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Follow the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as they dive into battle. In one of the episodes, an enemy escapes after being imprisoned for 10,000 years. She tries to conquer the Earth but faces the wrath of the rangers. Two of the rangers work together to try to close down a dumpsite while they try to get their teammates to work together. One of the specials showcases a deaf friend of Kimberly's who is in need of help. The friends gather to support her, as she is the only one who can save a group of girls from a gnome. From inventions that go haywire to helping a teen in trouble, the Power Rangers join together to care for those who are in the most need. These specials will touch the hearts of viewers as the friends learn valuable lessons in life and strive to make the world a better place.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Specials is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (32 episodes). The series first aired on January 2, 2010.

Where do I stream Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Specials online? Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Specials is available for streaming on Saban, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Specials on demand at Amazon, Vudu online.

1 Season, 32 Episodes
January 2, 2010
Kids & Family
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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Specials Full Episode Guide

  • Tommy is going to audition for a karate commercial. Bulk wants to audition for the same commercial as well. While Tommy and Bulk are waiting at the casting session, the other teens are having a relaxing day at the beach - or so they think, until Scorpina shows up. She manages to encase the Power Rangers in a cocoon. Their only hope is Tommy, but Zordon can't seem to communicate with him. The Power Rangers manage to break out of the cocoon by cutting the shell with their lasers set at low frequencies. They are immediately transported to their Zords, where Zordon informs them that the giant monster Babe Ruthless, Goldar, and Scorpina are attacking the city. Zordon is finally able to reach Tommy at his audition and informs him of the situation. Tommy arrives on the scene with the Dragonzord and together the Rangers defeat Babe Ruthless. Scorpina next sicks her monster Weaveworm on the Rangers, encasing this time the Megazord in a cocoon. Dragonzord comes to the rescue and uses its drill tail to cut open the cocoon. Combining their Zords they finish off the Weaveworm once and for all. Finally, the kids see Tommy's commercial. Bulk is furious when he discovers that he was chosen to represent someone who needs karate lessons.

  • The Power Rangers are decorating the Youth Center for a dance party. Zack offers to teach Billy a few moves to impress the ladies but Billy declines. His top priority is to complete a weather analyzing device. He leaves the center and bumps right into Marge (Ernie's niece who is a girl-genius). It is instant love at first sight for both of them. They make arrangements to meet at Angel Grove Park later that afternoon. Meanwhile, Rita has asked Madame Woe to help her with several evil schemes. Rita makes a request for Madame Woe to capture one Power Ranger so the rest can follow. Marge shows up at the park and waits for Billy. Madame Woe gets there first and captures Marge. Rita is furious at Madame Woe for messing up. When Billy gets to the park, he finds Marge 's necklace on the ground, but no Marge. He immediately suspects the worst. Zordon informs the Power Rangers that the only way to defeat Madame Woe is to combine the Power Coins, so that anyone in the group can assume the collective powers of the entire group. Billy volunteers. Madame Woe sends the Rangers into the dimension where she is holding Marge prisoner. They are blasted by Madame Woe's rays. Billy absorbs the power and crushes the jewel that contains her power. Madame Woe begins to weaken. The Power Rangers and Marge escape from the dimension. The Rangers unite their Power Weapons into the Power Blaster and use it to finish off Madame Woe. Marge is freed and asks Billy to the dance, later explaining how the Blue Ranger was her hero.

  • Rita works her deadly illusions on the Power Rangers causing each one of them to disappear. Quagmire helps them by forcing each one to recall an event where each individual Power Ranger had the strength and confidence to win out over their enemy. When all attempts by Goldar and Lokar to destroy the teens fail, the Power Rangers regain their Power Coins. They form the Mega Dragonzord and defeat Rita's monster Mutitus. With a blast from the Ultrazord, Lokar is sent into retreat.

