacks again but refrains from harming the Blue Ranger. Lucas finally confesses that he went out on a date with Nadira and that she is in love with him. Following the girls' advice, Lucas acts rudely on his next date with Nadira in hopes that she will fall out of love with him. But it is only when Lucas tells Nadira that he is penniless that Nadira runs crying back home to Ransik. The enraged Ransik sends Chameliacon to attack! The Rangers capture him in the Time Force Megazord, and Lucas is no longer Nadira's love interest.
Reflections of Evil
34. Reflections of Evil
October 6, 2001
The Miracon mutant lures the Rangers into a strange dimension brimming with mirrors. Once trapped inside, the Rangers must fight several mutants including Redeye, Ironspike, and Angelcon. Each time the Rangers win a battle, they are transported to a different mirrored dimension. Eventually, the Rangers confront Miracon himself and together, Red and Quantum blast Miracon. The mutant grows and the Rangers fight him with the Time Force Megazord and the Q-Rex. They blast the mutant, and finally, all the mirrors break, freeing the Rangers to return to the real world.
Time for Lightspeed
33. Time for Lightspeed
September 29, 2001
Vypra rises from the grave and along with her warriors, tries to pilfer the Solar Amulet from the Silver Hills Museum. When the Rangers try to stop her, Vypra escapes without the amulet. At the Cryo Ship, Nadira and Ransik are shocked when Vypra arrives and asks for their help. She tells them that with the Solar Amulet, she can resurrect Quarganon, a demon that can destroy the Rangers. With Ransik's help, Vypra returns to the museum, defeats the Rangers and escapes with the amulet. Afterwards, a stranger offers to help the fallen Rangers fight Vypra -- it's Carter, the Red Lightspeed Ranger! Joined by the rest of the Lightspeed Rangers, the Time Force team battles Vypra and her warriors and finally defeat the demons! In the end, the Time Force Rangers are sad to see the Lightspeed Rangers go back to Mariner Bay, but they exchange jackets with their new friends
Beware the Knight
32. Beware the Knight
September 22, 2001
In Medieval times, the Black Knight steals a mysterious box from a good knight, escapes to the present and begins to terrorize the citizens of Silver Hills. The Rangers confront the Black Knight, but he overpowers them and escapes into the forest. Ensconced in his cave hideout, the Knight attempts to open the box but cannot. Unbeknownst to the Knight, Wes has followed him into the forest and at dusk, he sees the Knight leave the cave. Wes informs the others of the Knight's whereabouts, enters the cave and is attacked by a dragon! After slaying the dragon, Wes finds the mysterious box and opens it, freeing the spirit of the good knight who gives him a fiery orb. As the other Rangers are overpowered by the Black Knight, the Red Ranger appears with the orb and transforms into the Red Battle Warrior, geared with amazing new powers and weaponry. Red Battle Warrior finally defeats the Black Knight!
Undercover Rangers
31. Undercover Rangers
September 15, 2001
Jen's and Wes' fondness for each other grows stronger, but they are each too shy to admit it. Meanwhile, Katie and Trip encounter a strange street vender, Mr. Mechanau, who promises to make any weakling as strong as an ox if they join his gym. Skeptical of Mr. Mechanau's claims, Katie and Trip inform the others and Jen and Wes go undercover as scrawny nerds to investigate the gym. They discover that the gym is a cover for Frax's master plan to turn civilians into Cyclobots. Jen is captured and is about to be turned into a Cbot, when Wes saves her. Together they fight hordes of robots while Mr. Mechanau turns into a mutant. When the Pink Ranger is in trouble, Alex sends Wes the Red Strata Cycle to rescue her. Mechanau grows into a giant and the team unites to defeat him with the Q-Rex and Shadow Force Megazords.
