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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is a continuation on the ever popular Power Rangers series. Lost Galaxy is the fifth TV series based on the original show. All of the Power Rangers shows were inspired by Seijuu Sentai Gingaman, a Japanese TV series. The show was produced by Haim Saban, Shuki Levy and Jonathan Tzachor.

Unlike previous shows in the franchise, this series is not based on any of the previous versions. You will find a totally new story and cast in this spin on the series. While there are lots of new elements at play, not everything is new. This series is very special because it has some things in common with the other versions, but many unique aspects as well. Unlike previous seasons, you can find many darker scenes in Lost Galaxy. This is the first time a Ranger ever dies in battle for example.

There are five rangers in this series, the red, blue, green, yellow and pink rangers. Each of them controls a different element as their power. In addition to that they each have their own special sword.

The Red Ranger is the leader of the group. His weapon of choice is the Lion Quasar Saber. Next is the Blue Ranger. It's worth noting that this is the first time the Blue Ranger was portrayed by an Asian American male. He uses the Gorilla Quasar Saber and the element under his control is water. The Green Ranger is the mechanic aboard the Rangers Astro Megaship, and is the lighthearted joking one among the group. The element under his control is wind and he uses the Condor Quasar Saber.

The Yellow Ranger is Maya. She was formerly a resident of planet Mirinoi. She joined the rangers after her planet got turned in to stone. She uses the Wolf Quasar Saber, and the element of thunder is under her control. The Pink Ranger is the last of the five. She uses the power of nature and the Wildcat Quasar Saber is her main weapon.

The show was produced by Saban Entertainment. It originally aired back in February 6 to December 18 1999. Over all there were 45 episodes in the series.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is a series that is currently running and has 7 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on February 6, 1999.

Where do I stream Power Rangers Lost Galaxy online? Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is available for streaming on Saban, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Power Rangers Lost Galaxy on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV online.

7 Seasons, 50 Episodes
February 6, 1999
Action & Adventure
Cast: Archie Kao, Cerina Vincent, Melody Perkins, Jack Betts, Paul Schrier
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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Full Episode Guide

  • Trapped on a desolate Moon in the ruins of Terra Venture, Leo faces Trakeena all alone.

  • The Rangers work to evacuate the crew of Terra Venture as Trakeena launches her final assault.

  • Terra Venture discovers a lush green planet to colonize as Trakeena merges with Deviot to become stronger than ever.

  • The Rangers struggle to free the lost Galactabeasts from Deviot.

  • The treacherous Deviot assists Scorpius by unleashing three lost Galactabeasts to attack Terra Venture.

  • Stumbling out of the wreckage of the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena emerges as a hideous insect. Leo, still unable to find the others, follows her slimy trail to the Command Headquarters. There, they battle until the other Rangers arrive and destroy Trakeena once and for all. Meanwhile, the colonists are thrilled to discover that the planet they have landed on is idyllic. The Rangers join the people on the planet, and Maya discovers that the strange land is actually her home planet of Mirinoi, with all its inhabitants turned to stone. With their mission fulfilled, the Rangers put the swords back into the stone and magically, the villagers return to life. They welcome the colonists to their planet and everyone is happy at last.

  • On orders from Trakeena, the Stingwingers descend into Terra Venture, where the populace is trying to escape the ship. The Rangers try to defend the colony, but the Megazords are destroyed. The Rangers finally defeat the last of the villains but are saddened at the loss of their Megazords. On the Megaship, Trakeena attacks again, and the Rangers are forced to flee on their Jet Jammers and set their ship on self-destruct. The Scorpion Stinger is caught in the explosion and sent careening to the Moon's surface. All the Rangers land safely on a strange planet, except for Leo, who has crash-landed on the rocky Moonscape with no way to reach his team.

  • Fleeing Trakeena's wrath, Deviot enters the cocoon, knowing it will give him great powers. But when Trakeena also enters the cocoon, a strange metamorphosis takes place and only Trakeena emerges, now wild-eyed and fiercer than ever. On Terra Venture, a report of damage forces the colony to land on the nearest planet - a beautiful, lush land within reach. Suddenly, Trakeena attacks with a new vengeance, determined to destroy the Rangers once and for all. The Rangers do their best to stop her, but Terra Venture is forced to crash land on a nearby Moon. The protective dome starts to crack and all are forced to abandon ship.