  • Jason declines to go on a field trip with the rest of the Power Rangers so he can spend some time with his cousin Jeremy. While they are fishing, Jeremy reels in a bottle containing a map that reveals where a magic mirror is hidden. The mirror can destroy anyone who looks at it. Jason and Jeremy are soon attacked by Putties as Rita has sent Goldar to find the mirror for her. Jason and Jeremy fight off the Putties. Scorpina arrives at the beach and summons Rockstar, a boulder-bearing monster that spits rocks, to join Scorpina and aid her in her destruction. Jeremy flees with the map before Scorpina can get her hands on it. Scorpina and Goldar set out to find Jeremy while the Power Rangers try to find him first. Rockstar is about to throw a boulder at Jeremy as he opens the mirror but Jeremy shines the mirror on Rockstar causing him to disintegrate. Scared of its power, Jeremy tosses the mirror away. Kimberly catches it, but it gets knocked out of her hand by Scorpina. Rita increases Scorpina's size as Jason summons the Megazord. Scorpina tries to use the mirror on Megazord, but the Megazord covers its eyes. A giant-sized Goldar then comes to aid Scorpina. The Megazord's Sword shatters the mirror into a hundred points of light and Goldar and Scorpina disappear into thin air. Back at the Youth Center, Jeremy tells the teens about his adventure and inquires as to where Jason was all that time.

  • Jason, Kimberly, Bulk, and Skull are rehearsing for the school play "Rumpelstiltskin." The spinning wheel prop used in the play is a family heirloom that has been in Kimberly's family for a hundred years. When Rita sees the wheel through her Repulsa Scope, she sends Goldar to steal it. She then casts a spell upon it, making the wheel evil with the power to destroy anything it touches - including the Rangers. Goldar and Scorpina are sent to begin a rampage on Earth. When Rita sees that her monsters might be defeated she sends down the wheel. Jason calls the power of the Ultrazord. It locks on the wheel and fires, then it suddenly disappears. To Kimberly's, surprise her beloved grandmother's spinning wheel re-appears and the play is a success.

  • Jason and Tommy are getting ready for the Team Ninja competition finals. However, the two seem to spend more time outdoing each other and bickering than working together on some kind of strategy. Meanwhile, her Repulsiveness, has made a new army of indestructible Super Putties. These new Putties are more than our teenage heroes bargained for, so Zordon sends Jason and Tommy to find weapons that will destroy these Putties. It is a test in teamwork for both Jason and Tommy. They put their bickering aside, and set out to find the weapons guarded by the Carrier Zord named Titanus - a giant robotic brontosaurus. The rest of the Rangers are getting pounded and cornered by these new Super Putties. It looks like the Rangers are in a real jam, until Jason and Tommy appear with the new weapons and destroy the Super Putties. Utilizing their new sense of teamwork, Tommy and Jason win their match at the Team Ninja finals.

  • The Power Rangers are finalizing plans for a costume party at the Youth Center. As usual Rita is watching through her Repulsa Scope and plans to foil the fun. She sends a monster which is an exact replica of a Frankenstein monster. Its purpose is to mingle at the party, but its mission is to destroy the Power Rangers. The monster's strange behavior at the party causes Billy to follow and investigate. A confrontation results and Billy warns the others that Frankenstein is one of Rita's goons. Rita converts the monster into a giant. The Megazord takes a heavy beating from Frankenstein But Tommy saves the day when he shows up with his Dragonzord to form the Dragonzord Battle Mode. Using the Dragonzord Battle Mode's Power Staff they destroy Frankenstein.

  • During a break at the park, the Power Rangers are attacked by Putties. While they are being distracted, Baboo manages to slip a few drops of a potion into their drinks. After the Putty fight is over, a thirsty Kimberly and Billy chug down their drinks, turning from good to evil. Rita sends down Terror Toad, her most powerful monster yet. Zordon says the only way to reverse the effects of the potion is to drink the sap of the Singing Squash, a rare squash that grows between dimensions and sings bad opera. Zordon sends Alpha to retrieve the squash, since Billy and Kimberly are incapacitated and the other Rangers are fighting the Terror Toad, which swallows Trini and Zack. Jason is the only one left to fend off the Terror Toad. It's up to Alpha to get the squash, who slowly makes his way through the dimensional vortex of the singing squash. He almost has one, but then he is suddenly attacked by Putties. The obnoxious singing of the squash is too much for the Putties and they disappear. Alpha hurries back to the Command Center and gives the sap to Kimberly and Billy. They snap out of it and join Jason to defeat the Toad by attacking its weak spot. The swallowed Rangers are free. Kimberly fires her bow rapidly at the Toad hitting his weak spot. The Toad falls down. Kimberly aims one final blow right into the Toad's mouth defeating him.