Destiny Defeated
30. Destiny Defeated
September 8, 2001
Alex continues to antagonize the other Rangers with his hard-nosed leadership style. Meanwhile, Wes sits by his father's bedside, worried about Alex's prophecy that his father will die that day. Dr. Zaskin tells Wes that Mr. Collins was injured while trying to keep Ransik from stealing the serum and that his father was always proud of him. Dragontron attacks the city again, and the Rangers use their Megazords to try and stop the mutant. Wes returns to the Clock Tower, feeling helpless and distraught. When Circuit tells him that the others are in trouble, he knows what he must do -- he will control his own destiny and help rescue the team. Jen helps Alex realize that the team is stronger with Wes as the Red Ranger. Alex gives the Morpher back to Wes and the team is reunited. Wes hurries back to the hospital to check on his father. Alex learns that the future is not written in stone after all, and he heals Mr. Collins before he returns to the year 3000.
Fight Against Fate
29. Fight Against Fate
August 25, 2001
The teens, especially Jen, are stunned to see Alex since they thought he was killed by Ransik. He warns them that their actions in the year 2001 are causing dangerous shifts in the future and that he has come to take his place as the Red Ranger. Alex urges Wes to take over his father's company in order to fulfill his destiny. The teens are resistant until Wes receives a call from Eric telling him that his father is critically injured and will die the next day. At the hospital, Wes reluctantly agrees to take over his father's business affairs. Jealous of Wes' new position, Eric quits the Silver Guardians. Meanwhile, the other teens have a hard time accepting Alex as their new leader. Frax sends a massive robot, Dragontron, to attack the city. The Rangers call on the Shadow Force Megazord and the Q-Rex to fight it. Dragontron retreats, but the Rangers know that they must fight him again.
Dawn of Destiny
28. Dawn of Destiny
August 18, 2001
Jen warns Wes that the new serum that Mr. Collins created must be destroyed to prevent any alterations to the future. But Mr. Collins refuses to relinquish the serum to Wes, however, since he has made a huge profit from selling the serum. Meanwhile, Ransik, along with his mutant, Severax, attack the Bio-Lab in search of the immunization. Knowing that Ransik is out to destroy his son, Mr. Collins tries to stop Ransik but is blasted by the evildoer. The Rangers capture Severax with the Shadow Force Megazord. After their victory, the Rangers are stunned when the mysterious man from the future appears. It's Alex, telling them that the future has shifted and he has returned to set it back on track.
Frax's Fury
27. Frax's Fury
August 11, 2001
Fed up with Ransik's mistreatment, Frax unfreezes Ransik's enemy, Venomark the mutant, who proceeds to attack the city. Ransik explains to Nadira the nature of his hatred towards Venomark--many years ago, Venomark had attacked and bitten Ransik! Ransik was rescued by the kind Dr. Ferricks who took him to his lab and gave Ransik a serum that saved his life. But the evil Ransik stole the serum and burned the lab leaving Ferricks for dead. Back in the present, the Rangers confront Venomark who bites the teens except for Wes. When Wes learns there is a serum available to counteract the bite, he asks his father to reproduce the serum, saving the Rangers. Using the Q-Rex and the Shadow Force Blue, the Rangers defeat Venomark. When Ransik returns to the Cryo Prisond, however, he discovers that Frax had destroyed all of his precocious stored serum. Frax explains that he is really Dr. Ferricks seeking revenge! Frax escapes, leaving Ransik doomed without his serum.
Time Force Traitor
26. Time Force Traitor
August 4, 2001
Jen's former Time Force partner, Steelix, returns to seek revenge against Jen, who had helped imprison him after he turned to a life of crime. Jen decides to face Steelix alone and is consequently put under an evil spell. Hoping to save their teammate, the other teens come to her aid. While Trip, Lucas and Katie chase after Steelix, Wes tries to help Jen but is shocked when she attacks him. The evil Jen is strong and determined, and Wes must use all his strength to subdue her. Under Wes' hold, Jen's memory is jarred back to a personal moment that they shared. The spell is broken and the Rangers are reunited. When Steelix grows into a giant, the Rangers use the Shadow Force Red to bring him back to justice.