  • Mike infiltrates the slave camp to free the people trapped there. Meanwhile, Kai tries to figure out how to get the colony out of the Lost Galaxy before it is too late. He reads the Keonta Spell backward, and an inter-dimensional portal opens in the sky. Mike uses the Defender Torozord to hold the portal open and works to get all the slaves on board the Terra Venture, until finally escaping the Lost Galaxy. Mutiny follows in hot pursuit, but the Scorpion Stinger attacks his craft, destroying him forever. Trakeena is overjoyed that the Rangers are in her clutches again.

  • The Terra Venture is in danger of losing all its power, unless its gets out of the Lost Galaxy. Damon tries in vain to repair the engines of the ship, but it is no use. Barbarax lures the Rangers to the beach to witness Captain Mutiny's most destructive monster, the Titanisaur. The gigantic creature rises from the ocean and stomps off to the city dome to wreak havoc. Pulling together with all of their Megazords, the Rangers use every bit of their energy to blast the creature, finally destroying Titanisaur's wrath.

  • Hexuba uses a magic ball to resurrect the ghosts of defeated monsters back from the grave. The Rangers try their best, but have a tough time against the endless army of monsters. Blue Ranger goes to the source of the problem and confronts Hexuba at her graveyard, breaking her magic ball. Without the ability to resurrect more monsters, Hexuba absorbs the energy from several monsters and the Rangers need the power of the Defender Torozord and the Galaxy Megazords to blow her away.

  • Mutiny's ally, the evil witch, Hexuba, sends each of the Rangers flowers cast with a sleeping spell. One by one, the teens smell the flowers and fall into a deep slumber, where they battle the Nightmare monster. Leo and Mike are the last ones awake until Leo succumbs to the spell, and now it's up to Mike to save his friends! Struggling to stay awake, Mike finds Hexuba's lair and confronts her, releasing the Rangers from the dream. Again in reality, the Rangers fight the Nightmare monster. The Rangers use the Galaxy and Stratoforce Megazords to destroy it, but Hexuba vows to get the Rangers next time.

  • Captured by Deviot and the Swabbies. Leo and Damon are taken to a desolate desert and tied together. Deviot wants to destroy them immediately, but Barbarax insists that they wait until sunset for Captain Mutiny to arrive. Leo and Damon swelter in the blazing sun and struggle to get free, to no avail. To take their minds off their seemingly hopeless situation, they begin to reminisce about their adventures as Rangers, remembering all that they have been through. The sun begins to set and Mutiny arrives, ready to destroy the two teens. Just when it looks like it's over for Leo and Damon, the other Rangers get there and save them.

  • Stanton sends search teams to try and find the Grunchor monster that he accidentally has set loose. The Rangers join in the effort, looking all around the space colony. Grunchor eludes them all, continuing to burrow under the ground. Finally, the enormous creature surfaces, shocking all with its ferocious appearance. The Rangers fire at the monster, but the blast only causes it to grow larger and more hideous. With the Defender Torozord, and the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords, Grunchor is finally destroyed

  • Trakeena steers the Scorpion Stinger away from the Lost Galaxy, knowing that those who enter never return. Landing on a bizarre planet, the Rangers are approached by a friendly space pirate, Captain Mutiny, and follow him back to his planet. They are shocked to discover that Mutiny has many captured spacecrafts and keeps their crews as prisoners. Trying to escape, the Rangers are stopped by the Rocketron monster and Mutiny's foot soldiers, the Swabbies. Rocketron grows and the Rangers defeat it with the Galaxy and Stratoforce Megazords. The Rangers try to warn Stanton before he opens a box sent from Mutiny, but they are too late. The box is opened and a huge monster escapes and burrows underground through the city dome.

  • As GSA scientists try to decipher the Galaxy Book, they unleash the Keonta Spell and cause an energy flux throughout the entire space colony. Stanton places the book under top security to prevent any further damage. A mysterious traveler lands on Terra Venture and is caught trying to steal the book. From the GSA holding cell, the stRanger convinces Kai that he is the Guardian of the Galaxy Book and has come to retrieve the book and its dangerous powers. Trusting him, Kai helps the guardian escape, when they are attacked by Deviot, who blasts the guardian and begins to read the Keonta Spell. When the Rangers blast Deviot they create a swirling vortex and Terra Venture is sucked into a bizarre interstellar dimension known as the Lost Galaxy.

  • Karone convinces Damon to try out for the position of head mechanic on Terra Venture. After Trakeena sends the Decibat monster, whose high-pitched sound waves cause massive destruction to the city dome, Damon decides to design an ultra sonic transmitter to try and block the monster's sound waves. Baxter, an ambitious cadet, steals Damon's designs and wins the position of head mechanic. When the Decibat attacks again, Baxter uses the unfinished ultra-sonic transmitter to try and stop the monster. Discovering this, Damon rushes to the scene and together, he and Baxter, fix the device and blast the monster. Baxter learns his lesson and gives up the head mechanic position to Damon, but Damon declines the offer.