  • Shellshock is a turtle monster that Squatt and Baboo create by themselves in order to please Rita. Shellshock has a stoplight that can freeze people in motion or freeze them up. When Shellshock begins his attack, he freezes up Billy, Zack, and Kimberly and sends Trini into perpetual motion. Jason manages to get away. Rita enlarges Shellshock. Tommy and Jason try to fight him, but the turtle manages to freeze the controls on Tommy's Dragonzord and Jason's Dino Zord. Their only hope is a flower called the Deandra flower. Zordon has sent Trini to the Mountain of Hope to find the flower that will free Tommy and Jason's Zord and restore mobility to Zack, Billy, and Kimberly. Trini manages to find the Deandra flower and frees the Power Rangers from the spell. The flower also absorbs Shellshock's powers. Now, with Shellshock weak, the Tyrannosaurus Dino Zord defeats Shellshock.

  • The saga concludes with Alpha restoring the Command Center back into shape and bringing Zordon back. Zordon restores the Megazord and advises the Power Rangers that by destroying the Green Ranger's sword they will be able to break the spell that Tommy is under. Jason attempts to convince Tommy to join forces with Zordon and destroy Rita, but Tommy refuses. Jason manages to destroy the sword and breaks Rita's spell. Back at the Command Center, Zordon convinces and welcomes the new Power Ranger to their team. With Tommy they can now form the Mega-Dragonzord in their fight against Rita's evil forces.

  • Billy and Trini work to restore Alpha 5 and bring back Zordon in the Command Center. Tommy returns to school and, still under Rita's spell to make him evil, shrugs off Kimberly. Rita gives the Green Ranger the Sword of Darkness to help him in battle against the Rangers and keep him evil. While the Teens continue to interact with Tommy, oblivious that he is actually their enemy, Tommy captures Jason and teleports him to Rita's Dark Dimension. Alone and unable to use his powers, Jason must fight Goldar. The other four Rangers fight the Green Ranger now armed with the Sword of Darkness.

  • Rita has in her possession a Power Coin. It is the same kind of coin that the Power Rangers use to summon their powers. Rita decides to use the coin to form her own evil Green Ranger. She chooses the new kid in school that Kim has a crush on, martial arts master Tommy Oliver. Rita abducts Tommy and against his will makes him become her Green Ranger. She brainwashes him into going after the Power Rangers and Zordon. With the Green Ranger in Rita's control, he penetrates the Command Center, turns off Zordon's communication devices and wreaks havoc on Alpha's circuitry. The Rangers arrive in the Command Center and survey the damage Tommy wreaked on their base. Rita sends a giant-sized Goldar to attack Angel Grove, prompting the Rangers to meet him in battle with their Zords. The Green Ranger enters the Megazord cockpit and knocks the Power Rangers out of it. This new Ranger beats the 5 heroic Rangers leaving the heroes to worry with Alpha about trying to restore contact with Zordon.

  • The teens and Sylvia, Trini's 7-year-old cousin, are having some fun at the Angel Grove Fair. There are numerous clowns around, including Pineapple The Clown, which appeals especially to Sylvia. What they don't realize is that the fair is actually a trap set up by Rita. The clowns are all Putty Patrollers, and Pineapple The Clown is actually Pine Octopus the monster. This monster has the ability to produce a powder that turns anyone who comes into contact with it into a two dimensional form. Pineoctopus throws the powder at Sylvia. She now looks like a cardboard cutout. The Power Rangers, minus Trini, fight Pineoctopus, while Trini is at the Command Center working with Alpha to restore Sylvia to normal. She splashes Sylvia with water and she returns to normal. Trini rejoins the group and informs them that water is the key. They freeze Pineoctopus and defeat him with a blast from the Megazord.

  • Rita steals one of Trini's favorite trolls from her doll collection, Mr. Ticklesneezer. Legend has it that this Troll has the power to shrink things and people, and store them in his bottle. Using this information, Rita has Finster bring the Troll to life and orders him to go to Earth to steal things. When Billy and Trini try to stop him, he shrinks them and puts them in the bottle as well. Kim rescues them and restores them to full size. Ticklesneezer loses his bottle and can't steal things anymore, which angers Rita. Rita turns him into a giant and gives him a giant bottle. The Megazord steals the bottle from Ticklesneezer and turns it on Rita, but she manages to escape with her cronies. The Troll puts everything he stole back and decides to become a good guy, but when Trini wakes up, she realizes the whole event was only a dream.