Movie Madness: Part 2
25. Movie Madness: Part 2
July 28, 2001
The teens remain trapped in Cinecon's wacky movie dimensions, each facing danger or challenges at every turn. Cinecon is delighted that his movie "The End of the Rangers" is closely following his evil script. The teens are able to escape from their individual movie genre dimensions, but are shocked to find that the cameras are still rolling. Now they are trapped in a "Road Warrior" style action film, with Ransik himself after them in hot pursuit. They are chased through the desert and the back lot of a movie set. Cinecon grows into a giant and the Rangers use the Megazords to fight him. Finally, Trip changes the doomed ending of the movie by ripping the last page of Cinecon's script. Cinecon's movie now ends with the Rangers as the victors.
Movie Madness: Part 1
24. Movie Madness: Part 1
July 21, 2001
The teens are excited to visit the set of an action movie filming nearby. While watching from the sidelines, the teens are informed by the movie director that the movie being filmed is called "The End of the Rangers." It soon becomes clear that the movie set is an elaborate ploy erected by the mutant, Cinecon, disguised as the director, to capture and destroy the Rangers! Each teen is transported to a strange dimension depicting different movie genres: Wes and Trip are transported into a Western movie, Katie finds herself in a lavish musical, Jen is sent into a Martial Arts film and Lucas into a Samurai movie. When Eric tries to help the team, he finds himself swinging through the jungle 'á l'á Tarzan. As each teen faces danger in their own dimension, they must find a way to escape Cinecon's crazy plot! To be continued....
Full Exposure
23. Full Exposure
July 14, 2001
Mitch, an ambitious young photographer for the Silver Hills Inquisitor, hires Katie to help him on his big assignment -- to expose the identities of the Power Rangers. When the Artillicon mutant attacks the city, Mitch and Katie prepare themselves to take photos of the battle. Katie sneaks away and helps the Rangers fight the mutant. But when Artillicon blasts the Rangers so hard that they demorph, Mitch snaps photos of the heroes and is shocked to discover that Katie is the Yellow Ranger! Katie begs Mitch not to publish the photos, but Mitch insists on submitting the photos to his boss since he stands to lose his job if he doesn't. After the mutant attacks the city again, Mitch is saved by Katie. Artillicon grows and the Rangers use the Time Force Megazord to capture him. Mitch gets the photos back from the lab and gives them to Katie instead of his boss, deciding that loyalty is more important than any job.
The Last Race
22. The Last Race
July 7, 2001
Nadira unfreezes Dash, a mutant, and hires him to be her new personal chauffeur so she can embark on a new crime spree. But when the Rangers confront Dash and Nadira, Lucas immediately recognizes Dash as his former rival from his racecar-driving days. Dash, seeking revenge on Lucas for a past incident, challenges him to one last race. Recklessly speeding ahead of Lucas, Dash nearly hits a group of children when their ball rolls out into the middle of the street. Shaken by the incident, Dash realizes he must take responsibility for his actions and informs Nadira that he is quitting his post as her chauffeur. Furious at his decision, Nadira uses a control device that forces Dash to fight the Rangers. After Dash grows into a malicious giant, the Rangers use the Time Force Megazord to capture him. Afterwards, Dash tells Lucas that once he has served his time in prison, he will change his life for the better.
Lovestruck Rangers
21. Lovestruck Rangers
June 23, 2001
The evil mutant, Contemptra, disguised as a normal girl, casts a love spell on Wes, Lucas, and Trip that prompts them to fight each other for her affections. Meanwhile, the girl Rangers band together to fight Ransik and Nadira who are attacking the city. Outmaneuvered by the two evildoers, the girls request for help, but Wes, Lucas and Trip are too busy arguing over Contemptra to respond. After the battle is over, Jen scolds the boys and they promise never to see the vixen again. But the promise is soon broken and once again the boys are engaged in a high-spirited brawl with one another. After Jen and Katie discover that the vixen is really Contemptra, they successfully free the boys from the mutant's love spell. Contemptra turns into a giant and the Rangers use the Shadow Force Megazord to bring her to justice.