  • Leo is drained of his Ranger powers by the Magnatox Monster and can no longer morph, so Karone recalls how, as Astronema, she fought a mighty warrior with mythical powers. To learn his powers Karone and Leo seek out the warrior, but when they arrive, Karone must first battle Astronema, her former evil persona. After Karone conquers her evil past, she and Leo enter the cave, and retrieve the keys to power. Magnatox is about to defeat the other Rangers when Pink and Red Ranger leap in to save them. Red Ranger activates the keys and transforms into the Red ArmoRed Ranger, armed now with incredible weaponry and armor.

  • Kendrix appears to Maya in a dream and tells her that the Pink Quasar Saber has fallen into evil hands. The Rangers go in search of the saber but are tricked by Deviot, and head into a trap. Meanwhile on the planet Onyx, an auction is being held and one of the items is the Pink Quasar Saber. A surprise bidder, Astronema, who is the former queen of evil, takes the Saber and begins to leave when she is suddenly exposed by Trakeena as Karone, a girl who has gone over to the side of the good guys. Arriving to help the Rangers fight Deviot, Karone is sent flying over a cliff, but is saved by the ghost of the Pink Ranger. To her astonishment, she is given a Galaxy Morpher, and Karone vows to do her very best as the new Pink Ranger.

  • The Rangers are happy to show their new friends, the Power Rangers in Space, around Terra Venture. Kendrix is researching the Galaxy Book when she discovers the location of the Savage Sword, a weapon of incredible power. Psycho Pink steals this information from Kendrix' mind and, with the sword's power, grows to a tremendous size. The other Rangers destroy the Psycho Pink Monster and rush to save Kendrix, but they are too late. Kendrix sacrifices herself to destroy the Savage Sword and disappears in a blast of pink energy. The others are distraught at the loss of their friend, but know they must carry on with their mission as Rangers.

  • Deviot revives the Psycho Rangers, the Power Rangers' archenemies. One by one, the Power Rangers are captured until only Leo is left. When Psycho Red attacks him, a surprise ally, Andros, the Red Space Ranger, comes to the rescue. Trying to free the others, Andros and Leo are once again attacked by the Psycho Rangers. In a huge battle, the Power Rangers are finally able to destroy the Psycho Rangers, with the help of the other Space Rangers, once and for all. Leo and the others are thrilled to meet the legendary Power Rangers in Space and they all become fast friends, but unbeknownst to them, Psycho Pink has survived the battle and vows revenge on the Pink Ranger.

  • The Rangers encounter the Chameliac Warrior, a monster who copies their fighting styles and uses it against the Rangers. Trakeena's newest plan calls for Chameliac to divert the Rangers while she sets a deadly laser designed to destroy the Galactabeasts. Mike finds out about her plot and although he is injured, he knows that he must reach the others to tell them. Meanwhile, to defeat the warrior, the Rangers alter their fighting styles, confusing the monster and ultimately getting the upper hand. The Magna Defender arrives just in time to destroy the powerful laser.

  • Leo falls for Ginger, whose brother, Colby, is wary of anyone dating his sister. When Trakeena's Maronda monster kidnaps Ginger, Colby is furious with Leo and storms off to find his sister. After Colby encounters Maronda and demands that she release Ginger, Maronda attacks him, but Leo arrives just in time. The other Rangers join in and fight Maronda, who blasts them with her powerful snake cycle. Maronda grows until the Rangers use the Galaxy and Centaurus Megazords to defeat her.

  • Deviot plans to use the vengeful warrior, Loyax, to destroy the Rangers. He attacks the Rangers and singles out Yellow as his last battle to crown his career. They fight and tumble over a seaside cliff, ending up in a cave below, only to discover that they must work together to find their way out of the cave. Once free, Loyax is again ordered to destroy the Yellow Ranger. Loyax confides in Maya his wish to fight for good, but fears it is too late to change his ways. After Maya explains that it is never too late to change, Loyax turns his fire on Deviot, who in turn, destroys him. Maya is sad, but realizes that Loyax actually won his last battle by returning to his true goodness.