  • Kimberly goes on a private plane ride with her uncle Steve, the pilot. Bulk and Skull invite themselves along for the trip. Rita concocts a sleeping potion that she slips into Steve's drink causing him to fall asleep in mid-air. With the plane out of control and Steve unable to wake up, Bulk and Skull panic and pass out. Kimberly contacts Zordon and Alpha 5 who tell her she can teleport herself to safety, but she tells them she can't because there are passengers at risk. Rita simultaneously sends her monster Snizzard to Angel Grove to fight the other Rangers. Kimberly manages to land the plane and join her allies in battle. Kimberly manages to hit a bullseye into the apple on Snizzard's head with her Power Bow. Snizzard is now vulnerable. The Power Rangers combine their weapons into the Power Blaster and destroy Snizzard.

  • Billy and his young protégé, Willie, are preparing for the Junior Science Fair. Willie has invented a virtual reality video game that is sure to impress the judges. Unfortunately, Rita is also impressed by young Willie's mind. She commissions a monster that will capture people's minds. Behold, Eye Guy, a giant eyeball which, once it captures an individual, Rita can have unlimited access to their mind. Rita's immediate orders are to capture Willie. After Willie is captured, the Power Rangers take on Eye Guy. They blast Eye Guy and the resulting explosion causes Eye Guy to separate into many small eyeballs. The Power Rangers form the mighty Megazord. Eye Guy manages to regroup into the original Eye Guy. The Rangers use the Megazord's Power Sword to defeat Eye Guy.

  • Billy's invention in mind-reading goes haywire causing Billy and Kimberly to switch personalities. The results are hilarious as Kimberly, the queen of makeup, attempts to operate a computer and Billy, now in Kimberly's mind, has to apply mascara. In the meantime Rita's cronies conjure up a Genie in a magic lamp. Squatt accidentally drops the lamp and Zack finds it. The Rangers take it back to the Command Center for Zordon and Alpha to study while they fight the Putties and Goldar in the city. Rita reappears and makes the genie grow large to fight the Rangers' Zords. Alpha is able to repair the Genie's lamp, and the Genie is sucked into it, saving the day. Billy takes Kimberly back to his garage and restores their minds back to their correct bodies.

  • Kim and Trini have become big sisters to twelve-year-old Maria. In the meantime, Rita has discovered the ancient Power Eggs. The Eggs are stashed in a chest protected by an electronic force field. Rita discovers that only the power of an innocent child could open up the chest. Rita, along with her latest creation Chunky Chicken, plot to abduct Maria. Kimberly and Trini, with the help of their teammates and Billy's new invention the RADBUG search to find their young friend. Using the Megazord, the Rangers rescue Maria and destroy the Chunky Chicken.

  • The kids are all set for a cultural food festival at the Youth Center to raise money and buy equipment for the Angel Grove playground. Everything seems to be going well until Bulk, and his dimwitted sidekick Skull, almost ruin everything by instigating a food fight. This gives Rita Repulsa an idea. She commissions a monster to destroy the Earth's food supply. Finster creates an overgrown pig named Pudgy Pig who will eat everything in sight. The Power Rangers try to stop the Pig before he destroys the food festival, but it's too late. Pudgy Pig has even eaten their weapons. Using their brains as well as brawn, the Rangers manage to give the monster indigestion and retrieve their weapons allowing them to destroy the troublesome pig monster.

  • An evil sorceress named Rita Repulsa escapes from her space dumpster prison and begins a quest to take over planet Earth. Fortunately for Earth, Zordon - a wise old sage trapped in a time warp, has prepared for just such an occasion. Using his constant companion, Alpha 5, Zordon recruits five teenagers from Angel Grove to take on Rita and her henchmen - Squatt, Baboo, Finster and Goldar. The five teens, Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini and Billy, are each given special devices called Power Morphers allowing them to "Morph" or change into a group of nearly indestructible super heroes called "Power Rangers." Rita, determined to succeed in her quests sends down Goldar and her Putty Patrol to battle the novice Rangers. But, the teens call on their Dinozords, large battle vehicles shaped like dinosaurs, to help them defeat the Putties and cause Goldar to retreat to the Moon.