Quantum Secrets
20. Quantum Secrets
June 16, 2001
At BioLab, Dr. Zaskin discovers additional power in the Quantum Morpher, but the Morpher's technology is too advanced to access its powers. Meanwhile, Ransik, eager to control the Q-Rex, sends Conwing, one of his mutant henchmen equipped with a voice duplicator to capture Quantum Ranger's voice. Conwing and the Cyclobots locate Eric at a park and force him to summon Q-Rex. Duplicating Eric's voice, Conwing gains control of the Q-Rex and commands it to attack the city. The Rangers use the Time Shadow Megazord to fight Conwing and the Cbots. During the battle, Eric confesses to the Pink Ranger that he knows the Rangers are from the future. When the two rejoin the fight, Eric retrieves his Morpher and regains control of the Q-Rex. Meanwhile, the Mystery Man from the future sends Quantum the necessary data that will allow him to access the Mega Battle Mode -- amazing new armor that enables Quantum to thwart Conwing's assault.
Trip Takes a Stand
19. Trip Takes a Stand
Ransik reanimates Notacon, a peace-loving monster who refuses to fight. In order to transform him into a fighting machine, Frax implants a device into Notacon, placing the mutant under his control. Notacon escapes from the Cryo Prison, however, and is discovered by Trip, who hides him from Frax and Nadira. After Notacon convinces Trip that he is a pacifist, Trip and the other Rangers rally to protect Notacon. Nevertheless, Quantum Ranger refuses to believe that a mutant can be peaceful. Trip accuses Quantum of being prejudiced against aliens and suddenly reveals his own true identity as an alien. Meanwhile, Frax implements his control device, causing Notacon to fight the Green Ranger. When Notacon expands in size, the Rangers use the Time Force Megazord and the Q-Rex to destroy Frax's device and take Notacon into custody, safely away from Ransik.
Trust and Triumph
18. Trust and Triumph
June 2, 2001
The Rangers form a plan of action when they come across Nadira robbing a bank. But when Wes fails to follow directions, the plan goes awry and Nadira escapes. Jen blames Wes for Nadira's escape and accuses him of violating their trust. Suddenly, the Turtlecon mutant appears and transports the Rangers into a strange dimension where they are attacked by a team of evil Rangers. The two sets of Rangers engage in a battle, but only the Pink and Red Rangers are able to escape. Circuit tells Jen and Wes that in order to free the others, they must work together to blast a hole in the dimension with their weapons at precisely the same time - a maneuver that could be the ultimate test of their trust in each other. The Rangers prevail, when Jen and Wes succeed in firing a hole, freeing everyone and establishing new trust with each other. Turtlecon grows to gigantic proportions and the Rangers call the Time Force and Time Shadow Megazords to fight, ultimately capturing the mutant with the Shadow Force Megazord.
Legend of the Clock Tower
17. Legend of the Clock Tower
May 19, 2001
When Katie and Trip try to fix the tower's clock, Wes tells them the story of Walter Brown, the lovelorn clock keeper who haunts the tower. That night, Katie investigates strange noises coming from the rafters and sees a ghost! Frightened, she tries to run away, but falls down the tower's steps. When she awakens, she finds herself in colonial Silver Hills and is narrowly saved from an accident by a meek young man -- Walter Brown! Walter soon reveals to Katie his unrequited love for the prettiest girl in town, Gwen. But Walter is too afraid to confront Gwen's brutish boyfriend Drake. When Drake threatens Katie and Gwen, Walter finally finds the courage to fight him. Gwen and Walter are now free to be together, thanks to Katie. When Katie wakes up, she must join the others to fight a mutant. The mutant is frozen, but Katie is still confused about her strange experience. Did it really happen or was it just a dream?
Bodyguard in Blue
16. Bodyguard in Blue
May 19, 2001
While researching the powers of the Quantum Ranger at the BioLab, Dr. Zaskin is captured by Nadira and Klawlox. Zaskin's young daughter, Holly, however, witnesses the kidnapping and is consequently chased by the Cyclobots. Escaping her pursuers, Holly locates Lucas and implores him to be her bodyguard. Meanwhile, the other teens find Dr. Zaskin and free him. To Holly's surprise, Lucas morphs into the Blue Ranger when they are attacked by Klawlox. When Klawlox disables the Blue Ranger, Holly bravely tries to protect the injuRed Ranger until the other Rangers arrive to help. Klawlox grows in size and the Rangers defeat him using the Time Force Megazord and the Quantasaurus Rex. In the end, father and daughter are reunited, and Lucas is a little sad to say goodbye to his new friend.