  • Plotting to send Terra Venture into a nearby star, Trakeena sends the Icy Angel monster to attack Commander Stanton. Icy Angel shoots Stanton with an arrow and he becomes subversively evil, ordering Kai to direct the colony into the star. After refusing the order, Stanton kicks Kai out of the GSA, but Kai is distraught and becomes suspicious when he discovers Stanton conspiring with Icy Angel. Knowing that Stanton is under Trakeena's control, Kai locks him in a storeroom while the other Rangers and Magna Defender battle Icy Angel. Stanton returns to normal just in time to divert the colony from certain doom and rewards Kai by giving him command of the entire colony for the day.

  • When the Scorpion Stinger needs repairs to get out of the path of a meteor storm, Trakeena kidnaps Renier and demands that Terra Venture send its best mechanic in exchange for her. Damon volunteers to go, with Leo and Mike along for backup. While Damon works on fixing the spacecraft, Leo frees Renier. Learning that Renier has escaped, Trakeena orders the Cannonbrawl monster to find and destroy Terra Venture. After the Rangers defeat the monster with the Galaxy and Stratoforce Megazords, Renier rewards Damon for his bravery.

  • Maya is happy when Shondra, her best friend from her home planet Mirinoi, arrives on Terra Venture. They rekindle their friendship, leaving Kendrix feeling a little left out. Kendrix becomes suspicious when she sees Shondra sneak out in the middle of the night, discovering the next day that someone tried to steal the Galaxy Book. When Kendrix tells Maya that she suspects Shondra of trying to steal the book, Maya confronts her best friend and is shocked to find that Shondra is really a monster named Rykon. The other Rangers join in and they all fight Rykon, defeating it with the Galaxy Megazord.

  • While Trakeena plots her revenge on the Red Ranger, the underhanded Deviot hires two monsters, Kubak and Teksa, to get rid of her. Leo is captured and Trakeena is about to destroy him, but he manages to escape. Kubak and Teksa attack Trakeena, but before she can get them to reveal who sent them, Deviot destroys Kubak. Deviot is angry that his plot to overthrow Trakeena has failed, but vows to triumph the next time.

  • Trakeena wanders the desolate planet of Onyx, where the scourge of the Universe converges. Entering a rough bar, she is beaten up by some alien thugs, until a chivalrous warrior, Villamax and his reluctant sidekick, Kegler, rescue her. Meanwhile, Deviot is angry that Scorpius still wishes for Trakeena's return and sets a trap to pit Scorpius against the Rangers. The evil Scorpius appears on Terra Venture and fights the Rangers and ultimately, Red Ranger deals a terrible blow to the creature. When Trakeena finds out that her father has been mortally wounded, she rushes back to him and acquires his power and position, infuriating Deviot. Upon hearing that the Red Ranger destroyed her father, Trakeena vows revenge upon him.

  • The shifty Deviot propositions Scorpius to make him his second-in-command. Kendrix tries to decipher the Galaxy Book and discovers that there are three lost Galactabeasts somewhere in the Universe. Damon and Kai are captured by Deviot and forced to fight each other in order to energize the evil Zords. The other Rangers join to fight Deviot, but when they use the Lights of Orion on him, Deviot channels this energy to power up the evil Zords, and the three mighty machines begin to attack the city. Deviot calls off the attack, certain that Scorpius will be satisfied with his show of strength. However, Scorpius tells him to finish off the Rangers.

  • When the Scorpion Stinger gets a fuel leak, the Magna Defender makes a failing attempt to destroy the enemy, until the Red Ranger arrives and saves him. The Magna Defender tells Leo that his brother Mike is still alive inside him, but he must destroy him in order to see his brother again. The Red Ranger refuses and runs off to help the others fight Scorpius' forces. The Magna Defender watches their bravery when suddenly, the image of his dead son, Zika, appears to him. The Magna Defender releases Mike from within, sacrificing himself to save the station and honoring his son Zika's memory.

  • The Shark Brothers go to Treacheron revealing that Trakeena had set him up. Treacheron attacks Trakeena, when the Rangers show up. Treacheron blasts Leo, injuring him before he takes off after Trakeena. The four Rangers face off with the monsters, but they are unable to activate the Lights of Orion unless all five are present. Leo gathers all his strength and joins the others. They Power Up and gain the upper hand. They discover that the Power Up mode can be used on the Megazord as well, and with that extra boost of energy, they are able to defeat the Shark Brothers.

  • The Lights of Orion return and the Rangers, Destruxo and the Magna Defender are intent on getting them. Everyone chases after the elusive Lights, but the monster Destruxo nabs them and attacks the Rangers. The Rangers are no match for Destruxo's acquired power, and he goes in for the final blow. Suddenly, Magna Defender blasts the Lights out of Destruxo's body. The Lights hover in the sky until they are amazingly infused into the Rangers. The Rangers morph into the Power Up Mode, becoming stronger than before. With their new Power Up accessories, they destroy Destruxo. Magna Defender is distraught at losing the Lights.