Clash for Control: Part 2
15. Clash for Control: Part 2
May 12, 2001
Q-Rex is ordered by Commandocon to destroy the city but is injured in the battle by the Rangers' Time Force and Time Shadow Megazords. Meanwhile, Eric is resolved in keeping the Quantum Morpher to himself and tries to convince Mr. Collins into making him the leader of the Silver Guardians. Not quite yet convinced, Mr. Collins reveals that he intends to employ the rest of the Rangers soon. When Eric reveals Mr. Collins' plans to the Rangers, he is told that they would never join the Silver Guardians. In the meantime, Q-Rex is recharged and attacks the city again. When Commandocon enlarges, the Rangers rely on their Megazords to fight the giant enemy. Quantum Ranger locates the voice-blocking device on the Q-Rex and is able to gain control of the Megazord. With the Q-Rex on his side, Quantum is able to defeat Commandocon. After the battle, Mr. Collins makes Eric the leader of the Silver Guardians.
Clash for Control: Part 1
14. Clash for Control: Part 1
May 5, 2001
Ransik is determined to retrieve the Quantasaurus Rex Megazord and sends Commandocon to retrieve it from the Jurassic Era by entering a time portal. Meanwhile, Eric refuses to relinquish the Quantum Morpher to the Rangers and decides to follow Commandocon through the time portal in his TF Eagle. Unbeknownst to Eric however, Wes is hanging on the TF Eagle's wing. Landing in the Jurrasic Era, Eric and Wes work together to prevent Commandocon from stealing the Q-Rex Zord. But when Red is injured during a battle with Commandocon, Quantum returns to Red's side before the time hole closes. Back in 2001, the Q-Rex begins to attack the city under the mutant's control. The Rangers call on the Time Force Megazord while the mystery man from the future sends the Time Shadow. An awesome battle is at hand....
The Quantum Quest
13. The Quantum Quest
April 28, 2001
When Archaeologists unEarth a strange box deep in the ground, Ransik sends Brickneck to retrieve the ancient box. Arriving at the site, Brickneck is confronted by the Silver Guardians and the Rangers. While the Rangers scuffle with the mutant, Eric takes the box and uncovers its secret - it holds the powers of the Quantum Ranger! Circuit informs the Rangers that they must find the box in order to get control of the Quantum Ranger powers as well as the Quantasaurus Rex Megazord. When the Rangers confront Eric, he places his hand into the box and the Quantum Morpher suddenly appears on his wrist, allowing Eric to morph into the amazing Quantum Ranger. He fights using his new skills and helps defeat Brickneck. But Wes is wary of how Eric will use this newfound power.
Worlds Apart
12. Worlds Apart
April 21, 2001
Nadira robs a store and is stopped by a squad of Silver Guardians, an elite group of defenders that Mr. Collins has formed to protect the rich. The Rangers encounter the Silver Guardians at the robbery site and Wes is surprised to find that one of the Silver Guardians is Eric, his old friend from prep school. Wes informs the Rangers that the Silver Guardians are not adequately trained to fight crime and his father only created the team for profit. When a powerful mutant attacks, Mr. Collins sends the Guardians to battle the foe, but they are quickly overpowered. When the Rangers leap in to help, Red's helmet breaks and Mr. Collins discovers that his son is the Red Ranger! After the mutant is captured, Mr. Collins asks Wes to join the Silver Guardians, but Wes refuses because the Rangers protect everyone, not just the wealthy.
Uniquely Trip
11. Uniquely Trip
Trip is busy developing a new weapon, the Electro Booster, when a mutant, Red Eye, attacks the city. The Rangers are called out to defend the city, but in the course of the battle, Green makes a few mistakes while the other Rangers fight with dazzling skill. After a crowd of fans flock around the other team members, Green feels left out. Trip decides he needs to change his personality and fighting techniques in order to become a more exciting hero but ends up causing more trouble. When Ransik sends the Electropede to drain the city's energy, Green tries to emulate the dazzling moves of Pink and Red Ranger, but instead is injured. When the mutant attacks again, Jen orders Trip to stay in the clock tower. Feeling totally useless, Trip decides to use his Electro Blaster and successfully impairs the mutant. Trip then rescues a group of kids trapped in a fallen electrical tower. Afterwards, the other Rangers tease Trip for wanting to be like them while all the kids now want to be just like the Green Ranger.
Future Unknown
10. Future Unknown
April 7, 2001
Frax is growing weary of Ransik's mistreatment. He finds the key to the X-Vault, the secret room where the most dangerous mutants are contained, and revives Vexicon, ordering him to destroy the city. Meanwhile, Katie longs for her family back in the year 3000 and becomes worried that the events taking place now might change the future. When the Rangers confront Vexicon, Katie can't find it in herself to fight until she realizes that her efforts may ensure her family would live in a world without mutants. She summons all her strength and joins the others. With the team reunited, the Rangers defeat Vexicon with the Shadow Force Megazord, a combination of the Time Force and Time Shadow Megazord.
The Time Shadow
9. The Time Shadow
March 31, 2001
The Izout mutant breaks into Wes' father's lab and steals a powdery substance that Frax uses to energize his own robotic creation, Tronicon. After Izout grows into a giant mutant, the team uses their Megazord to capture him but the mighty weapon is damaged in the process. With the team left without the Megazord, Tronicon converges upon the city and creates total mayhem. Meanwhile, at the Time Force Headquarters in the year 3000, a mysterious man observes the events unfolding in 2001. He sends an amazing new Megazord to help the Rangers called the Time Shadow. The incredible Time Shadow Megazord is able to defeat Tronicon, but who is this mystery man who sent it?
Jen's Revenge
8. Jen's Revenge
March 24, 2001
Jen somberly reflects on the night she became engaged to Alex. Meanwhile, Ransik revives the mutant Fatcatfish, who has a history of run ins with Jen and Alex. When the Rangers encounter him, Jen recognizes him and has a hard time containing her rage. When Pink Ranger arranges to meet the mutant alone, she encounters both the mutant and Ransik and is badly injured in the battle before her teammates join her. The next time the Rangers encounter Fatcatfish, Pink nearly destroys him, but Red convinces her that she must not give into her rage. Coming to her senses, she helps the others capture him with the Time Force Megazord.
Short Circuited
7. Short Circuited
March 17, 2001
The Rangers fight another mutant while Nadira watches from the sidelines. When the monster grows, Nadira notices that it is Circuit who dispatches the Ranger's Megazord. Nadira devises a plan to trick Trip into believing that she isn't evil but just misunderstood. Despite Circuit's warnings, Nadira gains Trip's trust and when he leaves his robotic owl friend alone with her, Nadira snatches Circuit away. Back at Nadira's lair, the Medicon mutant operates on Circuit, rendering him useless. When there is another mutant attack, Trip must tell the others that that their trusty mechanical friend has been kidnapped. Lucas orders Trip to use his Morpher and find his feathered friend which he successfully does. But the celebration does not last too long as Medicon has enlarged himself to become the city's greatest threat. The Rangers must use their Time Force Megazord to freeze him.
A Parting of Ways
6. A Parting of Ways
March 10, 2001
The villainous Tentaclaw kidnaps a bus filled with school kids, and Ransik demands ten million dollars in ransom. Wes asks his wealthy father for money to cover the ransom, but when his father refuses to give him the funds, Wes finds a way to secretly take the money from his father. After Ransik receives the ransom, he reneges on his promise to release the kids but the Rangers use the Time Force Megazord to bring Tentaclaw to justice. Back at his home, Wes is disappointed when his father takes credit for saving the children. Realizing that his father only cares about his wealth, Wes decides to move into the clock tower with the other teens, confident that he is on the right path in life.