  • Scorpius sends the Destruxo monster to Terra Venture to find the Lights of Orion. Destruxo creates a force field within the station so that he can search undisturbed, but Maya, Kendrix and others are trapped inside. They disagree over how to fight the monster and split up. Stingwingers attack Kendrix, but Maya arrives just in time to save her. Together, they look for the source of the force field. The Yellow and Pink Rangers work together and are finally able to break the force field, saving those inside. Suddenly, the Lights of Orion rise into the air and soar off into space. Destruxo vows to get the Lights.

  • Scorpius sends the Chillyfish monster to Terra Venture to freeze everyone, so that he can find the Lights of Orion. The Chillyfish shoots all except Leo with slivers that make them freeze. As the only hope to save the colony, Leo meets the Magna Defender and attempts to persuade him to help. Despite his own hopes of capturing the Lights of Orion, Magna Defender finally agrees and the monster is destroyed with the Defender Torozord. The Red Ranger tries to thank Magna Defender for his help, but the Magna Defender remains cold and distant.

  • The Magna Defender sadly recalls Scorpius' collaboration with the Fish Face Monster to destroy his only son, Zika. Scorpius, still determined to get the powerful Lights of Orion sends Fish Face to the Sunflower Statues on Terra Venture where he is confronted by the Magna Defender. The Rangers arrive, shocked to see that the Magna Defender is aimlessly shooting at the monster. Fish Face grows, and the Rangers call on the Galaxy Megazord to fight it. The monster has the upper hand until the Magna Defender combines with his Zord, the Torozord and destroys the monster.

  • When Scorpius learns that the heroic Magna Defender has returned, he knows that this powerful foe will try to conquer him. Scorpius tells his new general, Treacheron, to send monsters out to stop the Magna Defender. Treacheron confronts Magna Defender, who reveals to the Rangers that he has waited ages to confront his enemy, who blasted him into a crevice three thousand years earlier. Now, the two must battle each other. Treacheron retreats, but the Magna Defender refuses to work with the Rangers, determined to seek his vengeance alone.

  • Kendrix is surprised to discover an actress on a movie set who looks identical to her. On the Scorpion Stinger, the evil Wisewizard reveals to Scorpius that the Lights of Orion are actually hidden inside the movie camera. The Wisewizard attacks the set, and the Rangers immediately come to the rescue. The vicious monster assaults Kendrix's leg. When he moves to strike her again, the lookalike actress bravely poses as Kendrix to trick him. The Rangers use their new Quasar Launchers to blast the Wisewizard.

  • A curious young boy, Matthew, sneaks aboard Terra Venture, but soon becomes homesick and attempts to navigate the entire space colony back home, when the Rangers find him. When Furio sends a monster to the colony to poison everyone with sleeping gas, Matthew escapes the effects of the gas and helps the Rangers maintain control of the colony. The heroes use their new Jet Jammers to stop Furio's invasion. Meanwhile, the Galactabeasts inhale the strange gas and transform into giant machines, the Galactazords. They join to form the Galaxy Megazord and defeat Furio. To thank Matthew for his help, the Rangers return him to Earth.

  • Maya magically senses animals in danger on a distant planet and quickly sets off in the Megaship with Leo and Damon. They realize that the evil General Brunt has captured the Galactabeasts, five enormous animals (lion, gorilla, condor, wolf and wildcat) that need rescuing. Meanwhile, Scorpius sends Radster and his new general, Furio, to attack Terra Venture while the Power Rangers are away saving the animals. The colony is almost defeated when the Power Rangers return with the Galactabeasts to save the day.

  • A select group of Earthlings, who live on a peaceful, massive space colony, Terra Venture, prepare to embark on a fantastic deep space exploration. Leo, a free-spirited young man, joins three other teens (his brother Mike, Kai and Kendrix), in their final training mission before launching into outer space. Meanwhile, on the distant planet of Mirinoi, the villainous Furio and his evil foot soldiers, the Stingwingers, attack a peaceful tribe in order to capture the mysterious and powerful Quasar Sabers. Maya, a brave young girl from the tribe, attempts to stop them, but when a bizarre accident creates a dimensional portal, Maya and the Stingwingers are mysteriously transported to the Moon where GSA soldiers Mike, Kai, and Kendrix are practicing military maneuvers with Leo. The teens help Maya to fight the Stingwingers, and then travel back through the portal to stop Furio.