A Blue Streak
5. A Blue Streak
March 3, 2001
Lucas is dismayed when he learns that even though he is a champion racecar driver in the year 3000, he needs to get a driver's license in 2001. Meanwhile, Nadira reanimates the Mantamobile mutant to steal cars for her shopping sprees. While Lucas takes his driver's license test, he spots Nadira and the mutant escaping from a crime scene. Just as Lucas tells the others about Nadira's new wheels, Trip unveils the Rangers' new Vector Cycles! Using their cool new bikes and their Vortex Blaster, the team enter a battle to stop Nadira and her Mantamobile. But when the mutant grows into a horrifying giant, the team resorts to using their Time Force Megazord to capture him.
Ransik Lives
4. Ransik Lives
February 24, 2001
Wes helps his new friends settle into their new home base located in an old, abandoned clock tower. In order to survive, the team decides to open the Odd Jobs shop at the bottom of the clock tower, while Jen and Wes take a job painting the local television station. Meanwhile, Ransik takes over the television station and broadcasts to the world that he is now their new leader. When Wes tries to intervene, he is captured by Ransik. Ransik orders his mutant, Fearog to destroy Wes, but the other Rangers leap in just in time and use the Time Force Megazord to capture the ever-growing mutant.
Something to Fight For
3. Something to Fight For
February 17, 2001
Wes observes Nadira and the Cyclobots robbing a bank and tries to stop their plans but is no match for them alone. Wes requests to join the Time Force team but Jen rejects his offer citing his inability to take crime fighting seriously. As a result, Wes reevaluates his life and becomes determined to prove he is worthy of being the Red Ranger. Meanwhile, Ransik's mutant, Jetara, is re-animated from the crime vault and attacks the city. With a raving mutant on the loose, Jen decides to give Wes one more chance. The teens morph and fight the mutant, but this time Wes fights with a new sense of purpose and with the help of the Time Force Megazord they defeat their foe. Jen decides to let Wes keep the Red Ranger Morpher.
Force from the Future: Part 2
2. Force from the Future: Part 2
The Time Force team, Jen, Trip, Katie and Lucas, lands in 2001 shortly after Ransik arrives but soon discover that their DNA- encoded Morphers don't work! Their trusty computer friend, Circuit, informs them that that their Morphers are disabled until someone with Alex's DNA activates the Red Morpher. Confronted by their foes, the Time Force team is helpless until a stRanger suddenly appears and helps them in the battle. After their recovery, the team learns that the stRanger, who closely resembles Alex, is a wealthy guy named Wes who appears to be a bit spoiled and selfish. Against her better judgment, Jen attempts to persuade Wes to join their team but Wes declines. Meanwhile, the Cyclobots, Ransik's cronies, are causing mayhem in the streets and the Rangers must stop them. On the verge of losing the battle, the team is once again aided by Wes and a new crew of superheroes are born; Wes- the Red Ranger, Lucas- the Blue Ranger, Trip- the Green Ranger, Katie- the Yellow Ranger and Jen- the Pink Ranger. Using their new amazing skills, they defeat the Cyclobots.
Force from the Future: Part 1
1. Force from the Future: Part 1
February 3, 2001
In the year 3000, Ransik, the ring leader of an evil band of mutants, attempts to evade prison by using a time machine. But he is caught and arrested by Alex, a member of the elite Time Force Police and the Red Time Force Ranger. When Alex's fiancée, Jen, along with three other Time Force officers, Lucas, Trip and Katie, attempt to transport Ransik to prison they are ambushed by Ransik's daughter, Nadira and his henchmen, Frax and Gluto. Determined to prevent Ransik from escaping, Alex confronts his evil foe alone but is mortally wounded! Clinging to life, Alex gives Jen his Morpher and implores her to capture Ransik. Meanwhile, Ransik and his minions disappear through a time portal to 2001. Against the orders of their Captain, Jen and the others take the Time Ship and follow Ransik though the unknown dimensions of time and space.
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    February 3, 2001
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